BORN TO BE A BLESSING 3rd of July, 2009

Give Him praise, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, He is worthy to be magnified, praise Him, there is no one like Him, praise the Almighty God, praise the Almighty God, give Him glory today, that is why you are created; to praise Him, give Him glory .

Give Him honour, give Him adoration, praise Him, bless His Holy name, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy, there is no one like Him, He is the Ancient of Days, He is the Almighty God, give Him glory.

 Birds sing to praise Him; the trees clap their hands to praise Him, dogs danced to praise Him. You go ahead and praise Him also that is the reason why you are created, for His pleasure, to praise Him, to adore Him, to Magnify His Holy name. 

Praise Him, He is worthy to be praised He is worthy to be adored. You need to give Him glory for all He has done for you since the beginning of the year. Praise Him, it is not all who said happy New Year who are still around here now, and we are not better than them, it is by His mercy that we are not consumed.

Let's bless His Holy name, praise the King of kings, praise the LORD of lords, praise the Ancient of Days. Give Him all glory, give Him all honour, He is worthy to be praised, He is the Almighty God, He is the Most High, He is the one who is Higher than the highest, He is the only one who can take care of all of us, praise Him, praise Him, He is worthy, He is good, He is kind, He is wonderful, He is glorious in Holiness, fearful in praises.

Bless His Holy name, He is the God who is love, He love us so much He gave His only begotten son. It is because He loved us that is why we are on our way to heaven now, let's bless His Holy name, He is worthy to be praise, He is worthy, give Him praise, give Him all honour, He is worthy, He is worthy…

Thank you Daddy, in Jesus Mighty name we worship.

Now I want you to lift your hands to Him and call on him loud and clear and say Father!  Let your purpose for my life be fulfilled. Go ahead talk to the Almighty … In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Brethren, when some people die, a whole nation will be shaking, when some people die, the people next door will not even know. Lift your voice to the Almighty, and say Father, don't let my life be a useless one, let's talk to the Almighty God… In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to lift  your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, through me, let the blind see, let the lame walk, Let the dumb speak, let the deaf hear, let the dead rise again, empower me oh LORD, let's talk to the Almighty God… In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

David said thou anointed my head with oil and my cup runneth over, lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, let my blessing over flow to many… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Then you say Father, we are in the second half of this year, from now on let me know joy unspeakable, let's talk to the Almighty God …..In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

The Spirit of the LORD ministered to me that some of us are fighting some very serious battle. Let us lift our voices to Him and say Father, Lord of Host, fight our battles for us, let's talk to the Almighty God…in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Now I want you to join your hands with your neighbor and say Father, this your child, bless him to over flowing… In Jesus name we have prayed.

Now whatever is your own special request, go ahead and ask Him now, something only Him can do, ask him now… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Angels are singing, they are singing 

You are worthy oh Lord,

Angels are singing, they are singing 

You are worthy oh Lord…

The LORD said there is someone here tonight, He said those who said they will torture you through your children, they will be disappointed.

Father we want to thank you: thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for May, thank you for June, thank you for July, glory be to your holy name.

King of kings we bless your name, LORD of lords we adore you, Ancient of Days , Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty Father, Prince of peace, Alpha, Omega, The Beginning, The Ending, The one who is, The one who was, The one who is to come, The Almighty God.

The Bright and Morning Star, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Rock of Ages, glory be to your Holy name, accept our worship in Jesus name. 

Tonight visit your children, let there be salvation, let there be healing, let there be deliverance, let there be healing, let there be victory , fight our battles for us, give us total victory oh LORD! Do what you alone can do oh LORD! By the time this month is over, let our joy overflow.

Thank you Daddy, glory be to your name, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout hallelujah! Shake hands with one or two people and say God will make you a blessing.

Those who are born in the month of July let me hear you shout hallelujah!

Father we want to bless your name, for your children who are born in the month of July, you can rise now. Father we want to thank you for the life of your children born in July, July is the seventh month and number seven is the number of perfection, in the life of all this your children, let there be perfect health, let there be perfect prosperity, let there be perfect joy, let their promotion be perfect, your purpose for their lives; let it be perfectly done, all that concerns them, make perfect in Jesus name, give them many, many happy returns and let them serve you to the end in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. 

Children of July shout another hallelujah!

