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GEMMA IWUGO Period: February, 2010

God has given me a spirit of sound mind as I have started reducing my anti-depresant medication and I am not having any side effect. I stopped the medication for a while last year and had a terrible knock down effect and I spoke to Pastor Doc about it, he advised that I should first of all hear from God before starting on the journey and to God be the glory it is one of my prayer request in 2009 holy ghost night as I have taken the medication for years.....I am always scared of weeding myself of it because of the terrible side effect and to God be the glory, I have sound mind and believe that I will not go back on the medication anymore, after the time I have set for myself.

God has been awesome to me and my family in everyway, I am believing God for a financial break through and to provide me with the resources I need to bring up His children in my care. I am also trusting Him with my marriage, if it is His will let their be a God fearing re-union as God has set for marriage.

I also want to thank my God for his wonderful care for my children's life as they continue to seek Him in all their ways. May I continue to live under His shelter and recieve His prophecy and revelation as I wait on HIM.

May the good Lord continue to use our pastors in a mighty and poweful direction to HIS own glory.....Amen

With long life and prosperity will God bless me and my household.....Amen
United Kingdom, United Kingdom

MARK Period: February, 2010

I Have seen the grail it is of white lite and lite is around it there is branches of thikerlite that come down that go into me it feels like (AWE) pure love ofthat i have never nown it has cut my heart from who i was and made me have true fear of the LORD formless form- the LORD is everywere allways he let my spirt out ofdesert closed the gate ofthat i hate thereis more than we see withhuman eyes look in the heart there is a holy vail that comes up when close unless true of heartthe vail is like walkin on water a thin skin to the garden a rosewhen brought back wilts like a thought past hasnot shed or the future hasnot met the songwriter
new hampshire, United States

JOAN TEH Period: November, 2009

praise the living God,

for the last two years, i've been praying for great miracles that the Lord would fulfill.
i never thought of what's going to happen in my own life for the next succeeding years, i was always concern for my family. the spirit of rebellion was inside our family. i pray that the Lord will deliver us and that there will be a change. i want my family complete.
december 25, christmas, the Lord fulfill His promises. mom and my elder sister had already forgiven each other. we were complete in celebrating the birth of our savior.
next thing, God add more blessing to me which i don't really expect, i was being promoted in my job and granted me scholarship to finish my studies.
pastor says im very greatful. yes! because God is great.
and this year is my happiest moment! i'm waiting for Pastor's approval for me to gat married to my fiancee.
thank you Lord!
manila, Philippines

TOLU Period: October, 2010

Praise God.

I thank God for proving himself as my Jehovah Jireh. I went to FOL in October and Daddy asked us to write 5 things we wanted. One of the things I asked God for was a future partner. I didn't know how God was going to do itbut because His ways are not my ways, He DID. Exactly a month later, I began a courtship relationship, and I know that it is the Lord's doing and It is marvelous in my ways. I am in still in awe of God, he does what He says when you believe and hold on steadfastly. I will come back and testify about the other areas am still trusting Him, Infact I know He has done so I will be STILL because He reigns and because 2010 is my year of the King.
NJ, United States

FUNMI OLANIYI Period: February, 2010

I want to bless God for remembering me in the last holy ghost service we had tagged Remember me oh lord. I thank God because he has removed the spirit of fear and that what he has started in my life he would bring it to manifestation.I would come out to testify as soon as my miracle is perfected. To God be the glory.
Lagos, Nigeria


Praise God, Hallelujah.

I want to testify of the the Lord's goodness. When I finished my master in 2005, I was jobless till 2007. During this time there were times when I didn't hear anything from the Lord, it even got to the extent that I turned my back on the Lord in anger, but the good Lord HELD onto me. After the fasting period in 2008, I got a good job in which I worked only for 6 months in a year but got paid for 12 months. The number of years the canker worm has eaten HE would restore onto you. I thank God for restoration. In 2009, my company had some challenges where I was working and I have been at home since then, struggling with debt but I am trusting the Almighty God, The ONE WHO NEVER FAILS that before the end of this Feburary 2010 fasting and praying period, I will be delivered from ALL forms of debt and barreness in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I will be fruitfull spritiually, financially, materially, mentally in Jesus Mighty Name and I will testify of the goodness, favour and mercy of the Lord in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
Scotland, United Kingdom

AKINTUNDE MACAULAY Period: February, 2010

I bless God concerning all HE's done for me,

Having being through with NYSC since 2006,i had not for once being "gainfully employed",i seeked the face of GOD all through but it seems HE seems silent, not knowing 'HE WAS PREARING ME FOR SOMETHING AND PREPARING SOMETHING FOR ME"but shortly after the February Holy Ghost Service,GOD REMEMBERED ME- HE compensated my long years of joblessness
Lagos, Nigeria

IFY Period: August, 2009

I just want to appreciate God for His faithfulness,i was privilaged to be at the August 2009 HGC,tO the glory of God that was the first day i stepped into that holy groud.Daddy G.O asked us to make 5 request from God which i did.out of the 5 request,1, was that for over 4 years i had a cought on my left tumb nail,for no reason the nail fall off
LAGOS, Nigeria

AYEGBUSI YEMI Period: February, 2009

I thank God for his mercy over family and fullfil all his promises over me and my family, God make way for my first international trip abroad without spending a dine also shower me with his bless by setting me up with beautiful wife and daughter and set feet on a solid rock which make me believe NO ONE LIKE OUR ABLE GOD.....I thank God
Akure, Nigeria

IYIOLA JOHN YINKA Period: December, 2008

Our first born was about 10 years old in December 2007 and second issue was yet to come. My wife met our Provincial Pastor in Province 10, Agege to seek for spiritual help.

Our PP asked her what we had done medically and she responded that we had done nothing medically. He then gave her a note to Mother
Lagos, Nigeria

NKEM Period: January, 2010

i want to bless d name of d Lord for what he is been doing in my family and for safe delivery he granted me and all my friends that also put to bed this period.
lagos, Nigeria

ADEMOLA ADEJUMO Period: February, 2010

I was told on 2 febuary 2010 that my mother living in Nigerian has not been able to move her hands and legs for weeks, then I remember the word of God in the book of Jeremiah, Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Me. I quickly placed a prayer request through the rccg internet On the 3rd on febuary 2010 and then that night I and my wife had a night vigil and prayed and to my surprise the next day when I called Nigeria my mother can move her hands and God who let the dead hands live will also let the dead legs live and stand on her feet according to Ezekiel 37;10. Praise! God! Praise! Praise God.
North-brabrant, Netherlands

ADETOKUNBO Period: February, 2010

LAGOS, Nigeria

ABU BELLO LUK Period: February, 2010

I want to thank the Lord of Lord for that he such do in my life and i want to thank General Overseer too for the pray that he as be pray for us.i want to thank the King of King for the job that he got to me 2009.thank my Lord,the Lord reing,i will praise the lord will soul and my heart.O lord, my God,how great you are!you are clothed and my life.
ABUJA -FCT, Nigeria

UDOSEN ARAMIDE Period: October, 2009

praise the lord. i really wannt to appreciate the lord for his love and kindness towards me and my family, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for my daughter. i want to thank God that he did not let the plan of the enemies to come to past in the life of my husband and me.i know that the lord will answer my other prayer request.ose mi lanu, ma polongo re, oba to semi lanuah eh ma ponlonge re.
lagos, Nigeria
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