REMEMBER ME OH LORD 5th of February, 2010

The bible says, that God is a spirit and they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth, for He seeks such to worship Him. If you worship Him today, He will seek you out; to answer your prayers.

Go ahead worship the Almighty God, worship the King of kings, worship the Lord of lord, magnify His holy name, praise Him like you have never done before, He is worthy to be praised, He is the Almighty God.

He is the ancient of days; He is the only one who has the power to make everything new. Praise Him today, give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration. Bless Him from the bottom of your heart, give Him all glory. In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

I believed I have told us in advance that those who don’t want to pray need not come tonight. I want to advice those of you who are elderly, when you are tired of standing; you are free to sit down because we want to pray tonight.

I want somebody to lift his voice to the Almighty God and say father, God Almighty have mercy on me, lift your voice to Him tonight… in Jesus name we have prayed.

There is power mighty in the blood 2ce,

There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ.

There is power mighty in the blood 2ce,      

There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ. (Worship)


I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father! Anything that will not allow you to answer my prayers tonight put it under your blood. Go ahead and to talk to God… thank you Jesus, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The bible says they overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father! By the power that is in your blood, destroy the works of Satan in my life tonight…  Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I have a father, Almighty Father,

He is king of kings and Lord of lords; I have a father (Worship)


Lift your voice to Him and say my father, you are the Almighty, how can I have you as a father and continue to suffer, send help to me, go ahead and talk to Him… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to Him and say my father, I am your child, don’t let the world say ‘where is my God?’, Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God… father, in  Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to the almighty God and say father for how long will the enemies laugh? Arise oh Lord, and defend your church, defend me oh Lord, defend my family, defend this nation... in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice  to him and say my father all power belong to you, don’t let my own be difficult for you to do, please don’t let my own be too difficult for you, go ahead talk to the almighty God…  thank you father, Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to Him and say father, my father you are the alpha, if there is anything in my foundation that is slowing me down deal with it tonight, go ahead and talk to the Almighty God...  in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I have a God who never fails 3ce

Who never fails 3ce

Who never fails forevermore.

Amen Jesus never fails3ce forevermore (worship)


I want you to pray this prayer with all your heart, say father my father, you have never failed before, don’t let me fail, don’t let me fall by the way side, let me reach my goal. Let’s talk to the almighty… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to Him and say father, my father, that it use to be good, but it is no longer good, don’t let that be my portion. I cry to you tonight, king of glory, you reserve the best till the last. Let me keep going higher and higher till I see you in glory… thank you Lord, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to go to him now on your own, to the God who answers prayer, pour out your heart to Him tonight. Unto God that answers prayer, unto you shall all flesh come; these are my prayers, these are my petition, go ahead and talk to Him… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Angels are singing, you are worthy oh Lord

We are singing Jesus, halleluiah!

You are worthy oh Lord!

Eternal rock of ages; you are worthy, King of glory; you are worthy, the most high God ;you are worthy, the lion of the tribe of Judah; you are worthy, the holy one of Israel; you are worthy, the rock of ages; you are worthy, everlasting God; you are worthy, wonderful counselor; you are worthy, unchangeable changer; you are worthy. The grate promoter; you are worthy, Lord of host; you are worthy. Glory be to your holy name,

 Thank you for what you did for us in the month of January, thank you for what you have ready started to do even in this month accept our worship in Jesus name.

 Father tonight, every request of your children answer by fire. Father we have no one else but you, and there are people who are already asking where is our God, show them that you are the Almighty God, show them this month that you are the Almighty God. The enemies are laughing, silence them in Jesus name. Almighty God silence them soon in Jesus name. Thank you Almighty God, In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah, shake hands with two or three people and tell them my God reigns and you may please be seated.

If you are born  in the month of February stand up, my father and my God I am committing all your children born in the month of February into your holy hands; February is the second month of the year, concerning these your children let their blessing be double, let their miracle be doubled, let their promotion be doubled. Let their joy be doubled, let your anointing upon their lives be doubled.

Give them a new beginning of joy, of success, of divine health, of progress, of a closer work with you. Let it be well with them in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. If you are born in February let me hear you shout halleluiah! Congratulations God bless you.

Next month, if the Lord tarries we will have the special     Holy Ghost service, the anniversary of the origin of the Holy Ghost service. The Holy Ghost service started some twenty four year ago and so March is the anniversary of the beginning of the Holy Ghost service. It is going to be for three days instead of a single day, Thursday 4th to Saturday the 6th. There is going to be an extraordinarily glorious time. Write it down, you will tell me after you finish that I said so. The theme is ‘BEHOLD THE KING’.

