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JULIANA A. Period: July, 2020

I am giving this testimony to the glory of God of the redeemed Christian church of God and to the shame of the devil. In 2012 convention the Lord healed me of the issue of the ear which has been with me from childhood 36 years, before then it was so bad that anytime it start the discharge from my ear smell so badly that anyone around me will perceive the smell. My mother told me that it has been since I was born but after the 2012 convention I have not experience it again.
Secondly I was diagonised of ovarian cyst in 2014 and I was told that I have to be operated upon so that they can remove one of my ovaries. I saw 2 different gynaecologist and they said the same thing. As at that time when I woke up at times I will not be able to stand straight because of the pain in my stomach but myself and my husband decided that I should go for the 2014 convention and if the cyst is still there after the convention I will go for the operation, but to the glory of God I was healed during the convention and up till now the problem has never reoccur glory be to God
Thirdly in year 2001 when we were in the second auditorium word of knowledge came from daddy G O that someone that has been battered with failure will begin to succeed, as at that time I have written O level Mathematics seven times but kept on failing it. In the mist of the problem I dream and saw myself tied down in the dream but after the word of knowledge I wrote it again and passed.
After my higher education I started my professional examination and the same dream I had before came again saw myself tied down in the dream, I failed the professional examination many times but I refused to quit and continued to pray and believing God for my success. Many times I will see Daddy GO in the dream, in one occasion I saw him and mummy GO and the only word he said is LET HER GO today I want to appreciate the GOD of heaven and the God of the RCCG I am a qualified Accountant to the glory of God. Praise the Lord. Halleluyah.
Lastly my son was diagonised of adenoid when he was less than 2 years old but we were told that as he is growing he will outgrow it. The problem became serious as he was growing and we saw many ENT doctors because it is a problem with breathing when he is sleeping he will be breathing with discomfort as if life want to go out of him. The doctor told us they have to operate on him to remove the adenoid in the throat, we believed God for his healing and today the God of RCCG has healed him without surgery I thank God for all he has done for me I have come to pay my vow by appreciating him. THANK YOU JESUS.
lagos, Nigeria

SIS OLUFUNMILAYO Period: July, 2020

Im thankful to God for the salvation of my soul, and for his mercy upon my life and that of my family, some months ago a friend of mine had some issues in the school he attended, he was suposed to be suspended from the university,it was a done case. He told me about it, and i consoled him, believing in a mighty destiny changer we serve.I prayed to God about it, and made use of the secret of praise and worship I give glory to God that after a week God used someone in his school to clear his case, my vow was, i would testify ! Allelujah! God did it for me
Delta, Nigeria


I was trusting God for the fruits of the womb for years,June 2019 i planned to attend holy ghost service but I didn't have money for transport, so I contacted a friend for money ,but He said "ever since i have been going to camp what did I bring from there" ,that day I cried, but with the help of my parish pastor I attended the service. During the service Daddy G.O said,someone is here God said ,He will have Mercy on her, that same month I conceived.on April 4 2020,God bless me with a beautiful baby Girl. May only His name be praised.
Lagos, Nigeria


I thank God for his mercies n for the salvation of my soul and also for safe delivery. I thank God his faithfulness in my life n my family, last month I was believing God for a job, I had applied for one and things were not going as planned, i got an email from the organization that my application had be dropped, i felt bad n cried that day. During the June holy Ghost service daddy said, there is someone listening to me now, God said " stop agitating, I will take care of u", I claimed it and that same month I got that same job that my application was initially dropped, they overlooked that and gave me a go ahead in the application process, today I have the job. PRAISE THE LORD,
Ga, United States


Praise the LORD!!!!!! I give God all the Glory for proving Himself in my life once again. June ended on a good note for me as I gained admission into a university in the United Kingdom. I also thank God for putting everything in place for me. Praise the Lord
Lagos State, Nigeria


I give God all the glory for His complete healing. As at June 23rd,2020..I woke up to a severe pain at left side of my back which almost cost me my walking,bending posture. I always slept in one position due to inconvenience. But I kept on confessing God's word "By His stripes,I was healed" believing in my heart that I am healed already. Two days later after constant confessing on God's word, I woke up with no pain anymore..Glory be to God, The One whose Words are True
Lagos, Nigeria


