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OLUWASEUN Period: March, 2013

I am giving this testimony to the glory of the Lord. During the special holy ghost service in March 2013, I got to the redemption camp on friday and while coming the spirit keeps telling me that accident will be waiting for me on my return, I then started rebuking the spirit and also did during the programme. After the friday holy ghost on saturday morning, as I was preparing to leave the car park, I heard a strange noise that disappeared immediately but as I got to the front of Daddy G.O house the car was arrested there and stopped working, all effort to start it proved abortive, one of the security had to help me push it along the Kings road where the mechanic came to pick it the following day. I thank God for taking away accident from me.
Oyo, Nigeria

O.O.O. Period: April, 2013

During the special Holy Ghost Service in March,God led my husband and I to drop a cheque that was practically all we had as our Accelerated Promotions seed.
On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, my husband, for the first time, and 16 others applied for US visa to attend a training. He was the first to be given two years visa,then 3 others, all the others were not given.
Also, in US, an immigration officer wanted to send him back from the airport because he has only 5 months remaining on his passport instead of 6 months but the covenant keeping God intervened through a supervisor and he was allowed in to be at the training he went for. The seed spoke and it is still speaking for us!We know we shall yet share more testimonies of God's faithfulness related to this seed!
The cash for the trip itself is another testimony of favour.
Praise the Lord with us,
Lagos, Nigeria

LO Period: March, 2012

Since giving birth to my twins, I had weak bladder issues. It was so shameful that I couldn't tell anyone about it. It affected me when I slept, walked, sneezed even laughed. Whilst I was watching holy ghost service on the television, Pastor Adeboye ministered that there was someone here God has healed the person's weak bladder. I give God all the glory and praise because He indeed healed me. I am healed!!! My bladder's been healed!! The devil thought he could bring me shame after God had done such a great thing for me; he was so wrong!! God is too much. Praise God for taking away the shame! I really bless and thank the Lord and thank God for Pastor Adeboye. Alleluia!!
UK, United Kingdom


I thank God for the salvation of my soul. Daddy GO came to Kenya last year for 2012 East Africa Regional Convention and prayed for peaceful election in Kenya. The election was held in March 2013 and it was peaceful contrary to expectations of many people, when the result was declared, there was also peace in the country. Also a word of knowledge came during March 2013 SHGS that someone's health will surprise the doctor which l claimed, l went for cardiacecho the following week based on referral by doctor, and when the result came out the Cardiologist said the result was normal and no cause for alarm. I took the result to the doctor and said it was a surprise. My breathing and blood pressure have been normal and doing what l could not do before since then. Praise the Lord Somebody!
Nairobi, Kenya

OLAIDE AKINSOLA Period: April, 2013

I want to thank God for all he has been doing in my life and in the life of children.He has always being my back bone. I also want to thank Him for adding another year to my year ,I asked for a birthday gift from Him and He surprised me with a new car. I want to thank Him for the interview I will be having on Monday, I believe it has been settled.
Lancashire, United Kingdom

OLWAFIKAYO Period: March, 2013

i want to bless the name of the ALMIGHTY GOD who has given me a new song by given me a new job after a long wait.i also want to give him all the glory for the several ways he has been supplying my needs,also thanking him because this will be the beginning of my ACCELERATED PROMOTION IN JESUS NAME(AMEN).
lagos, Nigeria

OMOLARA A Period: April, 2013

I bless God for the salvation of my soul. After i had my baby late last year i became quite ill. I kept on trusting God for my healing whilst i was taking my medications but day by day, it seems nothing was changing. I was fortunate to watch the March Holy Ghost Service and GO decreed that by the rising of the sun, I will testify. I want to thank God because I indeed testify. The good Lord as since then being faithful in my health and i strongly believe that it will be permanent and perfected in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
Texas, United States

ADEYOOLA ODEDINA Period: April, 2013

I want to bless the name of the Lord for healing me of a boil i had in my left eye. Just as the worship started and daddy mounted the pulpit, i realized it had disappeared. I also want to thank God in advance for healing me of an eye infection which i have had for about 6 years now, for my miracle job, marital breakthrough, financial breakthrough, numerous provisions and also for all the numerous blessings God has manifested in my life. PRAISE the LORD!!!!!
lagos, Nigeria

AHANOR IZUWA Period: March, 2012

I became a Covenant Partner of Daddy GO in March 2012. At that time, I was earning less than 25,000 Monthly.

In May 2012, I got a call from a a company I had long applied to and had almost given up the hope that they would ever call me. They asked me to resume immediately in July with a salary more than 20X my previous salary.

I have since moved up in my Covenant partner level Just as Daddy prophesied concerning all the Covenant partners.

Thank You JESUS.
EDO, Nigeria

GBENGA MARCUS Period: April, 2013

I thank God for his mercy upon my life I give God all the glory and adoration. I was no body before God makes me a somebody glory be to his holy name Amen.
state, Nigeria

MODUPE Period: March, 2013

My God has done it again, In March During the HGS daddy G O declare 170,000 children i claimed it and said my set of twins is among, during the prayers Daddy GO asked us to asked for something i asked God to give me twin, to the God Glory I m currently Pregnant. and i want to thank God for his good work .
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

MODUPE Period: March, 2013

During March Holy Ghost service, when Daddy asked us to asked 1 thing for birth day i asked God to give fruit of the womb, also when Daddy G O mention that he already asked God for 170,000 children i received it by faith and i shouted that my set of twins is among that children. i want to testify to the Glory of God that i am currently pregnant, i give Glory, Honor and Adoration to Almighty God .
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

DAVIES OYEYEMI Period: April, 2011

There are grounds and other grounds, the Redeemed Christian Church of God camp ground is a holy ground. I have had 4 previous miscarriages before attending the holy ghost service for Children in April 2011. The week of the holy ghost service i started bleeding then i was 3 months pregnant, I attended the programme. immediately i got to the camp ground I told God that my legs have touched his holy ground with a treathened pregancy, the pregancy should not be counted miscarriage again and the everlasting father heard my cry, I gave birth to my baby girl in September 2011. God is FAITHFUL.
LAGOS, Nigeria

ESTHER Period: March, 2013

I bless the living God because the God of Adeboye broke protocol in my family. My husband was at the verge of being sacked at a verification exercise in his place of work but God miraculously intervened and he scaled through. Also a permit that we have applied for since August, 2012 but has been blocked was miraculously released after the 21 days prayer and fasting we had. He is indeed a faithful God. Let somebody shout Halleluyah!!!!!!
Oyo, Nigeria

YMARCUS Period: March, 2013

I want to bless the name of the Lord; my God and my help in ages past, the horn of my salvation, the author and finisher of my faith, my very present help in times of trouble. I said before that I'll be visiting this page more often and the Lord has done it again, I finally got my second offer of admission in my first choice UNI. I give all the glory to God, He gave me success where others fail, thank u father. There is more to come and in Jesus name I'll have more testimonies very very soon. (Amen)
n.i, United Kingdom
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