I don’t know all the details yet, I am still waiting on the Lord, but when you are coming make sure you come with at least one handkerchief. I don’t know the details yet but it is going to be something you have never seen before. So invite your friends, invite your relatives, and invite even your enemies; because if they come God is going to touch them no doubt.

The sermon tonight is going to be brief; because we really come to pray and we just want to rest a little before we go back into prayer.

Psalm 106 v 4 - 5 Remember me oh Lord with the favor that thou barest unto thy people, oh visit me with thy salvation; That I may see the good of thy chosen, that I may rejoice in the gladness of thy nation, that I may glory with thine inheritance.

God never forgets, his capacity to know and remember is beyond human comprehension.  Isaiah 40 v 28 says there is no searching his understanding. Psalm 139 v 1- 6 tell us that even what you are thinking before you finish, He already knows. However He never forgets. However he may chose not to remember. Isaiah 43 v 45 He said concerning his people he said your sin will I remember no more, in order words He is saying I retain the freedom to remember no more.

Whenever he decides to remember, if He decides what to remember, He moves very, very fast. Like you have been told in the case of Joseph in Genesis 41 v 1- 44 the moment He decides it is time to remember Joseph, within twenty four hours everything changes.

The Almighty God is going to remember somebody here tonight and I know that even before you get home, everything will be different. I am not talking of everybody; I am talking of just one fellow. I said God will remember someone here tonight and before you get home, things would change dramatically.

Whenever he chooses to remember, He will move the heavens and the earth. It will be as if we can use the language, it will be as if God suddenly wakes up from His sleep and when God suddenly wakes up as it were like that, He moves the heaven and the earth to quickly do what He have remembered that He wants to do.

 I mean in the case of Joseph that we mentioned, He took away the sleep of a king, gave him two troublesome dreams. The king woke up and could no longer rest, he couldn’t eat breakfast, he couldn’t rest, He was going up and down because God remember Joseph.

 I don’t know what God is going to do tonight, but I know that there is somebody here tonight; someone listening to me right now; before the sun rises you will know that God has visited you.

When He remembers someone, because of that one fellow He could go to a town. In Mark 10 v 46- 52 he went to Jericho because He remembered one blind man. When He remembers someone; He could even walk to the grave yard because of that one fellow.

 In Mark 5 v 1- 20 He remembered that there was a man He created to be an evangelist. Where is this man, he is in a grave yard, completely capture by demons. I remembered my purpose for that man; I will go and meet him in the grave yard. I will chase out the demons out of him, I will restore his destiny.

There is somebody listening to me tonight, as the Almighty God lives, the purpose of God for your life will be revisited tonight.

I will just give you some example quickly so that we can then talk to God a little more. Take Abraham for example; God had made so many great promises to him; you will be a blessing, I will bless you, I will make you great, I will make your name great, you will be a blessing, those who bless you will be blessed, those who curses you will be cursed. Through you I bless the family of the whole world.

 In Genesis 12 v 1 - 3 Abraham said amen to all of them. Years past, every year, He kept on adding more and more promises. By the time we get to Genesis 17 v 17 when God began to say the amen thing he had been saying for twenty five years, Abraham laughed, he laughed so much he fell on his face; he was saying to God let’s forget this joke. But God never forgets.

By the time we get to Genesis 18 like the pastor who spoke before me had already told you, there was a different kind of laughter in the life of Abraham. Initially he was laughing, mocking God himself but after Genesis 18 when God remembered him, the laughter changed. In that name that is above every other name, because you came tonight, you will sing a new song.

We have already mentioned; it was God who gave him dreams the boy was minding his own business but God began to show him his future, beautiful dreams, but what did he see, he landed in a dry well, thank God it was dry, then he was sold into slavery, but God was still seating down on His throne, and in the heart of that boy he will be asking where are the dreams. And then he landed in the prison, from fry pan to fire.

Where are the dreams?

And then he met somebody and says maybe this one will help me and the fellow forgot him completely but God remembered. And suddenly the destiny of Joseph was fulfilled.

God created you for a purpose, God doesn’t do anything without a reason; He didn’t send you into the world just to populate the place no! He sent you into the world for a purpose. The enemies may try to cover your light. They may want to blow out your flame but in that name that is above every other name; because you came tonight, you will fulfill your destiny.

Thank you father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight He said the history of your family if full of ups and down. The Lord says a new beginning starts today.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said very soon you will be chasing those who are chasing you now. He said because power will change hands tonight. He will take the power from those who are chasing you and put it into your hand that is what He is saying.

