I can see that the heavens are opened already, so go ahead and praise Him, give him glory give him honor, He is here already, He is among us already, praise Him, give him glory, give Him honor, bless His holy name, magnify His holy name. Thank You Jesus, in Jesus mighty name we worship.

Thank you oh Lord, I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father, opened the floodgates of heaven and let it rain on me, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Then I want you to pray for Nigeria, and those of you watching all over the world,  you can pray for your nation; say father, in this nation, let there be no catastrophe, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have fayed.

Finally you will say father, this is the second half of this year, let my blessing begin to roll in father, go ahead and talk to the Almighty God. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Alpha, omega, you are worthy of my praises today

You are worthy of my praises today 2ce

Alpha, omega, you are worthy of my praises today

You are worthy of my praises today 2ce



Eternal rock of ages, the healer, the maker, the provider, the Lord of host, king of kings, Lord of Lords, Rock of ages, Ancient of days, Unchangeable Lord, the I AM that I AM, glory be to your holy name. The lion of the tribe of Judah, the Holy one of Israel, the one who has never lost a battle, Jehovah El-shaddai, Jehovah  Jireh,  Jehovah Rapa, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Rapha, glory be to your holy name.

You are the greatest, you are the best, you are the richest, you are the strongest, you are the oldest, you are the wisest, you are the the Almighty, glory be to your holy name,

Thank you for January, Thank you for February, Thank you for March, Thank you for April, Thank you for May, thank you for June, and thank you for July. Glory be to your holy name. Accept our worship in Jesus name.

Tonight, over all your children, all over the world; those here and those who are watching by satellite, open the floodgates of heaven oh Lord, rain down your blessings on everyone, rain down healings, rain down deliverance, rain down victory, rain down joy, rain down anointing, rain down power, rain down miracles, rain down signs and wonders.

Make this night a night none of us will ever forget, thank you Almighty God. Please have mercy on our nations in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Those who are born in the month of July, you can stand on your feet. Father I want to thank you for all your children born in the month of July, and I am thanking you especially for my wife, on behalf of all children born in the month of July, accept our thanks in Jesus name. July is the seventh month, the month of perfection, in the life of all these your children, Lord perfect that which concerns them, give them perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect health, perfect progress, perfect promotion, perfect prosperity and everything perfect in Jesus name and let them serve you perfectly in Jesus name. Thank You father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)

Next month is our convention, from August 9- 15th the convention will be on here by the grace of God. So there will be no Holy Ghost service the first Friday of next month it will be during the convention, the second Friday. The theme of the convention is “MORE THAN CONQUERORS”. If I were you, I will not miss a single day, because daddy has promised me; this is one convention people will remember for a very long time, for miracles, for signs, for wonders. My daddy told me it is a convention you will remember for a very long time, so tell your friends, your relatives.  Join us and be blessed!



Isaiah 44v 2 -3    thus saith the Lord that make thee and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee, fear not oh Jacob my son and Jesurun who I have chosen, for I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and flood upon the dry ground, I will pour thy spirit upon thy seed and my blessing upon thy offspring. Who is God talking to hear, if it is you tell him it is me oh! Lord, there is no scarcity in heaven. God does not know what is called scarcity, in heaven everything is in abundance. Psalm 16 v 11 the bible says at his right hand there are pleasure forever more and in his presence there is the fullness of joy. There is no scarcity of joy in heaven, no scarcity of pleasure in heaven, no scarcity of health in heaven, in fact no sickness there, no pain, no death. And there is no scarcity of wealth in heaven. If you read Revelation 21 v 18 -21 it tells you that every house there is built with gold and precious stones and the street is tarred with gold. And then he describe the Gold for us, he said the gold is as glass, so pure it looks like glass.

