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ARINZE ONYEKA Period: January, 2012

I thank god 4 hs favour upon my family,for 3mnths they hv nt payed ma mum, bt god has been sustainin us, n i believ dat he is goin 2 do more in jesus name amen.
Rivers state, Nigeria


I got married on the 21st/22nd December,2001, To MISS OLAJUMOKE FOLASADE TITILOPE. Prior my wedding, somebody told me, that, my wife will never have any child. So, i started praying to God, to intervene,and reverse the word. By the grace of God, following year, we had a baby boy (SAMUEL).But, satan now struck, immediately after the birth of the boy Samuel,by making my wife bled continously for 11 months. We went through so many Hospitals and Doctors. Series of tests were conducted, including endomecreal bi-opsy, to no avail. But,through Prayers we posted on RCCG website, The Lord heard us, and the bleeding stopped. berely two months after the bleeding stopped, My wife took in again, and this time, the Lord helped us, as my wife gave birth to a baby Girl (DEBORAH). Enemy came again, and afflicted my wife with a sickness called depression. The sickness grew so bad, that, my wife became exactly like the mad people, we do see by the road side. We spent alot of money on medications and visiting Doctors. My wife became test object for Doctors to be used for practicals. It was so sad, as We sold alot of things including our cars, (TOYOTA RAV 4 JEEP

IKE JOSEPHINE Period: September, 2009

I graduated for ten years and couldn,t a job.I did so many odd jobs to keep my self going and within this ten years I sufferd so many trials, persecusion, rejection, temptations etc.I regieterd for the school of Disciples in 2007 and could not affort the school fees due to the little busines I was doing then was destroyed by Lagos Stae Govt because the shop was at road set back.This increase my suffering.on the day of gradution from School of Disciple, I received the greatest schok of my life as the Area Cor-ordinator told me that my year ten exams was not marked due to am going some moeny hence I will not be allowed to graduate.Before this I have already paid for the academic gown and hecame to collect in the midst of other graduants.Infact, I cried out my heart to God while explaing my predicament to Him. During the sermon that day, God spoke through His servant tha what I have passed throug thisten years will be for thos I will meet in the eleventh year.The tenth year completed in July that year and that prophecy came in MAY.I started reminding God of His September, that same year, the theme of the Holy Ghost Service was " Great Expectation" and I went to camp with great Expectation. all the prophecies of that day was as if God was using Daddy for me alone.One of it was that " I will say that I didn,t know it will be this fast.That same motnh I got my job and all the prophecies of that night came to pass in my life and that job.praise master Jesus
Imo, Nigeria

ADENIJI TAIWO Period: April, 2011

At the April Holy Ghost Services, i told God to give my mother a car and he did,All THANKS TO HIM, AND I KNOW HE WILL DO MORE.
lagos, Nigeria

THANKGOD Period: October, 2011

I give all the Glory and Praise and Thanks to Jehovah the almighty God who reigns over heaven and earth, in Jesus name, Amen!!!!! Glory be to Jesus Christ for he is my Lord and Savior, Amen!!! Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus!!

During the October 2011 Festival of life, Pastor Adeboye said God asked us to make 3 special requests to him for our Christmas gifts and I did. Two of my requests to God almighty are serious miracles because they are clearly impossible from the human point of view but I put my faith and trust in Jehovah God almighty who never fails and is always faithfully and God is merciful, he will not let me his child be put to shame or be mocked nor let my enemies triumph over me as I put my faith and trust completely in him, in Jesus name, Amen!!

I am giving my testimony in advance because God has miraculously started working everything out in my favor, Gods ways are very different and miraculous. The devil has tried to do several things to cause me to loose faith in God or to turn away from God to evil but God loves me so much he has held on firmly to me!! God is faithful and his love is unfailing. I walk by Faith in God and not be site, in Jesus name, Amen.

I just want to thank Jehovah God almighty with all my heart for I know he loves me and he's a faithful God who keeps his word, he's not a man that he should lie. God said I should ask for 3 things from him for Christmas and he will grant them. I made 3 request to God so I have faith in Jehovah God almighty and I trust him completely that he will grant all my 3 requests miraculously and beautifully to the Glory and Praise of his holy name, In Jesus Name, Amen!! Thank you Lord for everything, Thank you Jesus!!

Brothers and Sisters join me to praise and worship and thank the Lord God almighty for his love and faithfulness to me!!! Glory to God almighty!! Thank you Jesus!!! Jehovah, Father God almighty please increase and strengthen my Faith in you and prepare me yourself to receive all my miracles and Christmas gifts without missing anyone, in Jesus name, Amen!!!! Thank you lord, Thank you Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!!
London, United Kingdom

MOFOLASAYO AHMED Period: August, 2011

I started having running stomach from day 2 of the convention. It was so bad that I hardly listen to any message because I was always running to the little room. On Friday evening, Daddy GO said God is replacing the disgestive system of someone and to the glory of God I was healed totally that I started looking for fruits to eat so that I can visit the little room. GOD OF ADEBOYE YOU ARE REAL!
Lagos, Nigeria

EKWERE GABRIEL JOSEPH Period: November, 2011

Early this year my Family almost lost Our dad life. And before the convention he lost His job. Not once or twince he battle with life and on wednesday before Holy ghost servinc of November 2011, The Lord flight the battle 4 us again. Where the Word came. There is someone Here the Lord said that all those who want to take your Life that He Will take theirs. And with great joy My Daddy is Alive health. Praise the Lord

