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KEHINDE ADEBOLA Period: August, 2016

I thank God for breaking the yoke of infertility, and sooner i will be father of set of twin
Ogun state, Nigeria

AMA EDEM Period: August, 2016

First I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul,last two weeks I started having on funny headache I took paracetamol but last week the feeling on my head was like it was going to fall off on Wednesday which was
3rd of August I took myself to the A and E after seeing the doctor and checking my BP I was ask to go for
Scanning and the result came out nagative.but the day four of the convention when Daddy G O ask us to pray as I was prayering it was like cold water and cold breeze was poured on my head .the joyous of the Lord is my strength and the Lord is good all the time .
Bless 2016
Kent, United Kingdom

SUNDAY TITILOLA Period: August, 2016

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul,at the last convention held in August the friday night,Daddy G.O prophesied that there is someone here the doctor said your lungs are not functioning properly, my God says he is giving you another set of lungs,and i keyed into it,to the glory of God my lungs have been functioning properly.I pray that what he has done and will still do will be permanent in my life.MAY HIS NAME BE FOREVER PRAISED (AMEN)
Lagos, Nigeria

FAITH UKWESA Period: August, 2016

Praise the Most high God. I have been having ulcer pain for some years now but during Thursday of the convention the Almighty God healed me.
Lagos, Nigeria

CAROLINE I Period: August, 2016

I give God the glory for not ever failing, I always ask for for twins (specifically a boy n a girl) to wipe my tears. I got married in 2010 and started all sorts of medical tests and treatments. We even did ivf twice and it failed. In all this time, I attended shiloh hour in camp, wrote to daddy G.O, came to conventions, Holy Ghost congress, I never missed Friday monthly holyghost services, I even had Daddy lay his hands on us. I kept asking and trusting.

Meanwhile, 2014 September Holy Ghost service, I came with fasting, I saw the way mothers and fathers brought forth their babies, with testimonies following, I challenged God to smile on me before 2015 September HGS for people like me, to God be the glory, in august 2015 I missed my period and I have my twins boy and girl May this year.

Is God not wonderful?
Lagos, Nigeria


I want to give glory to Almighty God for safe delivery because God perfect it through the comb our Daddy pray upon.I use the comb everyday as my medication and God destroy the plan of the enemy,also he gave me total wholeness.Glory be to his name forever more
Texas, United States

AKINTUNDE FADERIN Period: August, 2016

Praise God. Last night I was watching the the Holy Ghost service on line.When it wax time to anoint the handkerchief, I had no white handkerchief so I brought out a white Paper serviette which I placed on my head. Prior to the service Ibe been having a persistent pain in my left hand. When I I went to bed, I kept the white serviette paper under my pillow. In the morning, I placed the white serviette pa per on the hand and said a prayer that "Jesus I pray this pain to get out of my afflicted hand In Jesus's name". I tried flexing the muscles of the hand, Behold,the pain was no longer there. PRAISE THE LORD.
Dublin, Ireland

DCNS. AKANNI YEWANDE Period: August, 2016

Thank GOD for d salvation of my soul, during the mass choir ministrations at d Convention Holy Ghost Service, saw Daddy G.O's hand lifted and with faith, I placed my hands in his ad to d glory of GOD,d pain on my ankle called arthritis disappeared. Let someone shout Halleluyah.
FCT 2, Nigeria


I give God the glory for healing me just as daddy asked us to pray on every physical pain. it is an instant healing from pains in my ribs on both sides, which started since yesterday disappeared immediately. praise my God!
Lagos, Nigeria

SIS FUNKE Period: December, 2015

Firstly I thank God for salvation of my soul.I got married on oct 2013 since then have been looking for fruit of the womb to God be glory last year congress dad said the person that said you will not have child if she is not repent she will die immediately I claimed it.To God be the glory janaury this year the lord visit me nd I conceived am 8mths plus gone. Praise the lord
lagos, Nigeria

SAMBOU MARLYSE Period: August, 2016

I am Sambou Marlyse from Douala, Cameroon.
I was watching live the DAY-3 evening session of the Convention through Internet.
When Daddy G.O was praying to the Father: “Heal all here tonight.”
I answered: “Father, heal all who is under the sound of the voice of your son Daddy Adeboye right now”
I received my portion: I was in a malarial state since 3 days, with uncomfortable headaches. Before I went to bed, everything has disappeared. May the name of the God of Adeboye be glorified forever.
Littoral, Cameroon

ABEKE OLAYEMI Period: August, 2016

God is Awesome. I give all the Praise and Adoration to His Holy Name. God has been so merciful to me this year. In April, I moved to the next step in my career, against all odds, after passing an exam I almost gave up on. I also received further financial breakthrough and freedom in May. I know and believe that God is working on the next step in my life and He will perfect ALL that concerns me. By God's grace, I will return to give more testimonies about the wonders of God in my life before the end of this year. Thank you Lord.
London, United Kingdom

SISTER RACHEL Period: August, 2016

In year 2012,I was said to have fibroid after carrying out a scan,I rejected it and called on the God of Daddy Adeboye and I prayed that I was not going to carry out any operation, today I am carrying an 8month baby without any operation. Peoples of God join me in chorusing hallelujah
Oyo, Nigeria

MISS DAMILOLA Period: August, 2016

Praise God! I want to bless the name of the Lord for delivering me totally
Osun, Nigeria

IFEOLUWA BABARINDE Period: August, 2016

I want to thank God for granting me my visa to go to the university in US. It looked like it wasn't going to happen but God too control. I'm grateful Lord. Praise the Lord hallelujah.
Abuja, Nigeria
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