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KUSHIMO KEHINDE Period: March, 2019

I want to thank God for my life and my son David 5yrs old during last March special holy ghost service 3 prophecies came from my daddy GO that God said he will finished what he has started, 2nd,crisis will not occur again 3rd,l will not know shame again, l claimed them and God did all for my son, on Saturday we went for genotype lab text and on Tuesday God change SS to AA,God started by healing him from stroke and finish everything with AA he really wipe away my tears. who did it Jesus oh my God wahoo.thanks you Lord.
Lagos, Nigeria


DURING JULY HOLY GHOST SERVICE, GOD DECLARED THROUGH DADDY G.O THAT WE ARE HEALED FROM HEAD TO TOE. I used have terrible itching allergy which some time result to asthma but immediately after the declaration the whole thing ceased. Glory be to God and more anointing to our daddy in the Lord.
RIVERS, Nigeria

SIS NIKE AJUWON Period: March, 2019

I would have loved to give this testimony at the Altar but I'm still held back in traffic. I give all the Glory to the one and only convenant keeping God. My Son was diagnosed of infections 8 months after birth and this runs for over 2 years with monthly visit to the hospital. This brought a serious fear upon me and almost turned me to a shadow of myself. But my turnaround came last year 2018 Special Holy Ghost when our Father in the Lord said we should ask God anything we want from his life, then I remembered he has said it severally that once upon a time in his life he was always down with fever but God healed him, then I told God if you heal my son and cause the root of infections in the life of my son to dry up I will come back next year 2019 special holy ghost service to testify. By and large God did it immediately up till now the boy had never had infections and forever he will never have it again in Jesus Name. Praise the Convenant keeping God. Halleluyah.
Lagos. Province 71, Nigeria

SYLVESTER OBOTEE Period: March, 2019

I thank God for mine and my family members life and also the life of Daddy. last year July 2018, i was anointed by Daddy and during the sermon Daddy said we should testify of God's Goodness. October 2018 God delivered me from serpent bite and God also bless me financially that my tithe is now triple. Praise the Lord HALLELUJAH
Delta, Nigeria

SYLVESTER OBOTEE Period: March, 2019

I thank God for mine and my family members life and also the life of Daddy. last year July 2018, i was anointed by Daddy and during the sermon Daddy said we should testify of God's Goodness. October 2018 God delivered me from serpent bite and God also bless me financially that my tithe is now triple. Praise the Lord HALLELUJAH
Delta, Nigeria

NANCY OLANUSI Period: March, 2017

March 2017 special Holy Ghost i watched the programe live in our parish. during the prayer session our father in the Lord Pastor Adeboye raise his hand up for some minute that before he put his hand down we should ask God for anything and God will give us as his birthday gift. Before then i have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 4years, but that night i cry to God and he answer me that very month of march 2017 i conceived and gave birth to bouncing baby boy. God of Adeboye did it for me Hallelujah........
Lagos, Nigeria

DEACON TIMOTHY UBONG Period: February, 2019

We are the family of Timothy Ubong. We thank God for the salvation of our souls. We got married in April 2005 and had our first son in the mid year 2006. Since then we have been trusting for more children. Fast-forward 2016 after a stillbirth in 2013, my wife and i decided to try a fertility doctor. we were told we could not parent children any more as my wife cannot produce eggs. it was such a sad news. so we come to the Holy Ghost Service of September 2016 ( NO MORE FRUITLESS EFFORT) and cried unto the Lord and we vowed to testify if he answered. God heard our cry and answered we got pregnant that same month. On one of the days after my wife took in the fertility doctor called to find our if we have decided on any of the fertility options he had proposed to us. we laughed and told him no need, that my wife is pregnant he shouted on phone. To the glory of the Almighty God and in the mighty name of Jesus our son was born mid year of 2017. His name is Elijah-Philip Aniebet Abasi Iremide Timothy. Thank you Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

