Behold the king, basically we are talking about a particular King, when you go through the scriptures, there are three basic places where God was referred to as king; they called him king of kings, they called him king of Glory and they called prince of peace.

We will examine these three very quickly and then we will be talking about beholding him. There are kings and there are kings, in every kingdom there is a king. But for someone to become the king, it means in all kingdom is in his control.

In the kingdom of animals, the lion is the king, but my God is the controller of lions, He tells them when to eat and when not to eat. In Daniel 6 v 16- 24 Daniel spent a whole night in the den of Lion and they could not touch him because the king of kings who is the king in the kingdom of animals told the lions not to touch Daniel. The following morning Daniel came out alive. But after the morning, those who put Daniel in the den of lion was taken there and they were finished even before they get there because  the king of kings told the lions you can eat these ones.

In the kingdom of birds, the eagle is the king, and my God is the controller of eagles.

Exodus 19 v 4 tells me that he could even carry his people on eagle’s wing.

Psalm 103 v 5 the bible says God can renew a man’s age, like that of the eagle. I prophesy to somebody here tonight, those who are expecting you to die will wait in vain, because God will keep on renew your age like that of the eagle.

In the kingdom of the fish, the whale is the king, and my father is the controller of whales. When you read Jonah chapter one, you will see how God commanded a big fish to swallow Jonah. He told him swallow him but don’t digest him, I just want to teach him a lesson.

 As soon as he learnt his lesson, the Lord told the same fish, go and vomit him now; don’t vomit him into the sea because he can’t swim, go and vomit him on the beach.

When the king of kings commands fish to jump, they will only ask him how high do you want us to jump. In Luke 5 v 1-7

In Luke 5 v 11 God told the fish to jump into the net of Peter and the obeyed him, it doesn’t matter your present situation, the king of kings is going to surprise you very, very soon in Jesus name.

He is the king, Isaiah 66 v 1 God said heaven is my throne, no controversy, no contempt, he is the one in control of heaven either to open it or to shut it.

In Malachi 3 v 10 he says he is the one who controls the opening of heaven. In 1 king 17 v 1, he is also the one who controls the shutting of the heaven that is why I can with confidence prophesy for someone here, beginning from now the heaven will be open over you, and it will be shut over your enemies.

In Heaven he is the king, on hearth he is in charge, on land he is in charge either to open it or to close it, Num16 28 -33, when some people rise against his servant Moses, the king of kings asked the ground to open up and swallow them, when he finished with them he just close it up again as if nothing happened.

That is why whatever sickness is on your body now by the time we finished the program you won’t see them anymore because the ground will have swallowed them up in Jesus name.

We will just look at the king of glory from two perspectives very soon. First of all he is called the king of glory, he is a warrior. He is a king who is also a warrior Psalm 28 v 4 that means he is a very great ally. Romans 8 v 31 says if God be for us who can be against us. They called him king of glory that means he is a very great ally.

Then the second aspect of him being called the king of glory is that to him all doors are being opened. According to Rev 3 v 8 he has the key of David, when he opens no one can shut, to him the door of success, progress, fruitfulness opens. Even the doors of destiny open to him. Believe me honestly there is no prison doors that can keep him out… (read more at

The Lord will bless you and keep you, he will bless your offering, he will use you for his glory, and from now on you will just keep on rejoicing. So shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

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