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IDOWU ELIZABETH Period: May, 2023

Prays the Lord prays master name is sister idowu Elizabeth from prov 87 lagos.i want to bless the name of the Lord for salvations of my life last month holy ghost services. I asked God for a good job for my husband and God gave him a wonderful one 🙏🙏 and I also ask God to settle me freefrom financial situation and since last month God has been faithful to me praise the Lord 🙏🙌
Lagos, Nigeria

TOKE ABOSEDE Period: June, 2023

During the may holy ghost service, Our father in the Lord asked us to ask God for one thing, I asked God to perfect my relocation plans and afterwards the Daddy G . O declared that our prayer was answer. Two weeks after I was granted Visa, a week after the devil raised his head, I continued praying and Just during the holy communion service Daddy prophesied that June is a miracle Month and in less than 24 hours I got my miracle. Praise the name of the Lord.
London, United Kingdom

AGNES A Period: May, 2018

I bless the Lord for what He did in the life of my son.
I wrote to Daddy about his smoking and drinking habits. Daddy replied that I will testify.
Today I am testifying to the goodness of God that he has stopped the habits of smoking and drinking.
Kwara, Nigeria


My name is A/P. Omogbemi Samuel F. From Rccg Lagos Province 1 HQ. My testimony was about how God delivered me from death .
It all started on 17th of April,2023, when i experienced pains in my lower abdomen, i cannot go to the toilet and i cannot eat too. When i went for an x-ray on 22nd of April, it was revealed that I had a small bowel obstruction that i needed to carried out surgery immediately. On 23rd of April, 2023, i went for the surgery but before the surgery, I placed the anointed handkerchief on my tommy and prayed, my provincial pastor (Pst S B Olaniyan) also prayed with me.
The surprise thing that happened was that it was when the surgery was going on that they discovered that i had appendix already erupted inside unknown to me and caused the blockages in the intestines The surgery lasted for about 3hours
But to the glory of God the operation was successful and I'm alive today. I returned all the glory to the covenant keeping God of RCCG.
Lagos State, Nigeria


Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and I also want to thank God for intervening in my situation. I finished secondary school 4 years ago and I have been writing utme exams for good 3 years but I wasn't reaching up to the cut off mark for the course I wants to study in the university. I almost gave up hope on that course but God gave me hope. I wrote the utme exam the fourth time, lo and behold I passed excellently and I'm now studying my dream course in the university. Praise the Lord.
Osun State, Nigeria

SIS A Period: May, 2023

During the August convention and September HGS in 2022, Daddy GO gave a word that God would give someone good problem. He also said someone here who is jobless will soon have a problem deciding which offer to accept. This word was fulfilled in my life. In February this year, I got 2 job offers. In April I also got another offer making a total of 3 offers so far. I am here to return the glory to God for answers to my prayers
UK, United Kingdom

ADERONKE AFOLUSO Period: May, 2023

I want to give glory to the one who is able to receive all the glory, I want to appreciate HIS faithfulness and mercy over my family . During this last April Holy Ghost service ,GOD sent a word to my husband through our Daddy as he says GOD said there's somebody here Enemy want your hand to be withered but GOD said he has restore the hand for you,my husband said that's me and shouted Amen. Lo and behold, instantly my husband felt some strange movement in that same hand that has not been working for months, yesterday night after Holy Communion he told me that GREAT RESTORER has completely restored that same hand that was withered. Praise the LORD ALMIGHTY , Thank you LORD JESUS.
United Kingdom, Nigeria

ADU SEYI Period: August, 2016

I am sorry Father for bringing these testimonies late.
In 2016, I came to the camp with a burden for marital settlement and the Lord spoke through Daddy G.O that there is someone here; you will laugh before the end of this year and immediately I knew the word was meant for me. By November same year my husband proposed to me and within 11 months we got married, everything happened so fast. I had listened to daddy talked about getting married within six month and I have always wondered how, I got my own miracle marital settlement too. Praise the Lord!
Oyo, Nigeria

AJIKE JOHN Period: April, 2023

I want to bless the name of the Almighty God for healing my daughter (10years old) of cancer. We We were here last year for the children holy ghost service and my daughter was to go for a surgery. I was struggling in my mind whether to go for it or not, but while we were here daddy said there'someone here that the Lord said don't worry I will rebuild it. She went for the surgery,but before she entered the theater, I tied the mantle handkerchief on her wrist, the surgeon wanted to remove it but she the ld them not to. During the surgery the devil raised his ugly head but our Almighty God gave us victory and took control of the situation, that even the surgeon asked thereafter that where is your mantle, it worked for you. it was successful. I bless the name of the lord for a brand new kidney. Let somebody shout Hallelujah
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to pay my vow in respect of what God did for my sister.God destroyed marrital delay in her life just as I had prayed to him.Go also rebuked barrenness in her life.To crown it all God gave her and her husband visa to travel to United state of America.May his name be praise forever.
Lagos, Nigeria


I am a pastor under L/P 57 and I give God the glory who showed up in proving the report of the doctor that my kidneys are weak,to the glory of God,I am healed in Jesus name.Praise God!!
Ogun, Nigeria


I am thanking God for healing me of heart enlargement of 5 years and for giving my son permanent residency permit.
I normally go for checkups once a year and it’s a thing of concern for me, I called on God to heal me and He answered. When I went for this year check up the cardiologist and my doctor told me that my heart has become normal, no more enlargement. Praise the Lord.
My son was also favoured among his peers, his Canadian permanent residence was miraculously released within the shortest time he applied. Praise the name of the Lord. Hallelujah.
Lagos, Nigeria

