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DAMI Period: March, 2018

During March Holy ghost service, I wore the slippers of a colleague who has been trusting God for the fruit of the womb, I prayed on her slippers and told her she will be my testimony.To the glory of God she is pregnant.
Lagos, Nigeria


I am giving this testimony from Toronto Canada, I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for making it possible to make this trip to Canada. I live in Festac Lagos Nigeria and I have planned that I will visit my son who is studying in Canada after the Convention. My flight was on Tuesday 14th of August 2018 and I came back from the camp on Saturday the 11th and on Monday I went to the bank with my passport and ticket to get my PTA of $4,000 and from the bank I went to my office. On my way back from work on the traffic the Holy Spirit told me to remove my ticket, passport, the FX and some cash that I kept in my bag and put them under my car seat, I did that and not quite 15minute later a man came from the opposite lane to my car with a touch light found my bag inside my car and smashed the glass of the back door where my bag was and carried my bag and left with a standby bike waiting for him. I want to bless the Lord because He is never late, the enemy wanted to stop me from my trip but God was right there on time. May His name be Glorified.Praise the Name of the Lord.
Lagos, Nigeria


My name is Babatunde Adegboyega Olabambo, by God's grace am a Pastor-in-charge of a Parish namely RCCG Exceeding Joy Assembly, Area 26,Zone5,Lagos Province 25.
My amazing testimony goes does,after 2018 June Holy Ghost Service,theme: Victorious Praise, one of our Parish ushers,Sister Success(8 months pregnant) told me she went for scan and it was a girl foetus, so I asked,if that poses a problem, she answered me she needed a boy, I rebuked her because she already had a boy and a girl, you are expecting a baby girl , is that a problem,when some are praying for just one child, and not minding the gender either a boy or a girl , I queried her, but her reply calmed me,she said that she discovered a trend among all her sister-in-laws(women who married her husband's brothers) that none of them has more than one boy,each has only a boy and the rest are girls, so she wanted to break from the trend...
Honestly, my faith could not vouch for her 8 months old female foetal already confirmed by a scan machine ! Now to change into a male foetus by miracle. But I remembered what Pastor Adeboye said in his message during June 2018 Holy Ghost Service that PRAISE IS THE DIRECT LINE of God, so I told Sister Success to engage in 7 days praises, 1 hour each night and to call me for prayer on the last night". I only presented her case with 2 strong reasons (i) Lord if you do it for her she will testify to other sister-in-laws and they will believe her God can do anything including their own case (ii) It will strengthen her faith and others.. in July she told me that she bought baby cloth from the market...eventually, on the 30th July, Sister Success called me to inform me she birth a BOUNCING BABY BOY...I jumped for joy...because the God of RCCG commission answered my prayers...and changed baby girl to boy within a MONTH   ! I only promised God that I will share this testimony at the REDEMPTION camp.  Praise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria

AJILEYE OLUSOLA Period: August, 2018

In one of the last convention I came immediately baba finished preaching around 2 am ,I entered my car but there was heavy traffic I couldn't link express on till 6am, as I was about turning back to face Lagos my car fuel finished,no money ,no empty can vehicles started pressing horns behind me ,suddenly I heard a voice beside that speak whataver u say shall come to past,then I spoke then the voice then said my son start your car now,I obeyed to my surprise I saw fuel gauge rose to half thank I was still doubting the voice told me again son put on your air-conditioning. I didn't get to begger on till 12pm.I drivemy car without fuel for 7hours.God is great
Testimony, Nigeria

OLUFUNKE Period: July, 2016

Prior to the Holy Ghost rally 2016 in Dublin, I waited on the Lord for his mercy on my family and to key into the anointing for the fruit of the womb.during the program pastor prayed a prayer,"that God should ignore the unbelieve of the people to receive their blessing". To God be the glory that month God broke the bond of unfruitfulness. Challenges came at 7month,i had still birth, I held on to God that God will give us a pleasant surprise. To God be the glory I took in again that same year 2017 and the same year,God gave us victory with a baby girl after 4-5years of waiting. Praise God, hallelluyah
Dublin, Ireland

ADAKOLE EDDIE Period: August, 2018

During the second day of the 2018 convention and while the prayer of agreement was ongoing, my wife and I have believed God for her school funding. God answered and the next day, the funding letter was released.
Rivers State, Nigeria

PASTOR OLADELE DAVID Period: August, 2018

I want to bless the name of God who reigneth over all things.we have been trusting on God for baby for some years now ,During the last year convention 2017 (hallelujah) i added my faith with Daddy G.o that this time next year ,I we have my own baby, this year God Almighty has bless us with a bouncing baby boy may his name be praise for ever more. I celebrate JESUS. Praise ye the LORD.
Lagos, Nigeria

PASTOR OLADELE DAVIS Period: August, 2017

I just want to bless the name of the lord,we have been trusting God for baby for some years now,during last convention ( hallelujah) I join my faith with our Daddy G.O that time next year, I want to have my own baby, Almighty God has answered our prayed and gave us a bouncing baby boy. For ever his name be praise.hallelujah.
Lagos, Nigeria

EYONG FOLASHADE Period: August, 2018

We want to thank God that we came for convention 2017 for ordination while believing God for the fruit of the womb,we have been married for 2 years and medical diagnosis read that it's not possible to conceive naturally. On the camp ground we did prayer walk with daddy GO and I also sat on mummy GOs seat and God visited us that same August. I gave birth to halleluja bouncing baby boy on May 7th 2018. Praise the Lord
FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

YETUNDE OKUNLADE Period: August, 2017

I want to Bless the name of the Lord for the Salvation of my Soul. I am grateful and delighted to God for His faithfulness, wonders and miracles in my life and family. Specifically, I thank God for His saving grace in my life.

