The Holy Communion Service

Cold water can be very useful; you drink it, you wash with it, you can do a lot of cleaning with cold water. But hot water is more useful; you can use it to cook food, in the old days its use to tender a new mother’s womb.

Now for cold water to be hot, you have to put it in a pot and then add fire to it from outside, then the cold water will become hot water and it becomes more useful.

Fire can be applied from the outside but when fire begin to burn from within it is like the engine of a car.

When the fire of God is burning inside of you, your body comes alive. In Roman 8 v 11 when the fire of God comes into you, it brings life into you, it bring healing into your body. When the fire of the Holy Ghost comes within you; progress begins, healing begins, and progress begins.

When the vehicle begins to move, then the vehicle begins to fulfill its purpose. I believe God for someone tonight, that as the fire of God comes inside of you, you will begin to fulfill God’s purpose for your life in Jesus name.

External fire can destroy external yokes according to Daniel 3 v 19 -25. But the greatest of all killers is not external yoke, but internal yoke and it takes internal fire to destroy internal yoke.

The Holy spirit will be in you to take care of all yokes, the Holy Spirit is always likened to fire in the bible, but you will also see that the Holy Spirit is also liken to wine, that is why when you come to Holy Communion, wine is very crucial. This is because as you drink the wine, you are drinking the Holy Spirit, you are taking in internal fire and it quickens your mortal body and helps you to fulfill your purpose and it destroys internal yokes.

From tonight the purpose for which God created you, will begin in Jesus name.

Prayer points

        I.            Father, let your fire inside of me start the engine of my life, and let me begin to fulfill my purpose.

      II.            Father let my progress begin and let it be rapid.

    III.            Father if there be any yoke in me, father remove it in Jesus name.

Savior blessed be your holy name, thank you for your word, please accept our thanks in Jesus name. We commit all these children that have come forward into your hands, save their souls in Jesus name, write their names in the book of life in Jesus name. The rest of us, if there is anything in us that can make us unworthy to dine with you tonight, show us Lord and give us the grace to get rid of it in Jesus name we have prayed.

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