I had a rough idea of what they are talking about, because by the grace of God, I have already seen my own house in heaven, and I am believeing God  that God will open your eye to see your own too. But I remember an incident some twenty five year ago, a friend of mine and I went to a certain country and then he saw a shop where they sell nothing but gold. And he said daddy, let’s branch here. I said okay since we are on holyday lets go. He got there and showed them his ring, ’18 carat gold’ he said I want you to help me clean my ring, ‘they asked him how many carat?’ he said’ 18 carat’, they said sorry sir we don’t touch that kind of Gold here. Anything less than 24 carat, we don’t touch it here’. Suddenly I realized that gold passes gold. And they showed this my friend, 24, 26, 28 gold they have and he kept quiet quickly. The best carat of gold is in heaven and it is on the street for us to walk upon. One way or the other, I will see you in heaven in Jesus name.

Everything in heaven is in abundance, if you read the bible, see the number of people in the mass choir of God, the bible says they were thousand of thousands and ten thousand times ten thousands, in other words, when he wants to get himself a choir, he gets a handful of billions of angel. Whatever God does, he does it in a grand style.

And when he created the earth that was how he started. If you read Genesis 1 v 20 – 25 you will see him speaking abundance; let the water spring forth abundantly, let the fowls fill the skies, let the animals, fill the earth. He talks abundance and when he wanted to express his wish concerning his creation, in Genesis 1 v 22 & 28 he said whether to animal or to man, be fruitful and multiply. He didn’t say be fruitful and be added to, he said be fruitful and multiply. That is why I have the confidence to say to those of you who are listening to me right now, in the name of the one who lives in abundance, scarcity will become a stranger to you.

And God has never been known to be stingy.  Genesis 17 v 1 he said I am Jehovah EL-shaddai, the God who is more than enough, the bible scholar says Jehovah el-shaddai means God the mothers breast, no matter how many children are sucking from the Mama’s breast, it is the children who will say okay we have more than enough, the milk from the breast never runs dry, that is our God, the inexhaustible one. Whenever he touches anyone with a little bit of himself; if he touches you with his power, the power comes mightily. You don’t believe me ask Samson, if he touches you with a little bit of his strength, you will run faster than a car; you don’t believe ask Elijah. I f he touches you with a little bit of his power, that which the doctor has been troubling with will disappear, in Matthew 8 v 16 the bible says in the evening when the sun has gone down they brought multitude to him, he healed them all. He has never been known to be stingy, and I pray in that mighty name of Jehovah El-shaddai, that every one of you here tonight, with any form of sickness or disease, you won’t go home with any of them.

In John 2 v 1 – 11, they invited him to a wedding, he was not the one organizing, he was a guest and they ran out of wine and his mother came to him and said they needed wine, bible scholar tell us he gave them at least 600 big bottles of the best wine. They needed wine, he could have given them a dozen bottles they would have been grateful, he could have given them twenty, he could have given them a hundred, but he gave at least 600 big bottles. I pray for somebody here today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you won’t know lack anymore.

But then on earth today, what do we have? We have talked in the past about categories of blessings, we have talk about the poor, the bible say the poor will never cease in the land, He didn’t say you will be one of them. We have talked about the comfortable, those who get their daily breads, we have talked about the rich; those who rule over the poor, we have talked about the wealthy;  those who can put their money in fixed deposit and I think about this time last year we talked about the flourishing.  Because the bible says the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, we have talked about these five categories. But we left out two extreme categories; the destitute and those for whom the floodgates of heaven had opened. Destitute, like in 1King17 v 8 – 12 the widow of Zarephath who had only one meal left for her and her son to eat and then die, you know that is not just poor, this one is destitute. You may not believe me but there are people like that in the world like that, there are people who did not even know right now where the next meal will come from. I pray for such people, the God of abundance will come your way tonight in Jesus name.

The destitute, like in 2 King 4 v 1- 2 when a woman is so heavily in debt, that creditors want to sell her son, that is not poor, this is destitute. You will find another examples in the scriptures over and over you will find in 2 kings 7 v 3-4 about those four lepers; who said if we seat down here we will die of hunger, if we go in the city we will die of hunger, If we go to the enemy, if they keep us alive fine, if they kill us fine. The elder says it is a terrible hunger that causes a man to eat his enemy’s food. That kind of situation where you will look to your enemy for help will never happen again to you in Jesus name.


