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I got married in June,2005,i was trusting God for the wfruit of the womb, i was invited to Shiloh hour by a pastors wife, i started attending in Jan 2007, when i came also in February with my husband, daddy said we should dance the way we have never danced before which i did and he prophecies that when we are coming next month we shall come with our testimony and that the testimony shall not be aborted. I conceived the same February to the glory of God after the doctor already said my husband wont be able to impregnate me due to low sperm count, 3rd month of the pregnancy, i started seeing blood but i held on to our daddy's prophecy that my miracle shall not be aborted, i drank anointing oil daddy had prayed on, the blood stopped before I got to the hospital. I thank God, Mayowa is 10yrs old this year and with a sister. Hallelujah
Lagos, Nigeria

BRO TEMI Period: December, 2017

Praise the lord, I want to thank for our father in the lord, during this Congress 2017 ,our father in the lord keep mentioning bed-wetting cases that were solved.... I told God that he should send a word to our daddy.. And he mention another bed wetting case that was miraculously solved.... So I went back home last night and Drank lot and lots of water and soft drinks ...and I kept my hope in God... And to his excellent mercy I woke up dry....who did it!!!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

ADEDOTUN Period: November, 2017

I watched the November holy ghost service at the viewing center in my parish. I was having a sudden hotness in my viginal especially every 3 hours.I told God I won't go the hospital for any check up. I prayed ernestly for God's healing during the Holy Ghost service. It's over a month now and no sign of virginal hotness again. Praise the Lord!!!
Lagos, Nigeria

ANONYMOUS Period: December, 2017

At last year's Holy Ghost congress I came to pray for my sister who had been seeking the fruit of the womb for years, and the Lord heard my prayers. My sister took in that very month after years of trying and now has a healthy and beautiful 3 month old baby girl. I bless God for his kindness and mercy. And I pray the same prayer for all those seeking the fruit of the womb, that The Lord will make a way for them, no matter what the doctors report says. Hallelujah!
Lagos, Nigeria

THANK YOU JESUS Period: November, 2017

We were watching live service on Sunday and my head was paining me, When Papa was praying my head stopped paining me, GLORY Be to God
Abuja, Nigeria

OLUFUNKE Period: November, 2017

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul. I normally saw Daddy G.O. laying hands on me and praying for me in the dream, my life has been greatly transformed, I am filled with the Holy ghost and can now pray and study my bible for a long period of time.The Lord has moved from the valley to the mountain top of life. Praise the Lord!
Lagos, Nigeria

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: October, 2017

This year 2017 has been a Glorious Year for me, and October has been my month of Amazing Grace as daddy GO prophesied at the October Holy Ghost Service. All Honour, Adoration and Praise to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the one whose word is settled forever more. Daddy GO prophesied at the Holy Ghost Congress in December 2016, that "in 2017 God will open a New Chapter in someone's life". God has truly opened a New Chapter in my life this year and moved in an unusual, awesome, miraculous way in my life, way beyond my imagination. I received a massive boost to my career, with Divine Favour and Restoration this month. 10 of the 12 prayer points I put to God at the start of 2017 have been fulfilled already, and I know that God will complete what he started before the end of this year. Thank you Father. Thank you Lord.
London, United Kingdom

OYERONKE OMONIYI Period: September, 2017

When God opens no man shuts!I want to testify to the faithfulness of God concerning the adjustment of my status in the US.I came into Us with a fiancé visa in Dec 2016.After wedding ceremony in January 2017 ,I applied to the immigration service to adjust the fiancé visa; which was just 3 months to permanent residency. I was scheduled for an interview which was very tough,the officer who conducted the interview was so hostile. A notice was sent some weeks later that the immigration intends to deny my application because they felt was into a fraudulent marriage. I was given 30 days to respond to the notice. I cried to God for his mercy and divine intervention during the convention in August 2017 (I took part online)and I believed his counsel shall stand. I had to engage the services of a lawyer to represent me in the case. my response was submitted and I held on to God. The Lawyer had told me that it will take 2-3 months before I can hear anything about the case, but to my greatest surprise, a week after I had submitted my response, I received a notice that my application has been approved and some days later I got my Green card. Glory to God,our God is so faithful and HE answers prayers
Massachusetts, United States

