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MAYOWA TOLUWASE Period: March, 2021

i appreciate God for the salvation of my soul. in the last congress daddy announced that 3miracles is waiting for someone, i claimed the prophecy and afterwards i was called for a new job i didnt apply for and i received another gift from my director in dollars. praise God
ogun, Nigeria

SIMISOLA ADESUYI Period: March, 2021

I've been job searching after graduation for 3 years. I was beginning to consider other avenues. God blessed me with a wonderful career opportunity and I believe it was divine timing and purpose. This is finally the start to my career and the team and position are perfect for me. I pray that I will excel in this role and receive many accolades and raises so that in turn, I will continue to give God all the glory. His timing was intentional.
Tx, United States

CATHERINE KEHINDEY Period: March, 2021

I thank God for the salvation of my soul.

Am here to testify to the power of the almighty God I the handkerchief Daddy prayed on in March holy ghost service.

It all started in December 2020, I stared having serious pelvic/back pain, the pain is so severe that when I woke up in the morning to put my foot on the floor is painful, so I went for scan in March 9th 2021 when the pain became unbearable and I was told I have fibroid, they said they can see three fibriod and they name it Intramural Uterine Fibroids. I wasn't happy so when I got home I declred a 3 days vigil which the third day happened to be holy ghost service, so Daddy asked us to raise our handkerchief or cloth for prayers and I said Lord I have hard people testifying to Daddy's handkerchief I want to testify too, it was that handkerchief I used over night, I placed it on my lower abdomen and all the pain disappear in the morning, movement in the Tommy all gone up till date am okay, no pain whatsoever, no movement anymore.

Let somebody shout halleluyah.
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to thank God for healing me from sleeplessness. About seven years ago, I lost the ability to sleep naturally. I have to induce myself to sleep using drugs. As the year 2021 sixty three days fasting was announced and I was desirous to participate, but there was no way I could continue my drugs and fast and so I had to suspend taking my drugs. During the first phase and I had serious challenge sleeping as the second week progressed, but I continued, but before the end of the first phase, I started sleeping naturally. I continued to the 2nd and 3rd phase of the fasting and it is now over 70 days since I last used the drug and I have been sleeping soundly.
Lagos, Nigeria

EFE OKOJIE Period: March, 2021

I have come to return all the glory to God almighty for His healing power upon me. Prior to this time, I have been having this piercing pain around my chest which radiates to the left and right side . Several visits were made to the hospital and was told it was ulcer. I was placed on different medications for close to 6months but all to no avail. During the March special Holy ghost service, I prayed for healing and took the holy communion believing God will do His work. To the glory of God, since that day I have not felt the pain again even without taking medications. Let somebody shout Hallelujah
Lagos, Nigeria


Praise the Almighty God. I want to thank our God of instant miracles. Our father in the Lord prayed that we would receive instant miracles during the HGS in January. Immediately after the service, I received a mail for the Job I had been trusting my God for and it is everything I asked God for including the Location. God indeed singled me out for instant miracles.All Glory to His name.
Lagos, Nigeria

CHARITY Period: December, 1998

In Lekki '98, God promised He would give me a child. He gave me the child and this year, the child is 23 years old. I'm dedicating this child to God the one who made a promise and fulfilled it. Help me praise the Lord.
Lagos, Nigeria

ANU POPOOLA Period: March, 2021

I want to thank God for healing me I have a terrible backpain and came for the special holyghost service as d choir was ministry i keyed into d song my help and i started feeling better.also as the documentary was going on i keyed into healing from d testimony of d mummy dt God healed of neck pain. As daddy g.o was ministering i listened and prayed well with d whole of my heart and all d prayer point i thank God just as we prayed for complete testimony .My the time i woke up this mrng all the pain has disappeared. By d time i was sharing with my mum she also was healed of pains in the body.I thank GOD for visiting me .praise the lord
Oyo, Nigeria

ABAYOMI O. Period: March, 2017

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. In 2017, God delivered from the spirit of masturbation. It all started in 2003 when the process was describe to me by a friend, and for over 13years I was in bondage; the only thing that kept me from committing suicide was that I know that I end up in hell if I do. I give all the glory to God for setting me free. Halleluyah.
Lagos, Nigeria