And then at the other end, are the people that God looked down from heaven and say this abundance that I have let me pour out a little to this boy, let me our out a little to this girl. I called them “the floodgaters” the people unto whom God has opened the flood gate. Take the example of David, when he wanted to prepare for the house of God, he wanted to build a house for God, God said no you can’t build it because you have been a man of war, so he said alright if I can’t build it myself I will prepare for it. In 1 Chronicle 22 v 14 – 16 the bible record for us how much money David made available for the building of the house of God; hundred thousand talents of gold, pure gold hundred thousand talent. One million talents of pure silver and several other things, now in modern language  we are talking of trillions of dollars from the pocket of one man, I am praying for somebody here today, somebody who is hungry to serve God, the kind of money that you won’t even know how to count will come your way in Jesus name. And then take Solomon in 2 chronicles 1 v 15

By the way the Lord said to me while we are worshipping that he has already answer the prayer of somebody here tonight.

Then he said he is doing a lot of healing here tonight, for example, he said there is someone here the forces pulling at your hear has been disbanded,

For example he said there is someone the pain in your ribs had already gone.

He said there is someone here upon your fore head is as if an icy cold hand is seating down there, he said he has taken off the hand.

 So if I am not stopping don’t thinking he is not walking, because miracles are happening.

Solomon, in 2 Chronicle 1 v 15 the bible says in his time, gold and silver became like ordinary stones, another passage in the bible says in those days Solomon will not allow anybody to bring silver into the palace, he will say go and dump it  at the backyard. Pure gold that can come in, because the flood gate of heaven opened unto him. I pray for someone here today that the flood gate of heaven will open unto you in Jesus name.

But when we talk about the flood gate of heaven, we are not talking about things that money can buy alone, because there are some of us who are already satisfied and there are things that money cannot buy and there is no scarcity of them in heaven. Take Elisha in 1 king 19 v 19-21 Elisha was an ordinary farm boy, but by the time we get to 2 king13 v 21 even his dead bones raised the dead.

God is not stingy with his anointing, when he anointing you he does, when he pours his power into you, it will be beyond doubt. I have told my children and he says he is dripping with anointing because he is sweating.  No, no he is dripping with sweat. Where anointing is it doesn’t make noise, he just shows himself quietly.

 Like I told those of you who came to the holy communion service yesterday,  I said we were in the US last month and we were in the  book shops just buying tapes and an American came and say what do you want to do with all this tapes, are you going to seat up all night watching this things? And then he smile and stretch forth his hand and introduce himself, so I shook his hand and he said ‘what happen, my back ache is gone, the problem in my leg is gone’  And the way he was shouting, I moved away from him. He turned to those who went with me, and he said ‘who is that man?’ And they began to tell him and he came back to me and said shake me again.

I am praying once again for all of you who are here after tonight, when you shake hand with people they will receive a miracle.

Thank you father, the Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said I will give you maximum support.

Take Peter, he was an ordinary fisher man, you know his story, he fished all night he caught nothing but when the floodgates of heaven opened unto him, in Act 5 v14 – 16 his shadow began to heal the sick. When God anoint he doesn’t do it stingily and I am talking to disciple who are here in particular, don’t be satisfied in healing headache, get the maximum God can give.

I can give you several testimonies. One of my daughters was testifying not too long ago. She said she got married believing God for many children. She had one and the husband said I don’t want more, one is enough. ‘what am I going to do?’ the man just said one is enough and the husband happened to be my tailor, so one day I bought a suit from abroad, when I wore it I found out that there is need for amendment, so I gave it to the husband to help me work on it and the wife said, whose jacket is that and he said it’s daddy’s jacket and the lady said Glory be to God. As soon as the husband turned away, she took the jacket wore it and said ‘I command in the name of the God of the owner of this jacket, this man, come to me’. The man came back, second time, third time, fourth time. Four more children, the one who says he will stop with one.

 I pray right now that the dress you are wearing, be saturated with anointing in Jesus name.

