THE WONDERS OF HIS NAME 4th of January, 2013


Thank you Jesus, brethren, all your journeys last year; left to the devil you will not be alive today, but in spite of everything that the enemy did last year, you are still here today.

I want you to go ahead and praise the Almighty God, bless His holy name, give Him glory, give Him honor, and give Him adoration.

Worship the King of kings, bless Him because the devil has lost the battle, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration.

He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, in all your journeys last year, He kept you save; in going out, in coming in, He was with you.

Throughout last year, you did not have to beg before you eat. Praise Him because you are not walking about naked now.  Praise Him that you are not in the hospital right now.  Praise Him that you are not in an asylum right now.

Give Him glory, give Him honor for His goodness, for His mercy.  Bless His holy name for answered prayer.

He is worthy to be praised. He is worthy to be magnified. Worship the King of kings, worship the Lord of lords. Give Him praise; give Him glory, There is no one like our Daddy.

In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

I want you to lift your voice to Him and say father, whatever mistakes i made last year, please forgive me now... ...

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed..

Lift your voice to Him and say Father, this is a new year; give me a new beginning oh of everything that is new, everything that is divine, and everything that is glorious...

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

That wonderful name, Jesus 2ce

There is no other name I know

That wonderful name, Jesus 2ce

There is no other name I know.


Thank you Jesus, thank you Savior, thank you Healer, thank you Provider, thank you Deliverer, thank you Lord of host, thank you King of glory, thank you King of kings, thank you Lord of lords, thank you Ancient of days, thank you Rock of Ages, thank you the Lion of the tribe of Judah.


Thank you the Holy one of Israel, thank you Alpha, thank you Omega, thank You for the year gone by, thank You for the new year, thank You for last year Congress, please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

In spite of everything that the devil tried last year, we are here again.

Father accept our thanks in Jesus name.


Tonight in all our lives; please do something new, do something wonderful, do something miraculous, do something great, do something divine, do something unforgettable, do something glorious.


At the end of everything let Your name be glorified again.


In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout halleluiah!




Father Almighty, i want to thank you for your children born in the month of January.


January is the first month of the year and so for all these your children, I’m asking this year for first time miracles in Jesus name.


Blessings that will be first of its kind send to them in Jesus name.


Testimonies that will be first of its kind give to them in Jesus name and in every area of their lives, let them be first, when it comes to serving you let them be first.


In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.




By the grace of God the February Holy Ghost service will be a very special one.


The theme is wonderful.


Now let me tell you one thing before we begin; after everybody had prayed during the Congress and the New Year service and of course I was praying for everybody.


I was finally left alone with my God and I said Lord thank You for the Congress.  Thank You for the year that is gone by, thank You for everybody who came that they returned safely.


I said it is now my turn, me too I want to ask for a New Year present. My Daddy says “go ahead!” I said “Daddy what I want to ask is big, but am bold to ask because I know that You know even before I ask.


I said in the Redeemed Christian church of God in the year 2013, I want at least one million three hundred thousand healings”.


I am happy to tell you that my Daddy told me, request granted.


And so it will be your fault, not mine, not God's if you miss any Holy Ghost Service this year, because He reminded me that the Holy Ghost service started when I made a similar request, way back in 1986.

At that time I asked Him for a miracle for every member of the congregation and He said bring them together and I will do what you asked.


That was the beginning of the Holy Ghost Service.


And somehow it kept on going and going. Now He has promised me every Holy Ghost night there will be massive healings.


So if you seat down at home don't blame me, I know God is able to heal everywhere but tonight is going to be different, so there is no need for me to hurry.


I will remind you of two testimonies.


The elders here will remember one; there was these bank manager, he was a bank manager in one of the town in Ogun state.


Suddenly he ran mad, I mean completely mad, so they called the police, they handcuffed him and they chained his legs, they were taking him to Arrow (Asylum).


And in his madness he said one thing, please take me to Redemption Camp, because i know if my feet touches that ground, I know I will be well.


He was mad but in His madness, he made that request.


And they brought him here, I was alone on the Camp ground when they arrived.  And they told me what he said.  If I remembered correctly I think there were either four or six police men that were with him.


He was wild!


I said if that was what he said, “loose him and let him come down”.


They say ah! We knew what we went through before we captured him. I said but you heard what he said?


Thank God the Bible says it shall be unto you according to your faith. They said “Sir, if we lose him, whatever happened you will be responsible”.


I said “loose him”. They removed his handcuff, they removed his chain, he stepped on this ground and instantly he became sane.