As you know next month by the grace of God is the month of our convention. From the 3rd of August to the 9th of August, there will be miracle galore, from morning, to evening, to night. The theme of the convention is THE HOPE OF GLORY. That means by the special grace of God before the convention is over, anything call shame would have disappeared from your life.

So prepare to attend, from the 3rd to the 9th of August, it is going to be an extremely glorious convention, that is what my Father told me, he said it is going to be far, far the best convention we have ever had.. So tell all your friends and relatives, glory be to God.

For those of you who watch this program on the TV and on the internet, I want you to know that we are constantly praying for you also. And the power of the Almighty God will reach out to you wherever you are also. But for those of you who are near enough to attend, I want to encourage you to make sure that you are here every first Friday of the month, because wherever God says there is someone here tonight; He is talking of somebody who is physically here, so make sure you come, that is why we put it on Friday night when you will be free to attend. And the LORD will answer your prayers in Jesus name.

Genesis 12 v 1- 3 Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shall be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Do you know that a Christian does not even have to worry about his enemies? Because the promise of God is that those who curse you are already cursed and those who bless you are already blessed.

I rejoice with my friends, because they are already blessed. I pitied my enemies and I pray they will repent.

It is a very good thing to be blessed, because blessing is the opposite of a curse, Deut 28 v 23 tells us some of the things that a curse can do, it said a curse can close the window of heaven, it can harden the earth. A curse can turn a heaven to brass and the earth to iron. Which means anyone who is under a curse and he is planting, he is sowing on a soil that is iron and he can never get a harvest.

Haggai 1v 6 & 9 tells us that when somebody is under a curse, whatever he earns  will be going to a bag with hole and anything left , God said he will blow away .

That is why I pray for those of you who are here tonight, every curse in your family, shall be cancelled tonight. 

On the other hand, blessing causes heaven to help; Gen. 27 v 28 says that when somebody is blessed he will enjoy the dew of heaven. In other words, he will be getting rain at the proper time and the one who is under a blessing, according to the same Gen. 27 v 28; will discover that the earth would be cooperating with him, so that whenever he sows, harvest will be great.

And according to Malachi 3 v 8 - 11, the Almighty God said the moment somebody begins to pay his tithe and offering and the curses in his or her life are removed; all devourers are restrained. 

So when somebody is blessed, he showed little and he harvests much and devourers are told not to come near him at all. That is why I am praying for someone tonight, simply because you came, from now on you will start living under a blessing.

When someone is blessed, it is not only he will be receiving reward, effort will be producing fruit, even opportunities that he has lost will be restored according to Joel 2v 23-27. When God decides to bless, he says there will be restoration, He said even the years that have been eaten by the worm and the caterpillars have eaten, the Almighty God says He will restore.

I pray for somebody here tonight that everything that the devil has stolen from you, before the end of this month, they will all be restored in Jesus name.

It is a wonderful thing to be blessed; I have always told you that you must not toy with blessing. The greatest prayer anybody can pray for you is God bless you; because the moment he says God bless you, he says that help will come  to you from heaven, help will come to you from the earth and adversaries will be kept at bay.

So I am saying to someone here tonight, God bless you.

But there is something better than being blessed. That is to be a blessing. When the Almighty God was speaking to Abraham in the text we read in Gen. 12 v 1-3, He promised him seven major blessings. He said I will make of thee a great nation, number two;  He said I will bless you, number three, He said I will make your name great, and number four, He said and thou shall be a blessing. Number five, He said I will bless them that bless thee, number six He said I will curse him that cursed thee, and number seven He said in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

Maybe because I happen to be a mathematician, I wrote the seven blessings out, and I see that the middle one is the number four, the others revolve around the middle one, the middle one is and you shall be a blessing. There is no greater blessing than for you to become a blessing.

 When you read Psalm 23 v 1- 5, you will see all the blessings that David said accrued to him because he is a sheep of the Almighty God; he said because the Lord is my shepherd, I will lack nothing, he said I have plenty of food to eat, I have good sleep to sleep, when I am thirsty; there is water for me to drink. When I need guidance; he will guide me, when I am going somewhere; he will be there leading the way, if I go astray; he will be there restoring me, he said even when I am passing through danger; he will be there, he said even If I make a mistake; he will correct me so that I won't go too far. 

He said even in the presence of my enemies I will be enjoying. He listed all these great blessings, and then he added the big one; my cup runs over. I am blessed and I have become a blessing.

