THE GOD OF GRACE 7th of May, 2010

Let’s raise our hand to the Almighty God and worship his name, let’s give him glory, let’s give him honor, worship his name, adored him, give him glory, give him honour, give him adoration. Worship him, adore him, give him glory, give him adoration, he is worthy to be praised, he worthy to be adored, worthy to be magnified. The king of kings, the Lord of lords, the ancient of days, the unchangeable God.

Bless his holy name, he is our maker, he is our healer. Bless his holy name, give him glory, give him honour, give him adoration. Bless his holy name today, bless his holy name. Give him glory, he is worthy to be praised, he is worthy to be adored. There is no one like him, give him glory brethren. Thank you Lord, we bless your holy name, we bless your holy name, we bless your holy name, we give you glory, we give you honour, we give you adoration; we bless your holy name. we give you glory, we give you honor, thank you Lord, thank you almighty God, blessed be your holy name forever and ever, thank you Jesus, Glory be your holy name in Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

Brethren when you considered that not all those who said happy New Year, is alive today and that we are not in any way better than those who have died. When you consider that some people want to be able to speak they cannot, some people want to dance but they cannot. When you consider what you have been through since you were born and up to now by the grace of God you are still sane and not mad, that it is God who has not allowed the enemy to triumph over you.

You ought to praise him one more time, bless his holy name, give him all glory, give him all adoration. Bless him like you have never done before. He is worthy of praise, thank him for life. Thank him for his support, thank him for the ways he is fighting your battles for you. Bless him because tomorrow will be alright. Bless him because you are going to laugh last.

Bless him because the enemy cannot overcome you, because nobody can overcome God and you are a child of God, bless him because you are more than conqueror, bless him, please give him glory today, from the bottom of your heart, say thank you father, thank you for your help, thank you for your assistance, thank you that you are there for me, thank you that you still answer prayer. God of grace thank you, thank you, thank you. Almighty God thank you, ancient of days thank you. Glory be to God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you call on God and he refused to answer, what can we do? We can’t arrest him; because we can’t even see him, I want you to lift your voice to the almighty God and say father, God of grace, hear me tonight and answer me tonight, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Bartimeus cried unto God for only one thing and God heard him and sent his prophet to heal him, he put an end to poverty in his life, he put an end to shame in his life. Those who thought he was going to die a beggar got disappointed because he cried for one thing, brethren lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father, God of grace, be merciful unto me, let’s talk to the almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

In the wedding of Canaan of Galilee, when the mother of Jesus came to him and said they needed wine, Jesus Christ said, the time for miracles hasn’t come and yet, in less than one hour, the God who controls time allow the miracle to begin, lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father God of grace let my miracles begin now, go ahead and talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If I were you, I will pray the next prayer with all my heart, say father, before this month is over, let my testimonies be complete. Let’s talk to the almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Then you say father, God of grace, promote me to a higher level, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now I want you to join your hands with your neighbor, because of the law of harvest; whatever you sow, you will reap, pray for your neighbor now and say father surprise this your child this month, give him a pleasant surprise, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


You are worthy to be praised 2ce       

My redeemer, you are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be praised 2ce       

My redeemer, you are worthy to be praised (worship)


The Lord said there is someone here tonight, that this month is your own beginning of a new year.

Father we just want t say thank you, thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for May, thank you for yesterday, thank you for today, thank you for tomorrow. Accept our worship in Jesus name. king of kings, Lords of Lords, ancient f days, rock of ages, the I am that I am, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the only one of Israel, the unchangeable Lord, God of grace, glory be to your holy name.

Without any doubt, you are the most high God, without any doubt, you are the Almighty God, without any doubt you are greater than the greatest, you are better than the best, you are stronger than the strongest, you are older than the oldest, you are wiser than the wisest. You are richer than the richest, you are holier than the holiest, glory be to your holy name. Accept our worship in Jesus name.

