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ELIZABETH, FCT 2 ABUJA. Period: September, 2019

our father in the lord said, during the convention Holy Ghost service, that by the end of this month, someone will be singing " Jesus you are a wonder'. I lost my car last year and 31st of August 2019, someone gave my money to replace the car. Halleluyah !!! " Jesus you are a wonder..................
FCT Abuja, Nigeria

MR ABRAHAMS Period: August, 2019

I want to thank God for His faithfulness, mercies, and salvation upon my life and family members.

Earlier this year, I embarked on the pursuit of a dream, to obtain Canadian permanent residency through a process called express entry. From the first step of writing the ielts exam, to doing my educational credentials assessment, God has been totally faithful in providing and granting Favour. During the August Holy Ghost Service, I told Daddy I wanted to testify of receiving my invitation to apply during the September HGS. And as Daddy would have it, on August 20th, I was invited to apply for permanent residency! I wasn’t deserving of it but Daddy smiled on us.
All glory to God, I know He will finish what He has started.
Who did it?!
Jesus, O my God, WOW!
Rivers State, Nigeria

AP SUBERU OLUGBENGA Period: September, 2019

On the 15th of August 2019,at about 3.00am armed robbers invaded my house and came into my room and woke me up. After collecting my the cash on me ,my phones and my laptops they saw some documents in my drawer reading Redemmed Christian church of God and they asked me if I was a member of the RCCG I said yes immediately the leader of the team said "Oga we are sorry, we entered the wrong house" few minutes after they said to me that they will drop my phones and my belongings downstairs and I will see them when I am able to come out of my room as they were going to lock me up in the room. When I gained my freedom, I found all my phones and the laptop down stairs . They did not touch me or anybody all they went away was some few Maria's. Praise the Lord

AP Gbenga Suberu
Area 29 LP3
Lagos, Nigeria

IKEM BOSE Period: September, 2019

I attended Holy Ghost service in d year 2010 which was few months before i got married ,I asked God to bless me with the fruit of the womb immediately i get married against a prior medical condition which could affect my fruitfulness, i thank God He granted this request d same month i got married i conceived and today i am a mother of three children
Lagos, Nigeria

MRS ADABEL ASINUGO Period: September, 2019

I will never forget the feeling I had when I heard the words “it’s a boy” I was over joyed, and so grateful to God for answering my prayers.

My son is now 2 years old and everyday I still thank God for him. My husband and I got married in 2013 but we didn’t have our son until 2017. For all the years in between it was hell, we had tried and tried but we just weren’t getting pregnant.

At some point we had both decided to go and do IVF, and we saw our GP who referred us for the consultation. We hadn’t mentioned a word of this to a soul and were about to start the process in 2015 when I randomly received a call from my older sister who lives in Nigeria. She said to me a pastor and friend to our family gave her a message for me. The message was, God wants me to wait, my child is on the way and I don’t need to do IVF.

I was in awe because like I said earlier, we hadn’t told a soul. I agreed with it straight away, held on to that promise and told my husband, but he, being the more logical one in our marriage was not having any of it. As time went by and still with no pregnancy, my decision not to do IVF began to shake our marriage. We hit rock bottom, argued and fought all the time, we both wanted to call it quits. But for some reason, I’m the midst of all the chaos, the blaming, the shame, the fights and the tears, my Faith was unwavering because I believed in Gods promise to me.

I had visited many Holy Ghost services, over the years, my mum went to camp, prayed for me regularly and the message was the same, it was one of hope and patience. The word of God that stayed in my heart through all this was Roman’s 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, Patient in affliction and Faithful in prayer” and that is what I did.
I worshiped and thanked God for what I knew he had already done. It was only at the point when my husband and I were at peace with our circumstances, we had gone on holiday in 2016 and come back feeling refreshed and stopped worrying about getting pregnant that we took in.

We got pregnant in September 2016 and we are both proud parents to a beautiful, lovely, intelligent little boy, his name is Kamsiyochi which means “Just as I asked God” and he is a Son of God.
London, United Kingdom

TAMARA POSIBI Period: September, 2019

I give this testimony in gratitude to Almighty God for His mercies on my life. I came for the Holy Ghost Convention last month (August 2019) and I’ve been struggling with knee pains for some years. During the prayers Daddy G.O raised on Friday, he mentioned that we should ask God what we want from Him. I recall walking to the alter and talking to my knees that in the name of Jesus, every knee pain must go and that I am not going back to my seat with knee pains.
To the glory of God, my prayers were answered, I haven’t struggled with severe knee pains, I can walk up and down the stairs (I am always so happy to do this now). I know that God has made this testimony permanent. May His Name be highly exalted!!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