 I pray for someone here tonight, even before the end of this year, they will call you a blessing.

 If you read Deut. 28 v 1- 12, you will see all the blessings pertaining to anyone who is obedient to God.

Blessings will be many, you will be running away from them, they will be pursuing you and over taking you, enemies will come in one way they will flee seven ways and so on and so forth and then he concluded; you will now begin to lend to nations. You will now become a blessing to nations.

 I have said it before, there are many people who think they are rich, you don't know the meaning of wealth until nations begins to come to you to borrow and there is somebody listening to me right now, very soon nations of the world will come to you for assistance.

If you read Leviticus 25 v 25, 47 - 49 the Bible says if your relatives become poor not you, in the mighty name of Jesus you will never know poverty again. He said if one of your relatives waxes poor and he sells part of his property, it said you should go and buy it back. It said if he becomes so poor, that he sells himself, it said you should go and buy him back. 

Now the one who is going to buy somebody back must have more than enough, I pray for somebody here today, for the rest of your life, overflowing blessings will be your lot.

 In Romans 15 v 1 it said those who are strong should help the weak that means you have to be strong before you can help the weak. You cannot be sick and pray for the sick that is why in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ you won't know sickness again.

 Job 22v 23 -29 the Bible says once there is no quarrel between you and God, you become a blessed person and you will have abundance. He said then whenever people say there is a casting down you will say there is a lifting up. 

In order words, when you are thoroughly, thoroughly blessed you will become a blessing to others, because you are solidly grounded, you will be able to look down and lift up those who are not grounded. I said to somebody once again tonight for the rest of your life you will be a blessing. 

From the scripture we see that it is possible to be a blessing to an individual, in Acts 17 v 1-8 Peter was a blessing to a lame beggar. When we talk about being a blessing, we are not talking about giving money, or giving clothe alone, here is someone who was lame, and somebody is able to walk and leap and praise God.

That is why I asked you to pray, LORD empower me;  through me let the lame walk, let the blind see, let the deaf hear, let the dead rise, how many of you pray that prayer with all your heart, so you can be a blessing to an individual and you can be a blessing to a whole city; Act 8 v 5 - 8 the Bible said Philip brought joy to a city, he brought joy to the city of Samaria, and I am believing God with you that the village you came from will be  blessed.

And of course you can become a blessing to a nation, in Genesis 41 v 33- 44 we see Joseph becoming a blessing to a whole nation of Egypt. I pray to the Almighty God that among those who are listening tonight, God will raise up someone that will changed the fortune of Nigeria. 

And of course you can be a blessing to the whole world; In John 1 v 29 when John saw Jesus coming he said behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the whole world. A single man became a blessing to the whole world! 

Thank you Father, the LORD said tonight, he is going to work particularly on the blood system of the people present. He is going to purify blood here tonight.

Hallelujah, the LORD said there is someone here tonight, he asked me to assure you, I have helped you before, I will help you again.

And you too can become a blessing to the whole world. How? 

In Acts 1 v 8 He says you will receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you will be my witness in Jerusalem; that is your home town, in Judea; that is your country and in Samaria; that is the countries near your own and in outermost part of the world.

I believe God very firmly, that those of us who are gathered tonight, the Almighty God will raise up somebody who will become a blessing to the whole world.

Now the question is how can I be a blessing to the whole world? Very simple, since you already know God, Daniel 1 v 32 says they that do know their God shall do exploit.

 I know God, you know him, so how will the knowledge of God turn us to become a blessing to all? He said by witnessing, by telling the people who we know.

 For example, you know and I know that this God is the great physician; Exodus 15 v26 He says I am the Lord that heals thee, I am the great physician. When this God performs an operation, He doesn't split a drop of blood.  The first time he performed an operation on Adam, he didn't spill a blood. That is why I am praying to God for those of you who might need an operation; God will do it tonight, here right now in name of Jesus. In Psalm 107 v 29 the Bible said He sent His word and He heals them and He delivered them from all their destructions.

You know Him to be a healer, 1 John 2 v 24 it says by His stripes you are healed. Others don't know this, so you go ahead and tell them. If you can convince them about this God who is the great physician, they will receive their own healing too. 

For example in Mark 1 v 40 - 45 the Bible said a  leper came to Jesus  and said  I know, that you can make me clean if you are willing. And then Jesus healed him and then Jesus said don't tell anyone.

