WITH WINGS LIKE EAGLE 5th of August, 2011

Bless His holy name, let’s give Him glory, let’s give Him honour, lets bless his holy name, praise Him, He is worthy to praised; He is worthy to be adore. Magnify his holy name, praise the king of kings, praise the Lord of Lords, bless the ancient of day, worship now, he is the almighty God, bless his holy name. Give him glory, give him honor, give him adoration. He is worthy, he is worthy to be praised, bless His holy name now. Thank you father, thank you Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we worship.

I want you to lift your voice to God and say father, please let tonight mark a major turning point in my life let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are the mighty God, the great I am, Halleluiah!2ce

You are the mighty God, the great I am, Halleluiah!2ce

You are the king of kings, the Lord of lords Halleluiah!

You are the mighty God, the great I am, Halleluiah!2ce

Eternal rock of ages, king of kings and lord or lords, the ancient of days, the I am that I am, the rock of ages, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the holy one of Israel, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending, the one who is the one who was and the one who is to come. Wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, prince of peace. You are greater than the greatest, you are older than the oldest, you are better than the best, you are wiser than the wisest, you are richer than the richest, you are the almighty God, glory be to your holy name, accept out worship in Jesus name.

Tonight in your own wonderful way, visit your children, like never before, visit all your children. Meet all needs tonight, let our joy overflow tonight, at the end of everything, let your name be glorified. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Isaiah 40 v 28- 31 have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youth shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

There are seven categories of motion; there are seven ways of making progress. Number one is total stagnation, no motion at all, in Mark 2 v 1 – 12 we have the story of a man who was paralytic; he is paralyzed from his neck down, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t do anything for himself unless he was helped. Somebody like that is in what we call total stagnation state.

Next to that is crawling; in John 9 v 1-7 the bible tells us the story of a man who was born blind, Jesus saw him, spat on the ground, made some mud out of it and anointed where his eyes were suppose to be and told him to go to the pool Siloam and wash, he washed and came back seeing. When a blind man has to go somewhere, he cannot move fast. This blind man one way or the other managed to find his way to the pool. Crawling means there is motion but very slow and very limited.

The third stage is walking and walking means you are moving now, your progress is not really hindered , is just that you are better than the one crawling but you are not doing too well either. When we where little child, when we want to begin to make motion; we start by crawling, and then later on we come on to walking. Majority of people are in this level of motion. They move but very, veryslowly. They go from month to months just managing to exist. For those of you who are listening to me tonight who are in that category things are about to change for the best.

The next stage is leaping; when you leap, it means a short outburst of energy, you go up but then you come down. It is like that of a business man who gets a contract maybe once in three years. In Act 3 v 1 -8 the bible tells us of the lay man was healed, he started by walking and the he moved on to leaping. Leaping even though it’s just a short upward motion and then coming down, it is still farbetter than ordinary walking. I know at least somebody here today who will go home leaping for joy.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said the cloud that is covering your vision is been removed.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is a man here today he said your potency is been restored.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said you are afraid that you may lose your miracle, he asked me to tell you this one will be permanent.

Stage number five in motion is running, now running means you are making steady speedy progress.In Genesis 26 v 12 -14 the bible tells us the story of Isaac, who sowed in the land of Gerar and that year he reaped a hundred fold return. And the Lord blessed him and the bible say and the man waxed great and grew and moved forward until he became very great. That is an example of running, steady progress, speedy progress, continuous progress and I am prophesying to someone here today;beginning from now, your business will begin to run, your ministry will begin to run. In every sphere of your life there will be steady progress.

And then next to running is flying, when we talk about flying we are talking about total unhindered motion. The journey from here to Abuja by road, if you are to run, for a very strong man, would takeyou at least two days but when you fly, it takes less than one hour. Those of you who are already running before tomorrow morning you will be flying. We have several examples here but maybe one or two will do.

The Almighty God said there is somebody here today; he said I will put your enemy to sleep until you escape.

The Lord asked me to tell someone, he said before the end of this month the storm will be over.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said some powerful people are about to take some decision concerning you, he asked me to tell you not to worry that he is the God of all flesh.

Daddy says there are some people here you need spare parts; some needs new eyes, some need new brains, some needs new wombs. The Lord ask me to tell you just lift up your hands and receive your own now, just say Lord I thank you, thank you for my new spare parts, go ahead and tell him, because very soon you are going to testify. New hands, new eyes, new legs, new lungs, new liver, new spare parts, new kidneys. Let me hear somebody shout halleluiah!

So in 1 Samuel 16 v 11- 13 we see the story of David he woke up a shepherd boy before the evening he was a king. Now that is flying, that is speedy progress, far, far beyond ordinary running. Tell your neighbor from now on I will fly.

Again there is a stage seven, you see when the bird flies, its spent his own energy to fly. Stage seven is to be carried in a plane and then fly. In that case you make no effort you just seat down and you keep flying. Those who have travelled by the plane will tell you, no sweating, you seat down, you are eating, you are drinking, before you know it you have arrived.

There is somebody here today that the Almighty God will carry on his eagles wing and without any efforts on your side, he will take you to your goal.