Tonight, please be gracious unto us, show us mercy, in your mercy, save souls tonight, in your mercy heal tonight, in your mercy set the captives free tonight, in your mercy let there be breakthrough tonight, in your mercy let there be victory tonight, in your mercy let there be shout of joy tonight, in your mercy give us mighty testimonies tonight. Solve all our problems and take all the glory, thank you for everything Lord, glory be to your holy name, for we have prayed in Jesus mighty name. Amen,

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

And then shake hand with two  or three people and  ask them with emphasis, say do you know my God reign? And then you can put your hands together to the Almighty God and you may please be seated.

By the grace of God next month if the Lord hasn’t come by then, we will be talking on “Provoking Amazing Miracles” June as you know is the month we specially set aside for praising God, so even if you want to miss any other Holy Ghost service, don’t miss that of June. Come and dance before God, come and show him your gratitude. In any case, I am sure before the end of this month you will already have several things to dance about in Jesus name. But don’t come alone, invite all your friends, relatives, invite even your enemies. The Lord will change them and they will become your friend.

1 Corinthians 15 v 9- 10 for I am the least of the apostles, that am not meet to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I , but the grace of God which was with me.

When I read this passage the first time, after I became born again, I believed Paul was talking about me, because I knew what I used to be before the Lord met me; and I knew there are several people who were in the same category as myself; blasphemers, great sinners, who have made fun of Jesus Christ, people who should be straight going to hell and then out of that group God pulled me out. Not because I am bettered than any of the others, in fact probably I am the worst of them all, but God is a gracious God and by his grace I am what I am today.

And I know there may be one or two people like that too, who were not born saints, who were not angel at the beginning, there might be one or two people here who has sinned before. Not many but few, people who do not deserve to go to heaven, but now they are on their way to heaven, is anybody like that here tonight at all? Do I hear that person shout halleluiah!

Our God is great, very great, 2 Peter 3v 8 says that one day with the Lord is like one thousand years. In other words our God can do in one day, what you cannot do in one thousand years. Our God is great, very great that when he says a single thank you; you will become amazed, in Luke 5 v 1- 7 He said thank you to Peter, a single ‘thank you’ and an unbelievable breakthrough came.

In Matthew 15 v 21 – 28 the bible tells us that a crumb from his table is enough to set the captives free, you know that woman came and said come and set my daughter free, and he said I cannot give the bread of children to dog, that woman said I am not looking for the bread, but a crumb. A little crumb from the table of our God is enough to solve all your problems.

I was talking to my children in Scotland some days ago, based on Matteh8 v 1 -3 and I told them that years ago, when I was much younger, in our village, we have some people we call fine medicine men, they come around selling medicine and they will come with a capsule and they will say this one can cure two hundred disease. One capsule, they say it will take care of headache, stomach ache, malaria fever, all kinds, now we know they were deceiving us. But my God is so great that one touch from him will solve all problems.

He touched the Leper, he healed, put an end to his poverty, put an end to his loneness, put an end to his stagnation, put an end to his sorrow. Only one touch from him that is why I am praying tonight, that the God of grace will touch someone here tonight, if you are the one let me hear you say amen.

Our God is so great that according to Joshua 6 v 20 a single shout of praise to him, is enough to level every obstacles that is on your way. When the children of Israel got to the wall of Jericho, all they did was a single shout and my God became excited and he told the wall to fall. I believe somebody is going to be completely delivered tonight, if you are the one let me hear you shout a really big shout.

