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BRO CHARLES Period: July, 2019

I am Brother Charles Olujobi from Delta province 5 Warri.
I want to appreciate our most covenant keeping God for answered prayers.

Myself and my wife have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for months after wedding.

During January Holy Ghost night, my wife was in camp for prayers on this challenge, but I couldn't come with her due to work.

By February Holy Ghost night she wanted to come to camp but I said no that I will fuel our generator so that we can watch the live program together at home and pray together with strong faith.

As Daddy GO was ministering, I remembered buying some new handcachives from Dubai, I quickly ran to the room to pick one of them and placed it on the TV top making sure it touches daddy GO head while he was ministering.

My wife's period was to come on the 28th of February, the 28th came and there was no period. Right now my beautiful wife is with a five (5) months pregnancy to the glory of God.

To Him alone be all honours in Jesus name.

People of God help me shout three Hallelujah to our covenant keeping God.

Thank Lord Jesus
Delta, Nigeria

MORENIKE Period: July, 2019

I want to give glory to the Lord for the salvation of my soul and for his signs and wonders in my life.
During one of daddy’s ministrations in the last 2018 congress, a word of knowledge came and he said “Daddy said I should tell someone, I assure you you will not carry failure into the new year”. I jumped and received it because I believed the word is for me.
I have been having problems passing one of my classes, and the chances of passing the finals was very slim. I wrote the finals the week after the congress and to the Glory of God I passed all my courses and I graduated in May this year. Praise the Lord.

Morenike from Texas USA
Texas, United States

OKEOSISI Period: July, 2019

Give thanks to God for long life
Lagos, Nigeria

SIS OLUFADE BUSOLA Period: June, 2019

God saved me from snake attack during the May holyghost service and He delivered from bus accident during the June holyghost service. let somebody shout hallelujah.
lagos, Nigeria

ESTHER Period: September, 2017

Praise the Lord.
I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for the gift of life.
Am Esther from Nigeria in August ending 2017 a gynocologist told me that I need to do surgery as soon as possible, I was so scared, In September 2017 holy ghost service I came to the camp with heavy heart asking God that September 15 must be successful that I don't want to die, I want God to be with me during and after the surgery and he should perfect my healing after the surgery that I will praise his name forever. I bless his name for he as perfect all that concerns me. Alleluia
Ogun, Nigeria

ESTHER Period: June, 2019

Praise the Lord. Am Esther from Nigeria in August ending 2017 a gynocologist told me that I need to do surgery as soon as possible, I was so scared, In September 2017 holy ghost service I came to the camp with heavy heart asking God that September 15 must be successful that I don't want to die, I want God to be with me during and after the surgery and he should perfect my healing after the surgery that I will praise his name forever. I bless his name for he as perfect all that concerns me. Alleluia
Nigeria, Nigeria

ISRA-EL ESTHER Period: June, 2019

Praise the Lord!
My name is Esther Isra-el. I want to testify to God's faithfulness in my life. Exactly 10years ago, specifically, HolyGhost service of June, 2009, the Lord wrought a very great deliverance in my life. I was on my way to Redemption Camp for the service, and waited so long to board a bus, but the buses weren't forthcoming. When a bus stops by, it's either to pick just one passenger, or two; as most of the buses were filled to capacity before arriving my location.
Finally, this particular bus stopped by, and I told myself, I must board this one. I sprinted forward like someone running for a prize, and even had to put off my slippers, while in motion, so I could run faster. Unknown to me, there was an uncovered "Manhole" just ahead of me. In a flash, I landed in the hole, which covered me up completely. Remember I fell in, at top speed, but by the time I landed in the hole, it was like when an elder tenderly puts down a baby, just learning to seat! Yes, I landed sitted, to my greatest amazement; without any pains, hurt, injury, nor fracture whatsoever! Not even a shock for jolt at the sudden and forceful landing.
People around who saw me fall in the ditch, came around, and pulled me out.
I have returned to give God the praise. Hallelujah!
All glory to God! Amen!.
Lagoso, Nigeria