IYANU ADEGBORUWA Period: March, 2021

Thank God for salvation of my soul. Im sharing this testimony on behalf of me and my family. God has made all things to work for our own good. In December 2020 Holy Ghost Congress, Daddy G.O made a declaration/prophecy that somebody here will receive 3 special gifts before end of December 2020. I stood up joyfully to claim it. Brethren, by December 26th 2020, the 3 special gifts (that will take me years with hard work to get) the same day and same minute instantly. Since that day my slogan had been; "Irorun l'oba de" (meaning "it comes effortlessly")

Somebody join me shout Halleluyah!
Ogun, Nigeria


Thanking God for His divine intervention in my life. Its a year that I had lost my job due to corona virus pandemic. Ever since then I have been at home. During yesterday ministration, our Daddy asked us to ask for what we want and thereafter he pray for us.
This morning I received a call that I should on Monday which I believed the Lord has answered my prayers.
Let somebody shout hallelujah.
Ogun, Nigeria

PASTOR Period: March, 2020

We want to thank God for the salvation of our soul. My wife was diagnosed of having Ovarian Cyst and the chance of conceiving was very low, we kept on praying and we went to Camp for March Holy Ghost Service in 2020, we also went to Open Heaven's international centre, and declared that by March 2021 we will come to camp with our baby. Glory to God during April Holy Ghost Service daddy G.O played the video of women carrying their babies we got connected and that same month my wife conceived. A day to our wedding anniversary she delivered a bouncing baby girl; Revival Murewa Akindoyin. To God be the glory.
Osun, Nigeria

KAREEM BOLAJI Period: March, 2020

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. Last year,during the special holy ghost service,I presented the project of the secondary school I was to start before the Lord that he should please make all provisions available and prosper the school to take off excellently and I vowed to testify amongst his people if he did it for me. Then came COVID-19 and that hindered the expected income to complete the project,but God miraculously sent help to complete the project as schools resumed,the Lord started gloriously with us. I have come to return all the glory to the faithful God in Jesus Name. Amen
Ogun, Nigeria

OLA ODUSANYA Period: March, 2021

1)Towards the end of last year 2020, someone told me that GO said we should shout hallelujah for 7 days and our problems would be gone. I shouted the hallelujah for 6 days, and on the last day which was a Sunday we all at the church shouted the 7 hallelujahs for the benefit of those who didn’t know about the instruction. On Monday the next day I received an e mail from a lady to submit a proposal for a project and I got the contract, which was completed, and then extended further to a monthly project. That was how God destroyed the three year siege over my business. Before then I was always second best but didn’t get any contract.
2) The Lord also changed our names to grand parents last Christmas as he gave us a grand baby and he crowned the year with goodness and blessings for us, despite all the contrary reports and contrariness all around.
3) The lord kept us afloat and in abundance through the year despite the lockdowns and he truly gave us streams of victory and turnaround in many areas of our lives, as prophesied by daddy GO for year 2020.
Who did it? Jesus! Wow! Praise the lord!
IL, United States

EBUN OMOLE Period: March, 2021

Praise the Lord with me, I have been sick since August and the result said appendicitis, infection and ovarian cysts and that I needed surgery, but the Lord did it and when I went for the second scan, the cyysts and appendicitis not even the scar was found. By December I was still feeling pains and I was tired of telling anyone because everyone was tired of my complain, yesterday during the 79hours of praise and solemn assembly evening session I told God my daddy cannot be celebrating his birthday while his daughter is sick and in debt, that my father wouldn't want that kind of birthday so he has to heal me for my Daddy Adeboye's sake and I got my healing completely, the ulcer I was diagnosed of by December, that I spent a lot on, took a lot of medicines for, but the pains never stopped and fibroid that caused me severe pain, the pains are all gone, I was in constant pain and that was my normal. I thank God for making me whole finally.
Secondly due to the sickness I ran into debts that was due today, I prayed and trusted God and this morning I got a sudden job request that yielded profit, I didn't even expect it for today, the person was supposed to do it since January, but today of all days the money was sent, on top of that, the debt I was rushing to pay today, the person told me not to pay it that I should use it as part of the money she wants to give me, and it's mine. I thank God, please never have a back up to God, and keep holding him no matter how long it seems, you'd get your testimonies too in Jesus name, Amen, I thank Him for healing, for provision for breaking free from addictions, for everything he's done and who he is, Amen. I pray the testimonies would be forever and permanent to the Glory of God in Jesus name,Amen
Sis Maria
Lagos, Nigeria
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