Now I know you are use to shouting, so you may not know the meaning of a special shout. Let me tell you a true story. I told them at the headquarter on Sunday, they brought a woman to the church several years ago, the problem was that she is always vomiting, anything she eat, she will vomit, the doctors have examined her from head to toe, there was nothing wrong with her, they have prescribe all manners of drug, non works, she just kept vomiting, and then we said praise the Lord and she shouted one big halleluiah and she vomited a worm. And that was the end of her problem. I don’t know who I am talking to tonight but I have a felling within me that that problem that have persisted all theses year. That sickness that seems to deny God, maybe if you could just shout one big halleluiah…

Our God is so great, so very, very great, that when they praise him for few minutes, he could cause all enemies to destroy themselves. In 2 Chronicle 20 v 20 -25 there is the story of a king , surrounded by three mighty kings, just one of the three would have finished, but three gathered  together, just to make the situation impossible difficult for him and God told the king, ‘there is no use fighting, you can’t win on your own anyway. All I want you to do is just praise me, and let me do the fighting for you.

So many at times when we have problem, we begin to use our human wisdom, maybe if we do this the problem will be solved. Maybe if we contact this fellow, the problem will be solved. Maybe if we pull one string or the other, our God will be watching and say look at this little fool. The people you want to help you, many at times there are the people who cause the problem, but there is a God above who is higher than the highest, who is richer than the richest. There is a God above who is called the Lord of host, who has never lost a battle before. And he is waiting for you to praise him and let him do the rest.

I will give you another story, maybe because it has to do with somebody here too, the story. Years ago at Ebute - Metta, we were conducting a crusade, as I mounted the stage that night, I announced what God told me, that that night we are not going to pray for anybody, all we are going o do as soon as I finished, is that we will dance and praise God and the we will go home.

After I made that announcement, they brought a woman that the doctors have told to go home and die. They brought her in a car, when t… they are having a crusade here, go there… when she arrived, she saw my deputy and said to the old man, please I need prayer, I am dying, pap said” the word of God has come out, no prayer for anybody tonight, all we ask to do is dance. The woman said I cannot even stand to dance, papa said I cannot disobey God, dance, it’s all they said. Finally the woman managed to come out of the car supported by two people, so that she could stand. And then the dancing began, if you can’t dance at least you can move a little to the right a little to the left. So she moved a little to the left a little to the right and the power of the Almighty God came over her and she was able to stand. She pushed the person on the right way and pushed the person on the left away and that was the end of the sickness that the doctors said it was going to kill her. Because I have a God that when you praise him, he can reverse the irreversible, for a minute or two go ahead and worship God.

Our God is so great that just one single encounter with him, will change everything permanently. In Genesis 32v 24-28 Jacob had a single encounter with God and everything changed, everything! Death changed to life, enemy changed to friend, his name was changed, and his destiny was changed. One encounter!

I had a single encounter with God; on the 29th of July 1973 everything changed. I used to be very sickly; my family had a big file at the clinic in the University of Lagos. Because if I am well, the children will be sick, one encounter and they didn’t see me in the hospital again. One encounter and everything changed and things are still changing for the better. Somebody will have an encounter with Jesus Christ tonight. One encounter with him can change everything.

That’s what brings us the issue of grace, according to Psalm 103 v 8

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said just keep your focus on me; I will see you through.

Almighty God said there is someone here tonight, he said that supporter that you lost; I will replace him.

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said helpers will locate you this month.

Psalm 103 v 8 says this God, as great as he his, he is merciful, gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy. He is mighty, he is great, he is powerful; he can do whatever he wants, when he breathes at all, sea will part. When he stands up; the earth will begin to shake, when he speaks, it is done. So if he wants to be terrible, he can be terrible and

Yet, he is slow to anger, gracious, plenty in mercy, but then Roman 9 v 10 – 16 says he is selective in mercy, he said I will be merciful on whom I will be merciful, he said I will show compassion on whom I will show compassion. And nobody can query me. So it is not of him that wills nor of him that runs.

