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FAGBEMI ADESINA Period: August, 2009

OSUN, Nigeria

TAIWO ABIODUN Period: June, 2009

I give all glory unto God for His wonder in my Life, I secure a Job that It's Only God that perfect it because when I finish the Interview , By the virtue of fact, I really know that it is just the grace of God because people that i competete with on that interview, i surelly convinced that It's Only God that put me through because they are more kwoledgeable than me and even interm of the experience about the work, ihave less experience but with the grace of God I was CHoose to work with on that place. Let somebody shout Halleluyah.
Osun State, Nigeria

UCHE GOB-AGUNDU Period: August, 2009

LAGOS, Nigeria

OKIKIOLAKAN ATIPO Period: September, 2009

Almighty God proved Himself in my life and marriage. He delivered me and put my enemies to shame. Few times, the enemy planned that I have accident, God cancelled them. I give God all the glory. There's none like our God!
Lagos, Nigeria

EFFIOM Period: July, 2009

l want to thank God for seeing me through in my exams.There was a course i took in school and it was mandatory that i must have a score of 58 to move to another level. The first time i took the exams i had 53, the second time, i had 55 and the third time i had 51. I was not happy because i wanted to move to the next level of the course,and i did not want to repeat that course. So i logged into the rccg website and watched the July Holy Ghost Service Live. when Daddy G.O preached he prophesied "That there is someone here, that i have helped you before and i will do it again." I claimed it by faith. Two weeks after the holy ghost service , i went back to take the exams again and to God be the glory i made a score of 241. The school authority told me that i would not have to do the next level of the course, that i have finish the course. I thank God for his favour in my exams and in my Life. Amen
Calabar, Nigeria

IDOWU ADEKOYA Period: August, 2009

i bless d name of the Lord for fulfilling His convenant with my family.I asked for d grace to put to bed at the campground 4yrs ago and God grant this on the 3rd of august.Although my family was unable to go back 4 the remaining programme until sunday for thanksgiving with daddy,i know our testimony is full of glorious things. Praise the lord.the baby's name are ADEBOYE JESUNI-IRETIOGO-MI,GLORY,OLUWATOFUNMI ADEKOYA
lagos, Nigeria

AKINSANYA OLANLOKUN Period: August, 2009

I bless the name of the Lord for His Devine protection upon my life and for not allow devil to make my wife to be a widow nor my children to be an orphan.I was on time off from my place of work and i received a call from my office that i should prepare to go to Warri in Delta State for a week course that my flight ticket is ready. When i look at the calender,i discovered that these course falls during convention i said God you know we are preparing for convention let these course be postponed another call came two days later that i have been schedule for the second batch that i should resumed on Monday 3rd of August for normal duty. On that Monday of Convention i was on official assignment to Ota in Ogun State with official car, me and the driver arround 15.35Hrs in the afternoon, we were attack by the Armed Rubbers with AK47 gun on our way back to office. After the rubbers collected the car key from the driver we were not allowed to droped and they forced us back to the car and we were droved together with them through hell of traffic in Sango -Ota and they told us to sit like a passenger and close our eye. While inside the car with them i was just praying to God that "God intervane,God of Adeboye intervane" before we could open our eye they have take us through Ifo - Papalanto divert towards Shagamu/ Ilaro Road and the entered untared road close to Papalanto Power Plant and they stoped inside the Bush were we don't even no where to follow because our eye remain closed. We were ask to getdown from the Hilux that they would have kill us but because we corperate they will not harm us. They collected all what we have and left us with our life "Praise thy Lord" and drove back to the main road, follows ewekoro to Abeokuta.Unfortunately,20 munite after they drop us,just a kilometer after ewekoro they have an accident and the Toyota Hilux was wright-off they could not proceed with the Hilux. Police saw the vehicle at the point of accident with all what the collected from us including my diary which make them to have my wife number and alert her. Glory be to thy lord, me and my family were rejoicing in the presence of most high God During the Convention. Halleluyah
Lagos, Nigeria

