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I want to give God all the glory for his mighty hand that turn things around for good in my life.During 2015 fourty days fasting and prayer I sent a mail to Daddy G.O to pray for me because I was having issues with my health and couldn't get pregnant. I bless the name of the Lord because before the fasting and prayer ended I took in and delivered a baby girl on first of November.Daddy, the anointing of God over your life will continue to multiply day by day.
Lagos, Nigeria

OLADIMEJI TUNJI Period: April, 2018

I am sharing this testimony to the glory of God. I thank God for the salvation of my soul. Although I am not a member of RCCG but I listens to messages from Pastor Adeboye and also watches the monthly holy ghost service on the TV. This last month of March there was a storm of reorganisation in my wife’s place of work which claims the job of many of her colleagues nationwide. During the process when the decision is being taken at the head office I lifted up the three anointed Handkerchiefs that Daddy G.O prayed upon last year and to the glory of God, she came out with the favour of God in the Re-organisation process. Also I still believe God with the use of these Handkerchiefs for our second testimony which is the fruit of the womb which I know God has done and the manifestation will come very very soon. From Bro Tunji Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
Ekiti, Nigeria

COMFORT UDOH Period: February, 2018

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul. I give this testimony to the glory of God
Lagos, Nigeria

PST THOMAS ETTANG Period: December, 2017

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. Some years ago my family and I came from Port Harcourt to the Camp for Ministers Conference and Annual Convention. We checked in to our rented apartment on arrival to the Camp on Friday. The following day being Saturday, my right foot became swollen. It became heavy and was vibrating when I worked with it. Our last born son, who was about three years old then, also started running high temperature that same day. I knew that it was not ordinary. I prayed to God that the Redemption Camp is a holy ground and a place of deliverance. I told HIM that it would not be a good testimony to come healthy and go back with sicknesses. After about two days my foot became normal, though with minor pain still remaining inside the foot and our son was also healed. I then asked God, while I was still in the Camp, to reveal the power behind the attack. When we returned to Port Harcourt, I went on outside work in Bonny Island, which took about four days. On returning from Bonny Island, I was in the car taking me to our house when my wife called to inform me that our house-help (an adult) who worked for us only on days and returned in the evenings, wanted to know what happend to us, told my wife that she had a dream when we were in the Camp. In that dream she saw that my leg was paining me and our little boy Emmanuel was also ill. I asked my wife to pay her full month salary and sack her immediately before my arrival, which she did. The lady came back the following day with her senior sister to confront my wife while I was in the office and threatened to attack her spiritually. This was confirmed through a divine revelation that she was to be attacked with madness. But the Lord took it away.
During one of “Operation Fire for Fire” programmes, which Pastor Soji Oni used to minister at Kings Palace, Rivers Province 2, he released a word of knowledge regarding the leg and the healing was perfected since then.
During the last 2017 Holy Ghost Congress, I started coming to the Camp on Wednesday with serious pain on the right side of my head. I reminded God of the above healings which my little son and I received on that same Camp ground. By the time I came back to the auditorium the following day, the pain had reduced. By Friday, I did not feel the pain again till today without taking any medication.
Praise be the God of Daddy E A Adeboye, Praise be the God of Redemption Camp, Praise be the God of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEKUNLE TIMI Period: January, 2018

Praise God I want to give glory to God cause I was able to gain admission last year
lagos, Nigeria

ALLI GLORIA Period: December, 2017

Ithank God for saving my life. During the Holy Ghost Congress, Daddy GO cancelled the death on our behalf, I claimed the decree of Daddy on the 5th of December which was the second day of the Congress, the following day, I had an accident which affected my right hand and leg, thank God, I am alive and well and I have recovered. Praise The Lord, Halelluya.
Lagos, Nigeria

OWOLABI OYEBOLA Period: December, 2017

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul. God healed me and my brother through the handkerchief that was prayed on by my father Daddy G.O. Praise God
Ekiti, Nigeria

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: December, 2017

I give Praise to Almighty God, The One who sits on the heavenly throne forever and makes the whole earth His footstool, The One whose word is settled forever. Blessed be Your Holy Name Father. What a mighty God I serve. This year 2017 has been a glorious one for me. Each Holy Ghost Service (HGS), Convention and Congress all of which I joined by TV this year has resulted in something miraculous, something special for me. At the July HGS, Abba Father 6, daddy GO prophesied that God said "I Will Reposition You". The following month, at the August annual convention (Hallelujah) of 7-13 August, daddy GO prophesied that there was somebody here that God is telling "before the end of this month, you will hear an exceedingly good news". Daddy GO also prayed on handkerchiefs and said that when we wave the handkerchiefs, the wind of God will blow and there will be a way where there seemed to be no way before. Just 2 weeks after that, I was back where I ought to be in my profession despite all odds. I'm progressing so well in my work, with all Glory and Honour to God. In August and October, I received 2 sets of large sums of money unexpectedly, and I've started again on projects abroad that I abandoned before due to lack of funds then. And with the November HGS (Victory Ahead) and December's Songs of Victory, where we were asked to pray over 3 handkerchiefs and wave them, I sang my Songs of Victory and I will continue to sing. God truly speaks through daddy GO. God has showered me with so much Favour and Blessings this year in His own special way, so many memorable Blessings that I will always be grateful to God for. Thank you Lord for Your Grace. Thank you Lord.
London, United Kingdom

