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GRACE AMA ONYEKWERE Period: December, 2023

I'm here to thank God for the miracle of my baby after waiting for 11years God answered our prayer in 2015 with a baby boy
Lagos, Nigeria

AMUDA OLUWAKEMI Period: December, 2023

I want to bless God for the salvation of my life and that of my entire family.

I got married in the year 2007 and had since been praying to carry a child of mine own. However, I have experienced several miscarriages. But in July 2023, the Lord blessed me with a bouncing baby boy. I have come to give God the glory honour and adoration to his Holy Name for this great thing he has done in my life. My joy has come. Hallelujah.
Abuja, Nigeria

BUNMI AJAGBE Period: December, 2023

Been having breast pain and during the Wednesday 2023 Holy Ghost Congress, I keyed into the prayers and I don’t feel the pain again . My back was also itching me and now I am healed.
Praise God. Thank you Jesus.
Washington, United States

CHINWENDU Period: December, 2023

I was having back pain the weekend before the December holy ghost congress started, On day 3 during the healing service I prayed and to the glory of God I received my healing. I said I would testify and I want to give God all the glory!!!
PEI, Canada

IYANUOLUWA Period: December, 2023

I discovered a lump in my breast few weeks ago but I wasn't able to go to the hospital due to financial constraint. I joined the healing service on Tuesday and prayed to God about it. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, the lump has disappeared to the Glory of God.
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEOYE TEMITOPE Period: December, 2023

I appreciate God for giving me victory over untimely death. I was told that to pray fervently towards my service year against death. I became scared and was always conscious and the devil kept reminding me. At a point I told God that I entered into covenant of long life in Christ Jesus and I told the devil that untimely death is not my portion. To the glory of God I served my father's life peacefully and here I am still doing great I have come to return all the glory to the God of The Redeemed christian Church of God
Ekiti, Nigeria

EWOMMA ONAUGHE Period: December, 2023

I want to bless God for his guidance over my life ,for some reason I have never stream holy ghost congress but I did this year ,and waited on the lord ,and honestly after yesterday blessing from daddy G.O .he said between yesterday till today , we would have a testimony even if our faith isn't enough
I keyed to that word ,prayed and with faith ,at my work place his mighty hands showed himself no other words but God has divinely repositioned me . Hallelujah
Lagos, Nigeria

OMOLARA AKANNI Period: December, 2023

I want to thank God for giving me a testimony. Yesterday was for healing, and God healed my eyes. I immediately was able to see clearly without my glasses. I could read prints that were difficult before, and work on my computer again without my glasses. I am not taking this for granted. I praise you, Lord.
Maryland, United States

SISTER O. Period: December, 2023

I was diagnosed of lung collapse some months ago and had to undergo a minor surgery with the hope that the lung will be restored. However, the doctor's report after the surgery was fearful and worrisome and I was booked for a major surgery. We were devastated and confused. We cried to God for mercy and wrote Daddy GO. Daddy laid hands on me during one of the holy ghost services, and God heard our cry for mercy and healed me miraculously. God restored my lung and today I am hale and hearty. Also, during the convention, there was a prophecy through Daddy GO that God was about to give someone triple promotion. During that time, one of my loved ones was devastated because they were planning to demote her in her place of work. I encouraged her with the prophecy, that instead of the demotion, God will promote her. Even though it was difficult to expect a triple promotion in that kind of situation, because her concern was not to be demoted; but to the glory of God, God indeed gave her a triple promotion. God also gave my family a speedy answer to one of our prayer requests during the convention. The breakthrough came immediately after the convention. THANK YOU JESUS. Let somebody shout Halleluyah. HALLELUYAH
OYO STATE, Nigeria


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul,and for his divine intervention, in our past convention beyond expectations I came to program with just #200 on me I left #120 for my family at home believing God for a miracle,on Friday night daddy said somebody is here your debt shall be miraculously settle I shouted amen that night over four hundred thousand naira debt that Iam owning was paid by someone. Praise God
Rivers State, Nigeria

MISS MARY O FASANYA Period: December, 2023

Hallelujah!!!! To the God who sees me.
Since I left secondary school in 2014, I have battled with eating in the dream to the extent that I am afraid to sleep because I don’t want to eat in the dream and seeing myself in my old secondary school. The affliction was too much for me. I was tired. I came to the end of me.
This Holy Ghost Congress, God ensured that I had annual leave for this week so that there is no distraction whatsoever. On Monday after the praise part 2, I went to bed and I dreamt again of eating. I woke up sad and immediately my head started banging so bad that I was feeling so weak and I also suffer from tinnitus (constant sounds in my right ear). No matter how noisy the place is, I must hear the loud ringing in my ear. Coupled with the banging headache. I was so weak and I just placed the mantle Daddy GO prayed on unto of my head. I joined Day 3 evening session and after the sermon from Daddy, he asked us to pray and then said that the pastors will lay hands on us… I don’t know how as they were laying hands on the congregation and the choir was ministering, I rose up from bed, removed the mantle and starting dancing, the melody was slow but strength came I was dancing and praying in the spirit, I was even seeing myself dancing with my church family and loved ones. I could not stop until about 3mins before Daddy came to pray finally and said pastors you can go home. I just found out that I am healed, no banging headache, no sounds in my ear. I slept and woke up this morning and I am fully Whole. The enemy wanted to bring doubt like are u sure you can’t hear the sound… Never! Whosoever the Son set free is free indeed… I am free, brand new. Then I remember in October that I dreamt that Mummy GO laid hands and prayed for me and I asked her what was she praying about and she said Healing and Deliverance, and I fell down and she told me to rise up… I AM HEALED and DELIVERED (after today, I will never see myself in my secondary school again in Jesus name). Like the one leaper, I have come to say Thank you Jesus for healing and delivering me.
There are so many thing I am waiting on God for which I know that I will be testifying about soon. I will be known as Mrs Testimony very soon.
Gwent, United Kingdom

EMMANUEL JOY IDARA Period: December, 2023

I want to thank God for healing me from intense stomach pain which started before the Holy Ghost Congress. During the Monday praise session the Holy Spirit instructed Daddy GO we should dance so much that God would say yes this fellow need help: All glory to Jesus I received my healing during the praise session.
Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria

MICHAEL Period: December, 2023

We give this testimony to the glory of God. My wife and I attended the March Special Holy Ghost Service with some anxiety because my wife was pregnant and we had experienced complications in the last 2 pregnancies before that pregnancy. Daddy GO prophesied that “this pregnancy, you will not miscarry”. To the glory of God, my wife delivered a healthy baby boy in September this year.

Glory be to God. Halleluyah.
Lagos, Nigeria

TEMITOPE Period: November, 2023

Want to thank God for giving us a miracle car.someone gifted my family with a car.its a miracle bcos we were still trying to put money together to get one
Thanks God that all wall has been put down
Oyo, Nigeria

DARAMOLA OLUWAJOBA Period: November, 2023

I want to thank God for granting me admission to study petroleum geology after so many battles from my mother's house that I will not excel
Ogun state, Nigeria
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