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VICTOR Period: January, 2011

FAO: Pastor E.A.Adeboye.

1. 'KABIYESI' says,'He'll rule over your Life and you shall become an
unquestionable Authority'.

2. 'JAGUNMOLU' says, 'He'll fight your battle'

3. 'EFUFULELE' says, 'He'll shake the ground for your sake'

4. 'AWAMARIDI' ssys, 'Your secrets shall remain secrets and not be known'

5.'AWIMAYEHUN' says, 'Whatever you proclaim/decree shall be'

6. 'ATEREREKARIAIYE' says, 'Your name will be known throughout the world
for good'

7. 'OBA EMINIMASEBERU' says, 'You should fear not'

8. 'OBA BIRI-AJIPOJOIKUDA' says 'Your yours days on earth have been

9. 'OBA ADURUTINILOJOISORO' says, 'He'll be with you in your trial times'

10. 'FITILA ORIITE' says, 'He shall lighten up your path and give you
directions as from today all life long'

11. ' OBA ADAKEDAJO' says, ' You are discharged and acquitted. VICTORY is
LONDON, United Kingdom


I thank God for all He did for me in the year 2009-2010.I was sent out from the house in the year 2006 because I gave my life to Christ, I came from a Muslim family. In June 2009 God provided me a life partner, August I did my wedding. In May 2009, I gave birth to a beautiful girl and June 2010. God provided a good job for me. GOD IS GOOD TO ME. Praise God!
Ondo State, Nigeria

AMEH OYANOLE M Period: January, 2011

i give God the glory for his faithfulness in my life.
After one year of joblesness God gave me a job.
Now my status has changed and has blessed me with the fruit of the womb
Glory be to God.
nigeria, Nigeria

MARIAN Period: July, 2006

I want to bless God for his faithfulness.2006 when daddy GO visited Dublin, i had a deportation order to leave Ireland.But by divine intervention the letter was taken to daddy by my pastor,and all daddy did was touch the letter and said there will be a turnaround,and miraculously the God of Adeboye answered by fire,today i'm settled beyond my imaginations.Praise d living Jesus!!!!!!!!!!
Dublin, Ireland

SALUBI PAUL Period: December, 2010

I want to bless the name of the lord for using our daddy in the lord G.O for giving me divine healing last December 25th 2010.Praise the lord!
delta, Nigeria

SALUBI PAUL Period: January, 2011

I want to bless the name of the Lord for using our Daddy G.O to give me divine healing.On the 23rd of December 2010 i was on my sick bed suffering from diabetics,coincidentally our G.O was in town to dedicate the provincial headquarter of delta province 2.That afternoon,my wife told me that G.O said that whatever we ask before the sun set that day would be answered.I kneeled down by my bed side in the hospital and prayed that God should reduce my blood sugar level to 6.o mg,miraculously two days time that is on the 25th of December 2010 my blood sugar level dropped from 9.87 mg to 6.0 mg and i was discharged from the hospital.PRAISE THE LORD!
delta, Nigeria


ONDI, Nigeria

MILLY AKINYI Period: January, 2011

I have been reading the testimonies posted on this wall and am like Ohh God please remember my case! The theme for this year is "It shall be well". May it be well with me this year 2011 as am trusting God for a life partner. I have prayed for years and am posting this testimony in advance by faith believing that God will harken to my cry and grant my heart's desire. Soon I will be posting another one to testify. To God be the glory
Kisumu, Kenya

CHARLES ONOJETA Period: January, 2011

I Praise the Name of the Lord for His protection over me and family. Last year October 31, 2010, the Lord saved me from a striaght bullet right in my bed room. That Sunday I raised a prayer in the services that no will cry over us and we will not cry over any body and getting back around 9.30pm just to hear a stange noise in the bedroom while in the sittig room and find a bullet on the floor. Thanks be to God.
I want to also thank for a answer prayer for my brother who has been married for long and God bless their union with a wondrful Twins (a Boy and Girl). Glory be to God.
Lagos, Nigeria

AKINLOYE FOLASADE Period: January, 2011

I bless the God of baba Adeboye that healed of fibroid.
Abuja, Nigeria

BALOGUN AYOMIDE Period: January, 2011

I thank God for what he did for me this year. Am a computer engineer, August Last year 2010 someone call me that someone need a computer engineer in Ondo township. I went to the person he gave me phone number of the man that needed computer engineer, on getting to the man we negotiate he accept me as a one of his staff. This did not have a permanent site for his computer training center. Later he got one at Rainbow in Ondo Township, we move to the place on getting to that place I saw a strange thing in that place. This man call us that we should not tell anybody immediately had this I went to my pastor I told him, my pastor said I should have 3days fasting and prayer which I did the third day of this prayer this man call me, he told me to leave his office which I did, before I leave his office there is one boy, this boy took me to his father @ Adeyemi College Of Education for to help his father repair his system which I did later the man said can I teach him how to operate system application which I accept negotiate. December period this man text me that they need Café Assistance @ Adeyemi College Of Education which I went form, I did the interview. Am now working at Adeyemi College Of Education Cyber Café. They are paying me good salary. Help me thank for what God Has done in my life this year 2011. I will like to tell you that in all things have the sprite of endurance in all things you are doing.
Ondo, Nigeria

CINDY Period: January, 2011

I thank God for my life and my family. December 2010, was challenging for my family, but God almighty delivered us from all the challenges. My brother in law was hospitalised, diagnosed with Diabetis. He was discharged from hospital on the 24 December 2010 and following day travelled to the village. God pgave them journey mercies. On the 28 December 2010, their house got strucked by lighting and destroyed some valueble eletronic items. Thank God cuase no one was injured. I give God praise glory and honour for that kind of protection.
Ibadan, Nigeria

EYITAYO AMODENI Period: August, 2009

At the Aug 2009 HGS,the Lord spoke thru our Daddy GO,that the original intention for which he created me will still come to pass.In Nov 2009 God raised help for me to go for a pilot training course in South Africa and the help is so great that my family was also allowed to come with me.The training was really challenging but the grace of God as been mighty.Sent various prayer requests during the training programme,God has answered over and over again.Passed the last theoritical exam in July,and obtained the Private Pilot licence this month,on January 15th 2011.Also the daughter of one of our instructor's who was given up to die by doctors who said she won't survive,to God's glory miraculously came back to life and is gradually being restored by God,she's back home after been in the hospital after delivery in November 2010.All these issues and many more too numerous to mention we sent prayer requests for and God has answered.Thank you for your support and prayers.We trust that God of this commission will give us grace to complete the next phase of this programme, which is the Commercial pilot's licence speedily.Praise the Lord!!!
Eastern Cape, South Africa


PEOPLE TALK ABOUT MIRACLE HAVE NOT EXPERIENCE IT BEFORE TILL THE PROGRAM BABA DID AT IBADAN,THE LORD THE ANSWERED BY FIRE.around 2am shower of blessing came down upon every body.Till then have been enjoying my life God lifted me from grass to grace.Let somebody shout halleluya.
oyo, Nigeria

LAWRENCE TEMILADE Period: August, 2010

I want to thank God on behalf of my sister after waiting for her American visa for four years,God intervened after the convention 2010(More than conqueror)She conquered and was given her visa now she is in America with her husband. Praise the Lord
Ogun, Nigeria
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