If you have missed the second day of the Holy Ghost congress 2010, you definitely won’t want to miss tomorrow, as that would mean you've missed half of the programme.


Jeremiah 8 v 21 – 22 Anytime a child of God suffers, God himself suffers. God can heal physically, God can heal martially, and God can heal spiritually. If you hearken diligently to all his commandment, you won’t know what is called sickness. Some of us are sick because we refuse to forgive. You want physical healing; you must obey his commandment Deut. 28 v 1-2. His commandment are; give cheerfully, pay your tithe, honor him with your first fruit, obey his commandments and financial healing will come.

You want spiritual health? Hebrew 1 v 9, everything bores down to holiness, be holy you will prosper, you will be promoted, there will be peace in your home, the devil will stay away from you.

Many at times we have not prayed enough! In Mark 5 v 25 -34 many of us pray for 5 minutes and say ‘well if God doesn’t answer, I will go and see my doctor’. He is not our messenger; He is the King of kings. You know how many hours you spend at the America embassy queuing for visa how much more when you want to see the King of kings.

Come to Jesus tonight with a strong determination. Today is your day before you leave here you will be able to say all will be well!



1.       Praise God for his healing power

2.    Father, whatever is standing between me and your healing power please reveal to me tonight   and give me the grace to restitute my ways.

3.       Father, just be merciful unto me tonight

4.       Father, apply your healing balm over every area of sickness in my life tonight, heal my body,     heal my marriage, heal my home, heal my business, heal me all around.

5.       Father, from tonight hence forth, don’t let me ever know any form of sickness again.

6.       Father, if I already have an appointment with death, post pone it tonight.

7.       Father, let all be well.

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