 In Luke 22v 21-32 he prayed for Peter, when Satan wanted to have him, but he refuse to pray for Judas Iscariot. When I was preparing this message, as I search the scriptures, I saw this God of grace again; the sons of Eli destroyed him.  In 1 Samuel 2 v 22- 34 the son of Eli destroy the entirely family, but then in 1Samuel 8 v 1- 8, I discovered that the sons of Samuel were not better than that of Eli. Two sets of children, sons of prophet. The first set destroy the family, the second set as bad as they were, they didn’t touch their father. God of grace, he said I will be merciful on whom I will be merciful unto who I will merciful. Act 12 v 1 -11 two apostles; James and peter, very close apostles to the Lord Jesus Christ. They were arrested by the same king, he was allowed to kill one, the second one was rescued. James died, God sent an angel to go and rescue peter. Act 8 v 1 – 8 two young men, the same qualifications, ordained deacon the same day, Stephen and Philip. Stephen died, Philip prospered. God of grace, he said I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.

Ordained the same day, chosen the same day, they had the same qualifications. One died, the other went on to become and evangelist. I want someone to say God please have mercy on me!

Am sure you heard the testimony of one of our brother who travelled to America with his wife, on the day of 9/11 when they burned New York. They were going to the very building they bombed. And then as they were going, the husband saw the tea shop and said’ my dear let’s go and drink tea. The wife said ‘but they serve tea where we are going, let’s go and drink it there’. The husband said I am the head of the family; this is where we are going to drink tea. They entered, they were drinking tea. They haven’t finished drinking tea when the attack took place.

Those who died, there were Christians among them. Some died; God used tea to rescue a couple. God of grace!  Do you know you are alive today because of the grace of God? That the road you have been travelling all these days without an accident has consumed several souls.

I was telling some of my children the other day. Because certain miracles happen so easily, some of us don’t even remember thanking God for them. Because when you wake up in the morning, you stretch, you can move your legs, you can move your hands, you never bothered to say thank God I can still move my leg, and my hand. Nobody appreciate walking fully, until you have something between your legs that says ‘you think you can move your leg without the power of God!’

Occasionally when you visit the hospital, if you ever did, then you will see some people being beg to eat. Many of us don’t even thank God for not only providing food to eat.

I know of two or three people that died while eating. They choke and they died. I have seen three or two. So even after we have finished eating, many of us didn’t even thank God that you did not dead while eating.

Paul said’ I am what I am’ by the grace of God. I am where I am by the grace tonight. I am not in the hospital tonight by the grace of God. I am not in prison tonight, by the grace of God, I am not in detention tonight, by the grace of God, I can see tonight by the grace of God, I can speak tonight by the grace of God. I can wave my hands tonight by the grace of God. I can shout tonight by the grace of God, All by grace, not a single one of us deserve to be alive today if it is not by the grace of God.

 I have tried to have deep study of grace and I discovered that this God, once he has made up his mind to be merciful to somebody; he will work everything out in such a  manner that when he is showing mercy to the fellow, nobody will be able to complain.  In Isaiah 1 v 19 he said write it down it is written ‘if you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land. So when we see someone who is eating the good of the land, we will say it is because he is willing and obedient.

But then when you read Philippians 2 v 13 you will see it is written there, it is God who works in you, both to will and to do his pleasure. If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land, then he goes into you and make you willing and make you obedient so that when you are eating the good of the land, it will look as if it is because you are willing and obedient. People won’t know it is God who made it possible to be willing and to be obedient.

In Ephesians 2 v 8-9 the bible says it is by grace that you are saved, you just come to the cross and receive salvation. And then look at John 6 v 44 he said no man can come to me except the father draws him. I have heard many people say I accepted Christ; I heard the sermon and I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. You cannot not even move forward except God draws you, I know how many people heard the message that I heard and it didn’t move them, I knew how many of us who says we got born again at the same time and they are not in God any more. I knew how many of us were baptized the same day; I know how many of us remain in the Lord now. I knew how many of us that was ordained the same day by the same General Superintendent, the same oil on the same heads. I know how many remained now. Nobody does anything accept God does it; the bible says no man can receive anything except it is given to him from above. It is he who does it all. He does it all.