Take Paul, he called himself the chief of sinner 1 Timothy 1 v 15 but when the floodgates of heaven opened unto him according to Act 19 v 11 – 12 the bible says his handkerchief, his aprons were healing the sick and casting out demons. In the name that is above every other name, one day it will be said of you that God perform special miracles by your hand. God is not stingy, but even in his own description of blessing, he describes the ways blessings can come; he talks about crumbs in Matthew 15 v

Thank you father, the Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said from now on, progress will come to you easily. You know when God is helping you to make progress it becomes easy.

My Lord asks me to tell you don’t lose hope your breakthrough is near.  

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said the control button of your life, has been on pause for a while, he said tonight I am pressing play.

Crumbs; you remember the story in Matthew 15 v 21 – 28 when a woman came and say help me Lord! And God said no I can’t attend to you, you are not one of my children and she said at least give me a crumb, and the crumb healed the daughter.

And then God has what we called loaves like in 2 Chronicle 1 v  7 when he said to Solomon, anything you want ask, now that is loaves. When you give a child a big loaves of bread and you say just eat as much as you can. And when God come to you ask you to ask for anything you want, do you know that you have it made! But there is something that Pastor Peter spoke about; I think the Holy Spirit must have showed him my note in Ezekiel 37 v 1 – 5 talks about the degrees of Divine River. When God is blessing he may start with ankle deep, as you go along with him, he will go to kneel deep, as you go on with him, he goes unto to waist, and sometime it becomes a river so mighty you can swim in it. That kind of blessing, that you will be swimming in, may you receive it tonight in the Jesus name.

So there is no scarcity in heaven, why should there be scarcity on earth? No scarcity in heaven, God is not a miser, he has opened the floodgates to some people before, he is an unchangeable Lord, whatever he has done before, he can do again.

So if I find myself in scarcity, the fault is not with him, the fault is with me. If I lack health; I am the one who should check myself, if I am struggling before I can eat; I should check myself, if I say I am a disciple of Jesus , am a pastor, am a deacon, am a worker in the house of God and there is no anointing in my life, I should check myself. Fortunately, Pastor Peter had given us step by step things to do to open the floodgate. I will just add just a little more, he has done a great work.

The keys to heaven are in the heavens are in the hand of God. Revelation 3 v 7 -8 he says he has the keys of David, he says when he open no man can shut, the problem is not with your enemy, if you have enemies we will deal with them here tonight, before we leave here tonight, we are going to do some serious praying, so that by the time you get home, it will be like Moses said to the Egyptians, the enemies you see today, you will never see them again. He said when I opened no man can shut, so if the door is shut, the problem is not with the enemy it is with me. And I will be talking to God tonight, that whatever is wrong with me lets settle it. But any enemies standing in my way, something has to happen to them tonight.

 He has the Keyes, and when he opens the windows of heaven, he pours it in abundantly. Remember what Elijah said on Mount Carmel in 1 king 18 v 41 he said there is the sound of abundance of rain.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said those who set your marriage on fire; he said one  I will disappoint them, and then the fire will go back to their own home.

Elijah said I have heard the sound of abundance of rain, whatever God does, he does it abundantly.


1.     Trust Him; Hebrews 11v 6 he said without faith it is impossible to please God, because he that cometh to God must believe.  Am appealing to you that you don’t treat tonight as any other Holy Ghost night. If you are in the spirit at all, you will know that things are different. From beginning, even the worship service, everything has been different, because this is a special night, it may be for only one fellow but this is a special night. Trust Him


2.     One way you will prove to him that you trust him, is that you put him first in all things, put him first in all things Proverbs 3 v 8 - 9 said honor the Lord with your substance and the first fruit of your increase, put him fist. Malachi 3 v 8- 11 tells you that when you stop robbing him and you begin to bring all tithe to him, he said he will open the windows of heaven and the flood will begin to come. The widow of Zarephath in 1 king 17 v 8 – 16 the reason the flood gate opened to her, so that there was never a lack in her family again, is because when the man of God said ‘do mine first’, she agreed. Put him first, in everything thing you do, put him first.

