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CHUKWUMA CHUKWU Period: February, 2011

In the last FOL held in London, Daddy GO told us to ask for three things which we want the lord to do for us this past Christmas and new year. I asked the lord to give me a job, secondly to grant my Wife a smooth pregnancy and thirdly to grant me success in my forth coming professional exam. the first request was meant to be a Christmas gift, the second a new year gift and the third an additional gift. I got a Job in December. presently my wife is in her 9th month of pregnancy and she has not had any problem whatsoever not even a vomit, cough or tiredness she has remained as strong as ever and she is expecting our baby this month of February. And I know God will grant me success in my professional exam come April. Is He not Great. Please let everything that has breath praise the Lord Almighty, there is nothing He cannot do. He is a great great God.
Berkshire, United Kingdom

AYENI OLUWASEYI Period: February, 2011

I want to thank God for all He has been dong. juust when i thought i was going to get an F in my essay i had a B and i know it was by His grace. I aso thank God for my life and that of my family.
Leeds, United Kingdom


I blessed God for His mercies. I was born again under daddy's ministration in the then Kwara Tech 1980. But later backslided for many years. During which a voice keeps telling me 'you are living a fake life, return to me'. Restoration came from a voice to me in a vision and I delibrately went to IVCU felloship in UI to do a public declaration and my peace and joy was restored. Today, I am a pastor in a ministry in Kaduna G. M. I. I know truly daddy G.O does not stop praying for his converts. I also knows those that backslided like myself after receiving Christ during daddy's ministration does not have peace until they are restore. Many times God has used daddy to anoint, direct, encouraged etc in a vision, among such words are, 'Let it be Christ centred deliverance', this, I obeyed and it brought good result. Warning against too much emphasis on money in the church. God answers all prayers particularly, healing of my father, personal house, sales of property etc. Daddy long living life to you in Jesus name.
Kogi, Nigeria

MRS. FUNKE AKINTOKUN Period: February, 2011

I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 7 years and after February 2011 Holy Ghost I was confirmed pregnant. I claim this in Faith in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord.
Lagos, Nigeria

OJO FUNMILAYO Period: February, 2011

I want to praise the name Lord,The Alpha and the Omega, the unquestionable God, the Brighter Morning Star,The Only God who can healed,Kabio-osi baba.For my safe delivery,the enemy tried but they failed, After nine month of my pregnancy,the date they gave me at the hospital passed,i was worried and i got everybody worried,I believe my God will not fail me though my mind was not settled, But my God surprised me.A day after my wedding Anniversary i put to bed safely without operation or inducement,even when the pregnancy is 10 month old.praise be unto the lord(hallelujah)
Lagos, Nigeria

CHRISTIANA Period: February, 2011

I thank God for his Faithfulness in my life and every member of my family. I have been trusting God for a God fearing life partner and this year, 2011. God has answered my Prayer because he is a convenant keeping.PRAISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE LORD .
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to thank God Almighty for HIS mercy on me. On the 31st of January 2011, I came back home from the dentist in the evening, and put some pasta to boil. I felt a bit tire so I laid down on the couch to rest, only to wake up a few hours later with a burnt smell in the house. I immediately rushed to the kitchen and on opening the door I found the kitchen covered with smoke. I managed to open the kitchen window and turn off the cooker. The pasta had burnt to ashes. I just thank God the house didn't catch fire and after a little while the smoke had cleared.

I also want to thank God in faith that HE has put an end to eight years of barreness, sickness and financial struggles in my life in this month of February 2011 in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Praise God Almighty for HIS mercy and goodness, for they endureth for evermore. Hallelujah
Scotland, United Kingdom

ASEPERI FUNSHO Period: January, 2011

The Lord just blessed my family with a house of our own.
How did this happen? We believe that it was a result of obedience to divine directive. In 2002/2007, the Lord spoke to me that we should sell 6000units of my share and bring the proceed to His house. I ignored the directive. After this we were caught in the web of the economic recession and we lost so much money in the capital market. Then the voice came again in 2010; then I had no choice but to obey. Not only did I sell the 6000 unit but all share in that category. We raised a draft for the GO and for another man of God. Today, the Lord Has made it possible for us to live in the house He built for us. May the Name of the LORD be praised forever! Amen. Praise the Lord.
LAGOS, Nigeria


