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DEBORAH Period: October, 2011

I want to give Glory to God for His Faithfullness and loving kindness. For seeing me and my children through a very difficult year. For almost a year I could not find a job but GOD proved Himself over and over that He is my Provider. When situation seemed impossible he changed it around to possible. He made a way for me where there seems to be no way and turned my shame to Glory. HE WILL FOREVER BE MY GOD. I THANK YOU LORD!!!
London, United Kingdom

NZDPC Period: March, 2011

The Lord is Mighty, Good and Wonderful.

While on Internet some days before, I saw the Liveway Radio icon (on RCCG website) mentioning that Daddy G.O messages are aired every week days at 3PM, Nigeria time.
On the 12-March-2011, I decided to listen to the radio at 3PM, Nigeria Time, via Internet. I clicked on the Liveway radio icon. It happened that Daddy G.O was preaching and it was a replay of the message delivered during the February2011 HGS titled: "Hope Rising.". This was the first time I was actually listening to a message from Daddy G.O on Liveway Radio.
During the message, Daddy G.O said: >. I received that Word saying "Amen Amen Amen", even tough it was several weeks after the February 2011 HGS. Every night before going to bed, I will say those Words during my prayers and go to sleep. The attacks reduced greatly and I had more peace. But from time to time, I would encounter similar attacks.
One day, it occurred to me that reciting those same words and promise of God before going to sleep was like not believing that the Lord had done it when He spoke the first time and that the Eternal Word of God is settled for ever and ever. I remembered that Heaven, Earth and Sun were created just by God speaking once (NOT TWICE). I remembered as well that the universe is kept in place by the Eternal Word of God that was spoken only once when it was created. From that point, I decided to stop mentioning the same Words that my God said through Daddy G.O during the Feb2011 HGS. I believed that day (September2011), that the Word of God is settled for Ever as long as Heaven and Earth exist. And if God can do that through HIS creation, then his Once Spoken Word has settled it. From that day henceforth, attacks stopped and God has proven HIMSELF to be Mighty and the God that is Victorious in all battles.

And I know that I know that the Same God that has done the above will fulfill all the Promises (marriage, double portion promotion at work) He made to me before the end of 2011 as He said.

Let somebody help me shout Hallelujah to the LORD of HOST, My Provider, my Strength, The God that is more than Enough, My Shield and my Wisdom.
May the Lord Bless Daddy G.O for his Obedience and dedication. And Let the anointing over his Life outlive him.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you JESUS.
Monagas, Venezuela

DR AKINJIDE OGUNDOKUN Period: January, 2011

In the prophesy for this year, the lord, through our father in the Lord, said it was a year of massive restoration. This was exactly what He did for me and my family. In february, my wife had a severe auto crash in our new vehicle and she had fatal injury to her hand that she had to be operated and metal plates and screw inserted in her hand to hold the bones. The car was so damaged that the experts said it was beyond repair. To the glory of God, my wife's hand has been perfectly restored and the car considered beyond repair has been restored by the God of restoration. II Chronicles 20:20b, we believed His prophet and He prospered us. Praise the Lord.
Osun State, Nigeria

MICHAEL NWALA Period: August, 2011

I want to Thank God Almighty for what HE alone can do in My life and my Family,Precisely After the Convention in August, My wife enter a bus to go to school to write her test, suddenly a tanker came and hit the bus, suddenly the holy spirit spoke to her to get out of the bus, immediately she obey and even told the rest of the passengers to get out, but they refuse, she came down from the bus,within a second, another tanker came from no where and hit the bus hard that the bus somersaulted many times, killing people and injured many, i Just really want to thank God so much, He spoke and My wife obeyed, Praised Thy LORD.

OLUBODUN-NIYI ADEJOKE. Period: August, 2011

Blessed be name of thy lord,i relocated to united kingdom last year november,my self and my son to meet my husband not more than six month that he came before we came devil has been trying his trikish with my husband we prayed God take all glorry and give him job,since them we have been facing alot of challenging using friends against us without knowning anybobdy except GOD,to the extend of borrowing before we can eat but when they were having convention last month i forwarded by prayer point and on 18th of August i was called for my offer letter.Glorry be to the name of thy lord for using our DADDY IN THY LORD DADDY ADEBOYE.
LONDON, United Kingdom

ADEBISI Period: June, 2011

I just want to thank God for his miraculous workings in my life. My brother went missing for a few days but all thanks be to our Great God, he was found hale and hearty. All praise to the mighty God.
Wales, United Kingdom

MODUPE ALABI Period: August, 2011

I thank God for his mercy endureth forever, since the beginning of February 2011, I have been having Issues with school, and things have not been going well. I tried every way to find a solution but to no avail. Finally a solution came in may of 2011, but by July, things became more ugly. but I downloaded the aug 2011 holy ghost service, I prayed all the prayer points, and I tapped into all the anointing that God released thru our Daddy G.O, as God would have it, that same august and that same week of my prayers, God answered.

Our God is an awesome God, our God is indeed great, if you go to him with prayer, thanks giving and supplication, he will surely meet our needs.