3.     Begin to behave like him, if you behave like him you will become friends. Amos 3v3 he said can two walk together except they be agreed? The English man will say birds of the same feather, flocks together, when you begin to behave like him, you love like him. You are caring like him; you give like him; because John 3 v 16 he gave his Holy begotten son. Take a boy in John 6…


The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said you would soon have personal experience of divine generosity.


He said there is someone here, he said those who tied you down, would soon discover that I have already set you free.


The Lord said there is someone here her tonight, he said I know the period of waiting has been painful, he said but your victory will be very sweet.


The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he asked me to tell you, he said relax I will soon perfect that which concerns you.


The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said expect at least three pleasant surprises in the second half of this year.


Behave like him is what we are talking about, John 6 v 5 – 13, a small boy had five loaves and two fishes, the lunch of a small boy. They told him Jesus needs the food, he surrendered it. And the flood gate of heaven opened for him, God use the little food to feed the people and the boy went home with twelve basket of food. But that was not all, do you know that when we get to heaven, that boy is coming to introduce himself to you? “I am the boy of the five loaves”, because he behaves like God, God opens for me.




Do what no one has done before, and then you will get what nobody has gotten before. 2Chronicle 1 V 6 – 15 Solomon did what no man had ever done before; he gave a thousand burnt offerings; God said there will be no one before you and after you.


 I can give you several examples, I told a story at the last day out with the GO. we held very recently. My father in the Lord called us together one Sunday and said all of you workers, we have a very urgent need, go and close your account and bring the money, we all say ‘yes sir’. We left. The following Sunday, papa said glory be to God the need was met, and then he said by the way how many of you close your account like I said? I raised my hand, my wife raised her hand and we looked round, nobody else! So I began to think, ‘I hope I have not added madness to this thing?’ and then God spoke to me, (he will speak to somebody here tonight!) he said son, no, no you haven’t got it wrong, he said I did that so that the day when I make you number one, nobody will argue.  You do what nobody had done before and you will become what nobody had become. How many of you believe that before you die the world will hear about you for good? Are you ready to do what nobody had ever done before?


I can give you example upon examples, but I want you to have time to pray tonight, this night is not just a night to listen. We want to pray even if it is only for thirty minute to open this flood gate of heaven. Because the last thing I want to mention which you must do is that you must cry unto him. In 2King 4 v…


Thank you daddy, the Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said the only thing that will remain hereditary in your family is my favor.


He said there is someone here tonight, you have seen a drizzle, he said the drizzle will become a shower and the shower will become a mighty down pour.


In 2king 4 v 1 – 7 it tells you the story of the widow of the son of the prophet who was destitute and they wanted to sell her sons to pay her debt. Near to her house was the representative of this God of abundance, she kept quiet, whenever they say how are you sister, she will say fine, until they say they were going to sell her sons, and they say sister how? She said she is not fine. Then she cried to the God of Elijah. Suddenly the floodgate opened. She had only one bottle of oil, but as she kept pouring and pouring and pouring till the house was full of oil, she sold the oil paid her debt and they was a enough money for her and her sons to live on for the rest of their lives.

 She cried out! Many of us don’t pray anymore, we wait for the pastor to pray for us but tonight, you will pray and my God will answer.


But before we pray, bible says the hand of the Lord is not shorten that he cannot save, neither his hear heavy that he cannot hear, but your sin will separate you between you and your God so that he can’t hear and if he can’t hear, how can he answer?

 If you are living in sin and you are crying to God you are wasting your time, that is why you must come to Jesus tonight, let his blood wash away your sins, come and surrender your life to him, let him save your soul and then you can be free to join the rest of us in the period of prayer. Because God is going to answer prayers here tonight, so if you want to give your life to Jesus I will count from one to ten, come and stand before me and I will pray for your salvation.


