THE INDOMITABLE 5th of October, 2018



October 5th, 2018.


Thank You Father.

Well, let us lift our hands to the most High God and begin to bless His holy name.

Let us worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords;

Let magnify the Ancient of days;

Give Him all glory, give Him all honour; give Him all adoration

Bless His holy name

Worship Him

There is no one like Him

Give Him glory

Praise Him

He is worthy to be praised

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

What a mighty God we serve


What a mighty God we serve


Heaven and earth adore Him

Even Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve.

(Is a mighty God)


What a mighty God we serve


What a mighty God we serve


Heaven and earth adore Him

Even Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve.

(Is a mighty God)


What a mighty God we serve


What a mighty God we serve


Heaven and earth adore Him

Even Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve.

Ancient of days we worship You; the Father of the fatherless we magnify Your holy name; the Husband of the widow we adore You; the One who reigns forever; the One who lives forever; the Unchangeable changer, glory be to Your holy name. Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, thank You for May, thank You for June, thank You for July, thank You for August, thank You for September, thank You for October, Father, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Tonight, in the only way You can do it, arise for all Your children and make them indomitable; don’t let them never know failure again; don’t let them ever know defeat again; in Your own miraculous way help them to reach their goal. In all over the world where they are listening to us now my Father and my God, in the lives of all Your children particularly the youth and the young adults, Father do something new; and please Lord have mercy on our nation.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Shake hand with one or two people and say good evening God bless you;

And then you may please be seated.

In the past we have discovered that almost invariably the preacher from the North sets things on fire;

And I have always felt maybe it is because they are in the North.

 You cannot be in the North and be cold - it is not possible; which is why we transfer our Pastors by the time you have spent four years in the South, we send you to the North – go and heat up again before we recirculate.

But tonight if I were to do things my own way alone, after that gentleman preaches, we will just go home.

I started trying to take notes before I discover he was not preaching he was bringing a message directly from the throne of heaven.

When he made his altar call for those who are recommitting themselves to becoming addicted soul winners;

You probably heard him say Daddy come and pray for us; I just waved to him: my son, I need prayers too.

Oh yes I go round the world winning souls; I need prayers because quite a few of my children do not seem to catch the fire.

You see, fire of some people seem to be going out.

There were some people who used to burn and somehow fire of Evangelism seems to be dying down.

One of the guests on dove, one of their programmes, was speaking and he said something clearly that I have been agitating mind for awhile.

What was it he said?

He said in the past our hunger was centered around the man that God will use – a man God uses.

So we are hungry we want to be the man that God will use; we want to learn; what will it take for God to use me? What is the price I have to pay for God to say I will use this boy?

But today, things have change

Now, people are looking for a God that man will use.

I was watching and tears came to my eyes.

Because in those days we pray: Almighty God, make me a vessel unto honour even it is going to cost my life; at least it would have been a life with a purpose.

We are willing to surrender all.

We I came into full time ministry; you don’t become Head of Department of Mathematics in a University and let that go to come and become a Pastor of a church unknown;

If you do not see it as answer to a prayer: God use me.

Today, listening to the prayers:

God promote me;

God heal me;

God give me breakthrough;

God give me a wife;

God …

In those days we were even afraid those of us who were not married were afraid to go to the Pastor to say I have found the fellow I will marry.

Because this young man quoted a passage that was common to us then: considering the terror of the Lord we persuade men…

We saw that the world was going to hell and we wanted to be use tools to rescue some.

God use me!

We heard stories of couple, just married; missionary who came to Africa and saw a Colony of a lepers surrounded by a wall;

And they got to the gate and asked the gateman: the people inside there as anyone preached the gospel to them?

The gateman said, who will go in there?

Anyone who goes in there does not come out.

Haa, we will love to go inside and preached to them.

The gateman said, you did not hear me?

We throw food over the wall to them.

When we open this gate, anyone who goes in there does not come out.

And the couple newly married but we want to go and preach the gospel to them.

The gateman said, if I open the gate for you, you are not coming back.

The husband looked at the wife: my dear what did you say?

She said, all that the Lord said is go; He did not say anything about coming back.

Of course the gateman open the door and they went in.

We heard in those days stories; true stories of a missionary preaching the gospel in a village Africa and then he asked: are there other villages?

They said yes we have, there is another.

But there are lions on the way and the way the lions are roaring they are hungry;

And the lady (it was a lady), the lady said I must go and preach the gospel to the people there too.


The lions are on the way, I must go.

One old man who as just given his life to Jesus Christ said alright if you must go then I will go with you.

And the missionary looked at him and said you; you cannot even defend yourself talk less of defending me.

The old man said you don’t understand.

Lions don’t kill except they are hungry;

I will go ahead of you, the will kill me and while they are eating me you will be able to go.

We heard stories, stories.

