THE OMINIPOTENT GOD 8th of January, 2010

Thank you Jesus! Some years ago, I sat down at the camp; it was the end of the year and I said to God, “Daddy, it is the two of us here now; so we can talk plainly. I said next Sunday, I will tell the people to praise you. But to tell the truth, I don’t see anything that I should praise you about in the year that is ending”. And God spoke to me and said “is that so?” He said I want you to get a note book, take your pen, and do some writing.

 He said how many people slept and never woke up? I said quite a few.

He said January 1; you slept, you woke up, He said write down as number one.

January 2; you slept and you woke up, write that one down.

January 3; you slept and you woke up… I fell on my face.

I said no more Lord! No more Lord! I will praise you.

Is there anybody here who has anything to thank God for in the year 2009, I want you to go before Him and praise Him, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration.

Open your mouth and praise the Almighty God who kept you alive, who had been good to you every day of the past one year. Praise Him, give Him glory, give Him honor, and give Him adoration. Each time you went out and you came back it is God.

Each time you slept and you woke up, it is God. That each time you are hungry and there was food to eat, it is God. For your health, for your strength, for your eyes, for your ears, for your legs, for your hands, for your ability to breathe, that you can even speak now, it is God.

 Give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration, he is worthy to be praise, bless his holy name... In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now that you have praised Him for what he has done in the past, for a few minute ask Him for those things you want Him to do for you in the New Year, go ahead and tell Him… thank you Jesus, glory be to your holy name in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Immortal, invincible God, immortal God, How great thou art

Immortal, invincible God, immortal God, How great thou art (worship)

Immortal God, invincible God, omnipotent God, the one who has no  beginning, who has no ending, the I am that I am, the rock of ages, the ancient of days, the one who has always been, who will always be.

 The one who has no beginning, who has no ending, the alpha, the omega, the beginning the ending, the one who is, the one who was, the one who is to come. Wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, prince of peace, lion of the tribe of Judah, the Holy one of Israel, the bright and the morning star, glory be to your Holy name, glory be to your Holy name.

Thank you for the year that has just gone, that in spite of everything that the devil tried, we are still here. We are alive, we are healthy, we are strong, we are free, we know you, we trust you, you are there for us, glory be to your Holy name.

Accept our worship in Jesus name, thank you for going and coming, thank you for food to eat, for water to drink, for clothes to wear, for house to live in, thank you for our hands; that can clap, Our legs; that can dance, our mouth; that can shout, our eye; that can see, our ear; that can ear, glory be to your Holy name.

Accept our worship in Jesus name. In this New Year in all our lives reign supreme. In our bodies, in our souls, in our spirit, in our homes, in our business, in your church, in Nigeria, reign supreme in Jesus name.

Father, show us your glory. Tonight do something special, thank you father, thank you for answered prayers, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Those who are born in the month of January, children of January let me hear you shout halleluiah!

Father, I commit all your children born in the month of January into your hands, January is the first month of the year, in every areas of the life of your children this year, let them come first; Give them priority.

January is the beginning of a year, give them a new beginning; a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of success, a new beginning of promotion, a new beginning of blessings, a new beginning of breakthrough, In all areas of their lives, let it be well with them and like never before let time serve you. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Tonight we want to talk about the OMNIPOTENT GOD, Jeremiah 32 vs. 27 behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?

The word omnipotent is a combination of two words; Omni and potent.

Omni means ‘All’, potent means ‘Power’.

Omnipotent is the one who has all powers. One of the basic differences between man and God is limitation. Man is limited, our God is not limited, and man is limited by strength.

In Isaiah 40 v 30 the bible says even the young men shall fall. Strong as they are they can faint, they can fall, man is limited by death. James 4 vs. 13 -14 says the life of a man is like a vapour, by the time you wake up and say tomorrow I will do this, tomorrow I will do that. Who are you, your like is like a vapor. You are here today, you are gone tomorrow, but God is limited.