He laughed how will I not tell anyone? I was a leper, I was living in the bush and I came to you and you healed me. How can I keep quiet, I will tell everybody and he went everywhere telling everybody. And as a result of his testimony many people came to Jesus Christ and received their healing.

You can be a blessing by testifying to the healing power of Jesus Christ.

 I have told you how do I come to believe in divine healing, when I got born again, I was always sick every two, two weeks, you can go to the University of Lagos hospital and see; my file is still there. 

Then I became born again and I hear preacher preaching; Jesus is the great physician, you don't need medicine, he will heal you. Then I laughed at them; you are looking for someone you want to kill. You have shown me the way to heaven, don't send me there quickly.

 How do I know, what you are doing in your own secret room! 

 But there was a man in the church about 86 yrs old, walking with a walking stick, bent double, that is how I met him in the church, then one Sunday morning I came to church, papa was standing straight, no walking stick, what happened to this old man and then they told us he would share his testimony in the evening service, I was the first person there that evening.

 So papa was telling his testimony; that he went to his home town for a little holiday and as his practice was; early in the morning he was going from house to house witnessing and then the devil spoke to him and said "old man why are you deceiving people, go home and sit down, if your Jesus is so powerful, why didn't he heal you?"

 And he said when he heard that, an holy anger rose up within him and he said Satan! you are laughing at my God? He said an holy anger rose up within him , he said if I am going to die I will die, he took the walking stick and broke it into two, threw it away and he decided to walk straight.

Now he told us that when he was very young he contacted a venereal disease and any time he tried to walk straight, his stomach will be burning like fire that is why he bent double. He said when he stretched up, suddenly the fire began again, and I was listening closely because this man is not a preacher, he is just a member of the congregation. 

He said he tuned and he began to go home, he said the pain increased as he was going, but he kept on saying; Satan I will never bend again, I am not going to allow you to laugh at my God, he said sweat covered him and he was feeling faint, he said he called to God, do one thing for me, if I am going to die, don't let me die in the street, let me get home before I die.

I knew this man was telling the truth, so I was waiting: what happen, what happened!

 He said he continued on his way home, he said as he stepped on the threshold of his house, the pain disappeared.

From the day I heard that  testimony, I made up my mind, Jesus will be my doctor, that is more than thirty eight years now and he will remain my doctor till I see Him in glory. 

Tell others what you know your God can do, let them know that he is the great physician, but then he can do more according to Mark 16v 17

Thank you LORD, the LORD said there is someone here tonight, he said you were notably prosperous before, he asked me to tell you, I will restore you.

Thank you LORD, the LORD said there is someone here tonight who is worried sick, the LORD asked me to tell you, I am still on my throne.

Mark 16 v 17 the word of God says these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out demons; will lay hands on the sick and they will recover, . You can be a blessing unto others; by praying for the sick, by laying hands on them.

I know some of you will say I think that is or pastor, no, no it says these signs shall follow them that believe, it didn't say these signs shall follow the pastors alone, it didn't say these signs shall follow the general overseer alone. These signs shall follow them that believe! How many of you believe in the LORD Jesus Christ? From now on when you lay hands on the sick they shall recover, I thought you will say amen.

I know some of you would say suppose I laid hand on them and they didn't recover. Go ahead and lay hands on the next fellow, you are not the healer, God is the healer. Keep on laying hands and God will begin to work. 

When I began laying hands on the sick, I wasn't at this level when I started; I started with my children; maybe the boy is out playing foot ball and he runs in, daddy , daddy I have head ache, in those days I still make sure I have plenty of medicine at home, I make sure it is there. And I will say God I am going to lay hands on this fellow if nothing happens then we go the other way; because my faith was small then.

But God honored my little faith, I lay hands on the child, and in every case within five minutes it is either the child is fully asleep or has gone out to play.

When I finished with my children then I was bold enough to go into my sitting room to begin to pray for my friend. Friends who will not go and tell people if I fail, but God kept backing me up.

 Now I can go anywhere, knowing full well that these signs shall follow them that believe.

 How many of you believe that from now on God will begin to use you to heal? 

Tell people that He is the great healer!

Number two tell people that He is the great deliverer, the Bible says in John 8 v 36 it says whosoever the son shall set free, shall  be free indeed. Let the world know that Jesus is the Great Deliverer. 