I give God the glory for healing me completely. As at June 23rd,2020,I woke up to a pain in my back,the pain was so severe that I couldn't bend or breathe well, I couldn't stand upright either. But I kept on confessing the word of God into my life that "By His stripes,I am healed"..Each time I prayed, the Lord always assured me that He's with me, I shouldn't worry...Two days later, after praying and confessing of his words continually.
I woke up completely healed,the pain that increased my heartbeats and gave me so much pain was gone. I give GOD the glory and honor..The One whose words are True..Praise God !!!
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and that of my family. During the June Holy Ghost Service, Daddy G O said we will not forget this Holy Ghost Service. To the glory of Jesus Christ my wife have gotten a Job in Abuja with Federal Ministry of Finance. Who did it!!! Jesus oh my God! Woah
Rivers, Nigeria

EGHOSA OSAYANDE Period: July, 2020

I thank God for the salvation of my soul.
I want to testify of God's faithfulness in my family. My wife suffered two miscarriages.
The 3rd time she took in I instructed her to use the handkerchief Daddy G.O prayed upon.

To God be the glory the Lord blessed us with a baby boy.
Praise the Lord.

Bro. Eghosa Osayande.
Lagos, Nigeria

ABIOLA Period: June, 2020

I want to appreciate God for healing me during the last Holy ghost services. As the testimony was going on, I key into the testimony of others and I received healing from the pain in my chest that have been dealing with since February this year. I made a vow that if God should heal me I will testify on this platform.
Lagos, Nigeria


I thank God for His mercies, care, protection and provision for me, my family and all His children all over the world.
I thank God that after one of the Holy Ghost services, my wife and I went to pray at the altar and I came away with the conviction that God heard our prayers. Subsequently, my wife gave birth to a boy in January 2018 after waiting on God for 5 years.
May the name of God be praised.
Lagos, Nigeria


I attended HGSford 1st time in August 1998 with my 2 children as at then, 2rys , and a month . After d Friday programme lslept with my children. All of a sudden l met myself in d midst of occultic people who surrounded me. They all tied white wrappers from their waist down with beads on their necks. I was sitt down in their midst with my breast naked breastfeeding my baby, this happened to me in real life, and not a dream I didn't know how l got to their midst, or what l was doing there. I stood up from their midst with my baby in my hands and walked away from them looking for my 2nd child, and my church members that we lodged together @d auditorium. Eventually, l got them, and one of the mummies (elder Adesanya) was very happy and surprised to see me, she said my 2yrs old child cry was what woke her up, and she had been looking for me for almost 2hours or over, searching all the toilets, she asked me where l went, and where l was coming from, but l told her, l didn't know. Up till today, since about 22years ago, l don't know where l went, and what could have happened to me and my baby if not the power of God that brought me back from the midst of the occultic people I found myself. I've shared this testimony many times in my various Parishes I've been to, but the spirit of God is laying it upon my heart to share it for the whole world to hear, because up till now l myself cannot understand what actually happened. I thank God who delivered me and my baby, and also my entire family from the hands of the evil this is one lifetime testimony that still baffles me each time I remember it. I gie all the glory to God who has ever been fighting all my battles for me. Praise ye the Lord. Hallelujah.
Lagos, Nigeria

SISTER ONUOHA NGOZI Period: December, 2019

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul
Fct, Nigeria

ANONYMOUS Period: June, 2020

I want to testify to the goodness and power of God. God healed a friend's son of a heart disease, his heart stopped beating after he was rushed to the hospital in january this year,we prayed to God for a miracle, not only did God revive his heart but also healed him ,now he's back at home alive
North, Nigeria


My name is mrs Vivian Emmanuel my testimony goes as thous I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and my family sometimes last year I took in all of a sudden the pregnancy had to come down (miscarriage) ever since then I have been believing God for another. During last year June holyghost night Daddy G:O said there is someone here who came cause u don't have a Child but the lord said your Samuel is on the way I held on to the prophecy thank God for another program held in Church every wensday El-bethel service and thank God for the prayer points which encouraged my faith it wasn't long I took in ..the doctor said I had fibroid same side the baby is growing but I rejected the fibroid with faith ..knowing there is a God in heaven who can do the impossible , I heard a sister testified about how God changed her fibroid to a baby girl but I told God that he has already given me a baby which is growing inside of me so the way the fibroid will go I don't know cause I know he is the one who created me i believe that fibroid wil disappear after the August convention theme AND GOD SAID I went back to run scan again lo and behold fibroid was gone without even traces the miracle working God did it even the doctor was surprised today I'm blessed with a baby boy I named him special TESTIMONY cause God proved himself in my life. Brethren God is still doing miracles he never fails and please always share your testimony you never know who is down that your testimony can lift there FAITH. To God be all the glory ..please Sir share this testimony in church service and El-bethel cause its also a channel of blessing to me
Lagos, Nigeria
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