Amidst thanksgiving and praises were the congregation led into the year 2010, as the people gathered to observe the cross over night from 2009 to 2010 at the redemption camp, the General overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye, announces that year 2010 is “THE YEAR OF THE KING”

"If God is going to reign in one life, one home, one business, one thought, one deeds this year; it is going be my own" said the G.O

I guess, it’s a decision all of us have to make right now. This year is going to be so unique because, God wants his children to get the full benefit of His kingdom, you can’t afford to miss out of this wonderful offer.

This year, make up your mind that God will reign in your life, in your home, in your business, in your deeds, so that you can have the best that God has to offer.

Shortly after the sermon, the General overseer announces the prophecies for year 2010.



1.  Stay under cover of the most high to avoid any storm that may come.

2.  There will be miraculous deliverance for some, particularly from accident.

3.  There will be some unexpected promotions and open doors.

4. He says the second half of this year will be better than the first, although there will be galloping blessing from the very first day for some.


1.  Pray for those who are in authority, that they will not abuse the constitution in order to avoid its suspension

 2.   Intensive prayers are required to arrest backward sliding.


1.       The Lord says you should pray against outbreak of killer disease.

2.       Recovery from recession will be slow but steady.

3.       We must pray against natural disasters that are gathering momentum.


1.       He said death will be few this year, but there will be some uprooting of plants that are not planted by God.

2.       He said there will be many miraculous recoveries in answer to prayers, but unrepentant sinners will contact incurable disease.

3.       He said an old star will shine brighter.

4.       He said many young stars will emerge.

5.       He said intensive corporate worship, will move the church on to greater height under open heavens.

6.       The Lord asks me to warn the youth; particularly against late night and keeping the   company of doubtful character. (The reason He asked me to warn the youth is that; He is going to visit those people with doubtful character, so that the youth will not be caught in the wild fire).

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Happy New Year!

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