Am counting 1, 2... If you want to give your life to him you need to come forward. Those of you already in the front and those of you on the way begin to pray now, ask Jesus to be merciful unto you, ask him to save your soul, ask him to forgive your sin, promise him that from now on you will serve him. Brethren let’s stretch our hand towards these people that the one who saved our soul will save their own souls too… thank you father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior I want to bless your name, I thank you for your word, I thank you for those who have come forward now, you promise Lord that whosoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out, they have come to you now, receive them in Jesus same, forgive them in Jesus name, watch them clean in your blood in Jesus name, save their souls and write their names in the book of life, please don’t let them ever go back into the world and anytime they call on you from now on, please answer them in Jesus name, thank you father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)


I said we are going to pray tonight, you know  many at times, there are things that God has reserved for you, and he is simply waiting for you to ask.  I’ll give you just one example and if you like you pray, if you like you don’t pray. In 1976 when we want to hold the first Christ Redeemer’s congress, I had this idea to bring together all students to bring together all students from secondary schools and colleges feed them free and teach them the word of God and the one who is making this plan is a poor lecturer in the university.  I sold my car, I spent all the money I had and we haven’t even the reach the stage of feeding the people yet, what am I going to do now? Invitation has gone out, I didn’t know how many people will be coming, where do I get the money to feed?

Then one day I just opened my mouth, I told a friend of mine, I said do you know I have a problem? He said what problem?, I said about this congress that is coming, I have no money left, I don’t know how we are going to feed them. He laughed, I said don’t laugh this is a serious matter. He said I though you have enough, he said ‘I have set aside four thousand naira (in those days naira was naira) to help you with this program, but you didn’t say anything. From that moment onward, I have stop closing my mouth , I don’t talk to men now, I talk to God, how many of you want an end to struggling, to scarcity to poverty in your life?,  how many of you, are you ready to pray? Stand on your feet. Let me hear you shout halleluiah!

You have only three prayer point, and I will tell you the three so that I won’t stop you when you are praying, don’t have to stop because  you are going to pray for thirty minute only, it is because of time otherwise I will have asked you to pray for one hour.

Your first prayer point is to say to the Almighty, if I am the one blocking my own way have mercy on me, please show me what I should do, so that I will no longer block my own way.

2. If it is any enemy whatsoever, that is blocking my way, before I get home in the morning, deal with that enemy.

3. If you are going to open the floodgate over one person tonight, let it be me, go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Begin to pray now… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will have mercy on you in Jesus name, If there is anything you are doing wrong that could make you your own enemy, the Almighty God will give you the grace to repent in Jesus name. If there is something you should be doing, so that your ways can clear, God will reveal it to you soon in Jesus name. But if there are enemies blocking your way, in the name of the Lord of host, they will have vanished in Jesus name. You will seek them and you will not find them in Jesus name. Every door that the enemy had shut against you shall be force open tonight in Jesus name. And if God is going to open the floodgate over one fellow tonight, it shall be you in Jesus name and when he has done so you will not forget him, so shall it be, in Jesus mighty name I have decree it. (Amen)

(After offering)

Father I thank you for the offering of your children, bless the offering, sanctify it use it for your glory, everyone here tonight father, that floodgate of heaven that can bring in blessing that there be no room to contain, keep it open over us in Jesus name, before we gather next month for the convention, that taste of your generosity that you promise, let it be evident in our life in Jesus name, prosper us beyond measure in Jesus name and let your name be glorified in all our lives. Thank you my father. The Almighty God will go with you, he will keep you save. There will be no problem for you,, you won’t know lack again, scarcity will be taken out of your dictionary, everything you need to serve the Lord, God will give you abundantly it shall be well with you, all those who want to hinder you shall be put to shame. Your joy will overflow and you will serve the Lord till the end. Your testimonies will be great, your victory will be very sweet, so shall it be and when the Lord returns, you will not be left behind, so shall it be in Jesus name I pray. (Amen)

Let the disciple shout a big halleluiah! God bless you, go in peace, and remember convention is next month that is the second week of next month. Tell all your friends and all your relatives, invite your enemies also, so that they can come and be saved. God bless you.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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