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NOAH JOSEPH Period: May, 2016

I Want To Bless The Name Of God For Showing Me The Way Out Of Darkness To Lightness. Praise The Lord!
Kogi, Nigeria

OREFFO IFEANYICHUKWU Period: January, 2017

i want to thank God for healing my stomach bite cos as i prayed with the anointing oil and drink a little i got healing gradually and i am feeling better now,i also want to thank GOD for my brother for giving him a job,and also want to thank God on behalf all my siblings for making them a graduate.infact God has been wonderful this year also for shelter provision and money provisions he had been so great.praise God
lagos`, Nigeria

MRS ADEYEMI OLAYEMI Period: January, 2016

I want to thank God for breaking the covenant of barrenness in my marriage. I got married in June 2014 and up till January 2016 no baby... I and my husband continued to pray and trusting God for our own baby... But in January 2016 I came to holy Ghost service tagged.... No more losses and all the prophecy on that day from our daddy G.O was for me that same month I did not see my monthly flow and lo and behold in September 2nd 2016 I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy exactly what I asked from God. Who did it...... Jesus
Lagos, Nigeria

OLUFADE BUSOLA Period: January, 2017

prior to the convention of 2016, I asked God to deliver me from immoral thoughts and He heard my cry. Let somebody shout halleluyah!
Lagos, Nigeria

OLUFUNKE ALUKO-DANIELS Period: December, 2017

I want to give God all the praise and the honour for the salvation of my soul,for all the spiritual nourishment via the ministry of our father in the Lord. I want to particularly testify that during the 2016 Congress following daddy's direction I asked God for a Christmas present namely promotion and God did it for me on the 16th December 2016. Praise the name of the Lord.
Coventry, United Kingdom

MOJISOLA Period: December, 2016

I give this testimony to the glory of God! I thank God for the salvation of my soul and the guidance and protection of my family. I also thank God as I started a course last year and finished this December to the glory of God. God gave me a job even before the completion of my course. I thank God especially as this job allows me to have time for my family which is very difficult in the United Kingdom. I also thank God ahead for all he will do in my family in 2017.
To God be all the glory.
Luton, United Kingdom

SHIKUNOLA COKER Period: December, 2016

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul.I thank God for helping me in my job.Am.thanking God breaking the bands of marital delay and removing.the reproach of loneliness life,destroying the works of the devil over my destiny Hallelujah!!!
Lagos, Nigeria


I am thanking God because through His son Pastor E.A Adeboye, He said things will be better in this second half of the year despite the hatch condition. I want to thank God because I am a living testimony to that prophetic release. I have successfully graduated fom Auchi poly and my life was spared despite all the works of the devil. Praise master Jesus. Halleluyah.
Delta state Warri, Nigeria

AJUNWA STANLEY Period: December, 2016

Hallelujah...! I want to bless the name of the LORD for HIS mercies on my family. My wife and i have been believing GOD for the fruit of the womb. Daddy G.O was in South Africa recently , and the first prayer he offered was that the LORD is blessing someone hearing his voice with twin babies. I immediately echoed AMEN and held my wife in agreement using John 16 vs 24 to seal it. To the Glory of the LORD my wife is pregnant. The bigger testimony is that we don't need to do a scan, we have believed GOD that her pregnancy is that of our TWINS and they are on their way in JESUS NAME.... AMEN.
Abuja, Nigeria

KIKE DADA Period: December, 2016

Praise the lord! I was having a severe
toothache on monday but during the
day 1 holy ghost congress God healed
me completely. I have not felt any pain
since monday. Praise the lord
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEBAYO TOLULOPE Period: December, 2016

Some years ago,in 2014, it happened that I was diagnosed of hepatitis B when I wanted to donate blood to my nephew who was at the hospital bed. So i couldnt donate the blood. That particular year Convention and Holy ghost Congress, I prayed about it that God should heal me. I took the holy communion during the holy communion service on saturday. Since then , I just belived i have been healed. October 2016 i went for blood test and I was tested hepatitis B negative. Praise God!!! God healed me
ogun, Nigeria

OKEWOLE TINUADE Period: December, 2016

I want to thank the Lord God Almighty for healing me of sickle cell anaemia. After praying and asking God to heal me, He delivered me from the hands of the devil and has given me a new song . To God be all the glory, he changed my genotype from ss to aa. 2016 is indeed my year of breakthrough and good health.
ogun, Nigeria

FADARE ESTHER Period: December, 2016

Blessings from our LORD Jesus Christ and our personal savior, i gave my life to Christ on 11th of December 2015 and i magnified his name because he help me and strengthen me to move forward in him by taking a bold step to work in his Vineyard by joining the Redeemed Missionary School here in Ede Dimeji, Kindly help me in your prayers for me to be able to finish well and wax stronger in him and may his presence never depart away from me, more Grace and Power to continually work for him the more.
Ede Dimeji, Nigeria

HENRY Period: December, 2016

I have been paying tithe for years but never first fruit. I decided to obey the Word and pay it from the beginning of this year so I gave ALL of my first Allowance (as an NYSC Corper) and also ALL of my first salary. I was posted to a state where I did not know anyone or have any family. God opened doors of free accommodation for the entire year (a whole house with 6 rooms, a garage, kitchen and garden) with free security, electricity, water, etc. Also, I was never involved in any accident even though I witnessed quite a few. God also secured for me a job in a top Firm in Nigeria after my service. Praise the Lord!
Lagos, Nigeria

TUTU Period: November, 2016

Praise Report/Testimony

I just want to say I am thankful to God for recovery from uterine surgery last year and successful conception and birth of my baby Son as well as a successful wedding to my God sent husband. I thank God for his mercies. He brought me out from homelessness to a home. May his name be praised forever more Amen.

Prayer Request
Dear Lord, now we are praying for a good job and financial breakthrough in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name, Amen
Lagos, Nigeria
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