He has done it before in Exodus 19 v 3 -4 when they brought the children of Israel out of bondage, he carries them on eagle wings, all their effort could not have freed them from Pharaoh but God intervened and because God intervened, they were able to not just to leave bondage; God placed them where the enemy could no longer touch them. In the name that is above every other name, that level where the enemy will no longer be able to touch you, God will take you there tonight. That level where you will no longer need to beg for anything, the Almighty God will take you there.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said you will not need medical attention for a long, longtime.

Now when the bird is flying, if he is carrying his food or anything with it, he has to carry that along, but when you are flying in a plane, the plane that is carrying you is also carrying your load. And when you read Isaiah 53 v 4 – 5 it tells you that the Almighty God is not only able to carry you, he is able to carry your burdens too. I can assure somebody here tonight, because you came; all your burdens shall be carried by the Almighty God.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I have a surprise package for you that will daze you. A surprise package so big, that long after you get it, you will still think you a dreaming.

Now very briefly, we need to understand that a bird fly with two wings; when a bird has only one wing it can fly, you need the two wings of the eagle and this is where I want to spend a few minute so that we will understand fully what the Almighty God wants to do for us. When you read 1 Corinthians 1 v 22- 24 it tells you about the two wings that you need if you want to enjoy this wonderful flight.

He said the Jews require a sign, the Greeks seek after wisdom. The Jews they want miracle signs and wonders, the Greeks; wisdom. But then he said you need both, and both are to be found in Jesus. He said Jesus the wisdom of God and the power of God. The power gives the miracles; the wisdom gives the other wing.

We are very use to signs and wonders, in the Redeemed Christian church of God we see it every day, we’ve heard testimonies tonight, we have heard of the sister who was paralyzed, who said to the husband just get me a picture of daddy, got the picture and became whole immediately.

Daddy has nothing to do with that, I didn’t know what was happening, that is a sign that is a miracle. We have heard of someone who took a handkerchief that we bless to her son that the doctor said thereis nothing more we can do for this kidney fellow and he got a brand new kidney; that is a sign.

You heard about the man whose wife’s kidney fail, liver fail, wife was in a comma. He took an handkerchief to her, she walk out of the hospital with brand new kidney and brand new liver that is a sign.

Every miracle you need, every sign from God you will get it tonight in the mighty name of Jesus .

The area where many of us are deficient is the area of wisdom, we want benefits without responsibilities. Your bird cannot fly with one wing, Isaiah 1 v 19 says if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. The good of the land is available; it’s your own benefit. Your responsibility is you must be willing and obedient.

When we go through the scriptures, we see responsibility and benefit balancing out, some of us want the power of God, Act 1 v 8 says you will receive power provided you are willing to evangelize. You will receive power and be my witness. Some of us want anointing, we want to be able to just wave our hands and the blind will begin to see, we hear testimony that shake us and we say w want anointing too.

We just had an holy ghost night in Dublin before we came for the convention and one of the testimonies that got everybody jumping and climbing was that of a woman, she has been barren for avery long time and have heard the testimony of people who said they were barren and they sat on the chair we sat on and then they became pregnant, so one day, when we finished the programme,everybody was rushing to go and seat on the chair and then one man took the chair away, the woman was sad. But then she had a brain wave and said the pulpit is there, he was at the pulpit, so she went to the pulpit and begin to rub her stomach against the pulpit, that month she became pregnant and when she was testifying she showed us three children two boys and a girl, as we were rejoicing, I looked at the eyes of some of my pastors and I could read what was going on in their mind; God give us that kind of anointing!

How many of you want that kind of anointing? May you receive it tonight in Jesus name, but it is conditional Hebrew 1 v 9, he said because you love righteousness and you hate iniquity that is why God your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows. You want an anointing, you must balance it with holiness, anointing without holiness is like a machine gun in the hand of a mad man, Samson has anointing but he lack holiness, it destroyed him. The blessing that will destroy you, you will never get it in Jesus name.

Some people wants victory but they don’t want to pay the price. Victory is available, the Almighty God wants you to be victorious but if you read James 4 v 7 the bible said it clearly if you want victory over Satan, you must first of all submit to God.

Submission must go hand in hand with victory, submit yourself first to God, then resist the devil and he will flee from you, many of us don’t want to submit to authority and yet we want to and expect him to leave it is not going to happen, because a bird doesn’t fly with one wing. Submission must come hand in hand with victory. Many of us wants breakthroughs but we know Malachi 3 v 10 he said you want a breakthrough? He said bring all the tithes to my house, we don’t want to tithe but we want God to open the windows of heaven, And bring in just one breakthrough, it is not going to happen because a bird does not fly with one wing.

You meet the conditions of God; he will meet the other side. Promotion must work hand in hand with diligence.

The Lord said there is someone where tonight, he said I will replace your entire digestive system.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said what people are saying about you now is that the sun of your family is set. God asked me to tell you as the sun is rising tomorrow morning, the sun of your family will rise again.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said you will understand wheni tell you, He said the flow stopped because you drifted away from Him, He asked me to tell you, because you have decided to come back to hm, the flow will begin again.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said I assure you; from now on you will enjoy my peace.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said at long last, the spring that is in you will begin to produce a big river.