When he wants to be gracious; when he wants to show you mercy, he goes inside you and then inspires you to do something. For example, he said the liberal soul shall be made fat and he that water shall be watered. Proverbs 11 v 24 – 25 said let it be known anybody who is generous he will prosper; he said that is the law. And then he goes inside one little boy, called  Solomon 2 Chronicle 1 v 6- 15 Solomon, just woke up one morning, I am going to do something nobody has done before. I am going to sacrifice one thousand burnt offerings to the Lord. And everybody was looking at him, where did you see this one from. Nobody has offered more than seven burnt offering to God before, you are not talking of seven, you are not talking of seventy, you are not talking of hundred, you are talking of one thousand. He said that is what I want to do. They don’t know God was somewhere putting fire. That night God said let’s pay this boy a visit, all the host of heaven said yes, we think that is right, that is proper.

God came down and said Solomon what do you want, God put his word into his mouth  ‘oh God, all I want is wisdom so that I can take care of your people’. God said I will give you and also give you what you did not ask for, I will give you wealth more than anybody, I studied that passage for years before I understood, because bible scholar told us that Solomon was a dull boy. He was a spoilt child, he wasn’t too clever. If he wasn’t too clever, it was not his wisdom that made him offer a thousand burnt offerings. How did he come about the idea, then I found the secret in 2 Samuel 12 v 24 -25 the bible said when Solomon was born, God loved him. God looked down from heaven and said I liked this boy and because I like him I want to make him great, I want to make him unique . Now how do I do it, that nobody will accuse me of partiality? I will inspire him; I will cause him to do something that nobody has ever done before. I will cause him to lay a record and then I can lay a record down for him. God of grace, when he wants to be gracious, he inspires, he will cause you to do something nobody has done before, so that he can then reply and said well you see what he has done, so don’t blame me that I am doing this.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said you have called on me for deliverance, he said I will deliver you.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said those who expected you to drown in sorrow will hear your laughter this month.

When God wants to be gracious in order that nobody will be able to accuse him of partiality, he inspires you to do what nobody else has done and then he will reply by doing something and everybody will say it is because you did something.

I told you the story before; the first time I went to Tulsa for Keneth Haggins camp meeting. It was time to give an offering; special offering for the bible college and one man go up, went to the stage. And he asked for permission to speak and called his wife to come and join him and whispered something to his wife and the wife said goes ahead. And the man announced “ brothers and sister, it is time to give this special offering, I want to throw a challenge at you tonight, whatever all of you give added together, that is what I and my wife will give.

We thought this man is mad; because there are about seventeen thousand of us. You are saying what seventeen thousand people will give, added together is what you alone will give? And you know human beings, those who didn’t want to give before, because they want to create a problem for the man, they gave. They added everything together, it was over three million dollar, and they told him, he took the micro phone he said brothers and sister, “is this all you can do? So I said I must talk to this man. He must know something that I didn’t know.

After the program I went to him and I learnt that five years ago, he started a business with five hundred dollars and he reached an agreement with God, “I will not insult you by paying tithe, giving you ten percent, I will keep ten percent, I will give you ninety percent. Over to you, within five years, his business grew from five hundred dollars to fifty million dollars. The man said I know what I am doing!

Who inspired him, it is God, God told him when he had nothing reach an agreement with me, do this and see what I will do. I know there is somebody listening to me tonight; that within one year, you will stand on this altar and tell everybody that on the 9th of May of the special Holy Ghost service for May, God spoke something to you and everything changed.

Thank you my Lord, the Lord said there is somebody here tonight, he said for the rest of your life, there will be no more evil visitations.

