In every man’s life there is a day when the tide turns, when things will change so radically that they will never be the same again. You will be talking to that all sufficient God tonight. The Almighty God is infinite in power; there is nothing he cannot do. He has cured the incurable before according to   Matt. 8 v 1- 3, you want divine health, he has done it before in Exodus 15 v 26. You want healing virtue to flow through you and not just stay healthy alone, he has done it before. You want his shadow to heal you, he has done it before, he did it for Peter. If you say “Lord I want to be great”, he will ask you and what else?  Because he has done it before according to Gen.  24 v 34 – 35.

One prayer, can change a man’s life according to Gen. 32 v 24 – 28. John 15 v 24 says ask till your joy is full. I know by the time we leave here on Sunday, we will all be saying “All will be well” but how well will it be well with you? How much do you want from this God who is more than enough? The answer depends on you because there some conditions to be satisfied in order to get whatever you need from God.

 You must obey Him perfectly and you must do all what he ask you to do. If you are ready to obey Him completely, no matter how big you want to be, you will get there and  he will even ask if you want more if you give your life to him tonight.


1.      Praise  God

2.      Father, I will walk before you perfectly, just help me

3.      Father, the very best you can give to any man, give it to me tonight

4.      Father, the very best that any human being can be for you, make me that person

5.      Father, use me for your glory

6.      Father, turn me to a terror for the devil

7.      Father, let be a blessing to the whole world

8.      Ask for your own personal request; remember no matter how big it is, God is sufficient.



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