God is not limited in strength Isaiah 40 v 20- 28 says He is never tired, never weary. Psalm 121 v 3-4 says He does not even need to sleep, He doesn’t need to slumber because He is never tired and He is not limited by death, Revelation 4 v 9 says he live forever and ever.

Many at times people will promise you something and they want to fulfill the promise but then they die before they could fulfill the promise, but God is alive forever more, he never dies, as a matter of fact he never dies. Psalm 90 v 1-2 tells us that he has been before the mountains. He said from everlasting to everlasting he is God.

You see one of the beautiful things about God is that he has no beginning, because everything that has a beginning must have an ending. That is why whatever problems you are having, now, it must have and ending because it has a beginning, but God has no beginning, that is why he has no ending. Our God is unlimited.

He is unlimited by resources, many at times you  want to do things, your heart desire to do things but you don’t have the resources, you don’t have the ability to do them.

Several years ago, my youngest child came to me; daddy what do you want for Christmas?

I said you better don’t ask,

But he persisted, what do you want for Christmas?

I said ‘what can you afford?’

 He said anything.

I said good go and buy me a plane.

He said that is not what we are talking about.

He is limited by what he had; there are people here who will love to buy buses that will be bringing people to the Holy Ghost service.

There are people here who will love to build a church every month, is there anybody like that? Now the one who is unlimited by resources will meet all your needs tonight in Jesus name.

He is not limited by resources because according to Genesis 17 v 1 He is the all sufficient one, in Psalm 24 v 1 the bible says the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. In Haggai 2 v 8 the bible says silver and gold belongs to Him. In 1 king17v 2- 6, the Almighty God sends birds to bring bread and meat to his prophet. Twice a day! Somebody asked? Where were they getting the bread from? Where were they getting the meat from?

We are talking about the all sufficient God; who had been baking bread before bread was made, who had been providing meat, before meat was born. We are talking about a God who can rain food from heaven. We are talking about a God who can bring water out of a rock. We are talking about a God who can say be and it can be. That God is here tonight, and he is going to put an end to the poverty of one particular person.

In Matthew 17 v 24- 27 the bible talks about a fish with money in its mouth and somebody said where did the fish get the money from, that is none of my business, the Almighty God knows all the printing presses of the whole world and he knows how to get whatever he wanted. And as far as I am concern, how he does it is none of mine business; How he brought bread for Elijah, how he brought meat from Elijah, how he brought money for Peter. How he got money in the mouth of the fish is none of my business all that is important is that my miracle comes to me when I need it.

And I am decreeing to someone here today, in this New Year, as soon as you need a miracle, it will arrive in Jesus name.

Our God is unlimited by love, his love his unlimited, human beings have limited love; they love you if you love them in return. Occasionally they love somebody because he is their child. But the elders have a saying ‘if the fire burns you and burn your child, you will remove your own first.”

Even as much as you say you love your child, there is a limit to that love, the word of God says ‘can a woman forget the child of her womb? And he answers the question for us and says yes she may, but me I will never forget you.

Our God has unlimited love in 1 John4 v 8 the bible says he himself his love, John 3 v 16 tells us that he so loves his son so much that he gave the world.

Thank you father, the Lord says there is someone here tonight, He says all your headaches; physical, martially, spiritual, financial will end tonight.

For those of you who don’t know what happened in Genesis 26, there was famine in the land, things were hard, Isaac wanted to run away from the Land, God told him not to leave, He said he should sow, as he sowed, the Lord said that same year when things were hard, Isaac reaped in the land a hundred fold and became the envy of the nation.

Now daddy asked me to tell someone here tonight, what happened to Isaac in Genesis 26, is going to happen to someone here tonight in Jesus name.

Romans 5 v 8 The bible says, while we were yet sinner, while we still hated God, God died for us. That is how much loves he has.