BENJAMIN JOSEPH Period: May, 2019

Last month,i participated in the monthly evangelism outreach as announced by Daddy G.O. We were only 6 members plus the senior pastor making up 7 that turned out for the evangelism outreach. All the people i came across said they are Christians.I prayed for a young man who was trusting God for a change of job and after the prayer of agreement,i told him congratulations. I had been trusting God for another job after leaving my last job due to illness 13 months ago. By the following day(Sunday) someone gave me a form to apply for a business enterprise grant! By Thursday of that week i got a call to come and pick up my appointment letter from an institution i have been wanting to work in! Just as i told that young man congratulations,so also my family members and friends kept telling me congratulations too! By Saturday of the same week,i was approached by a man to come pick up Federal government appointment in Abuja! Then there was another job offer waiting for me! Within a week i got 3 job offers plus an opportunity to apply for a business enterprise grant under a world bank initiative due to obedience to go out for evangelism outreach as announced by Daddy G.O . God always honours His Word! He promised that when we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,ALL other things we need shall be added to us as promised in Matthew 6:33. I give God ALL THE GLORY AND ALL THE PRAISE for changing my jobless status of 13 months within just 1 week with 3 job offers! Glory be to God in the highest!
Kaduna, Nigeria


I thank God for my soul salvation. I am Daddy's son in the Lord. God bless Daddy and Mummy G.O. in Jesus Name. Amen.
I attended the March 2019 Holy Ghost Service - Swimming in Glory 3. I told God I am not going to Redemption Camp for picnic, but to make contact with Jesus for total restoration.
I came with a very bad report from a very bad devil. The report was that I had cancer that had spread all over my body.
I prayed to God that Daddy should prophesy over my case and God answered that prayer. He said my testimony will be heard all over the world - as far as in Paupa New Guinea. He said you can touch God by faith like the woman with issue of blood and receive your healing. Again, you can touch God like Solomon did with a thousand burnt offerings.
I put my faith into action and plugged into the prophesies. Since I don't have 1000 cows to give as Solomon did, I gave a few thousands of naira I had for the new auditorium project. I also gave for the support of missionaries. I took the receipts and presented to God, and He responded immediately. He intervened and reversed the irreversible. The spirit of infirmity that manifested as cancer left my body back to sender. Now let the whole world people in Paupa New Guinea Fiji Islands join me and shout a thunderous Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.
Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

XYZ Period: May, 2019

Why are you guys like this? Can't you manage this web app properly? SMH.
lagos, Nigeria

KIKELOMO OLALEYE Period: December, 2018

My name is Kikelomo Olaleye, I live in ibadan. I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I thank him for keeping me alive. I thank him for HIS divine healing.
I had a lump in my breast in 2017 and it was removed but the histology result said it was cancer.
I came for holyghost service in December 2017 and March 2018. I told God to heal me and I trust him. With the help of God and Daddy E.A Adeboye’s prayer and Handkerchief, I got healed. Praise to Almighty God for his mercies endures forever.
Oyo, Nigeria

POPOOLA TOPE Period: May, 2019

I want to thank God for breaking d yoke of bareness in my family my self and my sibling believe God for d fruit of d womb my parent wrote to daddy g.o he replied dt we wld soon share testimony .Now God has done it my giving ng us babies.Glory to Gof
Oyo State, Nigeria

OLUWASEUN TEMITOPE Period: March, 2019

I bless God for healing me of dizziness in my head and eyes during the march special holy ghost service. It all started in 2006 for good 2 weeks I couldn't walk I was holding wall since then I couldn't walk on street without staggering but God did it for me and also have been having pain in my legs since January this year ,also God healed my legs and healed my husband and children of all sicknesses and infirmities because last year we were too frequent in hospital and I told God enough is enough, so today I bless God because its all over and we are free in Jesus name. Amen
Lagos state, Nigeria

OLUWASEUN TEMITOPE Period: April, 2019

I bless the name of the Lord who healed me of dizziness in my head. This started in 2006, almost everyday I staggered when I walk especially in the sun. During the special holy ghost service in March I received my healing and God also healed me of pain in my legs. God healed every member of my family because we where too frequent in hospital last year, I thank God because this year we are all healed in Jesus name. Amen praise the Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

FOLASADE ONIYITAN Period: April, 2019

I watched d special holy Ghost service at home and the Lord sent a word through daddy GO that we should ask for new organs.I did a test a month earlier which said my kidney was inflamed due to a viral infection I had. I asked for a newkidney and to the glory of God, I did a new test two weeks ago and my kidney was restored.Praised be to God almighty.He is faithful.
Lagos, Nigeria
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