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OLUWAREMILEKUN Period: May, 2024

Glory be to God!
My life was full of worries and sadness but I keep trusting him to help me start allover and to restore my peace of mind.
I want to appreciate the name of the Lord for giving me a new job. During may 2024 Host Ghost Service, daddy said during his preaching that the Lord said we should ask for whatever we want and he will do, I lay on the floor in front of my tv and ask for a job so I can start afresh and my God sho me mercy. Praise be to God.
Oyo, Nigeria


Good day, sir.
l am testifying on behalf of my son , who was addicted to smoking (indian hemp)for almost 8 years, we didn't realise on time that it has started affecting his mental health, he will just be misbehaving in house,hit his head on the wall,beat anyone that crosses his path in the house. My husband and i along with my grandchildren went to the national headquarters so we could see daddy G.O, we were told that we had to write a letter and so we did , after a while we got a message from daddy that we will testify soon.One day, he came out of his room angrily entered into my grandchildren's room as I noticed his presence, I rushed there so he would not beat them, that was how he held my neck so tight that I couldn't breathe so well. My grandchildren began to shout, hitting him, trying to get his hands off me. As they were doing these things, they were also praying, and my husband rushed in to rescue me, but he is stronger than them. The prayers were still on, and suddenly, God intervened he started saying amen, and he released my neck and became calm. Without waisting time, he was taken to the rehabilitation centre, and now he has recovered. He his a better man now. Please pray for him to rededicate his life to Christ. Daddy thank u sir may the anointing on ur head not dry Praiiiiiiiise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria

AYO Period: May, 2024

I’m Ayo. My testimony is about breakthrough in my education.
Graduated university 2015, my name was on the convocation list as expected, so I started my clearance to get my certificate. I was almost done with the clearance Infact at the last stage (cleared by the department and faculty already) when they discovered four outstanding courses.
This issue dragged for years without solution.
One day I came to the altar to pray and told God that if He sorts this issue for me I will give testimony about it.
This week God solved an issue of 2015 in 2024, 9 years delay. I’m grateful to God, He’s a God that answer prayers
Lagos, Nigeria

ESTHER RONKE Period: May, 2024

Praise the LORD!. During the Holy Ghost Congress 2023, the word of the Lord came through our Father in the Lord, Pastor E. A Adeboye that before June 2024, that the Lord will do wondrous things, I keyed into the prophecy, lo and behold what I have been chasing for 9 years The Lord GOD of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God gave me 26th of April, 2024. Glory be to GOD Almighty, Halleluyah πŸ™ŒπŸ½. Thank You JESUS πŸ™πŸ½.
Oyo, Nigeria

ADEMOLA Period: May, 2024

Praise the Lord!
I thank God for the Salvation of my soul and for sustaining my family and I till this very moment.
Sometime last year, I left my job and was in search for a better one. I waited, prayed and attended interviews for about 5 months. Then, God answered my prayers and I got 3 different job offers in a way I least expected. Glory to God.
Ogun, Nigeria


Iwant to bless the name of the Lord for the successful surgery of my sister.May His name be glorified .
LAGOS, Nigeria

TEMITOPE FALETI Period: May, 2024

Thank God for seeing one of my besties (and future sister in law) plus others through the nasty nine months, granting them safe deliveries and ensuring that they came out alive with their babies. Also thanking him for adding another year to my older sister's younger son (6 today)
Kent, United Kingdom


Praise God. Today I'm thankful and grateful for the gift of life. On my Birthday 2 days ago, May 1st.... I was kidnapped, robbed and physically assaulted on my way to work by those from the other world in a bus heading to costain from Fadeyi bus stop. I was brutalized and beaten with an iron rod while being asked to get ransom. The God of Adeboye did what he vow to do always. I was dropped at gbagada expressway where my dad picked me from and to God be the glory currently at the hospital and getting better. Praise God in the highest
Lagos, Nigeria

OYEDOLAPO Period: May, 2024

Praise the Lord
I want to bless God for the salvation of my soul. Glory to God for His abundant mercy on my life. I brought some of my documents and laid before the altar at the old auditorium at the HGS in the month of March. The Lord breathe on it. I got favored despite all challenges.
Also, I have been having issues with a laboratory procedure, nobody could solve the issue. I went to the authorized person yesterday and he agreed that I come and test it today.
Yesterday, during the holy communion service, Daddy said we should pray for 2 minutes, I prayed and soaked the instrument with the blood of Jesus. I want to bless God for proving His power, I'm grateful to Him for making me to have testimony about it today. Jesus is alive and loves me, praise the Lord.
Osun, Nigeria


I resigned my job 7years ago and decided to go into personal business. After Covid-19 pandemic things became difficult for me and my family .I tried all I could do humanly possible but no improvements.