There are many of your friends looking for deliverance, going to herbalist, asking the devil to help them deliver them from the devil. Darkness cannot deliver you from darkness. It is who can deliver, Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, He is the greatest deliverer. 

And there are many of us here, who have been delivered by Him. Tell others, that is how you can be a blessing to them. 

In Mark 5 v 1 - 20 when the mad man of Gadarenes was set free and when he said he wanted to follow Jesus , Jesus Christ said no, he said go and tell your people, tell them that you were once mad , now you are free, he went, he told the people and a multitudes came to be blessed. A former mad man now became a blessing to many.

I think it was 1979 when we held a program at Ibadan grammar school. And a man came there; when he was going abroad, his family called a party, everybody was eating and drinking and eating, unknown to them there was somebody who was envious and who put a poison into his body. 

The boy left for Britain and everyday he was in Britain there was fire burning inside of him. The doctor examined everything, they said everything is clear, no problem. The boy said I am in pain. So he eat pain killer all the time that he was abroad. He returned and became a lecture at Ahmadu Bello University, and the pain continues. 

Until somebody told him, there was a program going on in Ibadan, if you get there God will set you free. He came, I was preaching,  he came said he wanted to be prayed for, they said sit down the man of God is preaching and the word of God went forward and hit him where he was and  suddenly the pain went away. The man began to cry; it is gone!  It is gone! Even when the service was on! His testimony became a blessing to everybody there. Whatever is in your system that is not put there by God shall go now in Jesus name. But you must tell others.

In Mark 16 v 17 it says if you want to be a blessing unto others, these signs shall follow those who believe they will cast out demons.

Nobody said somebody must be especial deliverance minister. Every believer is supposed to be able to cast out demons but sir if I ask the demons to go and they don't go.  Soon as you have commanded them leave the remaining to Jesus Christ. You are not the one who will help them pack their load. Once you have spoken it is already done. In the name that is above every other names, when you ask devil to go they will obey you. In the name of Jesus whenever you ask the devil to move they will obey you.

Now I know some of you have seen deliverance been conducted, it has given you a wrong impression of how to go about it. You are not to struggle with the devil, just command, in Matthew 8 v 16 the Bible said Jesus cast out demons with His word, go and they must go.

I have told you the story of a boy who since the day he was born, he always wanted to go into the fire. So the parents kept him away from the kitchen. And we had a program at Oshogbo grammar school and he came to that program and he told the brethren that he wants a deliverance and the brethren was getting ready to conduct a deliverance service for him. And they saw me coming and they said that is good, brother come and I join us. And they told me the problem. 

I said I was ready to join you provided you allow me to pray first, because I saw the way they were rolling up their shirts, they were getting ready for battle. 

I said let me pray first. So I said in the name of Jesus, I bind all the forces tormenting this child and I decree they lose him and let him go in Jesus name I pray. I turned my back and I began to go.

 They asked; is that all? I said what else? They said they have not seen him shaken, I said I am not going to wait here and ask the devil to pack his load in my presence; if you want the devil to entertain you he will do so. 

I command in the name that is above every other name. Every demon that followed you here will not go with you In Jesus name.

Testify that He is the Great Deliverer and you yourself confront the devil and command the devil to move. Testify that he is the Great Provider. Psalm 23 v1 David said the LORD is my shepherd I shall not want.

Thank you LORD, the LORD said there is someone here tonight, He said your days of complaining are over.

Ps. 25 v 10 David said the young lion do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

Philippians 4 v 19 said my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He is the great provider. 

And I am sure you will testify to the provision of God, no matter how critical the situation, he will come through at the right moment.

 I pray for somebody here tonight, all those who are looking forward to your days of shame, they will wait for long.  He is the great provider. I can tell you many stories about his provision.

When we were building the first auditorium, and we were hurrying up so that the place will be ready for the convention; then we ran out of money completely and the carpenter, who was leading the construction came to me. He said Sir we need two hundred and four naira. I said I will send for you later. He said two hundred and four naira; I said I will send for you later. He didn't know I did not have anything and so he went grumbling.

He is the one who said we are slow and yet he will not put down money. 

I raised my eyes to God and said Father I hope you heard him, you are the only one who provides. And since I asked I prayed all night asking God for provision

Let me ask you a question at this moment, how many of you believe that when you pray God hears? How many of you believe that if He hears He is going to answer?

