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OLUSOLA Period: November, 2009

I am giving God praise bcos am writing this in faith that come this time next year, i will come back here with testimony of my babies. I know He is more than able. Please continue thanking God with me. halleluia
Lagos, Nigeria

OLATUNDE OLAYEMI Period: November, 2009

i have read people"s testimonies,i want to thank God bcos he is the one that has done it for them and i know he will do it for me.he will grant me my prayer requests and i will come to testify.av not been able to attend any HGS.
oyo, Nigeria

ELIZABETH OJO Period: November, 2009

i want to thank the Almighty God on behalf of my younger sister who put to bed on 29 of october 2009 throug normal delivery after givien birth to her fist baby through CS.I say a big thanks to the HOPE OF GLORY.
Kaduna, Nigeria

OZIOMA Period: November, 2009

am thanking God for His faithfulness and mercies towards my family. am believing God for a male child and God has shown us that He can do all things.we are believing God for our visa to usa our interview is next month, i strongly believe that God has done it alread and i am going to give testimony of that when it happends. just join us in thanking God for all He has done.
Nigeria, Nigeria

OMOLARA F Period: November, 2009

I thank God for what He has done concerning our coming to America and what He is about to do and the one He has yet to do. I am believing God for our citizenship before end of the year 2009 because God has called the year our year of His Glory and our year of unpeakeable Joy through our daddy in the LOrd Daddy Adeboye and I know it shall be so for me and my family in Jesus Name the word of God is so perwerful than two edged sword, and His word will not fall to the ground,but it will accomplished what it has been sent forth in Jesus Name(Amen). By this time January 2010 I will come to the same website and share my testimony in Jesus Name.
MN, United States

FUNMI OMOLARA Period: October, 2009

I thank God for my life and my family. Our God is a good God, He has been so faithfull to me even thou I am not faithfull. He has show His mecies upon me and my family because the word of God says they look up unto Him and they were lightening and their faces are not ashamed. He has kept our house from going to foreclosure, I really thank Him because it can only be God. I know He that started a good thing He is faithful to complete it, because He will pay off the mortgage and all the debt that my family are owing. Praise God.I also beleiving God for my husband to be saved, and I know God will reached out to him, and to spare my life to see my children children in Jesus Name(Amen)
Minnesita, United States

OKAMA Period: October, 2009

i just finish reading the october holy ghost on line and there is a declaration there concerning me and my family,that befor the end of this year,people will celebrate with us,i thank God because he is more than able to locate me to my husband and the wedding taking place before this year ends,thank you Jesus,you r wonderful
Abuja, Nigeria

OLUWATOYIN Period: October, 2009

I thank God for my life here,especially for my successful weding in few months ago.i know he has bless my wife(sola)with the fruit of the wumb and flush out every bad blood in my wife(sola)system with the blood of jesus.i'm testifying for this in faith,b/c i know he has done it in my marriage and we shall come to his house to testify for his goodness in our marriage in jesus name,AMEN.
brussel, Belgium

ADETAYO ADENIYI Period: September, 2009

i want to thank God for my life,for lifting me above my enemies and taking me to the next level in relationship with him,in my life,Education.and for provision in all ways.For bringing me to usa.and i knw He will see me through and i believe He is not yet through with me.............praise God ,.amen
Indianapolis, United States

STELLA Period: October, 2009

I want to thank God for His faithfulness upon my life and my family.I was believing God for breakthrough in my finances and because i believe so much in the law of GIVINGand RECEIVING, miraculously it worked. Thank you Jesus.
LAGOS, Nigeria

ADEMOLA Period: October, 2009

I will like to give thanks to God for His mercy because during the october holy ghost God said that He will change my failure to success, and again He said that though I started badly but He will help me to succeed. I therefore thank Him for fulfiling His promises because I been admitted into the bible colledge. I did not know that God was speaking to me indirectly in my recent book titled ''Climbing the mountain''you see, climbing the mountain is the spiritual steps we take towards God until we reach the mountain top, I therefore thank God for helping me to succeed by taking the right step towards Him on His holy mountain.

BLOSSOM Period: October, 2009

God is faithful, even when our expectations are not met when we expect, it does not change the fact that he is still faithful, that is one truth that wont change. I want to thank God for keeping me, though am heavily indebted and my creditors are on my neck with no means of repayment yet i thank him for my present situation. Am giving this testimony in advance because i know that i will still come back to this blog and testify about my debts being cleared.The burden is heavy, the past few weeks have been tough but one thing is sure that God is faithful and him alone will deliver me. Men have failed, hopes have been dashed, mistakes have been made but i've realised my self and have retraced my steps. No one to run to but God and I trust him alone to deliver me... its bad to be indebted and worse not to know how to pay back but am trusting God in his infinite mercies to deliver me and give me a full testimony. Praise God!
Lagos, Nigeria


lagos, Nigeria

TITILOPE A Period: October, 2009

I thank God for his faithfulness and for that whic I'm going through right now. I'm posting this testimony in faith for employment in a very good organisation in this month of October 2009. Thank you Lord.
lagos, Nigeria

UCHE U Period: October, 2009

I stand as an epitome of God`s mercy and love to thank Him for proving Himself faithful in my life and in my family. I had suffered from serious pains from fibroids which stood on my way from conceiving to bear children. In march my husband was in Nigeria and he took my pix to the Holy Ghost night and i was prayed for and in June we were beign led to go for the surgery which i went for and it was succesful. Already my doctor told me that my getting pregnant after the surgery was going to be miracle because i had big scars in my womb and the fibroids were so many and big that all were not even removed. He had already placed on the cue for an IVF which takes a year and six months before it gets to my turn. But Jehovah God had the final say! At the very end of the same June the Lord planted the seed and I am 4 months on to the greatest surprise of my doctor. The battle is stll on because the left fibroids are causing me soo much pain but i have assrance that He who planted this seedd will watch over it till the day it is due for harvesting. Praise Jehovah
Stockholm, Nigeria
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