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ANONYMOUS Period: December, 2017

Our house was marked for demolition in 2017 when they started constructing Isawo road in Ikorodu. By that time, I just left for Canada with my wife and children. The more we pleaded for reconsideration and mercy the more the threats. We brought out our handkerchief once anointed by Daddy G.O. He said when the battle becomes so hot and you are confused, use the three handkerchief which we did. We prayed for three days using the 3 handkerchiefs, and to GOD be the glory, the house was spared while other houses nearby were demolished. Our God undoubtedly answers prayers, distance not withstanding. Praise ye the Lord!
Ontario, Canada

AJIBOYE ESTHER Period: August, 2021

PRASE the LORD! I bless the name of the lord for healing me. I have been living with what the doctor called glaucoma, and it was looking like I'm going to spend the rest of my life a blind woman. I have been in this situation for over a decade, trusting God for a miracle. I have sorted for help in every possible ways but no one could! But in an acceptable time my God showed up! And today I can read, I can go anywhere without anyone aiding me. I therefore magnify the name of the living God for restoring and perfecting my sight. PRAISE THE LORD!
Lagos, Nigeria

AJIBOYE ESTHER Period: August, 2021

Praise the lord!I bless the name of the lord for healing me.

I have been living with what the Doctor referred to as glaucoma and it was looking like I was going to spend the rest of my life a blind woman. I have been trusting God for a miracle For over a decade now and I have sorted for help in every possible way; no one could!

I want to bless the name of the living God for perfecting and restoring my sight; now i can read, I can go anywhere without anybody aiding me.

Praise the lord!
Lagos, Nigeria

EDWARD JOANNES Period: August, 2021

Praise the Lord. I would like to give this testimony to fulfill the vow I made to God although its long overdue. I took in immediately after I got married in 2015 but when I went for the test, I got a result that said weakly positive. I had never until then heard of such a result. I only knew positive or negative. But the day after I got the result, I had a dream where I saw an elderly woman by the Window of my bed side holding a knife. She stabbed my stomach with the knife and by the morning, I bled. I had a pregnancy test done after that but it came out negative. The following year, nothing happened. In February of 2017, I had a dream where I saw our Father in the Lord (Daddy G.O) come out of my office building so I ran after him. He noticed someone was following him and turned around to see. As he sighted me, he raised his hands in blessing and saud God bless you. Immediately, I saw children from no where surround us. They were in their multitudes. I was wondering where the children came from then I woke up. May of that sane yr, I had another pregnancy test done which said negative but in July of that yr, I had another miscarriage. I came for the convention of that yr and September Specisl Holyghost service dedicated to those trusting God for the fruit of the womb. After the September Hokyghost Service, I came to the altar and told God that if he gave me a child, I'll testify to his people even though I'm a very shy person . Moreso if he won't do it for me, he should for my dad who has served him in this mission for yrs and was going to be 60 in 2yrs from that time. I didn't want him to celebrate his 60th without a grandchild. Two weeks after, I had a dream where I saw an old woman under a tree. She tied what the yorubas call "Oja" on her waist. I was passing by and she called out to me saying "so you want to have a child in this life"? I replied her saying yes and she said over her dead body. So I saud yo her that she had just signed her death warrant and then she began chasing me with a cutlass. Initially I was running away but then the HolySpirit saud yo me "why are you running? Greater is he that is in uou than he that is in the world" so I turned back facing her and just before I could get to her, thunder from heaven struck her and there she was on the floor. On the 2nd of October the same yr 2017, I had my first confirmed positive pregnancy test result and had a baby boy in 2018. Praise the Lord!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

CHRISTOPHER OGWU Period: September, 2020

My name is CHRISTOPHER OGWU from RCCG, Faithfulness of God Parish, Beulah Zone, Delta Province 1, Region 23, Warri.

Am giving this testimony to the Glory of the Lord and shame to the devil.

I was accidented on September 3rd, 2020 in a 5 storey 5-STAR HOTEL @ Warri.

I went to this Hotel to carry out COVID-19 Test so as to enable me resume work @ Escarvos as pipeline maintenaner after 5 years of jobless.

On that faithful day at the 5th floor of the hotel, after the test, I wanted to use the lift to the ground floor. The lift door opened normally but the elevator was not there unknowing to me.
So, i thought i was entering into the lift, alas it was an empty space.

Brethren, i fell down from 5 storey building and crash landed on the concrete ground floor.

My spinal cord was affected but God of RCCG/ DADDY G.O healed me, I was not paralysed as expected by doctors report.

My bones that was scattered and the doctors said under probabilities was miraculously join together again

It is by the grace of God Almighty that i am still alive today. I couldn't resume the work again but God Almighty preserved my life.

Right now I can sit down, ride Keke to feed my family, walk around even though still on crushes.

Indeed, God Almighty is Great!

Church join me shout victorious hallelujah.