2 King 4 v 8 – 17 the Shulamite woman saw the man of God passing by and said man of God come and eat in my house. Man of God said thank you I am not interested, i am not hungry; the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. And the Lord said to the Shulamite woman, she didn’t know it was God talking, ‘don’t let him go block his way. The Shulamite woman said to the man of God, you are not going until you come to my house to eat’. The bible says she compelled him. The man of God said alright , if you won’t let me go, let’s go and eat in your house, he went, he eat, the Shulamite  woman said, anytime you are passing by here,  please branch. The man kept coming and God said to the woman, you need to do a little more, build a house for him, she did. Why? Because God has made up his mind, this woman thought she had everything, except one, she hasn’t got a child, the husband is old and God said I must give this family a child. He inspired the woman, until she got her miracle. The inspiration you need that your joy may be full, God will give you tonight in Jesus name.

He will inspire. I can give you several examples but because of time, let me give you one more very important issue. When he inspires you to do something that is when he wants to be gracious; he will keep pushing until you have done everything that he wants you to do. He will keep pushing you until you finally get it.

Thank you father, I know God will be gracious tonight, he said there is someone here tonight, He said for every month that you had suffered; I will give you a year in return in return.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will frustrate all those who are holding your progress in captive.

 Mark 10 v 46 -52 the bible says Jesus came to Jericho and as he was going out of Jericho, blind Bartimeus, the son of Timaeus sat by the  high way side begging. He came to Jericho; the fellow he was looking for was not there. so he moved out of Jericho, he knew Bartimeus was there, and he inspired him’ when you hear a lot of people passing by, ask who is passing by. It wasn’t the job of a beggar, the job of a beggar, is give me money all of you passing by give me money, but he asked who is passing by, they said Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. He said today is my day. How many of you believed today is your day too? The spirit of God pushed him, cry out, cry out! Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me, everybody said keep quiet, God said don’t keep quiet, shout louder, don’t let them intimidate you. God instigated him until finally Jesus can now pretend as if he is hearing for the first time.

You may not know it; you are not here tonight by accident. No, no, no! he arrange for you to come tonight, before you left home, he knew you are coming, what is troubling you he knew, but he wanted you to come, so that when it is time to pray, you can lift your voice and cry to him, so that when the time for testimony comes you will be able to say, ‘I cried unto the Lord with my voice and he hear me form his holy hills and he brought me out of the miry clay, put my feet on the rock to stay and put a new song in my mouth’. Somebody will sing a new song before the sun rises.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said there is a fire that the intruder has set in your marriage, he asked me to tell you I will put out the fire.

Thank you my Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said I will give you the ability to turn things around for good.

In Mark 5 v 1 -20 ask yourself, what was Jesus doing by the grave side? It is because there was a mad man there that he wants to be merciful unto. Mad fellow seriously mad, But Jesus took there and inspired him. ‘Mad man, I know you are very, very crazy but I want you to do something, fall on your kneels and worship me. how did a mad man know that Jesus Christ is a son of God, how did he know that this is a deliverer, how that he know that this is the one who set him free, how did he know that he is the one who can restore his destiny. He didn’t know but the God of grace inspired him.

The inspiration that will lead to your total liberation, God will give you tonight in Jesus name.

Matthew 15 v 21- 28 when that woman came and began to cry to Jesus Christ, ‘help me, help me! My daughter is grievously vexed of the devil’, the bible said he didn’t answer a word. He didn’t answer word at all. ‘Don’t keep quiet, keep talking, if you keep quiet, yours will keep quiet. The disciple says Lord this woman is too noisy let’s get rid of her. God said but I am not sent but to the lost sheep of Israel. At the same time he was saying woman don’t keep quiet, don’t keep quiet. And the woman came and fell at his feet please have mercy on me. I can’t give the bread of children to dog. I have called you a dog but don’t keep quiet, he kept on pushing her on, until she said I am not asking for bread, I am asking for a crumb, she said woman you got what you want. Everything you need so that your joy will be full, the God of grace will give you tonight.

Grace chooses who to bless, but it doesn’t do it randomly. I told the people who came to divine encounter on Monday…

Thank you again oh Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight he said I have moved mountains for you before, I will do it again.