We heard the story of a woman in Accra Ghana when it used to be Gold Coast, very poor woman, gives her life to Jesus and everyday when the Evangelist is passing the offering plate she had nothing to give.

Jesus did so much for me and there is nothing I am going to do for Him!

So one day the Evangelist was passing the plate and the woman dropped a gold coin into the plate.

The Evangelist say hey hey come, you have given your life to Jesus that means you are not going to steal anymore.

She said yes I know that.

Where do you get the money from?

Oh I did not steal, I sold myself, I am a slave now to somebody – this is the money he paid.

If Jesus gave Himself for me, I should be able to give myself to Him.

In those days we thought only of the man that God will use.

So when I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I became the fulltime pastor, I open the doors for my children to follow my example.

The first one to follow; as far as I could remember is Pastor Odeyemi, he too resigned his job – if you can do it, I can do it.

It was not long after then it was Pastor Daramola and the quite a few others.

We are ready to go anywhere, anywhere!

It does not matter the hardship, we could not careless

But my joy was that at long last is that God is using me.

Now people don’t want to go except they first of all check is there electricity in that place; will I have a fridge; will I have a colour television; will they buy me a car?

And yet God said, my Daddy said to my hearing and I told you at the beginning of the year: the countdown to the end has started.

How many of you will remember?

Remember I said that to you.

I am not a prophet, I am just a pastor but I hear from God once in awhile.

The same time that I told you that God said that the flood this year will be massive flood.

And I told you last month from this altar, the flood is not over yet.

How many of you will remember that of last month if you don’t remember that of January.

The same One who told me that is the same One who told me that the countdown to the end has started.

And yet we are at ease in Zion.

We could not care less;

If my neighbour wants to go to hell let him go.

It was because we were determined to be vessels unto honour in the hand of God that is why you found us in Libya; in other places that you think people must be crazy to God there;

That is why you could find my son in Papua New Guinea.

You want to know where Papua New Guinea is?

When you get to Australia, you will still travel six and half hour by air; we could not care less;

We want to go anywhere, anywhere because we want to be vessel unto honour in God’s hands and so we wanted.

My sister came to visit me of blessed memory when I have just moved to the camp

For your information in case I have not told you before, the first bed I slept on in this camp, I made it myself.

When a Mathematician makes a bed, you know the kind of bed that it will be.

She said this is where you live now?

I said yes Ma.

Because she knew where I was and now I am in God, fulltime. 

No electricity - who cares;

Living with snakes and pythons – who cares;

As long as I am vessel unto honour in His hand.

Forgive me if I don’t preach any long sermon tonight;

My sermon is already in the song that you sang:

I am moving forward, no one can stop me because the wind of God is blowing for me.

I am going up, no one can stop because the Spirit of God is residing in me.

I am free, nobody can cage me


My friend Lord Jesus Christ has the keys of David

You put me in prison, He will open the door.

Reaching the top, I am not going to stop before I reach the top


Because the One who is promoting me has everlasting arms

It is already in the song.

And like that young man told you, I told them yesterday when I spoke to the youth in the old auditorium, you cannot kill a dead man because he is already dead.

The Bible says we are dead and our life is hid in Christ.

You cannot kill me

If I die it is because my time has come.

When my time comes I will go.

When my time has not come, nobody can kill me.

Are you afraid to step out and risk your life for Jesus?

I was talking to some of my children abroad;

They are living in comfort; it is not their fault, everywhere there is comfort.

I mean prisoners there have colour television, so you can imagine what is going on outside.

I said I am not surprise if you are cold, if your Christianity is lukewarm I am not surprised.

But I still know; I still have some of my children, I can still mention some, I can still give just one example;

This one was not in the news; that is not the kind of news they want to talk about.

Book Haran went to visit one of my Pastors, they wanted to kill him but he wasn’t home, the wife was there and the wife just had a set of twins.

They said we will leave a message for your husband:

In the presence of the mother they slaughter the twins.

I heard about it.

I said to my son, let me bring you to the south now, you have already paid your dues.

You know what he said?

Daddy you taught us never to turn our back to the enemies; I am not running.

You taught us Daddy when God said we should put on the Armour of God, it was not armour for our back

You are the one who taught us: it means don’t turn your back to the enemy; I am not running.

Light is not running from darkness

These are the kind of children that I want.

These are the kind of children I had

These are the kind of children I must have.

That is why I was…, when that man said: come and pray for us.

I don’t want him to see my tear that was why I waved to him, I need prayers too.

The late Orimulosin of Ijebu igbo, one of my sons of blessed memory, came to me and said E.A (we were intimate so people call me by my initials – E.A), I think I am ready to go home.

I said which home?

He said heaven.

I said to him, you want to go home?

He said yes.

He said what else do I want?

I am old; I am Oba; anything anybody could achieve I have already achieved.

