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GLORIA Period: July, 2017

Praise the lord. I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and my family. I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb, I came to camp last September Holy Ghost Service tagged NO MORE FRUITLESS EFFORTS. I got pregnant in October and I put to bed on the 20th of June 2017. Glory be to God.
Riverd, Nigeria

BIMBOLA ABOSEDE Period: June, 2017

I thank God for the opportunity to testify of his goodness. My Mum was diagnosed with a lump in her breast and was scheduled for a follow up scan and surgery this June. I came to camp and was part of a Program where Daddy laid Hands on everyone who had requested special prayers.

At the time of the laying of hands, I knew my Mum was at the Hospital for the follow up Scan and I was trusting God that as I stood in the gap for her, the result from this scan would disgrace the initial report. My prayer was let the lump disappear.

To the Glory of God, the result of the test was "no lump found". Praise the lord! There was therefore no need for a surgery.
God is Faithful and Blessed be his holy name forever and ever Amen.
Lagos, Nigeria

BIMBOLA F. A. Period: June, 2017

I want to Glorify God for stepping in without delay. My Mum was diagnosed with a lump on her Breast and was scheduled for a follow up scan and thereafter a surgery to take out the lump.

Daddy held a special Service early June where he laid hands on many of us who had requested Special Prayers by him. At the time of the Service, I knew my Mum was at the hospital for the follow up scan. My request was for God Almighty to intervene, disgrace every negative medical report and replace with God's report. In short for the Second scan to be reported as no lump was found.

i received the laying on off Hands by Daddy on her behalf and trusted God for perfect healing.

To the Glory of God, the result was "no lump found". Praise God! There was no need for a Surgery. God is indeed Faithful and can do all things.hallelujah!
Lagos, Nigeria

NMAEZI Period: June, 2017

After the June Holy Ghost Service ,which I connected to via Dove TV,I slept and dreamt of a colleague handing over a hat to me. When I woke up I realised that the Lord has restored to me what the enemy stole. I prayed and claimed it. Indeed a few days later that which was due to me but had been withheld was released to me. I thank the Lord with all my heart. All glory to Him.I will yet return here for more testimonies. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!!!!!
FCT, Nigeria

AJOKE OJO Period: June, 2017

To God be the glory.

I thank the Lord for the salvation of my soul.

I was about 2weeks past my expected date of delivery and the baby was not yet coming forth.

I told my elder sister who told that lucky her family attended the last holy ghost where daddy G.O gave them a handkerchief from the camp.

The following day in the evening I placed the handkerchief on my Tommy, within 5mins I started having signs of labour, which resulted in my giving birth to a bouncing baby girl on the 4th of February, 2017. Church pls join me to shout a big halleluyah
Lagos, Nigeria

MRS EHINMOWO Period: June, 2017

I made a vow to testify to the goodness of God. My husband travelled to the United kingdom for his Phd and I desired to join him with the children. God did it. after the 1st visa application was refused, we wrote to appeal they didn't respond after sometime we re-applied and they later asked us to withdraw the new application, granted us the visa based on the 1st application. I joined him with the children and he successfully completed his PhD. To God be the glory.
Ogun, Nigeria


I want to appreciate God who has brought great thing out of nothing. I got married 2years ago, at 1year and 2months i went to see a consultant to know what was wrong, went through different examination and on the long run they discovered that my Fallopian tubes were blocked, but one could be repaired since its just an adhesion.The doctor booked for a surgery to repair the right tube, so i can conceive. I went for the surgery June 2016 and came back worse, the findings of the surgery states: "Operative findings however revealed massive peritoneal adhesions and frozen pelvis. The tubes , ovaries and intestines were all matted together".I was advised to go for IVF as there is no other way out. I got more confused, my pastor back home told me, the worst is over, so i held on to that fact. i came for the July Holyghost congress, held on to his words, and perfection came during the 2016 convention, as Baba was ministering, at a point he said;"Before the end of this year, it will be obvious the siege is over", i wrote this down because i know God was talking to me, That was all, i never menstrated again, my last menstral cycle was the one i had in July, and that was how God blessed me with a bouncing baby this year 2017. I appreciate God that can do what no man can do, who calls those things that be not as though they were. Thank you Jesus.
LAGOS, Nigeria

YINKA Period: November, 2016

I want to testify to the goodness of God. I have been experiencing chest pain for over a year. When I wake up most times and the fan is on, I tend to experience excruciating pain. However during the London Festival of Life, I was in UK and I was unable to attend. I watched it online and Daddy G O mentioned my case. To God be the Glory, I have been healed. I do not experience any pain again. Praise God
Lagos, Nigeria

