DIVINE CHAMPIONS 4th of March, 2011

Let’s lift our hand to the Almighty God and praise him, let’s magnify his holy name, let’s give him glory. Let’s give him honour, let’s give him adoration. He is worthy to be praised, he is worthy to be magnified, praise his holy name, give him glory, give him honour, give him adoration. Praise him, praise him, give him praise , give him glory, magnify his holy name.

Thank you father, thank you Lord, halleluiah father, thank you Lord, you are worthy to be praise, take all glory, take all adoration, father thank you… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say father, let your favor locate me tonight… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say father, don’t let the enemy triumph over me… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Call on him and say father, you are the helper of the helpless; help me, talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say father before this night is out Lord, let me the song of victory… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

What a mighty God we serve, halleluiah,

What a mighty God we serve halleluiah!

Heaven and earth adore, angel bow before him.


Eternal rock of ages we bless your name, king of kings, lord of Lords, I am that I am, the ancient of days, the rock of ages, the holy one of Israel, the unchangeable changer. The champion of champions, the Lord of Host, glory be to your holy name Lord, accept our worship in Jesus name. Tonight we your children have come here, it is you we have come to see, before we live here tonight, let us have a divine encounter. Whatever may be our individual needs, let them be fully met in Jesus name. save souls tonight, heal tonight, deliver tonight, set the captives free tonight, tonight let there be miracles, let there be signs and wonders, let there be victory let there be joy , please Lord send help to us. Before this night is out let everyone of us sing a song of victory, that kind of miracles you have never done, do them tonight in Jesus might name we have prayed.

I Samuel 17 v 43-47 (5.23)And the Philistine said to David, come to me, and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air and to the beasts of the field.

Then said David, thou come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts of the God of armies of Israel, whom thou has defied.

This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand and I will smite and take thine head from thee and I will give the carcasses of the host of the           Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth that all the earth may know there is a God in Israel. And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lords and he will give you into our hands.


We want to talk about divine champions; the first question you want to ask is who is a champion? We called him the winner, the visitor or the over comer.

But in brief the champion is the one who remain standing when the battle is over.

When David fought Goliath, when the battle was over, Goliath lay down dead, David stood up on top of him.

Everything that has been warring against you, they will become your footstool tonight in Jesus name.

What is divine? Divine mean something that has to do with God, God related, God connected. And then the question is which God are we talking about, Psalm 91 v 1 that God is the most high, the one who is higher than the highest. That God is the Almighty, the God of all flesh with whom nothing shall be impossible. Which God are we talking about? According to Psalm 24 v 7 – 10 that God if the Lord of host, the God who has never lost a battle, who can drown his enemy, who can bury his enemies alive, who can use worms to eat up  his enemies.

 so then who is a divine champion?

Number one, he is a champion that is raised up by God according to 1 Samuel 2 v 8 he is the one who can lift up the beggar from the dunghill and cause him to seat with princes, he is the who can make a man a champion.

 Divine champion is someone supported by God. Romans 8 v 31 says if God be for us, who can be against us? The divine champion is the champion strengthens by God. In 1 king 18 v 46, God laid His hand on Elijah and he outran the chariot of Ahab, because God gave him supernatural strength. Who is a divine champion, a divine champion is one made wise by God. Because in Daniel 2 v 20 - 21, it is God who give wisdom to the wise. Who is a divine champion? A divine champion is someone loved by God. And when God loves somebody that fellow become undefeatable according to Romans8 v 37 the bible says we are more than conquerors, through him who loved us.

A divine champion is a champion sponsored by God. Whatever he does, he does according to instruction from God. In 1 king 18 v 36 Elijah said, Lord let it be know this day that you are the God in Israel and that I am your servant and I have done all these things in your name. Let everybody know you are the Almighty God, I am you champion sponsored by you. Who is a champion? A champion is one sustained by God, he is the one for whom God provides.

In 1 King 17 v 2- 6 God told Elijah, go and stay by brook Cherith, I have commanded ravens to bring you food and drink from the water there. When the water dried up from v 8-16, God said to Elijah go to Zarephath, I have commanded the widow woman there to sustain thee. What am I saying? When you become a divine champion, God will promote you, he will support you, he will strengthen you, he will make you wise, he will love you, he will sponsor you and he will sustain you.