You want to go?

He said yes.

How many souls have you won?

How many souls?

I said there are palaces they won’t let me enter but they will open the door to you, we will go today.

You are not going anywhere.

He was around for more than ten years after that.

Going home!

Which home?

What are you going to say when you get before your Saviour?

What will be your excuse?

When the old is willing to postpone home going;

And I am telling you when somebody reaches certain age he can see heaven; can get glimpse of heaven

When you get glimpse of heaven you want to go.

If an old man could say I postpone my going, what is the excuse of you youth and young and adults?

Redeemed Christian Church of God is a covenant church.

Almighty God told my father in the Lord when I return I will meet this church on earth and this church is going to go throughout the whole world – that is what He said.

Meaning what?

Because once God has spoken it is done.

If you are not willing to be in the arm of the Lord to fulfill His covenant, He will raise a replacement.

He told the children of Israel when they got to the border of the Promise Land: we cannot go in, there are giants in the land.

He said no problem you don’t want to go, fine, die in the wilderness

But as for the land I have already promised to Abraham, if you don’t go, your children will go.

And those who said they won’t go, He caused them to stay round a circle for forty years till none of them living except the two that said we can go; we can do it.

We said we should double every year at least once

And I said simple, every soul win another soul; just one soul

That is why the young man says are you trying to tell me you cannot win one soul; you cannot win one soul in a year!

When somebody could promise God a thousand!

At my age I still travel all over the world; I am not a trader, I don’t go to trade;

I have never been a businessman, I will never be one – it is not my own assignment; my assignment is to win soul every opportunity

And you have greater opportunities than I have; you live among these people.

I told my senior Pastors yesterday I just returned from Israel

What have you gone to do in Israel?

Israel! Seventy years old

They are having (the Christian) they are having a celebration of feast of tabernacles and people came from all over the world and I was invited to come and preach.

So I accepted the invitation

And you will think everybody coming to Israel must be Christians

When they gave me the microphone and I spoke on what they asked me to speak and then I gave an altar call; and half of the congregation came forward to surrender their lives to Jesus.

That was why I went. 

That was why I accepted the invitation.

I was asked to preached at the wedding of the one of the children of former president and at the end of the sermon I gave an altar call

Somebody said how can you give an altar call at the presidential wedding?


The only reason I agreed to preach was that I will make an altar call.

You don’t want me to make an altar at your occasion, don’t give me the microphone

Because if you give me the microphone; you may not call me back and that opportunity I am not going to lose.

My beloved children if you want to write down I will give you an outline of the sermon I wrote because you are going to pray tonight; that is what you are going to do.

If you want to write down, you can do quickly.

What does it mean to be indomitable?

It means you cannot be stopped from moving forward – Exodus 14 from verse 1 to 28 (that should be enough for you):

The children of Israel got to the red sea and the red sea was saying to them you are not going forward;

The wind of God blew and the sea parted.

So nobody can stop me from moving forward because the wind of God is blowing for me.

Remember the story of a great politicians somewhere abroad who saw our church that we were building and said this church – about that people who build churches everywhere

He said this church will never be dedicated;

He will see to it; he will use is official power;

He said over his dead body.

The children told me

I said no problem; nobody is going to stop me from moving forward.

A week before the dedication he died.

Did I kill him?


How can I be here in Nigeria and kill somebody thousand of something away.

But if the purpose my life is to preach the gospel of Jesus and win souls for my God, anybody who stands in the way the wind will blow him or her.

Indomitable means nobody can keep you from rising.

You know the story of Joseph

I don’t need to tell you the story of Joseph but you can read it from Genesis 37, Genesis 39, Genesis 40, Genesis 41.

Everything the devil can do to make sure that he will not rise, they tried it and fail.


Because Pharaoh said there is something in this man, the Spirit of God

That was why the second verse of that hymn says: rising, nobody can stop me because the Spirit of God is residing in me.

You will remember the man who said one of my children will not be promoted

They transferred him;

Then they promoted my son;

Then they brought him back.

Just to show him that there is a God who is greater than any boss.

Anyone who says you are not going to rise, who have turned himself to mountain and the Bible said we are to tell every mountain to jump into the sea and that is going to happen before the end of this month.

We have been told that indomitable means nobody can stop you from reaching the top.

And the reason is simple because the Everlasting arms are underneath you lifting you up.

As God Himself who said you shall be head and not tail; above only and not beneath.

To be indomitable means nobody can take you imprison; they cannot cage you.

They throw you to prison, your friend will come and lose you –

Revelation chapter 3 verse 7: because He has the keys of David.

You will remember the story of one Egba woman in the other auditorium

We finished Holy Ghost night and she boarded a bus and they took her into one bush

And in the bush there they were already shaving her;

She saw other people head being shaven and then the next thing she will see was the head alone will come out; they have been cut off by those.