OLUFUNKE OJO Period: August, 2019

Praise the Lord! I know God answers prayers but i don't think i had ever experience such instantaneous answered prayer. I sent clothes (sewn, up to 20pcs) to a client in USA Since July 3rd and since then the cloth has being at the Border security check and there is nothing i have not done to ensure its release but no way. When Daddy G.O Said we should command God on what we want yesterday(convention holy ghost service ). The parcel was one of my prayer request and this evening i got a message from my client that she has received the parcel. Our God is awesome. Praise the Lord.
Ondo, Nigeria

IJEOMA Period: August, 2018

A close relative took my sisters pic to Okija shrine and asked the deity to deal with her. She was given 7days to come before the deity to prove her innocence which I bluntly refused to support. The chief priest kept harassing me with phone calls which I refused to pick. Then he resorted to text msgs threatening that we all and our children would suffer terribly if we didn't comply within 7days. On the Friday of Dominion convention 2018 which was the expiry date of the summons the spirit of death from the shrine attacked me in the afternoon but I prayed standing on the word that we have been given dominion and the Lord gave us victory. It also attacked my sisters baby who died. My sister on discovering that her baby was dead, rushed home and prayed fervently over the baby and he came back to life. Hallelujah. We are all alive today which is one yr later. Glory Hallelujah
FCT, Nigeria

AKIYODE DAMILOLA Period: August, 2019

I thank God for what he has done in my life thus year, God gave me a job which I never expected by his Grace.
God I thank you
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEYINKA ADEDEJI Period: August, 2019

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. On the Friday of the Halleluyah convention, Daddy G.O was led by God to raise a rod that was handed over to him by the founder (PA. Akindayomi) and he asked us to take 3 prayer points. The third prayer was that God should reverse the irreversible. Unknown to me the promotion exercise at my place of work had been concluded and the list released. I was informed on the Saturday by a colleague that my name was not on the list. I trusted God with my wife and friends for a miracle and God reversed the irreversible. I got a personal mail about a week later notifying me of my promotion.
Only Jesus can do this.
Let somebody shout Halleluyah.
Ogun, Nigeria

OJEI CHUKWUNONSO ROSE Period: August, 2019

I am giving this testimony to the glory of Almighty God for the victory he gave me if not for jesus I don't know what would have been my story by now,on the first on April this year 2019 acertly 7.30am on a Monday morning after I came back home from our usual morning prayer service called Good morning jesus,I slept and died in my sleep but the Lord whom I serve brought me back to life through and Angel it was indeed a miracle that only me can tell and a testimony I will never forget in a hurry somebody help me worship and continue to praise this great God.
Lagos, Nigeria

SIS. CHIKA OSETOBA Period: July, 2018

I want to thank God for His mercies and faithfulness. In 2016, I was diagnosed of Endometrioma in both ovaries with a doctors' report that I might not be able to get pregnant and carry to term. I got married in January 2018. By February 2018, the doctors were suggesting an IVF procedure. I came for last years convention 'Dominion' and God changed my story. The doctors report changed to a 5 weeks old pregnancy just after the convention. To the glory of God, I delivered a beautiful baby girl Adunifeoluwa Chidebube Osetoba in April, 2019.
Praise God!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

OYINDA TAIWO Period: August, 2019

I want to testify to Gods Almightiness... I was very ill for about 2 weeks but completely healed after praying the healing Prayers on Tuesday s Hearken Unto me service. Praise God my healer. Alleluia!! Oyinda Taiwo
Lagos, Nigeria

YEMISI BUOYE Period: August, 2019

I thank God of this great commission for the salvation of my soul and that of my family.
I attended with my daughter a program at RCCG Hq.,Throne of Grace Ebute Metta, tagged: Breaking Evil Alters (21 Tuesdays) March 12- July 30, 2019.
At exactly a month of the program,one of the officiating Ministers said: 'you will receive good news today' same day in the evening, my child application that has been pending received attention and she was called in the evening that she has been offered a job in a Bank.
She resumed two weeks after that and God has been so faithful.
I give all glory to God Almighty in Jesus name and I pray that the Anointing of the Ministers of God will never run dry in Jesus name.
Praise God. HALLELUYAH!!!
Lagos, Nigeria


Good Evening Daddy, thanks to God for confirming his word over my life, last Year Convention, I was dancing during the praise and worship, I heard a God saying,I will be the HOD of My Department, I submitted my credentials for a job,I wasn't called but this year May, I was called and I started working at the Nigerian Maritime University, on the 24th of July, I was appointed the HOD of My Department, to God be the Glory, Amen. Thanks to God for everything.
Delta, Nigeria
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