That is one example, you see there are grounds and there are grounds, this is holy ground.


I will tell you another true story, testimony you’ve heard of a woman, she is probably in the crowd.


She went abroad to either London or America to take care of her grand children and there she suffered a stroke and she told the children.


 “Take me back to Nigeria” and they said to her “people who have your problem, if they have the money they want to come abroad for treatment”.


She said “if I can get to the Redemption Camp, I will be made whole” They said well, if that is what you want. They brought her here.


As soon as she landed on the Camp Ground, because she said just take me there, that was all.


As soon as she landed, every traces of stroke disappeared.


On this ground this year, there will be Signs and Wonders. If you like seat down at home don't say I didn't tell you, but it is up to you.




Philippians 2 v 9 -11 Wherefore, God has also has highly exalted Him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things in earth, of things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father.


What is in a name?


Everything! Your future is bound up in your name; everything that is likely to happen to you is embedded in that name.


Moses was called Moses according to Exodus 2 because he was drawn out of water.


For the rest of his life; water kept on pursuing him.  He changed water to blood in Exodus chapter 7, he parted the red sea in Exodus chapter 14, he turned bitter sweet in Exodus chapter 15, He brought water out of the rock in Exodus chapter 17 and when he failed to get to the promise land it is because of water In Numbers 20, water kept following him.


The Almighty God knows the important of name so much that on several occasions, He had to change the names of some people for their destiny to be fulfilled.


Genesis 17 v 1 -9 He changed Abram to Abraham, barren man to father of nations. He changed Sarai to Sarah Exodus 17 v 15-16 barren woman to princess, mother of nations. Genesis 32v 24-26 he changed Jacob to Israel; he changed a man to a nation!


Listen to me very carefully, find out the full meaning of your name and if there is a need, change that name now.  If your name means Satan has received this (Esubiyi) changed the name to the Lord has received this (Jesu biyi) get away from Satan.


What is in a name?


My mother told me that when she was going to see the priest concerning my baptismal name, the name she had in mind was Elisha.

But when she got to the man, she had forgotten, so she said Enoch.  I said no problem I will keep the two; Elisha double portion anointing, Enoch the man that work with God.


You want to know my full name? I will tell you today, but before I tell you my full name, do you know I was born on a Sunday?


Don’t let anybody deceive you all these people who are older than seventy, they don’t know their birthday.


They just chose one.  Nobody wrote down names in those days, nobody wrote down birthdays. They just chose one, because you have to give a name in the school, official birthday.


So I asked my mother, when was I born?


She said the year that so and so King mounted the throne in Ilesha.


I said okay I know that one that was in 1942.


I said what month? 


She said how do I know?  But she said I can tell you one thing, it is a Sunday.


She said I know it is Sunday because they are celebrating something in the church and so everybody left and I was alone in the house.


So I delivered you alone.


What else can you tell me about that Sunday?


She said it was a very strange Sunday.


The rain was falling and the sun was shining, which is an indication in our area that a Tiger was being born.


You may think I am joking, ask my elder sisters they are still alive, they will tell you one of my nick name is the Tiger, do I look like a tiger to you now.


But if you want to hear my full name, you will find that the full name should be something like


Enoch, Elisha, Sunday, Adejare, Adetona, Olagundoye, Adeboye alias the Tiger. There is one alias I won’t tell you, that one is reserved for my wife.


And when I was preparing the sermon and I felt the Holy Spirit saying write this down. And I said this is going to be funny.  He said just go ahead and do what I tell you, He said when you finish, tell my children this will be a year of laughter.



So what is in your name?

Check if there is any evil one reject it and if there is a good one you want, add and God will say Amen.


Jesus loves names.


He has many names. In John 10 v 7 He said I am the Door, in John 10 v 11 He says I am the Good Shepherd.


In John 11 v 25 He said I am the Resurrection and the Life. In John 14 v 6 He says I am the Way the Truth and the Life.


In Isaiah 9 v 6, His Father called Him Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace.


In Revelation chapter 1 v 8 He said I am the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the One who is, the One who was, the One who is to come, the Almighty.


Eight names at a stretch and each names is significant, don’t think He was just compiling names, and there are many, many more of His names.


And because there was no way we would have finished, that is why we want t talk about the WONDERS OF HIS NAME.


And because there is no way we would have finished that is why he has asked us to talk about one special name next month and that is WONDERFUL, and I am sure some people will see wonders next month.


His name guarantees deliverance.


