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OPE Period: March, 2008

Have had asthma for the past 12 years, and on this particular holy ghost service, I prayed to God to be healed of asthma and to God be the glory, its been 4yrs now and there has not been a trace of crisis.
Praise be to God
osun, Nigeria

CHINEDUM ANI Period: January, 2011

Dear Daddy G.O.
We want to testify that God has done great things for my family by adding a Prophetic child to us. We made series of efforts to reach you for prayers between years 2008 and 2010 but could not. Finally, we couriered a mail to you in December 2010 with a request; that mail you responded to and sent us an SMS declaring to us that you have prayed for us and that very soon we shall share our testimony.

Daddy, that prophecy has come through. My wife put to bed a beautiful baby girl on the 9th of November 2011. We thank God for visiting our family alongside the 70,000 babies that God promised His chuech. Daddy thank you for your prayers. May God continue to increase you and use you mightily in our generation in Jesus Name. Amen!

Thank you for your prayers

Pst. and Dcns. Ani Divine Chinedum
ebonyi, Nigeria

AFOLABI AJAGBE Period: May, 2005

I have learn't to trust that GOD can never fail. To the glory of GOD and shame of the devil i give my testimonies. 2005 myself and my wife was supposed to travel to the United state but i was refused visa. I went to the Redemption camp and at the alter i cried to God with vows that i will come and bowl before GOD every Holy Ghost night. The Lord was faithful in helping me to do this even in tight circumstances. I thank God that God has joined me with my wife. The devil strike again creating hatred in the heart of my wife against me on getting to the United State to the point of nursing a divorce, but my God in the book of Joshua1:6-8 encouraged me to be strong....I give God the glory because the devil failed again. Halleluyah to the God who never fail. Thank you JESUS.
Florida, United States

OMOTAYO Period: February, 2012

I want to thank God for his faithfulness to me. I listened to the Feb. 2010 Holy Ghost Service online 2 days ago, the theme was 'Remember me Oh Lord' and I prayed to God to remember me.
Yesterday, a court case that was against me suddenly turned to my favour and the decisions made were just what I have been believing God for but seemed very impossible.
God is indeed faithful. I bless His Holy name
UK, United Kingdom

OMOTAYO Period: December, 2011

I was going through a very rough time, i was down in every area of my life. health wise,financially, things were so bad in my family,even spiritually. i looked for help everywhere,but could not find, even my best friend who has always been there for me, was no where to be found.but the only thing i could pray for then was just help from God.
I went for the december congress in 2011, and Daddy said there is someone here,the lord asked me to tell you a story before i profesy, he told the story and said the lord said i should tell you I WILL HELP YOU.I held on to that word,cause i knew it was for me.since then, all the pains and eveything started fadind gradually, and now i am fine and God has never stoped helping me.Let somebody shout halleluyah.
lagos, Nigeria

ABIOLA Period: February, 2012

i want to thank God almighty for his faithfulness over me and my family also over my finace,most exspecially around Aug 2009,myself and my fiance was trusting God for his admission in canada,to the glory of God he got the admission in 2010, and since dec 2010 he has been in canada,in deed the God of Abeboye is alive and i kn he will surly perfect all that concerned us,he will befect our wedding this year and concern the permant resident we are trusting God almighty for,he will surly do it because he is faithfull and he never fail, i know the God of Adeboye will surely do it for us this year, and i will still testify on this same passage and also in the present of khis children,all this i ask and trust u for through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD (AMEN)
ONDO, Nigeria

ADEBUKOLA OLORUNYOMI Period: December, 2010

i shared my testimony last year August as Adebukola Popoola but after the manifestation of God's prophesies in my life, i am sharing this testimony as a married and exceptant mother. one of the prophesies was "there will be big celebration in many homes, upon all the mighty testimonies given to me from the beginning of 2011, God crowned it with a big wedding ceremony on the 17, Dec 2011 and gave me the most wonderful birthday gift(HONEYMOON) on my birthday 23, Dec 2011. You are indeed GOD OF OPEN DOORS.Thank you JESUS
Lagos, Nigeria

OLAYEMı Period: December, 2011

I thank God for ı was at the congress for 2011 wıth my handkerchıefs.after the blessıngs of the handkerchıefs,ıt has worked wonders for me.fırst,ı had paıns on my chest,ı placed the handkerchıef on my chest,prayed on ıt and ı got my healıng.secondly,ı always had dreams of backwardness sınce ı was growıng up,one day ı placed the handkerchıefs on my head prayed on ıt and God delıvered ıt,ı trust God for ıt wıll be a permanent delıverance.thırdly,ı had paıns ın my stomach for two days,ı then remember the handkerchıef,ı placed ıt on my tommy,prayed on ıt and God Almıghty healed.what a great delıverer my God ıs.ı bless the name of the Lord.
lagos, Nigeria

FALEBITA ADEYEMI Period: February, 2012

my thanks to God for healing me of a heart problem in 2009 HolyGhost Congress while watching at Jesus House Parish in port-harcourt,when a sister was sharing a similar testimony,PRAISE GOD
rivers, Nigeria

ACHONU CHIBUZO Period: March, 2011

May the of our Lord God be blessed. To God be the glory, I was at 2011 solemn assembly/march HGS.I wrote to Daddy concern all my problems, on 13/04/2011 Daddy replied me through my cellphone "Greetings in Jesus Christ name!We have prayed as requested in your letter. You will soon share your testimonies. God bless you richly." To God be be thy glory i got better job that moved me to the next level and now i am in a courtship. May God bless, protect, provide. keep him and family in Jesus Name

ADUNOLA JOHN - OLAKA Period: October, 2011

I am giving this testimony to the glory of the Almighty God. I was watching the October 2011 Holy Ghost Service via the cable when the Lord spoke through our father in the lord, that the Lord said there would be no more failure and that i will not fail again. I claimed it because i knew i would be writing the only last paper i have outstanding in November and have been writing for several years now. To the glory of God!!! when the result was released last week Thursday, i passed the paper and i am now a chartered accountant. Praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rivers, Nigeria

GRACE Period: January, 2011

I bless the name of the Lord for what He did in the life of my sister-in-law in January HGS. For the very first time after about 4 years for her to join my brother in Sweden
LAGOS, Nigeria

IBIDAPO Period: January, 2012

i just want to testify to the glory of the lord for fufilling his promises in my life the lord made it possible for me to travel and relocate to join my husband in the u.s after several years of waiting
new york, United States

EKAIRIA CHRISTIANA Period: January, 2012

Thanking God for his faithfulness. praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lord Amen.
Edo, Nigeria

TUNDE KAREEM Period: January, 2012

Thank u Lord, u have give me the opportunity to serve u, u re the Unchangeable God who change me thank u Jesus for hearing my prayers. My testimonies is, actually am new in christ, am from a Muslim family and lord show me the light... I have fought for this to come true and I thank God am redeemed my soul am now one christ... Thank u Jesus
Kogi state, Nigeria
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