He said there is someone here tonight; he said very soon, very soon, there will be the sound of music in your home again.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said out of your ashes, shall rise a mansion.

Luke 5 v 1 – 7, there were two boats and he chose that of Peter, why? Because he doesn’t choose lazy people, he chose somebody who will say I fished all night; he will never show mercy to a lazy person. He is a rewarder of those who are diligent. It is those who are diligent that he said will stand before kings. He doesn’t just choose randomly, he will look for somebody who will be hardworking, he will choose somebody once he has shown him grace he will be one hundred percent committed to him. After he showed grace to the mad man, the mad man became an evangelist going all over the country for him. Paul said, grace made me what I am, but I used that grace to labor, God does not choose lazy people. He will choose those who will work for him, who will be really determined to serve him all the days of their lives. He will choose those who will be willing to spend and be spent for him. Like Paul said in 2Choritians 12 v 15 he said I will gladly spend and be spent for him. You want him to show you grace? Are you ready for the hard work that will follow?

Many of us who have been praying, God give me the ability to heal the sick; God will say how many souls have you brought to me, since I saved your soul? Give me the ability to raise the dead; and God will say what have you done for me since I saved your soul? Prosper me mightily oh Lord, prosper me mightily; your house have been there all this time, not a single house fellowship there all these while. The talent I have given you, what have you done with it. Grace is to get you moving, he will not be gracious t o the idle, no, no, no! Philippians 3 v 7 – 8 Paul said ‘all that where gain to me, I counted it but lose, I just want to win Christ’. Once the grace brought him into salvation, he went all out to show his gratitude in every way possible.

Many of us who has never made any major sacrifice to the one who saved our soul.

 I told you that I was a rotten fellow before the Lord met me, he saved my soul July 1973, by 1974 the first church in my village have been there; I didn’t have much money but there was a cocoa store that have been abandoned for years, I went to the owner, ‘can I rent this place’ and he said ‘what do you want to use it for? It has been empty for a long time; I want to use it for a church. He said how derelict it is,

 ‘I say I will repair it, let’s reach an agreement, I will repair it and then will be deducting what will have been your rent, until I finish the money I use in repairing it, ‘ he said go ahead, it is useless to me now’. I repaired it, we sat down, we calculated, before what I spent will be exhausted it will take seventeen years. But the church started. We didn’t stay there for seventeen years, because the moment I began to do that God began to prosper me too, so we were able to build our own church building too.

What have you done for God since he save your soul. And I went everywhere telling everybody, he saved me, come, come to Jesus Christ. That was just the first church the Lord used me to build, I don’t need to count the number now.

He will give you grace, so that the grace can be use for his kingdom, he want to give you additional grace, if you are willing to work for him more than ever before. This is particularly so, because the second coming of Christ is at hand, he want to turn the tide around for you tonight, so you can go all over the world , telling people to come before it is too late, come to Jesus.  He has put you in the position you are now, because while you are in the position you can do mighty things for God. What will you do with the grace that he has given? What will you do with the grace that he is yet to give?  He is looking among us now, looking for those who will serve him with all their strength, with all their resources, with all their time, so that he can pour abundant grace upon them.

Are you hungry for grace? You can have grace, you can have additional grace. Then his word says in Romans 6 v 1 -2 he says you cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound. You want grace? You must also be hungry for holiness, you must be willing to say God, if you can just forgive my sin, I will not go back into sin again. Remember what I said at the beginning; one single encounter with God, will change your life completely, so if you are here tonight and you have never surrender your life to Jesus Christ, let tonight be your night of encounter with him. He saved your soul in 1973 and I have been enjoying his health since then, I was going to hell when he saved my soul, by his grace, I am now heading for heaven. I was useless to myself when he saved my soul, now I have become a useful instrument in his hand. Come and have an encounter with him and he can use you to, and you can have an encounter with him if you are willing to serve him.