After 7years and 9months, God told me He will do surprise me.

On the first Sunday of the year, 2024, Daddy God God shared testimony of a brother, whom was given a contract and the contract was latter terminated, this man cried to God and the contract was restored back to him.

I tried to and Daddy God said there is someone who has lost his joy several years ago, the God said He is giving him another brand new begining. I believed that was for me.
In the same January, 2024 God reconnect me back to some of my supervisors in my formal place of work.
With in 60days God gave me a brand new begining.

Praise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria


I'm giving this testimonies to the glory of God, the Father,Son and Holy Spirit. I've been facing lots of serious problems and Challenges since 2019.
During the April Holy Ghost Service I was among the people that the G.O Daddy Enoch Adejare Adeboye laid hands on and prayed for. To the glory of God, on the Saturday following all things started to be well, sicknesses disappeared, family reconciled.Thank YOU JESUS !!! God you Daddy Adeboye for yeilding to the call of God. All glory and adoration be to God, HALLELUJAH!!! Who did it JESUS Oh my God.
Ondo, Nigeria

SIS FUNMI O Period: March, 2024

I want to bless God Almighty as my heart was very burden during the March Special holy Ghost Service.
I was exposed to HIV and I have been very scared to do my test as I didn't take any antivirals. I kept taking holy communion and confessing the word of God and now I was pregnant and I needed to do this test among others and my pregnancy was coming with a lot of challenges. I waited till after the holy Ghost Service before I go for my blood work and I was called for a critical lab results that same day but I couldn't go and I missed the call. My weekend was messed that week and I went back to see the Dr after 6 days of no rest and to the Glory of God I was HIV negative and I will forever be in Jesus Name and the critical lab value was a low level hemoglobin which happens in pregnancy. Based on my last report my blood level is no longer low and God has been faithful till now.
God bless Daddy GO and mummy, God bless RCCG in Jesus Name Amen.
NL, Canada

ANONYMOUS Period: April, 2024

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah πŸ™Œ
I want to thank God for what he has done that has being manifesting in my life and that which will still manifest.
It's currently test and exams period in my school and as always I prepared with work and faith. I had a physics test in particular that I spent time - like time revising.
On the exam day, I was in the hall ready to start when I needed my calculator to work and it wasn't working, yet the majority of my questions were calculations. I knew the formulas, I even wrote everything down on my worksheet but no calculator to run them, I kept on calling Jesus. Still nothing new. I had to pick what I thought was correct to avoid my time running out and left.

To the glory of God, when the results came out, I had far more than I - in the worldly sense-ought to have gotten.
I'm believing God for the exams and I want to thank him in advance for the perfect score I have gotten.

God works in mysterious ways, when a door is closed another will be opened. I'm grateful Abba.

Praise the Lord. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ogun, Nigeria

LOVETH OSAS Period: April, 2024

I give glory to God Almighty for the salvation of my soul and for keeping me to see today. I want to thank God for healing my mother from the siege of spinal cord injury. I want to also thank God for how he removed shame of homelessness from my life. During the holy ghost Congress of 2021, I received a word of prophecy from my father Daddy G.O, he says the lord said I should tell you I am your advocate, I have done it it will soon manifest, i screamed amen with all my strength, meanwhile I was believing God for my documents, I want to thank God tthat God did it for me by granting me my residence permit in January 2022.I was struggling to get an accomodation to rent, all effort proved abortive. I continue to engage in soul winning, I even supported someone to pay his rentage not minding what I was going through. During the 50 days I told God to end my
struggling of seeking for accommodation. God finally answered me before the end of 2024 50 days fasting. God gave me a beautiful furnished accommodation that I was not qualified for. I return all the glory to the God of daddy G.O, my father pastor E.A Adeboye, daddy may God continue to carry you, sorrow and afflictions shall be far from your life and family in Jesus name
Dublin, Ireland


I was at cross over service I claim divine repositioning to mountain top,I went to the alter and pray to God again to reposition me from Bida federal medical center to federal medical center ebute metta to my surprise after 2 weeks my letter of transfer came I give God all the glory for answer prayer for almost waiting for the answer prayer may his name be praised for ever Amen
Niger state, Nigeria
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