He said in my name you will cast out demons, Mark 16 v17. His name guarantees healings Mark 16 v 18, His name guarantee freedom, John 8 v 36 whosoever the Son shall set free shall be free indeed.


His name guarantees joy John 16 v 24, His name guarantee peace Isaiah 9 v 6, His name guaranteed promotion, John 12 v 32, His name guarantees victory; at the mention of His name all knees, including the enemies knees shall bow.


His name guarantees rest, Matthew 11 v 28-30. His name guarantees satisfaction John 7v 37-39, His name guarantees answer to all your questions, to all your prayers, John 14 v 14.


But tonight we want to look within a short period of time at just a few of these names, the one in John 14 v 6 He said I am the Way, the Truth and the life.


What does He mean by I am the Way?


If you are in a town and you want to go to another town that you don’t know, you will ask people what is the way out of these town to where am going?


Jesus is the Way out of sickness, Mark 16 v 17-18, in My name you will lay hand on the sick they will recover.

In Act 9 v 32-35 Bibles tells us of a man called Anias.  Anias was sick, Peter went into his room and said Anias, Jesus has made the whole. And immediately the man came out of sickness.


In the name that is above every other name, tonight someone will come out of sickness.


His name is the way out of death, in Matthew 10 v 5- 8 He told the disciples to go out, preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse lepers, raised the dead.


In Act 9 v 36 – 42, in the example that somebody mentioned among those who have spoken before me, example of Dorcas.  Dorcas had died, Peter turned to her and said Dorcas, in the name of Jesus, come back to life and she rose.


Thank you my Father and my God, Daddy said we will start the New Year, with seventy thousand healing tonight.


Jesus is the name out of death.


I have told you the story of one occasion when I went to visit a man.  I got there just to pray for the family and be on my way.


And the wife was carrying a baby on her back and they said this baby will not allow anybody else to carry her except the mother.


But as I walked into the house, the child stretched from the back of the mother, the child stretch violently towards me that if I didn’t catch her she probably would have fallen down.


And I was just wondering why? Well since the child was already in my hand, I prayed for her in the name of Jesus.


Few months later, the mother was confessing; nobody knew that the mother was a witch; the mother said that was the day she was going to kill the girl, but the girl sees death and seeing the representation of Jesus, stretched out and her appointment with death was cancelled.


Any appointment with death concerning you is cancelled today in Jesus name.


Thank you my Father, Daddy asked me to tell someone, He said you will remember this year as the year God begins to favor you.


Jesus is the way out of embarrassment, John 2 v 1 – 11.


There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and they ran out of wine, and they find themselves in a big embarrassment.


They invited the guests and the guests were seated and long before the feast was over, there was no more wine.


But thank God Jesus was there, and they went to Jesus and He brought them out of their embarrassment.

Every embarrassing situation in your life, you are coming out in Jesus name.


So He is the way out of sickness. Out of death and out of embarrassment.


He is also the way into, just as there is a way out of, there is the way into; He is also the way into; He is the way into the presence of God.


John 14 v 6 He said I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man cometh to the Father, except by Me.


You want to come into the presence of God? You come by Jesus. And because He is the Way into the presence of God, He is the way onto fullness of Joy.


Psalm 16 v 11, the Bible says in the presence of God, there is the fullness of joy.  It takes Jesus to bring you into the fullness of joy.


Hebrew 10 v 19 tells us that we can now go boldly into the holiest by the blood of Jesus.


I think I was telling those of you who are here for the watch night service and by the way if you are not here for the watch night service, I want to encourage you,  get the tape.


The Holy Communion service was first of its kind. The cross over service was first of its kind, get the tape, both will bless you; get more than one so you can give your friends as New Year gift.


So I was telling them, I said anytime I had to visit head of states and I have visited for quite a few of them.


The first time I visited the head of state of Gambia; security check one, security check two, security check three, then you get to general reception, another check, you get to another general reception, another check, then you get to the presence of the president.


I said it is easier to get into the presence of God.


And it is not Gambia alone, Nigeria too; if you have ever been to Aso Rock find out; they will check you gate one, check you gate two, check you gate three, the people in gate three will be watching you as they are checking you in gate two, they will still check you and that is long before you get close to the entrance of the house and they check again, then another check.


Thank God all I need to do to get into His presence is to say in the name of Jesus. Do I hear somebody shout Jesus!


He is the way out of sickness, death, embarrassment, He is the way into the presence of the Almighty God and He is the way forward.


When everything seems to be stagnant with you, call the name. Suddenly progress will come!