Who did it, Jesus, oh my God. wao

Delta, Nigeria

BRO. SAMUEL NWAEBICHI Period: July, 2021

I want to thank God for his mercy over my life. last month I was in the camp after the meeting I went back to asaba so on the second Sunday of the month I was in the church and I felt I should go and urinate during the process of urinating a stone came out of my body and the doctor said it was a kidney stone. I have come to return all the glory to God almighty for his deliverance from surgical operation of the kidney stone, I say may his name be praised. From Bro. Samuel.
Delta, Nigeria

IFEANYI AYODEJI Period: July, 2021

I watched the holy communion service and partook. After the very next morning,Igor wisdom to make a payment I was trying to make for days,that I couldn't. I also thank God because I have been hearing from him and also seeing visions.I have found the key to the holyspirit in my life.
Lagos, Nigeria

BAHDMUS IFEOLUWA Period: June, 2021

I thank God for his Mercy and Grace over my life and that of my family, I thank him because i successfully gained admission into a Tertiary Institution after I prayed to him about it in the camp, May his name alone be glorified.
Lagos, Nigeria

ANONYMOUS Period: May, 2021

Praise the living Jesus,i want to bless the name of the Lord over my life.I finished Secondary school 2017,ever since then i have been seeking admission into the university.Its was indeed not a pleasant experience,i felt bittered,depressed,even at a point thought of suicide.They was nothing i didn't do,i gave tithes, sacrificial offerings,first fruits,gave gifts to the church of God,went to different altars of God to pray all to no avail.I kept on trusting believing that one day i would laugh last.But today being 20th of May 2021,the lord did it for me,i am now an UNDERGRADUATE.Praise the living Jesus, JEHOVAH OLUGBEJAMI.Anonymous
Lagos, Nigeria

ROSELINE EDUNJOBI Period: February, 2021

I give God all the glory. Since I started working in 2008, and married 2013, we bought our first television and we started watching daddy G.O messages on dove television. Below are my testimonies, 1. We bought our first car within two weeks of waiting on God. 2. God deliver my husband and mother in-law from a terrible accident. 3. God revealed to us wolves in sheep clothings after one of our Rccg January fasting and prayers. 4. God healed my son of a growth in his neck through the annoiting oil daddy prayed for during one of the annoiting service.5. at January Shiloh hour I told God I want to deliver my baby like a Hebrew woman and he answered me. 6. A day to Christmas, snake entered my house and I could not find it after searching, on the 3rd of January 2021, during the Sunday School. I asked God that if the snake is still in the house then let it be exposed. That same day we returned from church I discovered the snake moving out of my children's room and it was killed. So also He delivered me and my infant baby from scorpion sting. 7. He delivered me from trailer accident. 8. February 2021, I received revelation that I'm going to be the next head of my department, as I walked into the sitting room to inform my husband, suddenly daddy G. O. Was on TV prophesing that we will be promoted and I said amen. Days later my Head called me that I was given a letter to resume office with immediate effect as the sub head of the department. before then, I have been told time without number that nothing can come out of me with the fact that I was a student of the same institution I am presently working with couple with my Hnd background. But God still went ahead to prove his points, through daddy's messages I will fly higher. Praise be to God.
Nasarawa, Nigeria


I bless God for the salvation of my soul.I thank God for complete wholeness and restoration of my good health. After being taken to eight hospitals, tested for covid-19 twice which turned out to be negative, they could still not diagnose the cause of the sickness while I was dieing.
Behold,a letter was written to Daddy G.O and within same week a reply came and he prayed for me that, "I will soon give testimonies". My provincial pastor (LP51) equally prayed for me with others. Eventually, at Backock hospital, they diagnosed of bacteria infection of the blood, lung and kidney. Thank God, everything was flushed out through the blood of Jesus without any damage to these organs. I am made whole now.
Praise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria


I bless the name of the Lord for healing me of a serious burn .I poured hot oil on my leg ,the injury became so fatal that I could hardly work.this continued for about 2 month ,after no improvement I was admitted in hospital and operated upon but the operation did heal.i was later discharge.i praise the Lord for healing me of the burns injury after 1 year and 2 months.praise the lord
Ogun, Nigeria

MR./MRS. SAMSON OLAKANMI Period: May, 2021

After some months delay of having pregnant.

We appreciate God who blessed us with a bouncing baby boy after we ate holy communion at home which we watched on dove TV. There was no bread nor win around us that very day but we trust God with the declaration of the words of God that came out from daddy G.O unto the piece of yam and little mineral that we used as communion.

Our first born Peniel, Iseoluwa, Emmanuel is a year and a month today. Praise the Lord...
Lagos, Nigeria

AKOH SHOLA Period: April, 2021

LAGOS, Nigeria

OYEDOTUN LOVE Period: March, 2021

Praise the name of the lord. In December 2020 I did hysteroscopy and after a month I went to back to the hospital to complain about the bleeding, the doctor checked me and said There was nothing wrong with me that if the blood didn’t stop I will be scheduled for another surgery.i went for scan they found nothing. After the scan,I went back home with tears loaded on my face and I continued to trust God for divine healing. In March 2021 holy Ghost service I connected to the program via my phone baba prayed on the mantle I lifted up my handkerchief that day and I prayed intensively. After the program, I placed the handkerchief on my stomach for seven days every night when am going to bed after that seven days the blood dried up I didn’t see any blood. I pray God that did this will perfect everything that concerns me IJN May the God of daddy Adeboye be praised for ever. Let somebody shout hallelujah.
Kwara, Nigeria
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