Who is a divine champion? A divine champion is a representative of God, a champion that fights in the name of God. David said to Goliath “I have come against you in the name of the Lord” I am his champion, even as you are the champion of the Philistine, a divine champion fights in the name of the Lord, and I am praying for everyone of you here tonight, that the power to fight against the enemies of God; to fight against sickness, disease, demons, poverty, barrenness, receive that power now in Jesus name.

A divine champion is an ambassador of God, he speaks on behalf of God and when he speaks on behalf of God, God backs up whatever he says. In 1 Samuel 3 v 19 it is written concerning Samuel, a divine a champion that God did not allow any of his word to fall to the ground. In 2 king 1 v 9-12 when some soldiers came to arrest Elijah, they made a statement, “man of God, come down, you are under arrest” divine champion, come down you are under arrest, he answered, ‘if I be a man of God, if I be a divine champion, I command that fire some down from heaven and burn you all’, before he finish speaking, fire descended. I decree once again tonight, that all forces trying to arrest your progress, because I am a man of God may fire come down from heaven and consume every hindrance in Jesus name. So what can a divine champion do?


Thank you father, the Lord wants me to tell you that there is someone here tonight; he says my wind is blowing here tonight, and your red sea will part before it.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, the Doctors have said there is a shadow in your lung, the Lord asked me to tell you the shadow is gone.

The Lord said there is a lady here tonight, you came here with swollen breast, the Lord ask me to tell you, you can check your breast are back to normal.

The Lord said there is a man here, you came tonight with enlarge prostrate, the Lord ask me to tell you, check in the next few minute, everything will be back to normal.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he ask me to assure you that from this moment onward, you will no longer be a victim of satanic oppression.

The Lord said there is a woman here because of what has happen to the baby in t your womb, the Doctors said they are going to evacuate. The Lord asks me to tell you the baby is already moving again.

Halleluiah! The Lord said there is a woman here, the doctors have told you that they are seriously considering caesarian operation to bring out your baby, daddy ask me to tell you, he will intervene.


What can divine champions do? They can defeat sickness; Mark 16 v 18 the Lord says these signs that follow them that believe, in my name they will lay hand on the sick, they will recover.

Divine champions can defeat demons; Mark 16 v 17 in mine Name, they will cast out demons. Divine champions can neutralize curses in 2king 2 v 19 – 22 Elisha cancelled the curse that was on Jericho and changed the curse to a blessing.

And I stand on this altar as a champion of the most high God and I decree that every curse on your life is cancelled now. Every curse on your family, gone now. Every curse on your town and villages; I cancel hem in the name of the Lord.

 A divine champion can defeat bareness; 2 kings 4 v 8 – 17 There is a woman of Shunem, she had everything except a child and the champion, the divine champion Elisha made a decree that she will become fruitful, even though she didn’t believe but because it came as a decree. it cancelled her unbelief and bring to pass the word of the divine champion.

I here by decree that by this time next year, when we call for testimonies those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, the altar will be full of you and your triplet.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said all that has resisted your progress thus far; are out of the way now.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said don’t settle for what the expert said, he ask me to tell you, your case is not close yet.

The divine champion can defeat poverty 2 kings 4 v 1 -7 is the story of a destitute, so poor that the credited wanted to sell her children, in a single day all her debts were paid and she was rich for the rest of her life. I hereby decree to all of you who are here tonight; for the rest of your life, you will have more than sufficient.

 A divine champion can defeat even death, 22 king 4 v 18 – end, tells us about the death of the son of the Shulamite woman but Elijah came and laid on that child and the child came back to life. I decree tonight because my daddy says I should keep on decreeing, everything that death has swallow in your life, death shall vomit them in Jesus name.

The divine champion can even defeat the siege of the enemy. 2 kings 7 v 1 – end tells us the story; when here was a siege against Samaria, things were so hard that woman were eating their children; a divine champion made a decree that within 24 hours, the tide will turn and just has he said, it was done. The siege was lifted because the enemies heard a noise. I decree tonight, all those who have been laying siege, against your destiny, they will hear a voice from heaven. I decree that every siege against you, against your marriage, against your finances, against your progress is lifted right now.

