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CAROLINE K.AMOT Period: June, 2013

I have attended the HGS/conference twice in Missisauga (2012 and 2013), Ontario and have been privileged to be in the prescence of the Lord Almighty.
Both times I have presented my requests to God in prayer and have been waiting patiently for answers to my prayers. Today am here to declare that the devil is a liar and cannot take away what the Lord has freely given me. I will come back to this place before the end of this year(2013) to give my testimony of what the Lord has done for me. I know that God is faithful, he is not a man to lie or to change his mind about what he has promised. He is GOD ALMIGHTY!
Ontario, Canada

ADEMOLA T.A Period: March, 2013

I appreciate the God of E.A Adeboye that does not allow me loose my Job. I was persecuted in my work place, all sorts of traps were set for me so that i could be sacked but my God stood for me and rescued me from them all. I want to also thank God in anticipation of the promotion that will come to me before the end of this year. Praise God!
Ondo, Nigeria

OLATUNDE LANRE Period: August, 2013

I want to bless the name of the Lord for spearing my life until this present time. In 2009 I had a fatal accident that want to leads to loss my left leg but today I can stand on the leg and use it to dance unto the Lord that save my life. Praise the Lord
Lagos, Nigeria

GLORIA IMHONOPI Period: September, 2008

I want to praise God for His faithfulness in our lives. I and my husband came for the 2008 HGS believing God for the fruit of the womb. On the week prior to that, I had a dream where the GO gsve one 'gele' to my husband and invited us for His daughter's marriage. In the dream, I asked my husband for two 'geles' but he said the GO said one gele is enough fo two of us(becos we have been asking for twins). So the following week, we came for the HGS believing God.At the end of the HGS and on the instructions of the GO, we also gave an offering on behalf of our expected seed. Initially, nothing happened but in september 2009, I had another dreaam in which the GO looked at me and said 'welldone'. The following month I took in and in July 2010, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.I really thank God for making it my turn to laugh indeed!
Ogun, Nigeria


LAGOS, Nigeria

MEGGI TOLU Period: August, 2013

I just want to give a good praise to our KING OF KINGS Jesus is so wonderful and he is doing amazing things in our life, and He is still going to do more.

Glory be to GOD AMEN
akure, Nigeria

ABRAHAM U Period: August, 2011

I want to thank God for 2nd chance to get back to the USA after a series of lies by friends that led to my deportation. After 11 years of absence, the good Lord has given me my residency back . I am back in the USA now and doing well by His grace!. Praise Jesus!
California, United States

MAYEN Period: August, 2013

I want to thank God for providing means, sources, energy, ideas for me to complete my twin duplexes in Calabar this year
Lagos, Nigeria

FUNMILAYO OGUTUGA Period: October, 2011

I just to praise God for what he has done for I and my husband, we got married in July 2007, we decided to start a family but the devil started a war against us. After months of trying I finally got pregnant but lost the pregnancy about a year later I took in again and the same thing happened. I was very sad and confused to why this was happening to me, I lost my hope in God and I was at a cross road I stop going to naming of friends because I couldn't stand being around babies and pregnant women. This caused a lot of friction in my marriage and my husband and I started growing apart. A friend of mine that I had met at work invited me to rccg klc in Edmonton and I started worshipping there, she also encouraged me to attend FOL in April 2011 but I didn't go. Finally in oct 2011 I came to FOL and I told God that I knw that marriage was created by him and that none shall be barren in his land! I prayed and I believed that he word shall surely come to past in my life and at a time I was willing to serve him regardless of him giving me a child or not. In dec 2011 while waiting for my monthly cycle I notice something was not right I was late and I had not realised how late I was I decided to take a test and to the glory of God after almost 2 years since my last miscarriage it came back positive. I was in shock, the devil tried throughout my pregnancy. I bled for the first 4months and I was always seeing midwives every two weeks for different test as they told me It was possible I would not carry the pregnancy to full term. At our 20 weeks scan they found something wrong with my baby's heart and we were sent to a specialist hospital but I refuse to believed there report and reminded God that this child he has given me is for signs and wonders. The test came ba k and nothing was found everything came back clear. I started having contractions at 30 weeks and was placed in hospital but I held on to God and I remember telling him that this child will not come until its time, after much prayers by my pastor and his wife I finally reached full term and at 39 weeks I went into labour but the devil struck again, after 24 hours in labour with not change and my baby heart rate going down I was rushed in for an emergency csection but to the glory of God I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 12/08/2012 and we named him Timothy oluwafarenmi. I am forever grateful to God that as of today am no longer seen as barren. PRAISE GOD.
Uk, United Kingdom

OMOBOLANLE Period: July, 2013

God is indeed the Jehovah Rap ha,the great physician, the God that heals all, the God whose report we should always hold on to.