AKINYELE TOLULOPE Period: February, 2019

I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for healing. My testimony is in two ways. Last December Congress during prayers I promised God that if He would answer my prayers I will share this testimony on the camp ground before Daddy GO next birthday and I bless His name for answered prayers. He Has started it and I know He will perfect it. Secondly, concerning my health, I started the issue of bleeding in January and since then fear of death and terrible disease has been taking away my Joy. During February Holy Ghost service a sister shared a testimony of how she was healed of an issue of blood which I keyed into. I bless the name of God for not allowing the Devil to have his way in my life. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!
Oyo, Nigeria

TOFUNMI Period: December, 2018

I want to appreciate the Lord for the Salvation of my soul and His mighty miracle in my life. Last year December, I trusted God for a change of genotype from AS to AA. To the Glory of God and my greatest surprise, the Lord did it! I am now AA as confirmed in a genotype test carried out in January 2019. Glory be to God in the highest!!!
Osun, Nigeria

TOFUNMI Period: December, 2018

I want to appreciate God, the unchangeable changer. In December, 2018, I trusted God to change my genotype from AS to AA. To my greatest surprise and to the glory of God, I got the desired AA genotype as confimed in a genotype test that I went for in January 2019. Glory be to God!!!
Osun, Nigeria

SIS UCHEOMA Period: January, 2018

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. Although l am not a redeemed member but l was a worker at the hall of mercy bwari Abuja during my law school. Since then l have followed every programme of the ministry via Tv. In 2015, l gave birth to a baby girl who passed on in April 2016 due to complication from the heart defect she was born with. That year in July, l was at the redemption camp for the first time
Delta, Nigeria

DEBORAH Period: January, 2019

When I thought failure was going to be my portion the Lord suprised me with exceeding success and I can only give him back all the glory and thanks
Calgary, Canada

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: December, 2018

I give all praise to Almighty God, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. Thank You Father for everything you have done for me and my precious ones in 2018. Thank you for Your Faithfulness, Awesome God. I joined all monthly Holy Ghost Services (HGSs), Convention, and Congress in 2018 on-line, and I have been Blessed tremendously. I moved from Victory to Victory in my work despite all odds, and the projects I started abroad a year ago are close to completion, all to the Glory of God. I was involved in an accident in a colleague's car on the second day of December 2018 Congress. The whole of the passenger's side of the car where I sat was completely wiped out. People that saw the car were amazed that my colleague and I both escaped unhurt. God was truly with us, and this confirmed prophecies that had gone ahead in the HGSs, Convention and Congress - God's word spoken through daddy GO. I thank God for being my Shield and Rock all through 2018, and I believe that 2019 will be a Glorious one for me, by the Power of His Might.
London, United Kingdom

MR ADENIYI OLUWASEGUN Period: December, 2018

I was diagnosed of hepatitis and had to pray at holy ghost camp ground for God's intervention. Lo and behold, I went for a confirmatory test twice, it came out negative. There is nothing impossible for God to do, Absolutely nothing impossible!
Ogun, Nigeria

JACQUELINE UGWU Period: December, 2018

I want to use this medium to thank God for opening my womb after attending Festival of Life, London in 2016. I got married in January that year but had not taken in yet as at October that year. I was beginning to get worried. Fortunately, I attended FOL October that year. I was so expectant, and when Daddy G.O declared that there was a woman there whose womb was too hot to take in but that God was cooling the womb. I immediately keyed into this word of knowledge. I actually felt a warm sensation in my abdominal region. By God's grace, I was pregnant by December that year. Unfortunately, I miscarried 2nd of January. However, I took in again almost immediately to the glory of God Almighty. I had a complication free pregnancy and had a bouncing baby boy in October, 2017. He is a year now by God's grace and I am now expecting another beautiful baby very soon. God is very faithful and I am so grateful! Praise the Lord!!!
Kent, United Kingdom
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