Gradually this glorious program is coming to an end and God has been blessing his people, with lots and lots of wonderful testimonies to the glory of God.

Today’s program like that of yesterday was also in three sessions;

The morning session consists of praise and worship, talk and prayers- tagged ‘Call and I will answer’, offering and several ministrations also took place to cater to the needs of people.

The afternoon session, which is usually a time for both spiritual and secular empowerment consist of several seminars such as; the Christian Doctors, the Corporate sector, the Prudent Investor, the Home Management(3). Needless to say, that these seminars are well timed to meet our needs especially now when there is shakeup in the world’s economy.

The afternoon session which is usually the climax of each day’s event commenced with an opening prayer from Pastor Emmanuel Kure. Shortly after that, we had so many special prayer sessions for the family, church, youth, the army, police and Judiciary.

The first talk for the evening session was delivered by Pastor John Higgins, on the title, “Jehovah El-Shaddai”.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, gave the second talk of the evening, on his talk about the “Unchangeable Changer” he said the only being that is constant is God himself Psalm 119 v 81, he said you are not a failure; you are a success going to happen in year 2010. Finally he brought his message to an end by saying the unchangeable changer is the same yesterday, today and forever.

There were various choir from all over the world to sing to the praise of God, among them include; Ron Kenoly, south Africa and choir from San Antonio Texas.

At about 12: 30 am Pastor Kunle Ajayi, the great minstrel ushered in the General overseer. Upon mounting the pulpit, as was his custom, he led the congregation in deep worship to God almighty and some opening prayers.

He later announced that since the beginning of this congress, 15 children as been given birth to; ten boys and five girls. He told the congregation that they should try and come early tomorrow being Friday. And although this year’s congress is one with a difference, yet past event have shown that many people in and around the country usually attend such program on friday.

 So if you are hoping to come down to the redemption camp tomorrow, it advisable that you come very early. He said tomorrow is one night none of us will ever forget in our life.

In his message, the king of glory, he said “one thing about him being the king of glory is that he can make all things beautiful; he can make all things good according to Eccl 3 v 11. When the King of glory chooses to bless, he will bless so much that you will become a blessing. He advised the congregation to hold on to the king of glory until he had perfected everything concerning them”.

Prayer Point by G.O

1. Father, remove the garment of shame from my life

2. Father, king of glory, everything that pertains to me, make it perfect.

3. Everything that remains in your life that didn’t make your joy to be full, tell Him now about it.

Even as God had used different people in the past for his use, we’ve also seen him using many people to make something beautiful about this year’s congress theme OUR GOD REIGNS. Below is a poetic dedication on the theme: ‘Our God reigns’ written by Bro Felix Osaeghemede.



Hour after hour, you reign

Generation metamorphose generation

In majesty, you hold sway

Never given to slackness,

Faithfulness is known your ways

Good or vice, due measure you pay

Harboring justice a place to stay

You reign, yes! Our God reigns

Standing alone unchallenged

A sovereignty, who dare challenge

Question protest, our hearts all complain

Your wisdom scares foolishness stiff

Owing none an answer, all to you must answer

You reign, yes! Our God reigns

King, oh owner of kings

Lord, yes master of lords

Master, indeed ruler of servants

Redeemer, liberator all oppressed

Healer, countless the afflicted

Provider, all look to your store

Savior, redeeming all with endless love

Your anger better read than experienced

You reign, yes! Our God reigns.

Praising our God,

“ Clouds flaunts its shape

“ The ocean charges and dance in waves

“ Sweet breeze permeates all with a chill

“ Aves orchestra in concert whistles symphonies

“ Trees, plants and grasses, all manifest beauties

“ Poets as men string words as beads

“ Lion king dethrones self, ignoring Daniel

“ All truly declare your eternal majesty

You reign, yes! Our God reigns…

My travails all prevail

My pains drench much like rain

My complaints, I spread like rumors

My sorrow, as shadow it follows

My fear, diminishes my all being

My anxiety, rules me like our society

Above all,

You reign, yes! Our God reigns

you reign! You reign! You reign!

Surrendering to you all glory,

Honour, adoration, worship and praise

To you alone, Oh! God.

Above all powers, principalities, dominion

Governments, nation and armies

The highest God is majestic

Yes! Yes! Our God reigns.

" A poetic dedication to the theme of the redeemed Christian church of God, HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2009, OUR GOD REIGNS."


Felix Joseph Osaeghemede

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