In 2013. I got married and became pregnant following month but unfortunately lost the pregnancy through miscarriage caused by fibroid. Five months after, I became pregnant again but medically the pregnancy was not growing and after waiting till the end of first trimester, we were advised to evacuate.

In 2014. I had a myomectomy surgery to remove the fibroid and after which we trusted God for the fruit of the womb to no avail till 2016 when I conceived but was confined to bed because at 13 weeks suddenly the amminotic fluild completely dried up and was being managed by consultant at UCH Ibadan. The doctors said there should be fetal demise 2weeks after absence of amminotic fluid but the baby survived till 38 weeks but lost him 2 hours after birth on the 28th of October, 2016.
When the news of the loss of our baby was shared to me, I started crying, but i thank God all i could do afterwards was praising and thanking God. I cried in a loud voice saying I will come back to this same hospital and ward to give birth to my baby.

My husband and I was at camp for the cross over service of 2016 to 2017 and we trusted and believed God for a PLEASANT SURPRISE in the new year. To God be the glory I conceived in the month of February 2017 and because the child I was carrying was prophectical the devil could not harm him but I was attacked with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) of which my blood pressure normal before, during and after the sickness, a sickness that led to complete paralysis for my nerves from April. I was admitted into ICU UCH Ibadan, I was given no chance of survival for both myself and unborn baby. I was on the bed for 108 days in the hospital unable to do anything for myself.

I was subjected to intense physiotherapy while carrying my pregnancy. Afterwards, I was placed on walking frame after I was discharged from the hospital, I couldn't stand up from a sitting position but God of Daddy Adeboye healed me during the last convention while watching at home. I told God with FAITH before the end of the convention I want to stand up by myself and walk. To the glory of God, the Friday night of the covention, during the ministration of our Daddy in the Lord I stood up from my sitting position by myself without any help.

Finally on October 26, 2017, exactly a year after the loss, the prophecy came to pass, It happened in the same hospital, same ward, same bed and what the doctors said was not possible, what defile medical knowledge and practice, the Living God did for me and my family. I was successful delivered of a baby boy called IyanuOluwa, Pleasant Surprise, Nathanael.
Who did it JESUS.............

This is to encourage all families who are waiting on God for the Fruits of the Womb, As an ENCOURAGER, I want to charge us NOT and NEVER TO GIVE UP but TRUST, HOPE, BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN GOD.
OYO, Nigeria

OLORUNSOLA MRS Period: June, 2018

God healed me of cercvical cancer. God also healed my daughter of chronic bronchitis. To God be the Glory Halleluyah. Amen
Lagos, Nigeria

BABALOLA DEBORAH Period: May, 2018

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I have being battling with so much fear because of my health. I searched online for a message on fear not by Daddy Adeboye and this message - "Fear Not preached on the 6th of November, 1998" came up. I read through, trusting God for healing because I was to go for check-up today. Shortly after reading, I went for the check-up and to God be the Glory, I am healed and healthy. He also helped my faith.
Oyo, Nigeria

TEMITOPE Period: May, 2018

lONDON, United Kingdom

OLAIDE NWAKA Period: August, 2016

I bless God for the salvation of my soul, I also thank him for breaking tne yoke of the devil in my life, I came to the 2016 convention trusting God for the fruit of the womb after several failed attempt, God answered my prayers and I conceived that same month and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in April 2017. Despite all the devil did to spoil my testimony, God Almighty proved himself strong. I return all glory to him alone and further dedicate anointed Jeremiah iyanuoluwa ebubechukwu to God. Thank you lord.
Lagos, Nigeria

BOLANLE AKINSUNMI Period: April, 2018

Testimony from Mummy Bolanle Akinsunmi (Georgia, USA)
Praise the Lord, I want to praise the lord for what God has done in my life and my children’s lives. All glory and all honor belong to my lord and my savior Jesus Christ.
​I will also use this time to thank our father and mother in the Lord, Daddy and Mummy E.A. Adeboye because God used our daddy to bring joy and happiness into my family.
​I came home from U.S.A in February 2017, immediately, I got off from the plane I told those people that came to pick me up from the airport that we are heading straight to camp. One of the people informed me that there was no program for that day, but I responded that I needed to talk to my God. On getting to Camp, I went into the Arena and stood on the altar thanking God for bringing me back home safely from the USA. Then I told God you promised your son daddy Adeboye and all your children that whatever we ask for on this altar that you will do it for us, so whatever I ask for from you today, You must do it. I continue to tell God that I don’t know how He will do it, but He must do it because I know I’m one of His children. I put the little money I had with me in the offering box and left the Arena.
​About 2 or 3 weeks later, daddy Adeboye was peaching on B.C.O.S television channel, and the title of his ministration was ‘Make Whole’. I prayed along and wrote down all the prayer points. Later that evening before going to bed, I used all the prayer points to pray and I dreamt. In my dream, it seems like daddy Adeboye was still ministering and he turned to me and asked me to send the pictures of my sons and their wives to camp and let the pastors touch the picture and pray over the pictures. I woke up and immediately got on my knees and worship my heaven father.
​The following morning, I went to the post office, mailed and addressed the package to daddy Adeboye. I stayed in Nigeria about 3 months, but before leaving to go back to the States both of my son’s wives got pregnant. My older son and his wife gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, while my other son and his wife gave birth to a baby boy.
​I can’t praise God enough, but I thank Him for His faithfulness, and I give Him all glory.
Ga, United States
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