BIOLA LADEINDE Period: December, 2017

Praise the Lord. We have started singing our song of victory. At the healing service on Tuesday, I tabled my 92-year old mother's case before God. She had lost her sight suddenly in March 2017. During the G.O.'s ministration, I interceded for her and used her picture to touch the G.O., on the TV screen. On Wednesday morning, she called me that she had regained her sight. I then told her what I did on Tuesday, during the healing ministration. She is now able to watch the Congress on the TV. Praise the Lord.
Lagos, Nigeria

PAULINE .J. ABU Period: December, 2017

Praise the lord. I bless the name of the lord for the salvation of my soul and His faithfulness in my life. I want to testify to the glory of God and to the shame of devil. I want to use this platform to testify God's divine intervention regarding to my promotion in my working(Jos University Teaching Hospital)last year (2016) Holy Ghost congress. I left for congress on 5/12/2016,getting to congress, I received calls from my colleagues that the date for the screening and interview promotion that we have been anticipating for had been announced and fixed to 7/12/2016. I was totally distressed and befuddled because I did not want to miss both the congress, screening and interview exercise. However, I took a step of faith by taking my working place ID card and the JUTH letter headed paper to the alter and I prayed for the postponement of the exercise to the following Monday because I knew by then I would have arrived. I prayed on 7/12/2016 that very day and I had the news that the screening exercise had been postponed to Friday(9/12/2016). I called my colleagues to confirm and they gave me feedback that the exercise had been shifted to Friday of that week, meanwhile, I prayed for Monday 12/12/2016. I went back to alter again to pray so that it will be shifted to Monday, however,the interview and screening exercise commenced.I was worried and very unhappy and i thought that my prayer was not answered. I consoled myself and concluded that another promotion will come even if I missed that of 2016.
Fortunately, Daddy G.O.(Pst. E.A. Adeboye) prophesized that God said:
1.“relax you will not be humiliated”
2.“am already moving on your behalf and nobody will stop you”
These two words of knowledge came before the news of my promotion interview and I said Amen but didn’t know that the prophesies were for me.
thereafter,I contacted some of my colleagues may be I will be considered, I was directed to call the head of department of my unit. I gave him call and I explained my issue to him. When I called him, he said he didn’t know me and he was not even in my branch, but he promised that he would do the follow up for me by informing the admin section about my challenges.To my greatest surprise,when the promotion list came out, I was promoted. Even though I was a junior staff and I did not know any body but God intervened on my behave, I was so happy because God moved in a miraculous way on my behalf. I was not there but I was screened and elevated.
What baffled me most
Plateau, Nigeria

ADEBOYE OMOLADE Period: December, 2017

I bless the name of God because He has begin with my family with a sound victory yesterday our daddy said God will do the impossible and indeed He has made impossible possible in family . Halelluya
Osun State, Nigeria

OLUWASEYI Period: December, 2017

I thqnk God the salvation of my soul and that of members of my family. After the 2017 Abuja Special HolyGhost Service (Let the fire fall) we were returning to minna,about 30km from minna we had an accident, our vehicle tumbled but our God the Almighty delivered my entire family and two other ministers with us.
God also raised men to support us financially for the repair of the car.
We serve a the Great Diliverer.
Niger, Nigeria

TOPE OLUWALADE Period: December, 2017

I want to bless the name of the Lord for what he has done in my life. During the last year August convention I cried unto God for a good job and some other things.After the convention, Daddy G.O appeared to me in my dream,laid his hands on my head and prayed for me..In the 2017,good things have been falling in places for me,as I now have a good job and have also started my Ph.D. Praise the Lord
Ondo, Nigeria

GRACE O Period: December, 2017

I had my first child in 2007,after which I was believing God for God to bless my womb again, i visit several hospital,after about four years i was told i will not be able to get pregnant ,I thank God that I was among those blessed in 2012 when our daddy in the lord said he asked God for 10000 babies,that those that barren will give birth,I have made payment for treatment before the treatment could commence me that have been declared barren got pregnant in sept 2012 and gave birth the following year to a bouncing baby boy. People of God join me shout alleluia. Who did it? Jesus
Edo, Nigeria

AFOLABI BLESSING NKU Period: December, 2017

Our God is indeed faithful. I thank God Almighty for the salvation of my soul and family. For 7yrs I've been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. In 2015 Oct.I had steel birth and my heart was in so much pain. I attended last year 2016 Holy Ghost congress and Daddy said out of the children that will be born at least one thousand will be significant. I received it by faith, before the end of that Dec. 2016. I conceived and delivered a bouncing baby boy named "Halleluyah" During the August Convention tagged Hallelujah. Let somebody shout Hallelujah.....
Cross River, Nigeria
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