It is the second day of Holy Ghost congress 2009, and the program which was in three sessions, was well attended.

At exactly 9am, the morning session commenced it started with prayer and intercession, it was  followed shortly by the praise and worship, while  Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant took the first talk of the day tagged  ‘SHOW ME YOUR GLORY’ and by 11.30 am to 12 noon there was ministration to cater for the different needs of people.

Not only are your spiritual needs going to be taking care of in this year’s congress, but you will also have your other needs met; physical, financial, marital and otherwise. With this in mind, the afternoon session has been packaged to meet all your needs, the seminar topic are:

1. Successful trading 

2. Small and medium scale enterprises

3. Small scale farming

4. Home management (1)

All these seminars were handled by different ministers who are professional in these fields. You can’t afford to miss tomorrow seminar, it promised to be more fulfilling than today’s

The evening session started with Opening prayer from Rev. Charles Achonwa, while the General overseer of Deeper Life Ministry Pastor W F Kumuyi, gave the first talk of the day titled the “TOUCH OF GOD” and here is an excerpt from his message:

There are many distinct part of divine touch revealed in the bible, and as we looked at all these various part of divine touch, you will see the specific areas where God touched men. We read in the book of Genesis, when Jacob was coming back from the foreign country, he was going to meet Esau his brother, their relationship have been strained. So Esau was coming back to destroy him, that was the time he began to wrestle, and he wrestle with the angle of God, he receives a touch and that eventually solves the problem between Esau and Jacob. The touch of God on Jacob! The bible talks about the touch of God upon Elijah, Elijah was discouraged, he was depressed, he wished he was dead, he felt it was over and then he rest under a Juniper tree and again the touch of God raised him up and what great ministry followed after that divine touch.

Number three we read about Isaiah, he saw the glory of the Lord and he saw the beauty of his holiness, he saw his own wretchedness and sinfulness, once again everything turns around, when Isaiah receives the divine touch of God.

Am sure you have heard about Jeremiah, God called him, he felt incompetence, incapable, unskilled without experience, again the Lord touched him and that strengthens him , as we got to the new testament, we read about a leper that receives a touch from God and he said Lord, if you will, you can cleanse me. The record in the bible says, the Lord stretched out his hand and he touched him. 

Am sure you have heard about the blind man came to Jesus and Jesus said what do you want? And again he wants to receive his sight, Jesus is the great physician, and if you are sick, I want to say God will heal you. And the Lord touches him and he receives his sight.

It was in the city in the town of Nain, a widow was there, and she had only one son, that single son died. Am sure you know that such a woman will be unhappy, sorrowful. And there were going to bury that young man and they meet the Lord, here you will meet the Lord. As they met the Lord, sorrow came to an end, all the oppression in the heart came to an end, how did that happen? Jesus stretches out his hand and he touched the coffin and that man got up and he became alive again.

The divine touch for Jacob was reconciliation, for Elijah it was a touch of restoration, for Isaiah it was a touch for righteousness, for Jeremiah it was a touch of reassurance, for the leper, it was a touch of renewal as his flesh came back again and all his leprosy went away. For the blind man it was recovery as he recovered his sight. 

Jesus the savior and Lord, Jesus the great physician and the healer, he brought healing into that man and the bible reassure us that Jesus Christ is the same today and forever, and today as you trust the Lord, if you are sick; he will heal you, oppressed; he will deliver you, barren; he will give you children.

For the death of the son of that widow woman, it was a touch of resurrection. As we are here tonight, we are looking for the touch of the Lord, reconciliation where there is conflict, restoration where there is discouragement, righteousness when you feel the burden of your sin. Reassurance when you feel incapable of what the Lord is calling you for, renewal if you are sick, recovery if you are blind, resurrection if anything is dead in your life. The divine touch saves the sinner, the divine touch heals the sick, and the divine touch delivers the oppressed. The divine touch sanctifies the believer, the divine touch strengthens the weak, and the divine touch restores those who have gone astray. The divine touch empowers the people of God, the divine touch recreate us to be comfort to the image of his son.

As we look at these from the bible and we are looking at divine touch, I am going to give it to you piece by piece. And looking at three things that the Lord does and then you fit yourself into the three as we come to the presence of God and message. The Lord is right beside you there tonight!     These three things are:

1. A transforming touch for unrepentant sinner

2. The triumphant touch (that is it that pulls you over, make you more that a conqueror and gives you the spirit of a conqueror in your life).

3. The transcending touch (the word transcend means it goes beyond the natural, this is the touch that takes you beyond your natural power, natural strengths, natural skills, natural ability).

By 10.15pm the General Overseer mounts the pulpit and his message was titled ‘THE LORD OF LORDS’. 

Shortly before he began his message he gave a brief announcement;

He said since the congress began, four babies have been born; three boys and one girl.

Secondly he commented that the congregation has increased and also encouraged the brethren to inform their friends, family and love once; that they shouldn’t miss a day of this program because it is going to get better and better.

Thirdly, he announced that the first talk for tomorrow’s evening session will be delivered by Dr Myles Munroe. He said Dr Myles Munroe is one of the greatest teachers of our time and if he were us, he would not miss tomorrow for anything.

Lastly he announced that he will officially welcome all the dignitaries tomorrow, he said he delayed their welcoming because of others who were on their way.

In his sermon he described the Lord of lords as the one who makes things to happen, he further explains that except the Lord of lords makes something happen, nobody can make it happen according to Psalm 127 v 1 and Revelation 3 v 7.

He asked everybody to look within themselves and make sure that they are indeed serving God and that if they are serving him, are they also obeying him? He admonished them to restitute their ways back to God and obey him completely.

Altar call was later made and lots of people came to give their lives to Christ.

His prayer point for the day:

1. Father the grace to obey you completely, release it to me tonight.

2. Lord of lords make my dry bones live again.

3. Father, don’t let my little faith stop you tonight, make the impossible possible tonight.

The program finished at exactly 12. 00am.


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