It’s a refreshing time once again in the presence of God at the redemption city. Usually people will wait till the weekend before coming but this year is totally difference as many people throng into the auditorium and of course the ministers of God are also ready. At exactly 9am the morning session commenced and lasted through 1:00pm with Pastor Steven Radford taking the first talk of the day titled “His Mercy Endureth Forever”.

The afternoon session was a time for empowerment as the different seminars caters for the spiritual, financial, marital and home management needs of the people. The seminar topics for today are:

Courtship & marriage

Starting your own business

Business Management

Home management (2)

The authority of the Believer

Each of these seminar was well attended by congregation, several questions which has been bothering people was been answered. It is indeed an avenue to improve once life, especially at this particular point in time when every information count.

The first talk for the last session of the day was given by delivered by the president and founder of Bahamas Faith Ministry Dr Myles Munroe. In his talk titled ‘How Great is our God’, Dr, Myles Munroe said that the bible is not a religious book, but about a ‘king’, about a ‘royal family’. And the intention of this ‘king’ is to extend his kingdom through his children. He said the purpose of God creating us is for us to extend His invincible kingdom into the visible earth.

He said God wants the earth to be filled with the culture of heaven and that the reason why God create us is to have dominion. When Adams fell, he did not lose heaven, he lost the earth. He lost the kingdom of heaven on earth; he came to restore the kingdom of heaven on earth. Jesus came to earth in order to bring back what man lost. Everything you are looking for is in the kingdom of God. Luke 16v 16, Matthew 23 v 13

The greatest obstacles to the kingdom of God is religion; because religion tries to take the place of kingdom of God Matthew 24 v 14. The end of the world according to Jesus does not depend on an event, it depend on the message being preached throughout the whole world.and on that note he rounded up his talk.

At about 10:30 pm after the mass choir rendition the General Overseer opened his talk by saying “He is not only the king of kings as we learnt on Monday, he is not only the Lord of lords as we also learnt yesterday, Ecclesiastes 5 v 8 tells us that he is higher than the highest, he is also the mighty God, so saying the General Overseer revealed to us tonight that part of God which we can’t afford to overlook in our knowledge of Him.

Some of the characteristic of the most high he mentioned are;

He has the last say

He can use his authority to overrule all other authorities

He can overrule sickness and disease

He can overrule death  John 11v 31- 34

He can overrule demons  Isaiah 49 v 29 -46

He can overrule curses 2king 2 v 19 -22

He can overrule every covenant 

He can overrule hell  1Timothy 1 v 15

How far you can promote somebody depends on high you yourself is, he said if human being promote you, human being will demote you.

He also said there are two sides to the most high; he can rule everybody and he can overrule himself. In overruling himself he shows his two sides. In Isaiah  38 v 1-8, 1 Samuel 2 v 30 he said tell Eli, I said indeed you and your father’s house will stand before me forever but now I said be it far from it because those who honour me, I will honour and those who despised me, I will lightly esteem.

He said God is a very dangerous enemy to have. So saying the altar call was made and it brought so many to God.

Prayer point from the General Overseer

Father I surrender all my life to you, don’t change your promise about my life.

Father promotes me in every areas of life.

If you have any particular burden that you want the most high to lift off you, lay it at his feet now.


As at 9pm eleven babies were delivered on this Holy Ghost Congress, the boys are leading with the number of six, while the girls are five in numbers.

Tomorrow’s program is loaded as we will be having Pastor Mike Okonkwo, Prophet Abiara, Pastor Ayo Oritsajefor, and Pastor John Higgins.

As from 9:00am tomorrow there will be ministration for all kinds of healing and counseling.

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