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TAYO Period: October, 2009

I thank GOD for successful completion of one of my academic programs and for passing the Board exam. I thank GOD for HIS mercies and kindness, a new job, and hope of a better tomorrow. He has been awesome to me and my family as we are in good health and sound mind.
I’m thanking GOD in expectation for a miracle before the end of this year by the special grace of GOD. Amen!
Praise the name of the Lord.
TEXAS, United States

RENATE MCWRIGHT Period: December, 2009

I exalt the Name of the Most High God Who Reigns and thank Him for the opportunity to experience the Holy Ghost Congress in just a few days. God made a way where there was none and provided the resources for our small group to be a part of this gathering. To Him be all the Glory!!! I am full of anticipation of what He will do during the gathering of His people and I realize that we will never be the same again after spending time in His Presence at this glorious event. Thank God for Dr. Adeboye and for his faithfulness to the Kingdom of God. May God bless all of the faithful workers who are laboring behind the scenes. Our God reigns indeed!
Texas, United States

HURPEYEAHMIE OGUNJIMI Period: November, 2009

As for me and my house we shall glorify the lord for his mercies endure forever. I'm one of the funkiest guy in my school in the same school i have about 5 girl friends and Daddy GO said there is a guy here that the devil as been using in a lawful way. He also said that "you have been given blood to drink with a skull of human by the cult boys and you don't know, the girls you are sleeping with all around as promise death if you don't come out you will die before the month end (that was about two months ago) the girl i suspected is with me in the camp and she saying it can never be me". I heard the voice of the LORD saying go and sin no more i rushed out but TODAY i thank God for he has promise and i know HE will do what he said HE will do...Can somebody shout Halleluyah
Lagos, Nigeria

SIMINIBE PATRICK Period: September, 2009

i want to appreciateGod for his mercies, and for answer prayer,during the september holy Ghost service titled THE GREAT EXPECTATION, i traveled all the way from Sokoto Nigeria to lagos to attend because i had some issues i knew only theLord could handle, one of them was my trip to the US, i went with all my documents including the appointment letter and laid them at the altar, i went for the interview on the 28th of sept and didnt get a visa,my hubby got his on the 29th of that same september, but i knew deep down that my joy was not yet complete and one is not expected to re apply until after 6months, but that night i prayed and reminded the lord of his word to me at the camp and he miraculously gave me another appointment date and on the 12th of october i went back to the embassy and i was given 2 years visa. PRAISE THE LORD,only Him could have done this, am presently in texas with my hubby and i give God all the Glory
texas, United States

ESTHER A Period: December, 2009

I want to thank God in advance for delivering me and my family from all witchcraft attacks! For giving us a breakthough in next year in all we do (financially, spiritually, academically, mentally, maritally) and for seeing us through 2009. I also want to thank God for new beginning, new doors opening in my life and family. Saving my family, protecting us and saving me from death! Forgiving my sins, renewing me and upliftment, for my brothers, my mum, myself and my father. I also want to thank God for binding every spirit of fear in my life. I confirm breathrough and shelter my family with the blood of Jesus, Amen.
Praise God
Wales, United Kingdom

EMMANUEL Period: December, 2009

This month is my month. i just wanna thank the almighty God for his protection over my family and myself.
lagos, Nigeria

LYDIA E. Period: November, 2009

I want to appreciate God for His faithfulness in my life and family. He has been so good to us. I Thank Him for a successful wedding this year 2009, for journey mercies, divine provision, protection and answered prayers, infact God has been too good to me. It was not easy at all because at a point, it was as if my wedding will never take place because of the battles here and there but, God the Mighty man of war fought all my battles for me and He is still in the business of fighting for me cos He has not allowed any harm to befall me or any member of my home. I thank Him for our jobs and in anticipation for better jobs, breakthroughs, good and peaceful accomodation, a very good car and favouirs all around. I will come again and testify. May His Name Forever be praised. God is indeed faithful.

Lagos, Nigeria

ABU BELLO LUQAMAN Period: December, 2009

I went to bless the name of the for what he has done for me, our Daddy in the Lord said that me should pray that no evil will befall us the mouth and bless lord for the child that he as give to my brother.i am thanking God for BABA GO and MAMA GO in their humilily and leadership.i pray for longevity,a new job,i laid my cry,prayer on to you Baba God thank for the testimony that is coming soon.(Amen)
Abuja, Nigeria


I am thanking God in anticipation of finacial windfall which He promised this year and also for success in my ministry. I am thanking God for BABA GO and MAMA GO for their humility and leadership. I pray for longevity, new vision, new reveklation and God's continuing annointing upon them and many blessings upon all redeem members.
Massachusetts, United States

OMOBOLANLE Period: November, 2009

I just want to thank God for all he as done for me and my family this year cos he ask been so good and caring in his way ,i have not lack since i lost my job ,but i belive GOd for direction in any step i take now,God in your power you can do allthing, pls my Father touch my husband life let him know you ,cos he was unbeliver,also GOd bring him back to us ,full this year cos i and my childrens need him as a father, husband in our life ,Daddy God i know that you have start the work now pls let it end this year with work of a evil woman? I want to come back an testifly your name wise i no it we work for me ,i laid my cry,prayer on to you Baba God thank for the testimony that is coming soon. (Amen)
mt, Canada

JOYI SUNDAY MOSES Period: October, 2009

I thank God for healing me.
On the 13th of October,I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.I thought it was a play.Before I knew what was happening I was rushed to the Hospital.And the Doctor diagnosed ulcer.After a series of test, they said it was ulcer that it was appendicyte and they are going to do surgical operation.To God be the Glory ,A day to the day they wanted to operate me, I was totally healed,no more pains in my stomach.I was Discharged that day.THANK GOD
Lagos, Nigeria

ENIOLA THOMAS Period: November, 2009

Thank God for His mercies and kindness.He has been awesome to me and my family,we are in good health and sound mind.Praise the name of the Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

ELIZABETH OGBU Period: August, 2009

19th November was my birthday
Kwara, Nigeria

OIKUNLE SHADE Period: June, 2009

I am thanking GOD in anticipation of the miracle he promised me concerning my getting a good job.i know he will do it in Jesus name.AMEN
lagos, Nigeria

OMIKUNLE SHADE Period: June, 2009

Am thanking GOD in expectation for a miracle concerning a good job before the end of this year and i know that by the special grace of GOD i will write on this post thanking GOD for a good job.please help me thank GOD
lagos, Nigeria
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