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ONI BIDEMI KOLAWOLE Period: August, 2013

I want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty, though am timid and shy person that's why I can come up to the stage. During last year Holy Ghost convention 2013 last yr Daddy Adeboye Prayed for us and said even the cloth we are putting on that very day is carrying power that if we believe we can heal the sick with it. I have a friend who had an accident was in coma for about 26 days and latter was recovery. the accident affected his head and sight and he could not reason well at time. I invited him to last year congress and he told me for pass three weeks before the convention that he could not sleep and I asked him, do you believe in the God of this commission and he said yes and I prayed with him and told him when he get to the lodge before sleeping he should pray and put it On. to the glory of God he did and slept off it was the people in the lodge that woke him up. since then till now he is sleeping and can talk well and his sight too has been corrected.
Second thing this power of the Holy Spirit did for me through the power on this cloth is that very 2nd day Jan 2st we started prayer and fasting something strange that has never happen to me before happened which is tooth pain it was as if my head is being chop up. I told myself I ve received the grace to fast on the grand on the 31st/1st of Dec/Jan 2014 and I said I wont removed my teeth,I later went to buy a liquid medicine and cotton wool, it did not work. but immediately I got home I remember this cloth, put it on and pray a short prayer cos I couldn't open my mouth. when I woke up in the morning I was in the birth room washing my teeth I remember I was having tooth pain before an.
To God be the glory. My phone 08130076871 and my friend name is Femi Asuwaju Pius
Kogi, Nigeria

BOLADE Period: July, 2014

I want to let all the children of God know that the God of Adeboye is Real and that there is NOTHING difficult for Him to do. He is God who answers by fire. I do receive from Him whatever I request for even sometimes before I ask. I want to thank our dear father and mother, Pastor Adeboye and Mom Foluke Adeboye for their teaching of Holiness, faith, love and simplicity. May the Almighty God continue to show up you in all areas of your life, family and ministry. Amen
Isaiah40 verse 31
NY, United States

GRACE Period: July, 2014

I thank God for healing me , my husband and our baby in Jesus Name. Thank You Great Physician, Jehovah Raphah, the Lord tha health thee.
South Africa, South Africa

BUSOLA ADEKOYA Period: March, 2014

I thank God for the salvation of my soul and that of my husband. During the march 2014 special HGS,the word of Knowledge came through daddy G.O tht there were 2 women sitting close to each other believing God for twins and triplets respectively,that they will come with their babies early nxt year. One of my sisters from my local parish also believing God for the fruit of the womb was sitting close to us,so I knew the word was for us.I claimed it and in faith,I am giving ths testimony in advance because God cannot lie and His Word is settled. Praise the Almighty never Changing God with me.
lagos, Nigeria


I posted my prayer request for a Job in January 2014 and the next month, God gave me a job. I give him all the glory.
Lagos, Nigeria

LANRE MOSES Period: January, 2013

I ought to go for operation which will cost me N150,000 but i dont have anything in my account i called on God for healing, lo and behold He removed my infirmity. in January 2013 Holy Ghost Service.
Lagos, Nigeria

ABENI Period: July, 2014

I did a test when I was pregnant, the result suggested serious problems. That week I prayed to the ALmighty God who is in covenant with us His children through His Son Jesus Christ
A repeat test showed the previous one was incorrect!!!!
LET SOMEONE SHOUT HALLELUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lagos, Nigeria

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: July, 2014

I want to thank God for His faithfulness. I started joining the Holy Ghost Services and Festival of Life through the TV since October 2013. During the October 2013 Festival of Life, I prayed fervently and keyed into all the prayer points. Two months after that, I passed an exam that I had done a number of times and had almost given up on. At the May 2014 Festival of Life - "My Cup Runneth Over" - I asked God to move me to a job that would give me peace. That same month, against all odds, I was successful my application for a job that I know will boost my career. I was also given the reward I deserve at work despite a lot of antagonism. God defeated all my enemies and put them to shame, and silenced them. I am believing God for my own husband and to have a child, and I prayed about it at the July Holy Ghost Service. I've had dreams of getting engaged and I've seen a little boy in front of me in my dream. I am worried because of my age, but I know that with God, nothing is impossible. I know God will Honour his word and I will return to testify.
London, United Kingdom

SIS TARI Period: July, 2014

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and seeing me through my days in the university effortlessly.To God be all the glory
Rivers state, Nigeria

CAROLINE K.AMOT Period: June, 2012

I would like to give glory to the Almighty God for all he has done for me. I June 2012, Pastor Adeboye came to Toronto for a HGS with a theme "beauty for ashes."During prayer time he asked us to present our prayer requests to God. At the time I was struggling to pay my fees. I prayed ad asked the "All sufficient one," to come to my help. Today I give him the glory and honour because the Lord provided all my fees every semester, and I graduated last month with a Bachelor of Engineering(Hons). I thank the Lord because my Father also quit alcohol(totally) this year, as well. The Word of the Lord says "At his command, amazing things happen, wonderful things that we cannot comprehend." We shall overcome by the word of testimony in our mouth and by the blood of the Lamb. I am believing God for all my other prayer requests, and I will come back here soon to testify of the goodness of the Lord. Praise the Lord!!
Ontario, Canada


I want to thank God for the healing process he has started in the life of my husband.The doctor said there is a growth in his abdomen which is likely to be cancer.I taught it was over that my husband will not able to do things by himself because he could not walk well.All the time he was in the hospital, we always listen to the June2014 HGS tape (Help is on the way) which gave an assurance that God will heal him.To God be the glory my husband resumed to work two days after he was discharged without using his medication.Am thanking God in advance because he won't go back to hospital and no surgery will be done on him,the God that we serve in RCCG will perfect that which he started .The name of God will not be put to shame in his life.
LAGOS, Nigeria

OLUMESE SUNDAY Period: May, 2014

Daddy told a story on how his father use to carry him accross the village stream whenever it over flow. G O appeard to me in a dream, and carry me accross a terible place on his shoulder, and confronted a beast like figure.
I thank God for this major deliverance in my life.
I pray for you Daddy, that, the Lord will continue to help you in this assignment he has called you do in Jesus name amen!
Feldkirch, Austria


I want to thank the Almighty God for all he has done in my life. I believed God for answering my prayer during the Year 2014 100days fasting and prayer. I attended the 2014 May HGS and the word of the Lord came unto me that am Made Great. I thank God for making me great in my 1st Semester examinations and for buying a phone for me which has been long awaited for. Glory be to his name in the highest.
Oyo, Nigeria

AIYEGORO CAROLINE O. Period: May, 2014

I want to thank God for what He did for me. I attended Year 2013 Convention with bitterness of heart and hopelessness. I underwent 3 Caesarian operations in 2007 2018 and 2010. To God be the glory, i had 2 kids out of the three CS. But in 2013 precisely January, i discovered that i was pregnant again and i was sore afraid because of what i have been hearing about the risk involved in undergoing caesarian operation for the 4th time. But to God be the glory, i gave birth to my baby even with CS but without complication and i am alive today to testify to his goodness and mercy upon me
osun, Nigeria

OLUGBENGA OJO MATHEW Period: February, 2011

I give the Almighty God the Glory for His faithfulness
lagos, Nigeria
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