How many of you know that he is going to provide for all your needs? Let me hear you shout hallelujah!

I had prayed all night asking God to provide, because I had nothing with me. And so this man came asking for two hundred and four naira, and I said I will give him when I have it.

Since there was nothing else I could do, I felt asleep. When I woke up there was a man sitting in front of my office, I saw a man sitting down at the door step of my office, he was eating his breakfast. 

I asked him what the problem was, he said when he came and saw me sleeping on my table and he didn't want to disturb me. He saw me and sat down, I said this man's problem must be big; he is sitting on the door so that I won't be able to escape.

So I said young man what is your problem?  He said I have no problem, I have just collected my house rent and God said I should come and give it to you. When I came I found you sleeping so I said I can eat the breakfast while you are asleep.

I collected the envelope, prayed for him and he left.  When he left I opened the envelope and inside the envelope was one thousand two hundred naira. So I sent for the carpenter, when he came, now I can swagger; how much did you say you need?

There is somebody here today all those who are waiting to see your nakedness, God will disappoint them.

Tell others that he is the great provider, and then you must teach these people; the principle of the kingdom of God. 

Luke 6 v 38,  says give and you shall be given, don't close your mouth teach them, you are not the one who wrote the Bible, teach them. 

Galatians 6 v 7  says sow and you shall reap. You will not believe it that by the time I became General Overseer, we were one of the poorest people on the face of the earth; because in those days we did not give offering, you don't want to even talk about it. 

I said this thing is in the Bible, there is only one way out of poverty; give and you shall be given.

Anyone who will not give is not likely to go beyond begging, and the best time to give is when it is difficult to give, it is in the time of famine that you must sow

I know it is not easy but I have learnt from experience, if you do what God says, God will do what he says He will do.

I have told you the story before, still talking about the same auditorium; the first auditorium. When we wanted to finally put the asbestos sheet, we needed seventeen thousand naira. Naira was powerful in those days, and naira will be powerful again in Jesus name.

 And the area pastor was to build a dormitory each, and one of them came to me, Daddy our dormitory has reached finishing level and we need one thousand naira to complete it. I don't know how he knew that I had one thousand naira.

 I had one thousand naira and I am looking for sixteen thousand. And this man came and said I should give him one thousand, I told him that if you don't get out of my office… he has never heard me speak like that before so he began to run.

Then I heard God speak to me, "give him the money" If I didn't know the voice of God I would have said get thee behind me Satan, but I know who was speaking.

So I called him back and I gave him the one thousand, so he was galloping away in joy, I said it is not your fault, your problem is solved now I am back to square one.

 God spoke to me "Son why are you grumbling,  there were two problems, we have used you to solve one, only one more problem remains"  And before that day was out, somebody came from Port Harcourt, a woman who said I have just collected my rent, and  God said I should go and give it to you. I prayed for her, she left, I opened the envelope; seventeen thousand naira. Exactly what I needed!  

That God, who has never let me down, will never let you down. 

Testify; tell others that He is the help of the helpless, Psalm 46 v 1 

Thank you Jesus; the Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said I will open your spiritual ear so that you will hear me more clearly. Thank you LORD.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said you may think I am slow but my timing for your miracle will be perfect. 

Psalm 46 v 1 the Bible says; God is an ever present help in the time of trouble. Psalm 27 v 10 it said even when my mother and my father forsake me, God will pick me up.  He is the help of the helpless. 1Samuel 2 v 8 the Bible say he can pick up a beggar from the dunghill and raise him up until he begins to sit among princes. 

In 1 Samuel 2v 9 it said by strength shall no man prevail.

It is not by strength that you will reach your goal, it is by the help of the Almighty God, and there is a God who is the help of the helpless. Teach others, tell them; there is a God who can help you, when you feel helpless.

There are problems you can never solve yourself; transfer these problems to the help of the helpless. 

Tell others that it is written in 1Peter 5 v 7 it said cast all your care upon Him because he cares for you. When I face a problem I can't solve, I pray and I go to sleep.

People have asked me: How are you able to sleep with all the problems we know you must have? With all these churches, we know the more the challenges and you don't have problem you look peaceful all the time.

 Because there is somebody who is the help of the helpless, there is somebody who is the burden bearer. And I don't know who God is speaking to tonight, but I want to assure you, he will help you bear your burden.