OLUCHI IGBOKWE Period: October, 2017

In July this year my former company decided to relieve myself and a colleague of our duties because of change in business plans and structure. We were informed a month ahead, so on that day I went to my desk after I received the info and I sang this song - I cannot call on your name and end up in shame no way. I mentioned it to a pastor and he said to me God will give you another job and I said to him I know but what I want you to do is for you to agree with me that I'll not be idle for a day after I leave my job. On the Friday of July HGS, I joined online when Daddy was ministering I took out the letter notifying me of the firm's intent and I placed it on the alter while Daddy was praying through my laptop screen and I asked God to nullify that threat of joblessness. I started sending out applications. To God be the glory I got an offer at about 10:30am on 1st of August which was dated 31stjuly same day my previous appointment was terminated. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.
Lags, Nigeria

SIMISOLA OLABISI OGUNJI Period: September, 2016

God is faithful! Last year (2016) I trusted God for the fruit of the womb though I had a set of twins earlier to the glory of God but I still wanted more children.
During September 2016 Holy Ghost Service tagged 'No More Fruitless Efforts' I keyed into the prophecies from Daddy and I trusted God that I would no longer have any fruitless efforts because I had miscarriages earlier.
That same September, I conceived. The devil tried all sorts but God showed Himself faithful.
This June (2017), the Lord blessed my family with a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Oluwadarasimi Aduragbemi EriOluwa.
Praise the LORD!
Ogun, Nigeria

SIMISOLA OLABISI OGUNJI Period: September, 2016

I was trusting God for the fruit of the though I had a set of twins earlier to the glory of God but still wanted more children. During September 2016 HGS tagged 'No More Fruitless Efforts', I keyed into the prophecies from Daddy and I trusted in the Lord that I will no longer have any fruitless efforts because the years before I had miscarriages. That same September I conceived. The Lord blessed my family with the fruit of the womb. The devil tried all sorts during the pregnancy but God showed Himself faithful. In June this year (2017) the Lord blessed us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Oluwadarasimi Aduragbemi EriOluwa. Praise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria

GLADYS AYENI Period: August, 2017

I want to glorify the name of the Lord for seeing me and my children through the successful burial of my husband.He made us and all our visitors, have a safe journey to and fro and also gave us good health. God has been our Rock and Aĺl Sufficient One. All glory to Him. HALLELUJAH
Lagos, Nigeria

OTUSANYA -ELIZABETH Period: July, 2017

I want to thank GOD for my life because the lord of daddy adeboye is a God of signs And wonder.I went for the 2016 covention which holds during August And i told God during one of the programme that week that if i can pass my exam(waec) and also something my sister and i have been expecting that even do am not in the country am going to find a way to give this testimony.All praise goes to God almighty, the omnipotent,the one that who is and the one that who was and the one that who will still comes because he truly answer my prayer.
I know the lord will manifest his glory in my sister and also in my life.
PRAISE THE LORD HALLEYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oyo state, Nigeria

MARGARET ROWLAND Period: July, 2017

I want to bless the name of the Lord for the salvation of my soul. I return all glory to God for July Holy Ghost Service. Daddy prophesied that God will pay all our debts and I claimed it that night. my shop rent has expired since March 2017 and I didn't know what to do but God proved Himself and send me an helper. I also want to thank God in advance for my husband, we are believing God for a better Job I know God will do it in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.
Rivers State, Nigeria

MS KEHINDE ADEBOLA Period: July, 2017

1. I bless the name of the Lord for His divine intervention in my career. i cried to the Lord for a change in my job after several rejection from interviews and despite my so called impressive CV.At June holy ghost service(Abba Father 5), which I attended after several months of absence,daddy G. O. said "God is telling someone that, dont worry I have heard you". It was as if he knew i just prayed again on that same thing. that week i got call for a job i did not not apply for,though highly recommended'by someone i do not know. i was more or less persuaded to come for the interview even when i forgot to call in as promised. All glory to God, the same age that prevented me from getting a job in the past is the same thing that got me my present job. i was told, though you are not qualified for the job, we believe your maturity would speak for you. i was asked to start immediately, they paid for my 'one month salary ín lieu of notice'. the whole package was really wonderful.I truly bless God.
2.2016 was really an agonizing year for me and my family, we lost a lot. but I thank God because He led us to Him. and He gave us peace. I thank Him for the peace in my soul and the smile on my lips. with all the things im experiencing now, im truly humbled and know that it can only be Him. Halleluyah.
Lagos, Nigeria
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