IBUKU Period: August, 2009

Just want to thankGod for the unique opportunity He gave me to attend Convention 2009.I was mightily blessed and transformed particulary by the message daddy preached on "the glories of holiness".The enemy fought so hard to discourage me from coming to Lagos but God showed Himself strong,,my flight ticket was paid for by my divine helpers,my pocket allowance was taken care fo by divine helpers,and i was able to sponsor a few of my friends for the convention.I give all the glory to God.Since i returned from covention ,its been one breakthru after the other,and i told God during the conventon that next year i want to come for the convention from the UK .I Just thank God for how fast everything is happening.
I also thank God that for my 10 years as memeber of the rccg,i had never really gotten to grasp the vision of this ministry,but thank God He brought me closer to the visioneer and i grasped something to run with.
glory be to God almighty and i encourage all rccg members to try and attend conventions as the enable you to better appreciate what the lord is doing through this ministry around the world.
Cameroon, Cameroon


I am grateful to God for being alive today.I have lived in the US for a little over 11yrs and God granted me my US citizenship towards the last week of June 2009.The first time i applied i was denied cos i couldn't provide documents supporting my absence from the US for 9 months.
texas, United States


praise thy lord i was told in hospital that i have appeendix that i will be operate but to the glory of lord when we are at june holy ghost service our daddy in the lord said all the people that came here with any dieases should come out for annoitiny and we should pray by the time that we are of the camp that the sickness should go but something wonderfull happen i was just urinenating for about twenty minute and since then thats how my sickness left me praise thy lord.

OLAIDE USMAN Period: August, 2009

Let someone shout halleluyah.I want to thank the Almighty God for the new dawn that He started in my family,the admission He release to me and for His banner over His church"Livingspring chaprl of The Redeemed Christian Church of God,Bariga."Thank you Father.
Lagos, Nigeria

DAMILOLA L..... Period: August, 2009

Hi all. I hope you are all dwelling in the presennce of God. My testimony is something that i never thought i would be able to say because it has been a thorn in my flesh for years now.

I have been taking the same exams for the past three years and failed all papers each consecutive times. if its something that has happened to you, then you wil know how it feels. i tried on countless times and even prayed but it was all to no avail. My friends and oi who started the course together and thos e who started their degrees at the same time i did had finished and graduated and i was stillin the same one position. My faith began to falter at this point.

At the festival of life in March, i prayed like i had never done before and even when Daddy GO said the choir should minister in worship songs i danced my wqay through the worship, my friends made so much fun of me but noneof them understood the burden that i was carrying in my heart. I told God that i wanted to have a testimony concerning my exams by the next fol convention.

I wrote the same exams in june and to the glory of God my results came out yesterday and i feel blessed to say that i have finally passed my exams and i can finally move to the next level...... Praise the Lord.
essex, United Kingdom

CYNTHIA BULLINS Period: August, 2009

Praise and Thank our Lord for all he has given to me and my husband to be Mr Sunday Olatunji. I know by keeping the faith that our Lord Almighty will see to our marriage in the near future. God bless all of us for each new he gives and let us always praise and worship him first. Lending and ear a shoulder to lean on or just in our daily prayers let us never forget to keep him first in our lives. Bless us all and many prayers for whom ever reads this.
virginia, United States

ANU Period: August, 2009

i want to thank GOD in advance for success in my exams and for all His goodness to me.PRAISE GOD!!!!!!
NIGERIA, Nigeria

TOKUNBO Period: August, 2009

First i want to give God all the glory and honor in my husband and i life. In March 06, 2009 i went for fibrod operation which took five hours given God all the glory everthing went well thank you lord jesus.I have being waiting for the fruit of the womb for four years now but i will say my testimony in advance thank you lord for giving me an annointed child , thank you lord for seeing me through the nine months of carring my child and also for staying with me in the labour room evrything went well with no complication thank you daddy.Thank you father for helping my husband finishing his IT certifications and God has secured him a good paying IT job in jesus name.
Michigan, United States
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