 My first year as the General Overseer, was a very turbulent year, the devil knew I was young, then he raised up some challenges; anytime I travelled, and I returned my wife will have the catalogue of the problem waiting for me; we have this problem in this town, this church in that town is about to be closed down, etc. 

When she has finished I will say where is my food? She will say you didn't hear all I said? I would say I heard you but let me eat. When I finished eating, let us pray, after praying, I will say let us go to bed. She would say out of all these things that I have said you have no comment. 

I will say I can't carry the problem of God for him and in any case weeping may endure for the night, joy cometh in the morning. If my joy is coming tomorrow morning, why must I lose my sleep tonight?

How many of you believe that your tomorrow will be alright? There is somebody who is the help of the helpless. Let others know that is one way you can be a blessing to them

Thank you Father, the Almighty God said there is someone here tonight; He said all those things that are draining your resources He said I will deal with them.

The LORD said there is someone here tonight, He said you are surrounded on all side by the enemies, He said I will walk through them to deliver you.

Number five, tell them that He is the controller of times and season. Tell everybody; tell others that this God, the God you serve is the controller of time and season. Daniel 2 v 20 – 21, He says He controls time and seasons. Rev. 1 v 8 says He is the Alpha and the Omega; He is The Beginning and The Ending. He knows what is going to happen tomorrow, He knows it from the foundation of world. Your future is not in the hands of anybody; your future is in the hands of the one who is called the Omega.

No matter how powerful anybody may be in your place of work who says I will see to it that you are not promoted, tell the fellow my future is not in your hands, my future is in the hands of the one whose name is omega. 

Use Joseph as an example to others, for years he was forgotten in prison, when God's time came, in less than twenty four hours; he moved from being a prisoner to being a prime minister. God controls time, I know some of you may have been saying I have been praying, when will my time come? I have a feeling that your time has come. How do I know in John 2 v 1 - 11 Jesus was invited to a wedding and they ran out of wine, His mother came to him and said they needed wine,  He said my time to perform miracle has not yet come. But that very day, he who said His time has not yet come, performed a miracle. 

I believe that because you are here tonight, even that which is not time for, shall be done tonight in Jesus name. 

Tell others He is the controller of seasons; tell others, he has the ability to change not yet to now.

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said I will anoint you afresh so that you can become a help to multitude.

Thank you LORD, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, from the day you were born, you have suffered. Nobody to help, he asked me to tell you, I will reach out and help you.

Number six tell others that he is the All sufficient one, Gen. 17 v 1 the Bible calls him the Jehovah El-shaddai; the God who is more than enough. Psalm 24 v 1, the Bible says the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, anything that you can ever need is in his hands. Haggai 2 v 8 says silver is mine, gold is mine. He is the All Sufficient One that is why you must teach others to pray; because there is nothing you ask from him that he will not give.

Bible scholar said that John 14 v 14 where Jesus Christ said if you ask anything in my name I will do it, they said what He says in the original is that if you ask anything from me that I don't have, I will create it for you. If you can think of something I forgot to create when I create the world, he said I will do it for you.

Somebody heard that and said to the man who was interpreting and said in that case why don't you ask God to give you cow with four heads, the man said what do I need four head for? Instead of that I will ask for four cows, if you want the head, I will give you  the head, I will keep the body.

 But the point is this, God can do absolutely anything! 

Ephesians 3 v 20 it said He is able to do abundantly exceedingly above what you can ask or think. Some people will say but I have been praying, I have not gotten the answer yet. In the Mighty name of Jesus, you will testify this month.

The LORD said there is someone here tonight, He said you were once a terror to the devil before you fell, the LORD said, I will restore you.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said it doesn't look like it now, He said but you are going to end up being the greatest blessing to your family.

How can I be a blessing to all? By witnessing, by telling them what I know about God; He is the greatest physician, He can cure the incurable, He is the greatest deliverer, whenever He sets free, the person is free indeed, He is the great provider; He can meet all needs. He is the help of the helpless, he can help anybody, He is the controller of times and seasons and so He can change not yet to now.  He is the All- sufficient one, everything you can ever need is available with Him, then tell them He is the controller of heaven.

Heaven belongs to him Isaiah 66 v 1 He says heaven is my throne and the earth is my foot stool, Gen. 1 v 1 He says in the beginning, God created the heaven and earth, He is the creator of heaven and earth.