God is Good.
tx, Nigeria

ANONYMOUS Period: November, 2009

I want to use this medium to thank God for fulfilling his word in my life. In November 2009 during the London Holy Ghost Night the G.O gave a word of knowledge saying "do not worry it is well" at that time I was going through alot of difficulies in my life, I knew the word was for me, three months after that I began to see the fullfilment of the word, all the difficulties I had by the grace of God are all gone. Praise the Lord
London, United Kingdom

ADEBUKOLA POPOOLA Period: August, 2011

My fiance and i have been trusting God to get our own apartment so that we can start planing our wedding but he just got a job a week to August convention,2011. we came to camp on friday and prayed to God concerning the apartment, introduction and wedding. and daddy said "God said he has a surprise package, that after getting it,you will think you are dreaming.we had only 150,000 naira.that sunday we got a two bedroom flat at egdeba and paid on monday with money just coming in.everywhere newly tiled and the money for everything we needed to furnish it started coming from every angles. i stood in the midst of the house with my key looking as if i was was an instant miracle and we are already planing the intro and wedding. Almighty God is a promiser keeper and he is capable God. thank Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

VICTORIA Period: August, 2011

In faith,I am thanking God for my great job. He said, we should give thanks in all situation. I know my God is not dead, He knows all my pains because He has gone ahead of me to make ways where there seems to be no way. I pray, i will resume to a great job by 6th of September, 2011. How God will do it, I do not know. But my situation will change. Thank you Jesus because you are God , you are not a man that can fail. Oniseara, do your wonders in my life and thank you for clothing my life and that of my family with your divine favor, blessings, mercy, peace, love and unity. Ese Baba. i am victorious, yes, I am victorious. Glory be to God who has given me V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. I WILLL NOT CRY AGAIN, I WILL REJOICE FOR ALL HE IS DOING AND HAS DONE.
TX, United States

MODUPE ALABI Period: August, 2011

To God be the glory, I was facing some challenges in school the beginning of Last semester, and I prayed to God, while listening to Daddy G.O's messages, and God delivered me, by making a way. and as the devil tried again, to test the child of God. I am testifying in advance, that God has done it again. and I will get out of this triumphant in Jesus name.
tx, United States

IMISI-OLUWA TEMITOPE Period: August, 2011


Infact, this my GOD is marvellous. Though i was not at the past 2011 Convention but i thank GOD of Daddy G.O because DOORS OF GOOD JOB have been opened unto me through the handkerchief that Daddy G.O prayed to.

My GOD is Awesome.
OGUN, Nigeria

LARA Period: January, 2009

Praise God !!! My life has always been a miracle and is still a miracle. I know my testimony has been long overdue but I think it's better late than never.I believed God for my wedding even though I had done my introduction a year earlier ,there were just different obstacles that made it look impossible. I wrote a letter to Daddy GO,and he replied me saying I shall testify at the end of it all. I held on to this promise ,I kept praying,sowing seeds and believing God for my miracle and to the Glory of God I joined my Fiance in the United States, when it was almost impossible for someone like me to even get a visa. Enemies roared through so many avenues but GOD silenced them all and they were all put to shame and my wedding turned out glorious. Just some weeks after my wedding,I had this dream where one of those who were against my getting married appeared to me and said "You got married abi? we will see how you will give birth,and I replied her that "he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world"(1John 4:4). I woke up and was so scared,my husband and I prayed and he kept assuring me God is on the throne. To the Glory of ALMIGHTY GOD,I got pregnant the month after effortlessly, and when it was time to give birth,I took my miracle cloth Daddy Adeboye earlier prayed on for everybody at one of the Holy Ghost services and laid it on my tummy,and to the glory of GOD,I had a supernatural delivery even to the amazement of doctors and nurses who had earlier told me that they may have to operate me because I have a small pelvic.I had my son so fast without any complication. My God is real and the evil ones had no choice but to congratulate me. As if that was not enough,my husband and I got our green cards approved after the process had been faced with difficulties, uncertainty, fear of deportation and different emotional trauma. Against all odds, God gave us our green card, which normally should not have even extended to me on a normal basis....PRAISE GOD! GOD is REAL...
Georgia (GA), United States

AWUJOOLA STEPHEN Period: August, 2011

I want to bless God for his mercies that endureth forever. At the convention in 2009, God told us through our father in the lord to demand for five things (non-flimsy), out of the five great things I requested , God has answered four of them and I want to bless him for the fifth one because I know in his time he will make everything beautiful. His word, never returns to him void, since he said ask, I know he is able to do it.
Lagos, Nigeria

DEACONESS TEMITOPE Period: August, 2011

I blessed the name of the Lord for his wonders in my life and in my family as well. Year 2000, I relocated from Lagos to Abuja, since then it has been awesome in my family. This year February 1 precisely, my son travelled to U.K. for his M.Sc through the favour of Most High God and I pray that after completion almighty God will grant him first class job and good wife in Jesus name (amen). I also thank God for my daughter's admission into Redeemer Univeristy in a miracleous way. In a knot shell, I believe that with my saviour all thing are possible that my own divine partner will locate me with ease an Jesus name amen. I belong the family of the Lion of the tribe of Judah and I will enjoy total restoration and in this journey of christian I will not fall.

I pray from the depth of my heart for my father in the Lord Daddy GO and Mummy GO that forward ever backward never in Jesus name amen. they have been a blessing to our generation. I return all the glory to God the father, God the son and God the holy ghost in Jesus wonderful name (Amen).
FCT, Nigeria
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