Thank you Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

NIKE Period: August, 2010

This testimony is to the glory of God Almighty for delivery me from private shame and disgrace, for the past 20 years plus, I have been facing this spiritual battle of bed wetting,I tried all I could but to no avail. I went to the 2010 convention (August)in Nigeria where God healed me and took the reproach and shame away,He fought my battle and am indeed more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. Till now I have not experienced it again. Praise God with me!
London, United Kingdom

BRO ODAFI Period: September, 2010

Thank God almigthy for my salvation, i had chronic asthma for twenty six(26) years, i waited on the lord for healing but it tarried every night and day i basicly survive through intravenous drugs it was so severe that i basicly take injections everyday to survive i went between hospital and school while schooling and when i started work i had a budget for drugs,i have doctors i contacted who attended to me at odd hours of attack, sometimes i just live like my life was over cause everyday i was between life and death.But, in september 2010 i saw my daddy Adeboye and he prayed with me in JESUS name from that instant i was whole i have never had a hint of asthma in fact my lungs and life are basicly anew.Praise the LORD with me,pls let somebody shout Halleluya
ABUJA, Nigeria

DEBORAH Period: October, 2011

I want to give Glory to God for His Faithfullness and loving kindness. For seeing me and my children through a very difficult year. For almost a year I could not find a job but GOD proved Himself over and over that He is my Provider. When situation seemed impossible he changed it around to possible. He made a way for me where there seems to be no way and turned my shame to Glory. HE WILL FOREVER BE MY GOD. I THANK YOU LORD!!!
London, United Kingdom

NZDPC Period: March, 2011

The Lord is Mighty, Good and Wonderful.

While on Internet some days before, I saw the Liveway Radio icon (on RCCG website) mentioning that Daddy G.O messages are aired every week days at 3PM, Nigeria time.
On the 12-March-2011, I decided to listen to the radio at 3PM, Nigeria Time, via Internet. I clicked on the Liveway radio icon. It happened that Daddy G.O was preaching and it was a replay of the message delivered during the February2011 HGS titled: "Hope Rising.". This was the first time I was actually listening to a message from Daddy G.O on Liveway Radio.
During the message, Daddy G.O said: >. I received that Word saying "Amen Amen Amen", even tough it was several weeks after the February 2011 HGS. Every night before going to bed, I will say those Words during my prayers and go to sleep. The attacks reduced greatly and I had more peace. But from time to time, I would encounter similar attacks.
One day, it occurred to me that reciting those same words and promise of God before going to sleep was like not believing that the Lord had done it when He spoke the first time and that the Eternal Word of God is settled for ever and ever. I remembered that Heaven, Earth and Sun were created just by God speaking once (NOT TWICE). I remembered as well that the universe is kept in place by the Eternal Word of God that was spoken only once when it was created. From that point, I decided to stop mentioning the same Words that my God said through Daddy G.O during the Feb2011 HGS. I believed that day (September2011), that the Word of God is settled for Ever as long as Heaven and Earth exist. And if God can do that through HIS creation, then his Once Spoken Word has settled it. From that day henceforth, attacks stopped and God has proven HIMSELF to be Mighty and the God that is Victorious in all battles.

And I know that I know that the Same God that has done the above will fulfill all the Promises (marriage, double portion promotion at work) He made to me before the end of 2011 as He said.

Let somebody help me shout Hallelujah to the LORD of HOST, My Provider, my Strength, The God that is more than Enough, My Shield and my Wisdom.
May the Lord Bless Daddy G.O for his Obedience and dedication. And Let the anointing over his Life outlive him.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you JESUS.
Monagas, Venezuela

DR AKINJIDE OGUNDOKUN Period: January, 2011

In the prophesy for this year, the lord, through our father in the Lord, said it was a year of massive restoration. This was exactly what He did for me and my family. In february, my wife had a severe auto crash in our new vehicle and she had fatal injury to her hand that she had to be operated and metal plates and screw inserted in her hand to hold the bones. The car was so damaged that the experts said it was beyond repair. To the glory of God, my wife's hand has been perfectly restored and the car considered beyond repair has been restored by the God of restoration. II Chronicles 20:20b, we believed His prophet and He prospered us. Praise the Lord.
Osun State, Nigeria

MICHAEL NWALA Period: August, 2011

I want to Thank God Almighty for what HE alone can do in My life and my Family,Precisely After the Convention in August, My wife enter a bus to go to school to write her test, suddenly a tanker came and hit the bus, suddenly the holy spirit spoke to her to get out of the bus, immediately she obey and even told the rest of the passengers to get out, but they refuse, she came down from the bus,within a second, another tanker came from no where and hit the bus hard that the bus somersaulted many times, killing people and injured many, i Just really want to thank God so much, He spoke and My wife obeyed, Praised Thy LORD.

OLUBODUN-NIYI ADEJOKE. Period: August, 2011

Blessed be name of thy lord,i relocated to united kingdom last year november,my self and my son to meet my husband not more than six month that he came before we came devil has been trying his trikish with my husband we prayed God take all glorry and give him job,since them we have been facing alot of challenging using friends against us without knowning anybobdy except GOD,to the extend of borrowing before we can eat but when they were having convention last month i forwarded by prayer point and on 18th of August i was called for my offer letter.Glorry be to the name of thy lord for using our DADDY IN THY LORD DADDY ADEBOYE.
LONDON, United Kingdom

ADEBISI Period: June, 2011

I just want to thank God for his miraculous workings in my life. My brother went missing for a few days but all thanks be to our Great God, he was found hale and hearty. All praise to the mighty God.
Wales, United Kingdom
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