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OLUWADIPE MATTHEW Period: July, 2011

I want to bless the name of the Lord for seeing me through my second semester exams.I'm now in my final year to the glory of God. i want to use this opportunity to prophesy into the lives of those trusting God for admission into higher institutions, your own time will come in Jesus name. Matthew UNILAG
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEMESO OLUWASEGUN O Period: December, 2009

At the HGS of the 2009 HG Congress,a word of knowledge was said by our Daddy that God said that someone here by this time next year your baby will be 3months old, a prophecy we received for our marriage as we have been waiting on Him for 5yrs 8mths by that time. We bless God for His faithfulness as my wife took in the very next month(January 2010) and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter(Inioluwa-God's Heritage) in Sept.2010. She was 3months in Dec.2010(2010 HG Congress) according to the prophecy. Praise The Lord Almighty!!!
Oyo, Nigeria

SALUB PAUL Period: June, 2011

December 2010 i was diagnose as having diabetics and since then i was placed on drugs.But during the june HGS,How great is our God,i went to the alter and prayed to God to heal me of this disease.To God be the glory after that meeting i went to do my fasting blood sugar test and the test revealed that there is no sugar in my blood and urine and since that june 2011 i have stopped taking the diabetic drugs and there is still no sugar in my blood and urine after three other tests.I just give God all the glory and thank him for using our daddy G.O to bring this healing to me.PRAISE THE LORD,HALLELUYAH!
delta, Nigeria

REGINA ADEBAYO Period: June, 2011

I give God the glory for fighting our battles and for recovering our possession. we were asked to pay some amount of money after tax return. During the holy ghost service in June Daddy G O said that God will surprise us and to God be the glory rather than paying, they paid back hundred and twenty fold of the amount we were told to pay. Praise God!!!.
Buskerud, Norway

TITI WILSON Period: July, 2011

I give God the glory for all he has been doing in my life and in the life of my family. i than the lord for the safe delivery of our second child, Victor. My blood pressure suddenly went up,i became weak and the baby whose head has been down a few weeks before the delivery moved up again. But the lord intervened and the baby was delivered. his birth weight was 4.015kg and there was no episiotomy. Praise the lord.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

GRACE Period: July, 2011

i want to testify to th e goodness of GOD. Over the last couple of years, i have been praying concerning the same three prayer point; to fing a job, secure my self financially and to get married. i had a dream in which i met our father in the Lord and and i went on my knees and begged him to pray for me, He did and eneded up blessing me continually, and finally stated, go and locate youe husband. within the next three months, God brought my husband, i got an amazing job and my finances had greatly improve. Let somebody shout halluluya!!!!!
warri, Nigeria

GBALAKA E OLABISI Period: December, 2009

God , bless me and my family with the fruit of the womb after posting my prayer request on rccg websites and claiming my baby among the 14000 babies our father in the prophecy in the 2009 . I g0t pregnant that year and deliver in 2010
delta, Nigeria

AREMU ESTHER Period: March, 2011

i couln't watch march holy ghost service on internent due to network problem but i was able to read that of febuary. i was having some strange pain in my braest for sometime and even went for mamogram test. that very night God carry out a major operation on me, i dreamt that pus was coming out of my breast, since then the pain left. PRAISE THE LORD.
katsina, Nigeria

TEMI Period: January, 2010

I want to thank God for all the good things he has done in my life. I got a student visa to do my masters in the UK, God provided for me throughout the period of doing my Masters degree, God made my wife to deliever safely our baby girl, God provided a job for me in the UK with one of the largest bank in the world,good health and I also thank God in advance for the job he will be providing for me when I return back to my family in Nigeria.
edinburgh, United Kingdom


i want to GLORIFY God for his faithfulness and mercies because his word never failed, God Promised me i shall be a star and His word is beginning to manifest, i have hearing problems, and had to use hearing aids throughout university,Unaab, a school everyone knows is really tough,to the Glory of God, i finished with a 2nd class upper,i got to serve in a great company, only for me to encounter a boss who got me expelled, i was really depressed, and posted a prayer request here\,and promised God that he should perfect everything con cerning me and i will give a testimony,my hearing aids stopped working and i was without aid,but i never lost hope,God was sooooooooo good to me that a month before service was over,i was recalled to work and the boss who got me expelled resigned......when i got the news ,i broke down,and panicked,i said;resume????but how do i hear???but GOD Who never fails has been seeing me through,not only do i cope but i know i will definitely hear!!!!for GOD NEVER FAILS,GOD BLESS RGGG AND DADDY ADEBOYE, MAY HIS NAME CONTINUALLY BE GLORIFIED IN JESUS NAME,Amen.
lagos, Nigeria

ANONYMOUS Period: July, 2011

I had a very serious pain in my knee joint for a couple days that I found it so difficult to walk or even climb the stairs. I was watching the July HGS on the internet yesterday and the word of God came that someone here has come with pains that all pains will vanish and I claimed that word because I believed that by watching it I am also present there. I slept and woke up the next morning and to God's Glory the pain is gone.
Stoke City, United Kingdom

YEWANDE WILLIAMS Period: June, 2011

I want to thank God for giving me the best Industrial Training job ever i was looking up to men but God proved to me and made me realize that my life was in His hands. After all my hope in all the connection i had failed God gave me this job am working in currently where I knew nobody or had any connection,I want to also thank God for His prophet cause he prophesied in march Holy Ghost service that before the month was over God would answer all my request and that those that have gone before me I would overtake and God did it all, all of my friend had already started working but God gave me a job that surpassed their own in salary, experience and in allother aspect I thank GOD alot for this I LOVE YOU LORD THANK YOU JESUS
lagos, Nigeria

DEACON EMMANUEL MBAG Period: August, 2010

I give all the Glory to God,
we all can still remember when during the Holy Ghost Night of August 2010, our Daddy prophesy that they will be 144000 barrens that will conceive this year and that they will come next time with their own childrens.
I caught that prophesy. and fews months after that my wife conceived and gave birth to a baby girl on June 14, 2011 afte 11 years of barreness. let all the glory be giving to God. May the anoiting of Moses rest all the time to our Daddy Pastor Enock.A. Adeboye.
Cameroon, Cameroon

OMOBOLANLE A Period: June, 2011

I GIVE PRAISES TO ALPHA AND OMEGA , I started last quarter in my nursing program with heart of gratitude ,joy, happiness and peace ALSO i ended well no failure in my Pedis and Medsurg3 . I passed my HESI and NCLEX at one time . I appreciate MOST HIGH JEHOVAH for good jobs ahead of me by faith in JESUS MIGHTY NAME .
TX, United States

DIMKPA CHINYERE Period: December, 2010

I am short of words as to how the Almighty God, my heavenly Father has been so good to me.I attended the Holy Ghost congress last year, December 2010 and it was really a life changing experience for me. My heavenly Father through His divine intervention ,blessed me with two admissions for my masters degree in the UK and He greatly surprised me with a successful Visa application on my first attempt. He also opened several doors for members of my family in terms of business, career, divine health, protection, provision e.t.c Each time I think of His goodness and mercies over my life and family, I just shout Hallelujah and can't help but be awed by His greatness!
Cardiff, United Kingdom
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