He knows it all, he sees it all, he says in his words( ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. There is power in praying and fasting brethren.

My husband usually goes for an annual medical check up which entails a whole lot of medical examinations.In one of the test, it was discovered that his BHP level was really high, which means he had an enlarged prostrate and there was a possibility of cancer. He was then referred to an urologist. My world came crashing down,but then i remembered that i had a father in heaven, i prayed and fasted for 5 days, and i held on to the word of God that says he will heal our diseases and take away every of our iniquity.

Brethren the Lord came through......... My husband was certified fit and healthy. Brethren God answers prayers, he will never leave nor forsake his children. He listens,He hears and he answers.Praise the Lord.
lagos, Nigeria

WUNMI Period: July, 2013

Praise God, hum my journey has been a wonderful journey, I have said if I receive these miracles I would testify. I already gave a testimony in anticipation and today am here to testify again. I got married a year ago but was already 7months gone. I was pregnant and had fibriod. A day after my wedding I was admitted into the hospital because I had ruptured my membrane, a week after I put to bed a pre-term baby and d baby only lived for a week and died, after that was when I found I use to share same genotype AS with my husband, I had thought he was AA. Then 3 months after I had to go in for a surgery, which I give glory to God because it was a major surgery and it was a total success. In Feb this year my husband came home and said he wanted a divorce because he can't guarantee we won't have SS children and that the sign of the lost baby and surgery was for us to separate. He refused to come home for like 3 months then after he asked for divorce. I was depressed but held my faith, I prayed and fasted, God also raised some men and women of God to pray along with me and to God be the glory my husband came back home his parents who were against me became my support. Things came back to normal in May. So after then I had prayer warriors praying for me for the fruit of the womb because I had vowed to my husband that if God blocks my womb not to conceive till when the wedding is a year, I would ask personally for the divorce and at first it seems it wasn't happening because I was calculating and praying but hum I had only tried 2-3months but it was like I have been waiting 30 years. Am praying for the fruit of the womb, to have multiple birth twice and all my 4 to 5 children boys and girls mixed God willing would all have the AA genotype. I travelled and found out just exactly when our marriage was a year old that am pregnant, I can't be more than 4 weeks gone. God I thank you Just when I had started thinking my anniversary would only be a reminder of bad things God turned around my situation. I am still expectant for more miracles and I know God is on my side. Amen. Am praying its twins and AA genotype, please keep praying along with me.
LAGOS, Nigeria

ATURU IJEWERE Period: July, 2013

I came to this site a few months ago asking for prayers for my husband to be granted a family reunion visa to join me in Europe,and to God be the glory for his mercy,my husband has been granted his visa and he has now joined me;I just want to encourage fellow brothers and sisters out there who are hoping to join their husband or wife,that there is nothing GOD can not do what he did for one he will do for the other,just keep beliving in THE ONLY TRUE GOD and surely he will come through for you. Glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY.
AKURE, Nigeria

DEBORAH O Period: July, 2013

I want to give God all the glory for His great mercy towards me. Late May 2013 my period came with very excruciating pains, it was very heavy and had thick clots. I was told I had a trace of an infection at the Hospital and I should go to a gynaecologist for check up if the symptoms repeat. By June at the time my period was to come all I had was pains but no single drop of blood. I was very dusturbed as I also noticed I had more than the usual two holes in my private part. The Almighty God who created me restored all that concerns during last Holy Ghost service(july 2013), my period started just before HGS ended with no pains, its was not heavy and there were no thick clots. Through the last word of knowledge from God through Daddy GO my private part was made perfect. All Glory honour and adoration to the ONLY LIVING GOD,THE GOD OF ALL FLESH. Rejoice with me brethren, can somebody shout Halleuyah
M, Germany


I want to bless the name of the Almighty God for his faithfulness in my life, the lord has done it again oooooo; one of my major expectation for this year was to get good job, since I lost my Job last year for reason that was on known to me and many in my organization. I commited this, along with my other expectations to God and during the HGC few month, daddy G.O said he was in agreement with whatever we ask of God and he said we should ask for our birthday gift from God which I did; I prayed, to my surprise I got another job same day I was asked to leave my formal work and I was asked to resume on my birthday day, guess what the salary is even double and job security as well a letter of employment was already waiting for me from a company I applied to only about a week prior to the HGC. I give God all the glory for honouring his word and I believe the rest are on the way; I can see the signs already. THANK YOU FATHER
Lagos, Nigeria

OLAMOYEGUN IDOWU Period: August, 2012

I praise the Lord for He has taken me higher financially and spiritually.The Lord establish my own school for me.(EMERALD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) Praise the Lord.
Ogun, Nigeria
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