In John 15 v13 Jesus Christ said greater love has no man than this; that a man laid down his life for his friend. Our God has unlimited love, unlimited resources, unlimited love combines to give him unlimited generosity.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, in your dream you dreamt that your car was stolen, daddy asked me to tell you, the plan to slow down your progress has been aborted.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, a close friend stab you in at the back in the last year, the Lord asked me to tell you, in order to let the friend know that I am your friend, everything you have suffered shall been changed to a testimony.

Because he has unlimited resources and he has unlimited love, that makes him unlimitedly generous. Romans 8 v 32, the bible says the one who has given you his only begotten son, what else can Him not give!

In 2Chronicle 1 v 6 -12 all that Solomon asked for is wisdom, okay Solomon has been generous, he has given a thousand burnt offering, but after one thousand burnt offering he got tired, so God said now I will show you in my own case I don’t get tired of giving, I will give you what you asked for and those things you didn’t asked for, I will dash you also.

I am praying for somebody here today, that the blessing that God will give you and you will say to God, God this is too much will come your way before the end of this month. In John 2 v 1 – 11 they told Jesus, we need some wine and what did He do? He didn’t give them some few bottles; He gave them a hundred and twenty gallons. And He gave them in another language more than one liters of the purest of wine possible, because He could afford to be generous, He didn’t have to buy the wine, He simply spoke to the water and the water became wine.

In Psalm 23 v 5 which I have shared with you before, David said thou anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over, and I said to daddy, why the wastage! When the cup was full, why didn’t you stop? He said because I want this boy to know, that there is much where this one is coming from. I am talking to someone here tonight; the kind of blessing that there will be no room to contain will come your way today.

I have spoken about Genesis 26 and I thank God that God has already prophesied concerning that, because if you Read, Genesis 26 v 12 -14 by the time Isaac sowed in the land and the harvest began to come. The bible said he had a great store of servants. Servants were so many he was storing them as people will store food.

When you read Genesis 32 v 6 he talks about Esau, who got just one little blessing and yet he had four hundred body guards, one little blessing and God prospered him so much. Everywhere he went four hundred body guards went with him, you can then imagine the one that got the real blessing.

At the beginning of this year, the blessing you are going to get from God will be the original one. That is why those who are wise, they don’t joke with their tithe, because God said in Malachi 3 v 10 he said when you pay your tithe, you are trying me, to see what I can do. You are trying me to see if I cannot open the windows of heaven and pour you just one blessing that there can be no room receive.

That is why those who are wise, they don’t joke with their first fruit, because he said in Proverb 3 v 9 -10 that if we honour him with our first fruit, He said our barn will burst forth.

There is the kind of blessing that you will have no room to contain. Before the end of this year, somebody is going to stand on this altar and say brethren help me appeal to God to slow down this blessing down a little.

He is more than enough. He is unlimited in resources, unlimited in love, unlimited in generosity, unlimited in mercy.

The Lord said there is a child in here, that was born with a hole in the heart, the Lord asked me to tell the parent, I have given the child a new heart,

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said throughout this year, you will have no cause to complain.

The Lord asked me to tell you to lift your hand above your head, the Lord asked me to tell you, so will you be high than your enemies.

Ephesians 2 v 4 - 5 says God is rich in mercy; part of his wealth is mercy. Psalm 103 v 11 says as the heaven is far from the earth, so is His mercy to those who fear Him.

In Mark 1 v 40 – 45 A leper came unto Him and said, I know you can make me clean if you want to, the bible says He was moved by compassion. Whenever His mercy takes Him over, He does things He will never have done ordinarily. He is the one who says you must not touch a leper, that when you touch a leper you will become unclean, but when his mercy gripped him, he touched the leper.

The mercy of the most high God will move him tonight and he will touch somebody right here tonight

In Romans 9 v 15, he said I will be merciful unto who I will be merciful, in Mark 10 v 46 -52 the cry of Bartimeus, was ‘Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me’. Now mercy means ‘you get what you don’t deserve’.