My testimonies to the Glory of God are four: I developed Asthma in 1994 and had the attack from time to time for ten years. But I and my wife took part in the covenant patners fasting of 2004 at the end of which the asthma disappear.
Secondly my brother in law and the wife based in the United States were trusting GOD for the issue of the womb since 2002. They told me that all the Gynacologists they met in the USA told them their blood is not compactible and so they can not have issue for each other. I encouraged them through the messages of our Daddy ADEBOYE to the extent that during daddy's ministration for those trusting God, I put calls through to them to receive from the Lord. But to God be the Glory the family was blessed with a baby boy in March 2009 and a baby girl in September 2010.
Thirdly my son was on hospital admission for seven days without improvement in his health. The doctor, who is also a member of RCCG told me that"Pastor, I am no more comfortable with your son. He then refer us to REDINGTON hospital on the V/I. There I told him that Daddy ADEBOYE told us that, when earthly doctors find it impossible to provide solution that Almighty God steps in, the doctor nodded in affirmative. I carried my son home and laid him on the sofa and conducted a two-hour vigil together with my wife,my sister and my mother. The boy slept the kind of sleep he never had in the past seven days and after that he got his healing permanently.
Lastly is the case of my daughter who contacted Asthma at the age of one year after she was laid on a mat at the entrance of the church during the cross over service of 2001/2002. Since then we have been coming to the Holy Ghost services without solution. The most discouraging aspect of it is that during those services instead of getting healing she return home with Asthma attack, even if she did not come with it.
As we came down from the car for the November 2010 HGS, about four metres away from the car rain started and we were beaten together with my daugther who should not have been exposed to such condition, she was also exposed to cold where she got space to lay down throughout the program inside the prayer foyer.But to the glory of God, as we were about going home I heard GOD asking me to collect the inhailer i.e the medicine, from her
LAGOS, Nigeria

IRENE Period: September, 2008

I thank God for giving me a job when I least expected. He is a very Big God.
Central Equatoria, Sudan

PETER Period: February, 2011

I want to thank God for his supernumerary blessings in my life and family.
He has shown me that his hand is upon my life is diverse ways, he has protected and kept me and every member of my family. He's blessings has constantly being with me, and he has made me not to lack anything good. Praise the Lord !.

CHUKWUMA Period: February, 2010

i want to bless the name of the Lord for divine health all through year 2010 for me,my mother and siblings. may the name of our God be praise for ever and ever. i also want to thank Him in advance for the wonderful job He has provided for me that will wipe poverty away from my life
lagos, Nigeria

BUNMI Period: February, 2011

i want to bless thy name of lord for the good work He His doing in the life of my family and my very self, for couple of years after my NYSC (4yrs)i was unable to get job, but i did not stop my prayers cos i know and believe he will do it,to the glory of God i got employed in 2009 with less than a year i got a call on my GSM to come for an interview in their organisation same day, went for the interview without my credentials. to God be glory i got my present job. Am also praying to God for a life partner soon, i ve someone, praying to God to bless our union in this year 2011.IT IS WELL WITH ME. AMEN
lagos, Nigeria

OGUNDARE BABATUNDE Period: February, 2006

I am grateful to God for the life of our Father in the Lord whom the Lord used severally through word of prophecies to see me through my PhD program in South Africa. In February 2006 when I was processing my visa for the study, I encountered some delayed @ the embassy, on my way from the embassy I came straight for the February Holy Ghost Service (H.G.S), the first word of prophecy was that "there is someone here the Lord says the attempts of the enemies to reverse your testimonies had been aborted" I claimed it and went the following week to pick up my VISA. During the program, I was joining the H.G.S online (courtesy liveway tv)this same word of prophecy came not once but again and again. After about two and a halve year into the program (already planning to write up my theses), my supervisor had an attack of armed robbery but to the glory of God he survived the attack. On resuming back to the office he wrote the HOD and subsequently the Dean of the faculty that he is stepping down as my supervisor, with this it now occurred to me that the enemies are at work. To glory of God the University had to look for another supervisor to access what I had already, prepare and present me for final defense/examination for the Degree. The Lord favoured me in the sight of the new Supervisor and I graduated in May 2010 and since back to Nigeria. This is my promise that I will share this testimony to glorify God. Praise the Lord!
Osun, Nigeria

ATINUKE Period: February, 2011

I give all glory to the name of the Lord for His mercies endureth forever. I made a convenant with Lord during December 2009 Holy Ghost Congress that I will testify if God should provide for me the bone of my bone before 2010 Holy Ghost Congress. It was getting to a point l felt the Lord was not about to answer my request, but all Glory to HIS name l got married on 30th of December 2010.
Praise the Lord.
Oyo, Nigeria
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