MRS BABATUNDE Period: March, 2023

I testify to fulfil my vow unto the most high God for his divine intervention concerning my elder sister.she was delayed maritally.l prayed to God precisely year 2012,God answered and settled her.she had series of miscarriages for Good 5years which I also cried unto God.He also answered by giving us a baby boy which was giving birth to in United state of america because God gave both the husband and the wife visa to travelled.praise the lord.
Lagos, Nigeria

ANICHE NKEMDILIM Period: March, 2023

I want to thank God Almighty for granting I and my family VISA to United Kingdom. After several failed attempt, I visited Camp November 2022 and dropped prayer points God answered my prayers. Today I can testify to his Glory. Who did it is God oh my God wao.
Essex, United Kingdom

MRS. BUKOLA Period: March, 2023

God’s Divine Intervention
For the rest of my life, I will forever be grateful to this mighty King of glory that always makes a way where there is no way.
I sincerely ask for God’s mercies and forgiveness to have delayed this testimony on this exalted altar, although I had shared the same testimony in my local Church.
During one of the Holy Ghost services in 2015, our father in the Lord gave a word of knowledge that God said he will be visiting his Covenant Partners. For over a decade, my family and I have been Covenant Partners which later was renamed Partner75 and we keyed into this prophecy. Shortly after this prophecy in this same program, another word of knowledge came that I the Lord will give you a position you do not deserve. Before this prophecy, I have been asking for God’s divine intervention concerning my job because I only got one promotion for over 8 years in my ever first place of employment. So, when these words came, I grabbed them with both hands. Shortly after that, I was called upon by one of the financial organizations a friend assisted in submitting my Cv into for a chat and later for an interview before the end of the year 2015. Lo and behold brethren, by the following year (2016) I got a job with this organization that interviewed me without me applying for a position myself, and I was given a position four steps above what I was in my previous workplace.
As the journey continues in this new workplace, it was expected that promotion should not be a thing of difficulty especially when there are results from one’s hard work to show for it, but it wasn’t so because I was on the same grade/level for 5years . This became a thing of great concern as I knew that it is beyond normal. I had had occasions where I had a dream of someone stealing something from me and this made me intensify my prayers for divine intervention.
On one of the Monday mornings in January 2021, while going to work, I got fed up with my state and I started crying and talking to God as I was walking to the office asking for his mercies and divine intervention for every form of stagnation in my life and around my work to come to an end. Suddenly I heard in my spirit “I will restore to you the years the Cankerworms, Caterpillars, and Locusts have eaten”. I was so astonished and got comforted. However, I kept reminding God with this same word that he should restore lost years. I never had a single idea of how this will be done but I believed him as the wonder-working God.
In March 2021 during the Special Holy Ghost Service, Daddy GO gave some words of prophecies and the first he mentioned was “There is someone who needs to be reassured and he asked me to tell you, I have told you before, I will not fail you” this word made my heart leaped for joy and my spirit was strengthened. However, it seems almost all the words of prophecies on this great Special Holy Ghost Service were meant for me because the third word of knowledge says, “There’s someone here or listening to me, he said, I will teach you how to succeed and then I will help you to succeed.”
As if that is not enough, the next word of knowledge became a sure word of confirmation, because I heard Daddy GO saying this next one is definitely mine, but you can tap into it, and I immediately tapped into it. He said, “Simply, I will increase your speed”. As if God is not done speaking to me, the following word after that was the icing on the cake, as he said, “Certain events are called spectacular, some events are called miraculous, he said I will give you both”. I was extraordinarily glad that God has finally remembered me and my family. My spirit became absolutely at peace as all these words bore witness to my spirit just as mentioned in Romans 8:16 “ The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God”
Just as the scripture says in Heb 4: 12, for the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, so were these prophecies in my life. By the 1st of April same 2021, I got my first promotion after 5 years in my place of work. By July 2021, I got a new job which was a Managerial position with an official car and other benefits. This is a position that I wouldn’t have attained in the next 10 years, but God made it happen for me within 3 months after my first promotion in my former place of work. Who does that, but only Him that has the power and might to restore all the years the Locust, the Cankerworm, the Caterpillars, and the Palmerworm had eaten. I can see indeed that His prophecies concerning speed, spectaculars, and miraculous events found fulfillment in my life and family just as he said during the March 2021 Special Holy Ghost Service, by my father in the Lord, Daddy GO.
As if that was not enough, during the December 2021 Congress, a word of knowledge came forth again by Daddy GO that God is giving someone a position he/she does not deserve in the coming new year. And by January 2022, in this new organization, I was made to act in another greater capacity to represent the organization before the Apex Bank. I became cold and dumbfounded, scared of how this God of the entire universe can suddenly turn a man’s life into a wonder within a short time that is unimaginable to human reasoning.
Brethren, just as His word says in 1 Corin.2:9, “But as it is written, Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” Lo and behold, by the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2022, the God that rules in the affairs of men decided to open greater doors of international jobs to me his beloved.
I have come to give all the glory and honor to him that says a thing and it comes to pass. To the mighty one that says his word will not return void to him but it shall prosper in the thing for which it was sent. I have come to give all the worship and praise to Jesus, the one that has the key of David, the only mighty one that opens doors, and no one can shut, to the one that shuts doors, and no one can open them, because he said to me “Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut”.
And I pray that the wonders he has started in my life and family will never come to an end in the mighty name of Jesus.
I shared this testimony to encourage everyone out there that if God has said it, you can be confident that he will fulfill it. May all his prophecies find expression in our lives in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Let someone help me to shout a thunderous Hallelujah. HALLELUJAHHHHHHH!!!
Mrs. Bukola, from Lagos/United Kingdom.
Lagos, Nigeria
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