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TITILOLA FAPOHUNDA Period: August, 2020

I have been having some strange feeling in my right ear recently, I placed the anointed handkerchief on it after daddy G.
O's prayer and the Lord healed me. Praise the Lord!
Ogun, Nigeria

MICHAEL OKE Period: August, 2020

Glory to God Almighty for the wonderful things,events, feelings and experiences He has been giving me. During the wonderful convention, I suddenlywas feeling pain in my ankle in the middle of a night. I tried to relieve the pain and I remembered how Daddy G.O said if you commit your body to God 100%, no pain or sickness will stay. I just left it. When I woke up, I had even forgotten such happened in the night. It only occurred to me sometimes later that I couldn't feel any pain again such as I was earlier.

Also, God gave me healing in my neck. I have been feeling this pain due to the posture I assume while reading. All I have tried was just to adjust the neck whenever I feel the pain. It suddenly occurred that I could pray about it which I did with the handkerchief that Daddy prayed on and WOW... I didn't feel the pain again.

I have more testimonies like favour, anointing, but for time constraint, I want to give all glory to God for His WONDER. Infact, the wonderful has been in my mouth since the convention. The WONDERFUL WONDER wonders me now with continuous encounters. I hereby am testifying to show my cooperation with Him to always cause the word 'Wonderful' come out of my mouth in Jesus mighty name.
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEBAYO ADEOLA Period: August, 2020

I thank God for the miracle God did in my life and that of my spouse , God healed me of a sickness have been battling with for the past two weeks that even the doctor kept saying there's not suppose to be anything wrong with me, I really want to thank the God of daddy Adeboye because I told him that after he heals me I will send my testimony in and also I want to thank God for healing my partner's business, he's been running into losses for more than 5 months now in his business but after we prayed to the God of daddy Adeboye during this convention everything changed completely into profits and things began to take a positive turn and lastly I want to thank God that what I have been praying for for a while has already come to pass in Jesus name. May his name be praised and I pray my testimony remain permanent in Jesus name.
Osun, Nigeria

OLA Period: August, 2020

I thank God for the salvation of my soul,my family members and loved ones. Most especially, I want to thank God for my prayers that is yet to be answered,because I know it is going to get answered soon
Ogun, Nigeria

MRS LENYIE DUMALE Period: August, 2020

The Lord performed a miracle in my home. On the 2nd of August, my son went to my fashion shop to get thread for me and saw that the entire place was filled with smoke and black flames. A part of the wall had burnt starting from the fan regulator downwards. A carton beneath got burnt, a packer, likewise a "Ghana must go" bag close to it, although the clothes in the bag didn't burn. What a miracle! The Lord stopped the fire before it burned any meaningful thing. Anything that can make a fire burn was in my shop but the Lord showed himself. Glory be to God. Amen
Lagos, Nigeria

MICHAEL OKE Period: August, 2020

I want to return all glory to God for what He has done for me. He gave me total deliverance. Earlier last week, I dreamt that a green coloured wall gecko appeared on my left wrist. I felt I should pray about it which immediately I yielded. As I was praying, I remembered the anointing that Baba mi (DADDY ADEBOYE) prayed on. I took it and I prayed and I applied it on my hand. I again felt I should rub it on my body. I anointed my head and as I rub my stomach with the oil, immediately, a very sharp sound came out of my stomach and I knew I have been delivered. However, I discovered while studying that testimonies brings permanent victory and I decided that I must share the testimony to the glory of God and shame the devil. He has lost the battle against me. The victorious God gave me His victory on a platter of gold. Indeed, I am more than a conqueror. Who did it? Jesus Oh my God. Wonderful and Amazing WOW!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

SAMUEL EJIOFOH Period: August, 2020

I just want to thank God for his mercies upon my life and my wife and family, want to give him all the praise for his grace that is sufficient and more than enough everyday. This 2020 convention is the first convention in years that I have not struggled with sexual sin mastubration and pornography, God has fully delivered my life and all I had to do was surrender to him fully. Also want to thank him for victory over dream criminal and witchcraft and marine manipulation in the life of my wife. He has been to faithful to us and just when other where saying there is a casting he has been lifting us up by giving me a new position in my office. Also want to say thank you to the God of adeboye for extending my green card for another 18 month while they process the permanent one. I give him all the glory for his servant who he has been using to be a blessing to myself and my wife and family pastor Kanu all the way in cross rivers calabar of the RCCG new Covenant church I never see this kind of God before wonder wonder
Florida, United States