Now I want you to listen very carefully: please know that without any doubt God is here. The Lord said there is a woman here, when you were desperately looking for a child, you prayed a prayer that God give me a child, just give me a child after that I am ready to die. And the Lord said now you are pregnant and you have remembered your prayer. You are afraid to die. He says I am to pray for you tonight specially, so that he can cancel the dead part of the contract.

And the Lord said there is someone here tonight, before you became a Christian you made a charm that has a convent attached, that you will be wealthy for seven years, after seven years; you will die. And this is the seventh year, but the Lord said because you are here tonight, he is wanting to cancel that one too.

The Lord says there is someone here, you belong to a very powerful secret society and it is your turn to turn to provide a human sacrifice and the date that you are suppose to provide it has passed, because you don’t want to do more so now that you are a Christian, but the covenant is  you don’t bring someone they will take you instead. The Lord said because you are tonight, he will take care of the situation.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, anytime you are hungry, your body begins to shake and you don’t like it, but there is nothing you can do about it, the Lord said if you come out tonight, he will take care of it.

Finally, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said it is becoming extremely difficult for you to stop laughing; when there is nothing to laugh about you just keep on laughing,. You wake up in the middle of the night you just want to keep on laughing. It is becoming very difficult for you to stop laughing. The Lord said he wants to stop the demons in charge.

 If you are one of the five cases mentioned, I will only count one to ten, if by the time I say ten you are not already before me, I will pray for those who are standing before me and I will continue with the program. Now don’t blame God if you go back with that your problem. Quickly now if you are one of the five people mentioned, run forward now. One, two, three…

As you come, begin to pray… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Merciful God, how great thou art that you see this many people suffering from several situation, you want to settle all these cases in one night. How great thou hart, accept our thanks in Jesus name. Father I plead the blood of the lamb over these your children, that Blood that conquered Satan, let it conquer for them now in Jesus name. It is written in your word, that if a child makes a vow and the father hears of the vow and says I cancel it will be canceled, that your daughter, who out of frustration prayed that careless prayer, I hereby decree She will deliver safely she will not die, she will live to declare the works of the Lord in fact father I decree, because of the permission you have given me tonight, that she will have more children.

The one who entered into covenant into the devil for wealth, now that he has realized his mistake, forgive in Jesus name, I decree hat death will stay away from you in Jesus name. now that he has come into the society of the evil one, father fight for him. The one who just wants to laugh, that demons that is causing him to laugh compulsively, I decree right now get out of him or her in Jesus name. The one who shakes whenever he is hungry, whatever it is responsible for that condition; in the name of Jesus get out in Jesus name. Father, bless your children and let it be well with them thank you for victory in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let some clap for What God has done tonight!

So a divine champion, fighting God’s battle for him; defeat demons, defeat poverty, defeat death, defeat bareness, defeat sickness, cause siege to be lifted.

Now the question is are there personal advantages in being a divine champion?

 When you are a divine champion, it is impossible for you to fail on a permanent basis, because Philippians 4 v 13 says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. When I become a divine champion, I draw my strength from the one who chose me to be a divine champion. So I can only go from success to success. I hereby decree tonight, for all of you who are here, you will never know failure again. When you are a divine champion, even if the enemy should knocked you down, there is no way you can stay down, because the one who has made you a divine champion will lift you up again.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said from now on in every conflict of life you win.

In 1 king 19 v 6-8, it appears as if the enemy has knocked down Elijah but the Almighty God resuscitated him. When you are a divine champion, when the enemy knocks u down you will be like a football, the harder you knock it down, the higher it bounces. Every one of you who are down today, before the end of the month you will be much higher than you are now.

A divine champion can be on top permanently, Deuteronomy 28 v 13 says you shall be head and not tail, you will be above only and not beneath, and I want to echo the voice of the Lord and decree to somebody here today. That even as you are riding high you will keep ridding high. I decree to someone here today, that statement that “it used to be good for him, that statement will never be applied to you”. The statement that “he used to be great, will never be happen to you.

What are the requirements for being a divine champion, my son who spoke to me before have already given us some of these requirement and those who spoke yesterday have cleared the ground.