A beggar by the road side, begging you for money, he didn’t work for you, the money in your pocket is not his own, you have something else you could do with the money, but mercy compels you to give the beggar, something he does not deserve.

I remember telling you a story and I remember God backed it up with a prophecy, I am going to tell you the story again, and I will decree something.

Years ago, I think it was in 1956, I was leaving with my uncle. He was poor, and I was poorer; if he had anything we share, when there is nothing there is nothing. There was this day, we were very hungry and there was no way food could come at all.

Suddenly a young girl came and said my sister said I should give you this food; pounded yam, vegetable and chicken. My uncle said I don’t know your sister, are you sure?

The girl said my sister said I should go and give you. So we took the food and my uncle said he will be looking for a gift to give her some other time, so the girl left.

As soon as she left, we descended on the pounded yam. As soon as we finished it, the girl came back and said the food is not for him.

I decree to you today, that the miracle you don’t deserve, the Lord will send to you this year. The miracle that is not even your own, the Lord will deliver it to your house this year.

Whenever he is moved by mercy; He will do what he didn’t plan to do. He is unlimited in resources, unlimited in love, unlimited in generosity, unlimited in mercy, which allows you to get those things you didn’t even deserve, and He is unlimited in grace.

Ephesians 2 v 5 – 9 says it is only by grace that we are saved; Romans 5 v 17 calls His grace abundance grace. 1 Timothy 1 v 14 says His grace is exceeding grace. 1Peter 4 v 10 says His grace is manifold grace. So He says in 2Corithians 12 v 9, His grace is sufficient for all situations.

So many times you have tried and you have not measured up to standard, you can fall back on His grace, many at times you have prayed and you have not prayed enough you can fall back on His grace. Many at times you should have fasted but something will hinder you from fasting, you can fall back on His grace. Many at times you should have had faith , you can fall back on His grace, because His grace is unlimited grace and that grace will be sufficient for you today in Jesus name.

He is unlimited in grace; so that He helps you when you didn’t not qualified to be helped. He is unlimited in grace, so he will bless you when you don’t even qualify to be blessed. He is unlimited in grace so that when you have done little, He will add more to it.

When He says move near to God, God will move near to you; He is saying that each time you take one little step of a man, He will take a giant step of his own, so when you take a little step, suddenly you will know you are close to God, you yourself will know it is not me doing this, it is the grace of God.

 I am praying for someone here today, that whatever little effort you make this year, the grace of God will amplify it in Jesus name.

And he is unlimited in faithfulness, unlimited in mercy, unlimited in grace, unlimited in faithfulness.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said death has visited your family frequently in the past, he asked me to tell you, it will be a very long time before you bury any other fellow.

The Lord said somebody prayed when I was talking about mercy, he says God be merciful unto me, take away this cup away from me, the Lord ask me to tell you your prayer has been answered tonight.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said every disappointment you have suffered, will become divine opportunities for divine enlargement.

The Lord said there is someone here, you have received several promises from Him, but human forces have delayed the manifestation, the Lord asked me to tell you; I will deal with all of them.

He is unlimited in faithfulness, Lamentation 3 v 22 - 23 the bible says great is His faithfulness it says it is of the mercy of God that we are not consumed, that it is renewed every morning. It says great is thy faithfulness, 2 Timothy 2 v 13 he said even if everybody denies themselves, he cannot not deny himself.

In Roman 3 v 4 He says let all men be liar, but God will still be true, in Numbers 23 v 19 he said God is not a man that will lie, neither the son of man that he will repent, He said once he has spoken it is done, if he promise it is settled. In Psalm 33 v 8 - 9 the bible says let all the earth fear before him because he spoke and it is done. In 2Corithians 1 v 20 he said his promise are ye and amen.