Heaven belongs to him, it is His throne, Jesus said in John 14 v 1 He said in my Father's  house there are many mansions, he called heaven His Father's house. 

If you really want to be a blessing, remind everybody that Jesus is coming very again, He said so. 

In the same John 14 v 3 He said I am going to prepare a place for you, when I finish preparing a place, He said I will come again. In Rev. 22 v 12 he said behold I come quickly. 

The greatest blessing that you can be to anyone is to prepare them for heaven, let them know that unless they are born again, they will not enter in. Let them know that even though they are born again and they are not living holy, they won't get there.

You can be a blessing to people by getting them healed, but the one who is healed today will die one day. You can be a blessing to other by getting provision from God, we came naked, we will go naked, no matter how long we live here; we will die one day, if the Lord tarries.

 Someone was congratulating me the other day, he said Daddy congratulations, they say you are the most influential in Nigeria today; you are the number one among the living legend or something like that.  And you are number forty nine in the whole world, congratulations!

 I said thank you my friend, number one in Nigeria, number forty nine in the world, number what in heaven?  That is the important one.

When Jesus returns, He is not going to ask what number you are in your country, He is not going to ask the number you are in the world. The important thing is what number are you in heaven? If God likes you and He gives you good health, you may live to be 120 years, over there it is forever.

If you make it to heaven you will enjoy forever, you make it to hell you will surfer forever. What number are you in heaven? 

The greatest blessing you can be to anyone, bring them to the foot of the cross of salvation, teach them that unless you are born again, they will not make it to heaven.

Several years ago, one man came to the camp here; to the Holy Ghost service and he saw his friend and said you are here too? Since when have you been coming, he asked, the man replied "five years", 

You have been coming for five years and you called yourself my friend, five years!  You have known the way to heaven for five years and you did not tell me, and you call yourself my friend!

Those of you who want to give your lives to Jesus Christ come now, if you die without salvation, they will tell you what number you are in hell, if you give your life to Jesus today, He will put your name in the book of life. You will have a number in heaven, don't say I didn't tell you, there is salvation in Jesus Christ; his blood cleanses you from all sin.

 If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ make sure you are here before I count one to ten…

The choice is yours, if you like you don't have to come, you have heard the truth.  Jesus said it himself, unless you are born again, you will not see the kingdom of heaven, so I am calling you now come and surrender your life to Him.

 God loves you that is why He brought you here, He knows I will tell you the truth; I will tell you the truth about healing, I will tell you the truth about deliverance, I will tell you the truth about provision, I will tell you the truth about promotion, I will also tell you the truth about heaven and hell. 

As soon as I have told you the truth, the choice is now yours, hurry up, I know some of you are coming from a distance so hurry up, come and surrender your life to him. And those of you who say you were born again but you have gone back into the world, come. 

The Bible says you cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound, God forbid. The Bible says without holiness no man shall see God, it is a short time we have in this world, over there it is time without end, come and give your life to Jesus Christ now.

Those of you who are already in front, begin to talk to the Almighty God, ask him to save your soul, ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to forgive you all your sins, promise Him that you will serve  him for the rest of your life.

 And the rest of us please stretch your hands towards them and pray for this people, ask the one who save your soul to save their own souls also. Brethren let us intercede for this people , that God will save every sinner  and restore every backslider, that everything will become new for these brethren.

Thank you Father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Father I want to thank you for your word, thank you for all these your children, who have come forward to surrender their lives to you. Every one of them father, receive in Jesus name. Forgive them in Jesus name, your blood that cleanse from all sins; let it wipe away all their sins in Jesus name. 

Save their souls, write their names in the book of life and Father anytime they call on you answer them in Jesus name. Lord Almighty I pray, that anytime you return, none of us will be left behind in Jesus name. Thank you Father in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I am rejoicing with you today because from now on by the special grace of God I will be praying for you and very soon you will be receiving miracle you didn't even ask for, then you know somebody somewhere is praying for you, so I am going to need your names, your address. So if you turn to your left, there is a man waving a piece of wood, follow him, some pastors are waiting for you, they will collect the information I need and they will bring you back. 

Now let us stand on your feet please, if you believe that God is going to answer all your requests tonight, let me hear you shout hallelujah! Now I want you to pray all these prayers with all your heart, say Father, make me a blessing to the whole world, go ahead talk to God…


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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