In Act 3 v 1 -8 that lame man had been stagnant for forty years, Peter said to him, silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give unto you in the name of Jesus, rise up and walk, and the man who have been stagnant for forty years, got up, began to walk, began to leap, he began to praise God. When you call that name progress begins.


 In John 5 v 2-9 a man have been sick for thirty eight years on one spot; he has been stagnant for thirty eighth years. The moment Jesus arrived everything changed.


I am believing God for all those whose promotions has been delayed, this year your promotion shall be accelerated.


Thank you my Daddy, the Lord said there is someone here special, He ask me to tell you, He said I promise you, that this year your waiting will be over.


Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said towards the end of last year you did something special for Him, He said this year you will see the abundance evidence of His gratitude.


He is the Way out of, the Way into, the Way forward and He is the Way where there is no way.


In Exodus 14 v 1- 28 when the children of Israel got to the red sea and they couldn’t go forward, but they looked back and saw Pharaoh and his host pursuing them and they began to cry.


Moses cried to God, and God said why are you crying to me? Tell the Children of Israel to move forward, Moses said move forward? There is a sea there Lord! He said “I will show you I can make way where there is no way.


I prophesy to someone here tonight, everywhere where there say there is no way; there will be a way for you.


In Act 12 v 5- 11 Peter was in prison, the doors were locked securely, guards were outside but the enemies were not satisfied they still tied him to two soldiers, one on the right, one on the left with chains, to make sure that there will be no way of escape.


They were so sure they got this one. But Jesus made a Way where there is no way.


In the name that is above every other name, in the wonderful name of Jesus, all those who say they have captured you shall be disappointed.


Let me hear you shout Jesus one more time.


Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He says your showers of blessings will begin this month and grow bigger and bigger and bigger.


He is the Way out of, the Way into, the Way forward, the Way where there is no way and He is the Way upward.


In John 12 v 32 Jesus Christ said if I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me.  As you lift up Jesus, He will draw you up.  That is promotion!


In Luke 5 v 8-11, He promoted a fisher man called Peter, a failure! He promoted him so much that anywhere you go in the world today, you will hear the name Peter, you see houses upon houses built for Peter, Peter’s cathedral, Peter Basilica, Peter’s this. Peter’s that.


In that wonderful name of Jesus, you too would be promoted.


He is the Way upward; He can pick up a beggar from the dunghill and keep lifting him up until he begins to sit down among princes.


I have told you before, if man is the one that promoted you, the same fellow who promoted you will bring you down.


That is why I always pity some people that I see who love press men; you want to get press men to write beautiful article about you, so you can become popular, one day the same people, who wrote the beautiful articles about you, they are the one who will write the one that will damage you.


If man lifts you up, number one you go as high as his hand can lift you and after sometime when his hand is tired you begin to come down, but my Father’s hands are everlasting, when He lifts you up, you just keep going higher and higher.


Daddy says that there is someone here tonight; He says I should tell you, all traffic lights are green. And He says He will keep them so for a long time.


God says there is someone here tonight; He said in less than three years, your level will change from a stream to an ocean.


He is the Way out of, the Way into, the Way forward, the Way where there is no way and He is the Way upward and He is the only Way.


Act 4 v 12 says there is no other name, even among men whereby men shall be saved. Mathew 1 v 21 says you shall call His name Jesus for He shall save his people.


When you have prayed and you don’t even know what to say anymore, just keep on saying; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


I think it was during the watch night service that I also mentioned this; I was in far away Indonesia last year for a prayer conference and I was ask to speak on prayer.


I told the great men of God all over the world gathered over there, I said God answers prayers, they said does He answer all the time? I said He answer prayers all the time.


I said the only reason you have said that He didn’t answer your prayer at certain times is because you stop praying.


You got tired because you have alternatives. People like me I have no alternatives, Jesus is my last bus stop.

if a member of the congregation has a problem and he thinks he cannot handle it on his own, he report to the pastor, when the pastor cannot handle it, he refers it to the general overseer, when the general overseer has a problem where can he go?


I have no alternative; I have nowhere else to go and because there is no where I am going and He knows am not moving.


Jacob said, if God does not answer my prayer now, Esau will kill me tomorrow morning, so when God says let Me go, he said ah! Go where? I will not let you go, unless You settle my case.


How many of you want your case settle tonight, how many of you are going to hold on to Jesus, until He settle your case?


Let me hear you say amen loud and clear.