But for the benefit of those who probably came late; Number one you must have faith in God, Hebrew 11 v 6 it says if you are coming to God you must believe that he is, He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek home and without faith it is impossible to please God, and without faith you can’t be a champion.

To be a divine champion, seeking God must be your priority, you must seek God diligently, Psalm 34 v 10 says the young lions do lack and suffer hunger but they that seek the Lord will never lack any good thing,

To be a divine champion, you must be determined to know God that you will find out what anybody can know about God.

Thank you God, I can hear the sounds of chains dropping. Will you just stand up and keep on praying him, chains are dropping off, I can hear the sounds of chain dropping. The Lord asked me to tell you because of the chain he has broken tonight, all those things you tried before and you didn’t succeed tried them again. All those doors you have knocked that didn’t open, knock them again, all the mountains you have tried to climb that you couldn’t  climb try them again, daddy ask me to tell you before the 1 April, somebody here will have an outstanding miracle.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said you may not know it yet, but they will soon call you the Joseph of our family.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said you are tormented by the memory of lost opportunity, the Lord asks me to tell you, it is a new day now.

The Lord says here is someone here tonight; he said there is a blessing coming your way that will make you tremble.


How do I qualify to be a divine champion? You submit to him, because it is when you submit to him that you can resist the devil. James 4 vs 7 submit to God then you can resist the devil and he will flee from you and they learn to spend time with him.

Daddy said there is someone here tonight; he said long before you die, people will describe you as a light shining in the darkness.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, he said don’t worry I will preserve your destiny.

The Lord said someone is here tonight, he said whatever troubles maybe ahead this year; he says I will exempt your family.

Spend time with him and then learn to talk with him; in praise and in worship, because John 4 v 23-24 said God seeks those who worship him, in spirit and in truth. Pray to Him; because when you don’t pray you are trying to tell him you don’t need him that you can handle your situation yourself. If the Lord Jesus Christ needed to pray how you could say you are not going to pray.

Finally, if you want to be a divine champion, you must be holy because he is a holy God and he said in his word, can two walk together except they be agreed Amos 3 v 3. How can I be a holy God and you be a dirtying champion? You want to be my champion? You must be holy as I am holy, 1 Peter 1 v 15-16.  To be a divine champion, you must stay away from sin; sin can separate the champion from his God.

We have run out of time so I can’t go ahead and begin to tell you that there are three categories of people who are gathered here tonight, potential champion, reigning champions and ex - champions. Samson became an ex-champion, when sin separated him from God. When he was a reigning champion, no enemy can withstand him. I want you to be a reigning champion and reign forever. I want you to be an undefeated champion all the days of your life that is why you must be holy. And the greatest joy of being a divine champion is that when you finished in this world, you will reign with Christ. John 14 v 1 -3 Jesus said let not your heart be trouble, believe in God also believe in me, in my father’s house there are many mansion there, he said I go to prepare a place for you. When am through I will come for you, so that where I am you will be also. The greatest joy of an undefeated champion, if he remains an undefeated champion is that he will end up reigning with Jesus Christ in his kingdom. And I have good news for you, he is coming soon, to take all of us champion to be with him? Will you be ready comes? How many of you want to reign with him forever? So shall it be in Jesus name.

Prayer points

1.     Praise him for what he has already done for you tonight

2.     Father, let me be your champion forever

3.     Father, don’t let me know failure ever again

4.     Father, please turn my defeat to victory

5.     Father, let my massive restoration begin tonight.

6.     Father, all I need to serve you please provide abundantly

7.     Father, let my family be a family of champions

Begin to pray now along this prayer line… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father, we thank you for those who are carried in who are already walking, we thank you for those that have been prayed for and the anointing is already working on them, we know that very soon, they will be walking. Accept our thanks in Jesus name. We commit everybody here into your hands, let all of us become your champions, let us be your champions forever, turn all our defeats to victory in Jesus name. Don’t let us ever know failure again. Let our families be families of champions in Jesus name. Let all our restorations come back to us now in Jesus name and everything we need to serve you, please provide massively in Jesus name, thank you Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Amen, Let somebody shout halleluiah.







Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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