We have come to the end of an unusual congress! Holy Ghost congress 2009 is unlike any congress of its kind, the anointing was unprecedented, the power of God moved in awesome ways, countless testimonies a testate to all these wonders of our God; who reigns in the affairs of men.

At exactly 10:00 am the morning session commenced with praise, worship & choir, at 10:30 to 11:30am there was a talk titled IN HIS PRESENCE. The congregation was ministered to through counseling and prayers.The afternoon session today was a spiritual buffet with talks and discussions such as:

A) The favor of the LordB) Where God staysC) Vessels unto honourD) O worship the kingE) Divine intimacy

It was a night of great anointing, in his anointing message titled 'THE KING MAKER', he said “when the head is right and the heart is right with God, the anointing will flow. If your heart is right with Him, for the rest of your life, you will reign as king. But if your heart is not right with Him the anointing of this night will just be a waste of time”

Even though this year’s Holy Ghost congress is gone but its effect will last forever, we still need to take a cue from the General Overseers welcoming message;

“Do you want Him to reign in your life? Very well, all you need to do is to pay attention to Him. Prayerfully and meditatively attend all the morning afternoon, and evening sessions. As the Kings of kings, He may choose to intervene in your situation at any time. Your part is to be ready and available. Be expectant. This is going to be an unforgettable Congress. Just let Him reign in your life and as you have come in faith you will go home testifying”.

Hold onto your blessings which have you have gotten and to some whose miracle are not instantaneous, hold on to God’s word, he will never fail you.After the final blessing from the General overseer, the congregation witnessed a beautiful firework which was displayed outside the congress ground.

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