In the case of the widow of Zarephath, this widow was managing before; little by little the food decreased in the house. Until only one meal was left, I wasn’t there but am sure that woman must have been praying; God what am I going to do? Food is finishing, help me oh Lord! And there was the last meal and God remembered that there is a widow who needs help and he sends help urgently.

When God remembers you; he sent help urgently. All the enemies who think they are going to swallow you up, my father will disappoint them tonight in Jesus name, why? Because Psalm 46 v 1 says He is the ever present help in time of trouble. Before the boat sinks, He will wake up from his sleeps, before sorrow swallow you up, He will arise for you help. When He remembers you, according to Isaiah 60 v 22 when He remembers you He will hurry to help.

He said a little one shall become a thousand, a small one a strong nation, I the Lord will hasten it in His time.

When God remembers you he begins to hurry and I know he is hurrying towards somebody tonight, he is hurrying quickly coming towards somebody who is desperately in need of help. That help will arrive before tomorrow morning.

Thank you father! The Lord says somebody is having some serious problem with his digestive system. The Lord asked me to assure you He has already replaced it.

I want to say amen to this one before I tell you, He said my finger will touch someone here tonight for good.

In 2 kings 4 v 1 -7 the widow was heavily in debt and God didn’t do anything because the woman didn’t pray, she was just managing. But then one day the creditor came and gave her twenty four hours to pay up or lose her children. Then she cried to God and God answered in less than twenty four hours.

The prayers for tonight is for those of us who are desperate for God’s help and I can assure you in the name of the one who called, me as a result of tonight prayer; testimonies will last for the next five years.

He hurried to help her within the time limit set by the enemies. The woman that they thought was going to die in debt became so rich; she paid her debt and she had enough for the rest of her life.

As the Lord lives; by this time next month somebody will stand here and tell all the congregation, that God had cancelled all that he owes.

You can take another example in Daniel 4 it is the story of Nebuchadnezzar, a very, very powerful king as a matter of fact, he was the number one king in the whole world. Then he became proud, he forgot the God who raise him up. God warned him, he didn’t listen, God said “repent”, he didn’t agree.

So God said alright let’s teach him a lesson but we won’t kill him lets teach him a lesson and for seven years he walk about naked, eaten grass like an oxen but then after seven years God remembered him and he turned the tide for him.

There is one lesson to learn from that story. No matter how terrible you situation may be, since you are still breathing there is hope for you. Nebuchadnezzar was breathing and so they could bury him, you are still breathing, the enemies can’t bury you.

And because you are still breathing up till this moment, in the name the name that is above every other name, all your glory that has been lost shall be fully restored in Jesus name.

Thank you my father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said the enemies said they have already swallowed you. The Lord asked me to tell you they will vomit you.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said you use to be a high flyer, until you flew away from him. And then everything began to crash, he asked me to tell you, now that you have decided to him he said you will fly higher than ever before.

I want to say amen to this one too, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, and He said this year will be far, far more glorious for you.

So in John 5 v 2-9 there was this man who has been sick for thirty eight years. I am rejoicing with all of you who have been sick for a long time tonight, because God will heal you tonight in Jesus name.

For thirty eight years he had been sick, he was frustrated because he had tried everything he knew and he remain sick but God remembered him and within minutes all his yokes were destroyed. All those who have written him off where surprised.

 If he remembers you tonight, if He singles you out of this crowd for remembrances; your testimony will be yes I suffered long but now I can laugh for a long time.

He remembered the man; and the man who had been struggling for thirty eight years got total restoration in a single day.

Maybe I should give you just one more example, I don’t want to spend too much time preaching tonight I have that feeling deep within me that the Almighty God has set this night aside for answer prayers.

Congratulations! The Lord said there is a woman here, he said in recent days the moment of the baby in your womb have become very feeble. The Lord said suddenly now the baby is kicking fine.

I wish I can see you to say congratulation. We will hear your testimony very soon.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said I picked you up from the peek and I will not let go until I put you on the mountain top.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will turn your desert to springs of water.

 In Act 3 v 1 -11 there was this lame man who was always laid at the beautiful gate. The sad thing about this lame man is that he was so close to the temple and yet so far from God.

So near and yet so far, there are people who come for the Holy Ghost service, they know miracles are happening here they know the miracle here are not manufactured, they are not prearranged. They have seen God doing things that only God can do, they have heard testimonies. And yet they wondered when will my time come?

 One day God remembered that man. I believe God for you tonight, this very night, the Almighty God will remember you too.

The man, who has been carried for forty years, suddenly began to walk and to leap and to praise God. The man who has been stagnant for forty years, who could see others moving around enjoying themselves. Suddenly God remembered Him and he began to make progress, rapid progress.