Promotion will go ahead with diligence Proverb 22 v 29 seeth thou a man diligent in his business, he will stand before kings and not before mean men. Many of us wants to prosper, we want to become great but we don’t want to work, it is not going to happen, God is not a magician, he is a miracle worker, he is a rewarder of those who are diligent. Hebrew 11 v 6 God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. You want to make first class but you don’t want to study, it is not going to happen, you must learn to work hard. You are the one delaying the blessings God has for you, because you are too lazy, God almighty want you to wake up, if you wake up now and decide that from now on you will begin to work hard, by the time we come again next year, you will know that the God we serve is the Almighty.

He opened a door for you and he expect you to finish that assignment for one month, you are still on it for one year, how is he going to give you another one. And yet there are doors that the Almighty God wants to open. I gave someone an assignment; get me a little fish pound and they’ve been on it formonths. I went to them one day and say I know you will finish within one year, they replied no sir, we will finish within nine month, the work of two weeks!

How many of you want to reach the top? How many of us will stop being lazy, Jesus Christ said, my father work hitherto and I work, the Almighty God is still working till now, so what excuse are you going to give for not working?

Anyone who is going to because an excellent person, someone who will excel, according to 1Corthinas9v 24-27 anyone who is going to excel must be self discipline. You must keep your body under. If you are going to excel, you must be self discipline, don’t let us deceive ourselves; greatness is available, there is plenty of room at the top, the problem is, are you willing to do the work that will qualify you for the top?

Some of you will say Daddy, what is happening tonight, I will tell you what is happening, tonight, is going to mark a new beginning for somebody. God has given me a little glimpse to the future, He is about to raise up some great people and I want you too to be one of them, how many of you want to be great? Are you really ready to be great? Nobody else will tell you the truth if I don’t tell you, I don’t want to be popular, so if you don’t like me anymore it doesn’t matter but you must reach the top.

Anyone who wants to be preeminent, anyone who wants to mount with wings like eagle cannot be lazy, Isaiah 40 v 31 says it is they that wait upon the Lord that are renewed their strength, they are the one who will mount with wings as eagles. I told you the highest level of motion is to be carried, the one who will carry you on the flight is Jesus Christ, he said in John 15 v 5, he said without me you can do nothing, if I don’t carry you, you wont get there.

In Philippians 4 v 13 he said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, the aircraft that will carry you is Christ, he will be the one who will do the work, but he expects you to do only one thing: wait on him. We don’t want to pray and we want miracles, we want signs and wonders, it’s not going to happen, you pray for five minutes and you say that is enough, God is not your house boy, he is the King of kings, he is the Lord of lords, you must learn to wait on Him.

I remembered one occasion; the president said he wanted to see me, not the present one. He gave me an appointment for 11, I arrived at 10, he didn’t see me until 1pm… suppose am the one who needed to see Him… and he saw me at one because I threatened to leave, I got up and told the secretary, tellMr. President, I have been here for three hours, there are sick people waiting for me, I am going. Now I could only say that because I wasn’t the one who needed help, he was the one who need my help at that time. If I was the one who need his help even if he saw me by 9pm I will wait. How many of you know that the almighty God is greater than any president, one miracle from him that is all, but you don’t want to waiting on him, you pray for two minutes and you think that is enough.

I have told you the story before, we had a convention, I have finished everything, very tired, I told my wife, I don’t want to be disturb, I want to rest. I was so tired, I got to the bed and I was almost fast asleep immediately. Soon as I left for my room, a woman came from the north, asked my children, is papa in? And since they cant lie they said yes, but he said he is not seeing anybody. The woman said is he in? he said fine, I will seat down here until he comes out. They said to her he is not coming out today, the woman said who said today? I said is he in? she said that’s all. They told my wife, they gave her food, thinking after that she will go, she sat down there, finally my wife came and said I know you are tired, but you better add this to your tired, because this woman said she is not going anywhere, I had to come out in my pajamas to come and attend to her. God is not on a journey, but how many of you are ready to tell God, am not going anywhere until you solve my problem. Because time is gone we will not do, what we have been doing since Monday, we are not going to ask you to pray for one hour, but at least twenty minutes, you are going to stand on your feet, if you like you can sleep, nobody is going to stop you, if you want you can kneel, but for the next twenty minutes,

You are going to lift your voice to the Almighty God, and say father, I am going to stay with you until my joy is full, … and then begin to tell him all the things you want God to do for you. I am giving you just twenty minute… ask everything you can continue your prayer… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed, God will answer you tonight, he will open the windows of heaven to you tonight, that which you have been asking for all these years; you will receive it tonight in Jesus name. And your testimony shall be great. So shall it be, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I fly over every mountain, every mountain of sorrow, over mountain of failure, over every mountain of fruitless effort, over every mountain blocking my way… and so shall it be in the name of Jesus, will you please lay the handkerchief on your own head, and remember the just shall live tonight and whatever you say tonight, it is established forever, talk now

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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