You remember the testimony of that girl who came to the Holy Ghost service and the word of God came and said there is someone present who has applied for the American visa, that it is already done.

She was glad, because she was going there on Monday. On Monday she went to the visa officer and presented her papers and the woman there looked at everything and said “no! I won’t give you the visa” and the girl said but my father said it is done.

The visa officer looked at her and said who your father is? And she said my father is pastor so and so, she said your father is not a minister, a governor, nor a commissioner, go away from here.

And the girl said but God said it is already done, reluctantly she turned to go and the Lady said, come back, because you make me laugh, I will give you the visa.

God has spoken it is already settled.

 He has spoken concerning someone here tonight that what happen in Genesis 26 to Isaac is going to happen to you this year, whether the devil likes it or not.

 He has already said concerning me and someone here, that throughout this year I won’t have any cause to complain, that is already said and nobody can change it.

He is unlimited in faithfulness; once he says he will do something, you can be sure it won’t change.

Finally He is unlimited in power; He is the omnipotent God.

Psalm 62 v 11 says God has spoken once, twice have I heard this that power belongs to God. Next time somebody tells you that you cannot make progress, that you will not be promoted, that you will not have child, that you will die sick, that you will die poor, turn to the person and say Power belongs to my God.

God has spoken once, let the enemy tried what they want, let the enemies do their worst, God has spoken once twice have I heard it that power to God. Matthew 28 v 18, He says all power in heaven and on earth has been given unto me. That was Jesus Christ speaking, all power in heaven as well as under the earth.

That is why he said in the text that we read in Jeremiah 32 v 27, he said I am the Lord the God of all flesh is anything too hard for me? The God who can make dry bones live again, the God who can bring children out of stones, the God who can tell the sun to stand still, the God who can tell the sun to go backward. The God who can raise somebody who have been dead for four days, the God who can make ninety year old woman pregnant again, the God who said with me nothing shall be impossible.

He is here right now, he is saying to you all power belongs to me, I can do the impossible, I can solve all your problems, I can drown all your enemies, I can bury them alive, I can burn them to ashes.

Thank you father, thank Almighty, the Lord said there is someone here toady, he said for the rest of your life; my favor will pursue you and over take you.

The Lord says, he is ready to answer your prayers now, ask God for something very difficult… thank you Jesus, so shall it be in Jesus name.

If anyone wants to give his/her life to God let him come forward now, the omnipotent God is not one you will love to resist. He is not someone that needs to be begging you to surrender to Him if you have any sense at all.

If you want to give your life to Him, come now, come quickly. And as you come begin to talk to Him and say Lord, I have come to surrender my life to you. I don’t want to joke with you anymore, I want to surrender my life to you, I don’t want to be your enemy i want you to be my friend, I will serve you for the rest of my life. Begin to pray, save my soul Lord, forgive me my sin, I want you to be my Lord and savior and I will serve you for the rest of my life.

The rest of us, please pray for these people. Intercede for them as they come; that as they are coming to the Lord, that the Lord will receive all of them and save their soul.

Savior I want to bless your holy name tonight, I thank you for your word, I thank you for your presence here tonight. Accept our thanks in Jesus name, I commit all these people who have come forward into your hands, save their souls tonight in Jesus name. Let your blood wash away all their sins tonight in Jesus name. Write their names in the book of life tonight in Jesus name. And don’t let them ever go back into the world, the grace to serve you to the end give to them in Jesus name we have prayed.

The rest of us, let us be on our feet and say father, make the impossible, possible in my life tonight, lift your voice to him…thank you father because we you have heard us.

Father we bless your holy name, we thank you for what you have done tonight, I pray Lord, that all these your children will never lack again in Jesus name. I am praying that by the time we come next month every problem in the life of your children will have disappeared.  That when we call for testimonies there will be more than two thousand testimonies, when your children begin to go, go with them prosper them, defend them, fight for them, for the rest of their lives, let their joy overflow in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.






Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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