He is the Way, He is the Truth, John 8 v 32 says you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free, when you know Jesus, freedom comes. John 8 v 36, whomsoever the Son shall set free shall be free indeed.


I have told you the story before, my father had a disagreement with his peers, in my village compound in 1960, and they told him because the disagreement has to do with me, I was in my final year in the secondary school then, he said to them, I will do what you say but please let this my son finish his education.


And they told him point blank, so it is because of this boy you won’t join us?  You will see how old that boy will be before he dies, they told him in the family meeting.


He came home and told my mother and I ran and for thirteen years I was running, then I met Jesus, and now the when the forces of darkness see me coming, they run, they run because of Jesus.


Are there witches and wizards in your family?  Face them with Jesus.


Are there herbalists who say they have already destroyed your future?  Face them with Jesus.


Is there anyone in power, no matter how powerful, who says he is going to destroy you? Face him with Jesus.


Is there any mountain that has refused to move all these years? Face it with Jesus.


Because whomsoever the Son shall set free shall be free indeed.


The mad man of Gedaren has six thousand demons in him, one word from Jesus, one word from the Truth and he was free.


The devil is a liar, and he has kept many of us in bondage for a long time.  Thank God the Truth has come.

Do you know for a long time it was taught and believed that anyone who wants to go to heaven must be poor?   They said because it is said that the love of money is the root of all evil.


The devil knows how to quote the Bible, he quotes it in a way that many of you, if you don’t study the word completely you won’t know the difference.


It is not money that God says is evil, He says it is the love of money.


Without money how can we ever have built this auditorium?


Just imagine think of all the kilometer of steel in this place, heavy duty steel all the way from China. Think of all the tons upon tons of cement that have gone into the foundation, not to talk of electricity, not to talk of amplifier and we are not even as good as we want to be yet.


But the devil wants you to believe a lie, you can be the poorest man in the world, if you are not born again you will still go to hell, and you can be the richest man in the world provided you live holy, you will make it to heaven.


He said I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health as you soul prosper.


It is when you want money to such an extent that you are ready to sacrifice your salvation for money then you are in trouble.


Because in the story of the rich young ruler Luke 18 v 18 – 30 the young ruler, came to Jesus and said “sir, what must I do to make it to heaven?


The Lord said oh you know the laws, do this, do this, he said I have been doing all that.


Jesus Christ said only one thing remain, He said go and sell all you have, give to the poor, come and follow me.


Because Jesus knew this man loves money more than salvation, it was a test.


He said keep your salvation and I will keep my money.


That is why Jesus said poor fellow, he can’t even make it to heaven, some people love money so much that they will steal, some people love money so much that they will defraud, some people love money so much that they will inflate the cost of materials; those people are in trouble, because no liar will make it to heaven.


But my God does not want you to die poor, He said I have come for you to have life and have it more abundantly, He said I am the Truth.


I have seen some things, I have told my pastors, I have seen an airport, very big airport, and I have seen several planes packed there and each one has the symbol of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Your own is there. So those who say you are going to die poor tell them they are lying, we will serve the Lord in holiness, in purity, we will not lie, we will not cheat, we will not steal and we shall prosper.

Whether the devil likes or not we shall reach the top.


Then the Truth.


Let me just one more thing about the Truth.


Do you know there is an organization that says you must not mention the blood of Jesus?


Don’t talk about the blood! And there are some very intelligent people who belong to that organization.


I won’t mention names. I was talking to one of them, I said sir, it is written in Hebrews 9 v 22 without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.


I said who do you think is afraid of the blood of Jesus?


Only one fellow, that is the devil.


Rev. 12 v 11 said they overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb. The only one who says don’t mention the blood is the devil.


I said the organization you belong to might be connected to the devil, he doesn’t like the Truth but that is the Truth cleanses from all sins. It gives victory over Satan.


Let me hear somebody say the blood of Jesus.


The Way the Truth.


Let me say one thing about the truth as it concern grace.


Salvation is free, it’s by grace, Ephesians 2 v 9 says it is by grace you are saved not of works, lest any man should boast.


Salvation is free, but after you are saved, after all your sins are forgiven, it will be falsehood to say I can now live like a child of the devil and make it to heaven.


That is a lie. Romans 6 v 1 -2 says can we continue in sin and expect grace to abound, God forbid.


We all know that God is love, I know that 1John 4 v 4 -8 makes it clear, God is love.


And if anybody knows about the love of God, please look at me very well, I am a living example of the love of God, He loves me, that is why I call him Daddy, not everybody can call Him Daddy.