ESTHER EDACHE Period: August, 2020

I want to thank God for the Salvation of my soul,am here to testify to God's goodness in my life and family during the lock down,he protect and provide for us when thing were very hard for us. I was very sick and he heal me, my husband was home on indefinite live with out pay, but God was faithful,and we have been praying for God to intervene,and to the glory of God,they call him back to work, I just want to say thank you Jesus for all that you have done for me and family, I no that you who have started this work is faithful to complete it.
Lagos, Nigeria

PST.CHRIS EROMOSELE Period: August, 2011

Thank God for the salvation of my soul.I came to 2011 Convention l asked God for a land to build hotel of my own.God granted my request in 2015 and by his grace the hotel is completed in Akwa Ibom state.Havilah Towers Hotels.May his name be for ever glorified in Jesus mighty name. amen
Edo, Nigeria

OYEWALE ESTHER Period: August, 2020

I thank God for the salvation of my soul, sorry Lord this testimony is long over due, April 2017 Abba Father 7 holy ghost service I came trusting God for the fruit of womb. Feb 2019 I was delivered of a baby boy. June 2020 God remineded me of not thanking him for answered prayer Tru daddy's message (waiting on the Lord). I want to use this medium to say big thank you to God Almighty for his faithfulness and love towards me and my family, may his name be praised for every in Jesus name.
Ekiti, Nigeria

ENEGIDE TOLULOPE Period: February, 2017

I bless the name of Thy lord who answered my prayers,i was having a pain with blood after urinating before that have gone to the hospital and was been treated for infection severally instead of been pregnant it's infection,this faithful night when daddy we should ask for a special thing from God I told God I don't want to be treated for infection again but to carry my baby. God did it I gave birth in November that same year. When the doctor was surprised.thank you Jesus.
Abuja, Nigeria


I want to thank God for admission after 4 years of seeking for admission. I attended the 2018 holyghost congress in December expecting admission even though the admission was already late but I came with hope lost for the admission but in one way I still believed that God can do it. So daddy said on the Friday of the convention that he has already told his father(God) to please pause everything he is doing at that time and focus on us alone for one hour and i was so happy because I utilized that time optimally, I prayed till that one hour elapsed. Lo and behold! I saw my admission into the university of ilorin on the Wednesday of the following week, my joy knew no bounds. Please join me in praising the Lord! Hallelujah! please kindly share this testimony to the hearing of the people because I promised him I was going to share the testimony.
Lagos, Nigeria


i want to return all glory to God for the salvation of my soul, His healing and protection over me,i have been challenge with my blood pcv for some years but during may holy communion service i took it with faith that God will torch me and He answered me i checked it recently it has improved greatly,then i came in contact with a client that had coronal virus without any form of physical protection but God gave me His ever present protection,ncdc came and test was done my result was negative to the amazement of everyone that heard about it LET SOMEBODY SHOUT BIG HALLELUYA
oyo, Nigeria


Am giving this testimony on behalf of one of my twins, she was diagnosed of hole in the heart in the year 2016, 3 months after birth and this has made her to be in and out of hospital, with many admission, mercy of God smile upon my family in year 2019 when she was shortlisted for free heart surgery in Sudan and the surgery was performed the first day of holy ghost Congress program, I connected to the program and believing God for successful surgery and God perfect everything, she is doing fyn since then, am here to give glory to God
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul. I also want to thank God for healing me of loss of smell and loss of taste. Sometime in the month of June, I discovered I could not perceive with my nose and that my tongue could not detect taste apart from sweet taste. I prayed to God and also wore one of the anointed clothes, The Lord healed me, within few days, I regained my sense of smell and taste. I give all the glory to Jesus. Praise The Lord with me
Lagos, Nigeria
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