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: March, 2017

I give all the Praise and Adoration to Almighty God for His Faithfulness in my life. I testified previously about passing the 1st part of an exam. The March 2017 Special Holy Ghost Service (Come and Drink), a 3-day programme from 2 - 4 March was an awesome service. On Friday 3/3, daddy GO mentioned in his sermon that God's Power can flow, saturate and soak our domain. He asked us to pray that everything we were wearing at that moment be soaked with God's Anointing, filled with His Power and that it should begin to perform miracles. Daddy GO then prophesied that the prayer we had just prayed had been answered, and that we should take care of what we were wearing that night and see what will happen. I ensured I wore that outfit to the 2nd part of the exam I did in April. To God be the Glory, I passed the exam. God has been so wonderful and gracious to me this year. I know and believe that by His Power, this is my year of Divine Favour, Grace and Victory. By God's grace, I will return to give more testimonies about His Goodness in my life before the end of this year. Thank you Lord.
London, United Kingdom

ANTONIA JULIUS Period: April, 2017

I am using this platform to say God is faithful to his word, and To testify that children are the heritage of the Lord and fruit of the womb is his rewards, I thank a God for my miracle twins that I will deliver soon 2018 and also thank God for my other children that I am believing him for. Blessed be the name of God . He is bigger than any fertility problems , he is bigger than fibroid,pcos, block tubes . God is faithful . Thank you jesus for all my miracle children.when man says no God says yes. Only you I see o God. Thanks for your grace .
Uk, United Kingdom

HEATHER BOUEY Period: April, 2017

Most time it`s good to share problem. WHO KNOWS??
I suffered Adhesions that damaged my uterus and this is really what i think you should understand.
I finally was able to conceive a child to my own the year 2016 after 21 years without any issue. thi s really was the worst thing ever. It was a miracle that indeed shocked me. because i was left with no option but to use a Herbal Health Concoction that was prepared from Herbs to help the Immune. I got to find out about this from someone and i talked to the direct source about my problem. He`s name is Dwr Dexter and HE told me how some necessary few herbs will be useful as to women`s health and recovery and he had to do what knows best. He sent the Herbs to me and gave instruction on method of use. this all happened and i really have been able to say i`m glad God did this.
You can congratulate me (469) 573-2540 or mail me
but don't call at bed time..
You can get in-touch with Dexter via Email (
Really just felt like dropping this, not for all Tho.Dwight dexter 🤗🤗 ..
NY, United States


My husband fell very ill last year February and we had to leave for America where we spent over 2 months for treatment. He was diagnosed with a severe infection after having a lymph node surgically removed from his face. We came back to Nigeria and after a few weeks he began to cough and a CT scan showed a lot of fluid in his chest and queried cancer of the lungs. While I was fasting, the Lord laid it upon my heart to contact MR TONYE COLE the head of the Nehemiah Team to help seek an audience with daddy GO. I immediately obtained his number as I hadn't been in touch for over a year. I sent him a text explaining the situation and he replied and we met Daddy GO two days later. Daddy GO laid hands on my husband and said a simple prayer. The next day he gave a word of knowledge at the Holy Ghost service that the Lord had replaced the lungs of someone whom the doctors diagnosed with a lung problem. We were excited and began to rejoice because we knew the message was for us. A few days later, the fluid in my husband chest disappeared and he stopped coughing and he is TOTALLY healed . Praise the living God!!
Lagos, Nigeria

SIS AKUETE ADESOLA Period: April, 2017

I want to appreciate the God of our father, pastor E.A Adeboye. I had a lump in my breast and I had been praying about it. I came to the altar at the redemption camp and I told God that as I get up from there I would not leave with that thing. To God be the glory, it's no longer there. Praise God.
Edo, Nigeria

DCN BABATUNDE AKINBODE Period: November, 2010

This is a testimony of what God said in one of the Holy Ghost Services and how He faithfully and comprehensively fulfilled it with a zeal that surprised me. At 62 years, I commenced an online MSc program in a popular UK university. In the Holy Ghost Service of that month (November 2010), at beginning of Daddy GO’s ministration, God said “the program you have just started will end up gloriously”. One particular lecturer decided to penalize me for any of my late submissions of assignments occasioned by my long hours in Lagos traffic which I explained but she refused to appreciate. I sent her an email that I would surely pass her module. I prayed to God to give me grace for early submission. After I passed the module, she replied my mail congratulating me and wrote “Please continue to have faith in your God whom you believe in so much”.
Midway in my dissertation (research work) I was inspired to change my research questions. My supervisor said I was already expecting this to happen. I enjoyed tremendous insight from the Holy Spirit on data analysis, conclusions and recommendation. My supervisor was very happy with me and I had a very good grade in the dissertation. I completed the MSc with Merit in July 2013. I saw the Omniscient God at work with a great zeal and faithfulness to fulfil His promise. I give Him all the glory.
Dcn Tunde Akinbode
Lagos, Nigeria

MRS NGOZI ODILI Period: March, 2017

I want to thank God in advance for blessing me with the fruit of the womb after putting the picture of pastor Enoch Adeboye directly from my phone to my womb in faith, am thanking God for giving me double for my shame 2years barrenness came to an end,irrespective of the Dr report of my husband low sperm count and my uterine fibroid, God has prove the Dr wrong, thank you Jesus for this miracle through your son pastor E.A Adeboye
Lagos, Nigeria
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