When I became general overseer in 1981, all I wanted is that the Redeemed Christian church of God will grow. I have resigned my job in the university I have nothing else to live for other than the church. So I began to do everything I knew; every months I will hold seminar, special programs, outreaches, crusade, I fasted, I prayed, I went to every where I could l learn all the way to Korea. And Korea is far away from here.

Nothing happened. We were just dancing round, maybe we increase by two people this Sunday, next Sunday another three, another Sunday we may even decreased by four.

When I say special program, everybody will come, as soon as I finished everybody will go. One day I prayed the prayer that you are going to pray one more time tonight.

Because I was hearing the testimonies of others; in fact young pastors, younger pastors than myself; they came to me for prayers. We want to start a ministry pray for us. I will pray for them, very soon I will begin to hear good report.

God what about me? I can’t go back to where I am coming  from were I am coming from, so I lifted my eyes up to Him one night and I cried “Lord remember me” and I thank God he heard, he remembers me. He will remember somebody here tonight.

Many people are here, you know where your class mater are; you went to college together graduated the same time, started work the same time, they are flying you are crawling, it is time to say God remember me. Some of you know those of you who married at the same time; four five children among their children are now going to secondary school, it is time to say father remember me!

Some of you know those of you who are believing God for partners at the same time, all the other now are settled in their homes, God what have I done? Remember me!

Many of you know how many people you started trading around the same time, and you know where your colleagues are, you know where you are. God remember me!

I cried to Him that night and I thank God He heard me, Last December during the congress, what gave me the greatest joy throughout the congress, apart from all the salvation and healing and everything; is that the man I went to meet in Korea in the 1980’s sent a message “I want to come to Nigeria, I want to see what God is doing”

There I somebody here tonight, because you came tonight, in that name that is above every other name, the world will hear about you.

Daddy says that there will be hundreds of conceptions this month and that everyone of that conception will be like a Samuel.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you have a problem you have never told anyone, He asked me to tell you I will solve the problem.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said because of you in your family, there will be annual thanks giving.

We want to pray more but before we pray I am sure we all know; we cannot be calling to God if we don’t want to go away from sin.

David said if I regard iniquity in my heart, God won’t hear me. God himself said my ears are not heavy that I cannot hear, but if you are living in sin you can call till you are tired I won’t even hear.

That is why I want to give those of you who have not given your life to Jesus Christ that you run forward now and give your life to Jesus Christ and let his blood wash away all your sins so that your prayer will no longer be hindered. And if you are born again once and you went back into sin you better run back to Him tonight, He doesn’t hear sinner except you repent. So if you want to give your life to Jesus before I count ten make sure you already standing before me here… 1…2….4 As you come, begin to cry to God, ask Him to have mercy on you, tell Him you will serve him for the rest of your life….7….10

Thank you Lord, Father God Almighty we want to bless your holy name, we thank you for your word and we thank you for these people who have come forward tonight, and every one of them receive in Jesus name. Forgive their sins in Jesus name; let your blood wipe away all their sins in Jesus name, save their souls tonight Lord, Please write their name in the book of life in Jesus name.

 Almighty God from now on when they cried to you please answers them in Jesus and don’t let them go back into the world in Jesus name. And in your kingdom don’t let them be found wanting in Jesus name. Thank you father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want to rejoice with you because from now on by the special grace of God, every day I will be praying for you, so I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request and I promise you I will be praying for you, very soon you will be receiving miracles, even miracles you didn’t ask for. So please follow the man on your left waving the piece of wood, he will lead you to where some pastors are waiting for you, they will collect the information I need from you.

It remains only one major prayer for us to pray, that is the real prayer we have come to pray tonight, so I want you to please stand on your feet and if you really believe God is going to answer your prayer tonight, let me hear you shout a really big halleluiah. Lift your voice to Him and say father, my father, remember me tonight, go ahead talk to the Almighty God…

Before, we finally pray there will be a Holy Ghost service in Ado Ekiti on the 19th of February tagged “EMMANUEL”

I decree tonight that the Almighty God will remember you; I decree tonight that the Almighty God will hasten to help you. I decree tonight that in every facet of your life; today will mark a new beginning for God. The Lord will bless your offering, he will sanctify you and He will use you for His glory and very, very soon your testimony will be God this blessing is too much. The Lord will go with you as you go, on your way there will be miracle. In Your home there will be miracles. In all areas of your life the Almighty will show Himself mighty, it shall be well with you. And in the kingdom of God you will not be found wanting, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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