“Whatever you may have gone through or being going through right now, things are about to turn out beautifully for you” that was the welcoming speech of Pastor E A ADEBOYE FOR 2010 CONGRESS, ALL WILL BE WELL. The 13th edition of Holy Ghost Congress kicked off  with large numbers of people coming to be partaker of this year’s congress, but it will be nothing compared to the teeming crowd that is expected to come in on Friday.

It is a time of the year, where hope is given to the hopeless, help is given to the helpless, the sick is being healed, the barren get conceived, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. The impact of these seven days congress is one that will change many people’s lives forever.  Whatever you do, don’t miss this year’s congress.

Make it a day with God, and come expecting.



1.       Praise God for being able to listen to him tonight.

2.       Father, I confess all my sins to you tonight, please forgive me.

3.       Father, in all the ways i have strayed, please restore me to the narrow path.

4.       Father, now give me a brand new beginning.

5.       Father tonight deal with all the agents of death in my life.

6.       Father, from now on let me enjoy peace like a river.

7.       Father, let all be well with me.

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