So those of you who are ready to give your life to Jesus Christ, you can begin to come forward now, if you want to have that encounter with God that will change your life completely, that will change your destiny for good, that will rescue you from Satan, rescue you from hell begin to come forward now, only those that God is drawing will come and so if you feel like coming and you don’t want to come, so you can seat down in your sin and go to heal, but if he wants to be merciful unto you and he knows you are still living in sin, his grace will pull you forward tonight, the father will say go, you can’t seat down, because you must be saved, his blood must cleanse you from every sin, so that everything will change for the best. It is by grace that you are saved, but it is the father who will draw you for that salvation. So I rejoice with those of you who are already coming and I pity those of you who know you should go forward but are still seating down, because it means maybe you are not destined for that grace.

 Those of you, who are already in the front, begin to pray to God, tell him to have mercy on you, ask him to save your soul. The rest of us please, stretch your hands to them and pray for them; ask that the Almighty God will be merciful unto them, that God will save their souls, that he will give them a brand new beginning today, let’s pray for them brethren.

Thank you my father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Savior I want to bless your name tonight, thank you for your word, thank you for these people who have come forward, because I know nobody can come unto you except you draw him, thank you for drawing these people, thank you because they have not refuse your drawing, please accept our thanks in Jesus name. Gracious Lord, be merciful unto them in Jesus name. Cleanse them in your blood in Jesus name. Save their souls today in Jesus name. Write their names in the book of life now in Jesus name. From now on, when they call on you, please answer them in Jesus name, please don’t let them go back into the world, let them serve you till the end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I just want to tell you a story that the spirit brought into my mind, we held the holy Ghost Christ Redeemer congress in Ibadan grammar school college, in the 1970’s so when we finished we want to tidy up the place and one girl said to the others, don’t join me I picking the dirt in the ground, I will pick everything, why? She testified, she said she was born with the right hand paralyzed, all the days she was at school she couldn’t do any manual labor, then at that Christ Redeemer congress, God restored her hand, she said for the first time, I can use my right hand. Your right hand is free, your left hand is free, I ask you to clap for Jesus Christ, you did it for one minute and you stop. Common give the Lord a big, big round of applause, thank you Lord. Please I beg you in the name of the Lord, whenever we say we should clap to the Lord, always do it with all your might. Anytime we say you should shout to the Lord, do it with all your might that is how you will show him that you appreciate all that he has given you.

Only one prayer point I want you to pray, when I became born again, my cry to God, when I saw how close I was to hell, is that God will use me mightily for his glory, that is the prayer I want you to pray to him, lift your voice to him and say Almighty God, use me for your glory, use me mightily…

Let’s thank him for what he is doing in our time, let’s thank him for word of knowledge. Lets thank him for miracles signs and wonder, let’s thank him that he is here, providing spare part, new kidney, solving problems that no human being could solve, proving to the doctors of this world that he is the great physician, give him glory, give him honor, thank you father, glory be to your name…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God said as an act of grace, he wants you to ask for something special, something only God can do, so you have two minute now, ask for something special, something extra to add to what God has given you…. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Whatever you have asked for by the special grace of the most high God, receive it now in Jesus name. father we bless your holy name, for a wonderful night in your presence, thank you for the soul you have saved, thank you for the people you have healed tonight, thank you for the people who were free that you have set free. Thank you because before the end of this month our testimony will be full, father like never before begin to use is for your glory, use us to heal the sick, use us to cast out demons, use us to raise the dead, use us to win souls for your kingdom, use us to plant church, use us like never before to do your will. Accept the offering of your children, Lord use it for your glory. Lord God Almighty, let this month be a month of major financial breakthrough for your children and if you return before the end of this month, don’t let any of us be left behind. As your children will be going, please protect them, defend them, stand by them, and fight their battles for them. Let it be well with them God and in your kingdom don’t let any one of them be found wanting in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout a really big halleluiah!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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