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N.AKINWUMI Period: January, 2013

I bless the name of God upon my family, me n my husband lost our job 2010 but since them God has been taken care of us we never lack but 2012 december God gave my husband a job without test without inteview God is wonderful.Satan has been working against our marriage in many ways but God has been faithful,our enemies want us to beg for food,to eat in the dunghills but God delivered us.we retured all the Glory and honour to him and we r trusting Him to do more ijn.Thank you my King of Kings
OYO, Nigeria

YMARCUS Period: January, 2013

I want to give glory to the God that can change all things but remains the same. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have been following the HGS online and I have been richly blessed by the messages. There were several words spoken by God to me, tru G.O which am holding onto; I am trusting God for a lot of things this year and I believe I'm coming out with testimonies by the grace of God..... Halleluyah.
N'Ireland, United Kingdom

OPUENE SERGEANT Period: July, 2012

I want to thank God for the divine favour i received which put to an end my shameful academic problems.I also want glorify LORD GOD JESUS for restoring my scholarship programme.Ammen!
minsk, Belarus

OLUWADE Period: January, 2013

The Lord deserve more praises that I could ever offer to him.
8th August 2011, was the day convention 2011 started, however prior to that day I'had not secured permission from my boss to travel although I still had enough leave days to use from. However, on this very day of 8th I decided to wait for my boss at his office to buy his sympathy for me to travel.It worked but as I was climbing down the star case to go back to my office, an unusal thing happened and in that encounter i fell two step downward and broke 2 point on my left fibular and broke my tibia, like a broken tooth pick. This is too long a time to thank God on this website, maybe yes, but i only knew of it today just now. Can somebody join me to ' SHOUT HALLELUJAH' what the Lord did for me is beyound another's understanding, I thank him that am alive today and that my appointment with death on that day was annulled. Can I ever thank Him enough, NO.
delta, Nigeria

EYINJU BABA AGBA Period: January, 2013

During summer this year I got a call that my aunt in Nigeria had a severe ulcer problem. She could not eat. There was something wrong with her intestine and throat she needed to have a major surgery done. During the August Holy Ghost Service Daddy GO prophesied that ' A member of your family is already in the mouth of a Lion. I will rescue him'
I keyed into this prophecy.
She could not do the surgery because of the risk involved. We decided to hold unto God. To the Glory of God I called her in Nigeria today she said she is doing very well. She is healed. God is faithful. Praise the Lord!
Pennsylvania, United States

MR Period: December, 2012

We got married 2010.M wife had two miscarriages in 2011 due to multiple fibroid discovered in her womb. The doctor had recommended surgery. I sent a prayer request to the RCCG website seeking for children out of the 70,000 children God promised his servant, Pastor E.A Adeboye. And to the glory of God, without surgery, God blessed us with a flawless baby girl. All glory to God for His endless guidance, favour and grace…………Mr
Oyo State, Nigeria

CAROLINE ISIOYE Period: December, 2012

please i have posted my testimony twice and it has not been posted or are there special people whose testimonies are posted? if i am not meeting the requirement please let me know.
lagos, Nigeria

SIS AHMED Period: December, 2012

A 20 year old boy was missing for 11 days and the guardian, who has never been to the camp before, followed us to the Congress and we presented the case to the God of signs and wonders and to God be the glory, the boy came back home on Tuesday 18th of December, 2012 unhurt.What a mighty God we serve. I vowed to return all glory back to God. God of Daddy GO is alive and well!
Lagos, Nigeria

O OLADIPO Period: December, 2012

I had a terrible pain on my shoulder on Tuesday after the 2012 Holy Ghost Congress started. I prayed about it. On Wednesday evening I suddenly realised the pain that was there before was no more. Praise God!
Pennsylvania, United States

ISIOYE CAROLINE A Period: December, 2012

God please forgive me for not giving this testimony long ago, I also appreciate you Lord for giving me the revelation.I have sinned and God I know will forgive me once I share my testimony here and do that in my parish.

In May 2009, I just relocated to lagos and I needed to commit to God my stay in lagos, I prayed and told God I wanted a place where I can go to pray, lo, He asked me to go to camp (alter) and pray, I replied God and said, Lord its not Holy Ghost service day but He said go you won't be the only one. So I went, met a lot of people there too praying, I prayed and return home the next day.

After a week, the Lord spoke to me to go back with an annointing oil, raise it at the alter and go to my father's house with it and annoint my father's house and pour the remaining oil on the ground in my father's house else I should not take my fiance home for introduce (cos that my fiance and I (now my hubby)were planning to go for introduction). I also asked God for a job and He said I must need annoint my father's house and once I do that all my problems are solved. I did as He commanded, took an annointing oil to the camp alter slept there and move to my father's house to annoint it and returned back to lagos.

That night, I slept and saw a man in white annoint my leg which was weak and couldn't walk with it (was on wheel chair in that dream), He annointed my leg and I saw fire came down and burn what was placed in my leg and I received deliverance. Waooooo, I got a job after two months in a telecom company and did my introduction and got married. (My sister took a man home before me and the man left her.

How did I commit sin? I refused to give testimony, now am married and no issue. During the just concluded Holy Ghost congress, the Lord ministered to me that the reason why I have not conceived after I had gone to the alter for over ten times to pray is because I refused to give testimony of what He did for me on the alter. Haaaaaaaaa, am so sorry Lord, I repent in dust and ashes, if you close my womb who can open it Lord, I will ever give testimony of your dids, I have used all fertility drugs, my hubby diagnosed of low sperm count, but I know its gone now and am going to conceive in this my cycle now that I have repented, I took for granted your love, am so so so so sorry my maker.

As a result of time on saturday I couldn't give it in camp but am here to testify about it and am going to do the same in my parish. God reveal to redeem, thank You.
Lagos, Nigeria

OLUWASEUN Period: December, 2012

I want to appreciate the name of God for the miraculous that He has done in my family.
I come from a poor family and then since i went through the scriptures and discovered that it is not God's will that i and my family should be poor 3john 1:2, i started praying and fasting for a change and transformation.
To God be the glory to be precise in the third week of December 2012 God did it God of Pastor E.A Adeboye changed all the whole story about my family,took my family from poverty to prosperity,lack to abundance,shame to glory and honour,wretchedness to wealth and riches.
Now my family is now among the rich,prosperous,wealthy and blessed class.
I give all the glory unto God for it is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in my sight.Halleluyah to God.
Lagos, Nigeria

MAYOWA Period: August, 2012

When the general overseer said we will experience three major breakthroughs and sow accordingly, the first one was the smallest so i didn't want to give the biggest but I gave it.
God favoured me mightily by giving my an internship that i didnt even apply for in a multinational company.

Praise God
Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

PENDER Period: December, 2012

I have gone through most of the testimony written hear, am next in line to share my testimony come 2013 Holy Ghost convention in abuja.
abuja, Nigeria

ADERONKE Period: October, 2012

I just want to glorify GOD for all HE has been doing in my life, HE knows it all, if I had a thousand and one tongues/fingers, it will never be enough for me to share my endless testimonies especially since October 2010 till present. I will continue to praise You LORD, my ROCK OF AGES!!! YOU alone deserve to be magnified forever and ever. You know it all GOD, just to say I acknowledge all that YOU have showered upon me.

From a thankful heart......Love you LORD!!!
lagos, Nigeria

AYODELE Period: August, 2012

This year i have been praying that God should provide anoda car for my dad i tank God the God of Adeboye answered me praise the lord
Lagos, Nigeria
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