The most powerful law on earth is the law of harvest, Galatians 6 v7, so powerful that God applied it to himself; he had just one child and he wanted more children, he sold his only son in order to reap other children. The same law says blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.  Matt. 5 v 7. The harvest is always greater than the seed.

It takes oil of gladness to sow gladness into others. Make other joyful and in return you will get abundant joy. It takes anointing to sow joy. Act 10 v 38, it takes anointing to go about doing good and as you do good, good will return unto you. You will go from here winning soul, You will go from here setting the captives free, You will go from here raising the dead and when you see the joy of all these people that God has used you to bless, then your own joy will multiply.

The anointing on Elisha, was not used for himself but for others; to turn curses into blessing , to turn sorrow into joy, he used the anointing to destroy yoke 2 king 4 v 1 -7. The more you use the anointing the longer it last. It is just like the story of the talent; If you use the talent that God has given you, it will multiply but if you don’t use it, it will be taken away.

So the anointing of tonight is for you to be much more useful for God. There are certain things money cannot buy, it is called JOY, God will give you tonight. You are being anointed to do good and the best you can ever do to others is to bring them to Jesus.

However, according to the passage we read, there is a price to pay; he said because you love righteousness and hate iniquity. The first condition is that you must love righteousness; secondly you must hate iniquity. Love what God love and hate what he hates period

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