Even Christians calls Him Father, but few of us can call Him Daddy and He is my Daddy.


I know Him, He loves me. But I also know Him, He loves me, I also know according to Hebrew 12 v 29 that this my God.

This Daddy, this God who is Lord is also a consuming fire, you don’t mess with Him, if you mess with Him, he will deal with you. I know!


I have told you the story before… several years ago, I have this little camp ground in Epe.


We want to prepare a little place for workers meeting, so we need toilet, so I got a surveyor to take the contract, to build two big latrines, one for men, one for women, at that time we are still using feet, 6 feet deep, each one and we negotiated how much, he asked me to show him the place.


So I took him to the place, when he began to measure, instead of measuring sixty feet, he measure sixty meters and God spoke to me and said son correct him!


I said no! If he is a surveyor and he doesn’t know the difference between feet and meter let him suffer for it.


We went to the second place he began to measure in meter instead of feet, Daddy spoke to me, son correct him.


And I said no! Which university did he go to?


After he finished measuring there is this hefty Hausa man who was one of the diggers that was helping him to dig.


And if you have ever see these diggers you will know what I am talking about, he saw me and smiled at me and said Megidda.


I want to be a nice fellow, so I stretched out my hand to receive his hand, and he grabbed my hand and he began to crush it, and I am telling you the hand of this digger is like iron, he was crushing my hand and he was smiling, the pain was horrible, I had to cry out to God, Father help!


It is not a joking matter you can laugh it is not your hand!


And Daddy replied me immediately and said


“I told you to correct him! I said “I will, I will”.


And the man released my hand.


So I called the surveyor corrected him but in the main time my hand was burning like fire.


As I was going to my car I was grumbling Daddy this punishment is too much.


He said, I will not tolerate any nonsense from you.


That is the truth, God is love, that is the truth, but He is also the consuming fire.


And you shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.


If you think you can mess around with God you are in for a surprise. Wonderful God, beautiful God but He is the God of grace, but don’t abuse that grace.


He said I am the Way the Truth and the Life!


The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said I have parted your red sea there is no going back now.


Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said a new wave of anointing will envelop you this year.


Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said very soon you will be singing:

I have joy like the ocean, in my soul,

I have joy, joy like the ocean,

Joy like the ocean in my soul.


Then He said I am the Life.


John 3 v 36 says anyone who believes on the Lord Jesus, will have everlasting life, but anyone who will not believe in Him will not even see life, He said but the Judgment of God will be upon Him.


I’m going to give opportunity to those of you who have not given your life to Jesus to do so now.


Thank you Father, one more word for him, for me and for many of us here; Daddy says when it is rained dry grass becomes green, He said there is someone here He said I will rain on you.


If you have not given your life to Jesus please do so tonight.


If you have been pretending to be born again, change your mind, come and give your life to Jesus Christ, without Jesus Christ it will be difficult to survive this year.


But with Jesus Christ, others may be weeping you will be laughing, this will be a glorious year for those who have Jesus.


If you have not surrendered your life to Jesus come and do so now.


Give your life to Him.   He will forgive you all your sins,


So if you want to give your life to Jesus, come and stand before me now.


And as you come, begin to talk to Jesus, ask Him to have mercy on you, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to forgive you your sins, ask him to save your soul, promise Him that from now on you will serve Him, He will be your Lord and savior.


The rest of us, let’s stretch our hands towards these people and begin to pray for them, let’s intercede for them, that the Almighty God, the savior will have mercy upon them…


In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.


Savior I want to bless Your Holy name for your word that has gone forth tonight.


Thank You for these your children that have come forward to surrender their lives to You, everyone of them receive in Jesus name.


Forgive in Jesus name, let Your blood wipe away all their sins in Jesus name, save their souls and write their names in the book of life in Jesus name.  From now on, any time they call on You, please answer them in Jesus name.


In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


I want to rejoice for those of you who have come forward tonight, I want to assure you that by the special grace of God I will be praying for you, so I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request so I can know how to pray for you. Please drop these here at



1. Praise Him for all he has done for you thus far.

2. Father, please give me more grace to witness and testify about your goodness to me.

3. Father, please give me many open doors this year and help me to walk through them.

4. Father, keep the heavens open wide over me this year.

5. Father, give me your full backing, support and assistance this year.

6. Father, give me many mountain top experiences this year.

7. Father, where there is no way before make a way this year.

8. Father, let me enjoy the full benefit of Your name this year.

9. Father, from now on, let the world see in me all the marks of a Christian.

10. Your private request.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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