And then she began to pray in the spirit

And suddenly the man in the bush, the head cutter there came out and said who is that making that kind of noise there?

And they said it is this woman

Who asked you to bring this one here?

Take her back quickly.

They can capture you but they won’t be able to keep you.

And I am decreeing they won’t even capture you.

To be indomitable means you cannot be killed because your life is hid in Christ – Colossians 3 verse 3

My father in the Lord used to say my life is hid me Christ; Christ is hid in God.

Anybody who wants to kill me will first of all kill God, open His stomach and bring out Jesus Christ and then kill Jesus Christ open His stomach and bring me out.

If you can do that then you can kill me.

I am yet to meet anybody who can kill God.

I have never forgotten the story of that boy who was a student when we first started little Nursery at Headquarters and we were using a little kabubu bus to go and bring them to school.

They got to Oyingbo and armed robbers were robbing and they were firing gun shots into the air;

And a straight bullet (because that boy was seating with the driver; facing the driver; seating on the dashboard), the bullet entered the back of the boy, came out of his stomach; pulling out his intestine.

And the teacher carried the boy, intestine coming out; she was carrying the intestine in her hand and they drove to LUTH

And before they got to LUTH the boy has lost a lot of blood; a lot of blood!

The Doctors…, and of course you know the go-slow in the rush hour; …the Doctors take a looked at the boy and said there is no need wasting time on this boy, he will soon die.

About two hours passed no attention and boy was still breathing

Well, maybe at least we should push back the intestine and even if he die let him die neatly.

The boy is still alive today.

I am not preaching a sermon this night but I want to tell those of you who have been joking with issue of your salvation, do not say I did not warm you: the countdown to the end has started.

You know what that means?

Any of us here today will be gone by tomorrow.

And that mean absolutely any of us.

And you know what those of us who are in Christ we are not bothered; as a matter of fact we look forward to the time when we will live this world and go to heaven.

If you have seen heaven…, by the grace of God I have seen my own house there; …the only thing that will not allow you to commit suicide is that if you commit suicide you will miss it.

The only fellow who should be afraid of death is the one who is not born-again, whose life is not hid in Christ; whose sins are not washed away.

Because if they die, they go to the other side

I am telling you, the other side is horrible.

So if you are here and you have not yet given your life to Jesus Christ, in your own interest, you are not doing it for anyone; in your own interest, in other that you may escape the terror of the Lord, come and give your life to Jesus Christ now

And I will count from one to ten.

You better hurry up because the rest of us want to pray.

Tonight is not a night of joking.

So if you want to give your life to Jesus; I mean you really want to give your life to Jesus you don’t want to joke with salvation anymore.

Well you come as I am counting now:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,

Those of you who are already in front and those of you on the way; both here and old arena and all over the world where you are viewing us cry to God now and ask God to have mercy on you and save your soul. Lord I don’t want to go to hell, please let Your blood wash away my sins, give me a brand new beginning and I will serve You for the rest of my days.

The rest of us please let us stretch our hands towards these people and intercede for them. Pray that the Almighty God who saved your soul will have mercy on them and save their souls also. Pray for them. Intercede for them.

Those of you on the way hurry up, hurry up.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Jesus.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour I want to thank You for speaking to us Yourself tonight. Thank You because You are the Word, You come forward, You come forth through Your children; I just want to thank You for these people who have responded to the altar call; please remember Your promise Lord that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out; they have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus’ name; have mercy on them; saves their souls; let Your blood wash away their sins; give them a new beginning Lord and let them serve You till the end. From now anytime they call on You please answer them by fire.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward.

I will be praying for you from now on;

So I will need your names, your address and your prayer requests.

Counselors are coming.

If you like you may turn this way, turn to your left; meet them on the way, they will give you a card which you must fill very quickly and return unto them and I promise I will be praying for you.

Why they are filling their cards, I want to encourage you further: nobody can pay for salvation; salvation that God brought for us; it was at a sacrifice of His only begotten son.

We were saved by grace through faith;

But you can at least respond to the sacrifice.

He said if He laid His life for us, we should lay our lives for the brethren.

Look at that man that spoke the second time – the second preacher;

As he was talking about that boy who was addicted to marijuana, addicted to alcohol, addicted to all manners of thing;

Even before he said the something I said that is the boy 

And then he heard the gospel and his live changed.

There are several people today waiting for their life to be transformed and they are waiting for you; waiting for you to tell them.

When I became born again I made up my mind that I will use every means possible to reach at least somebody for Christ.

So I began to write tracts and one of the tracts gets to the prison in Kwara state in Ilorin;

And the prisoner took the tract and he was going to wrap India hemp with it;

He just decided let me read it first and he read and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Today, he is an elder in the church.

A tract is reached out to him.

In my eagerness to win souls for God; I want to say this to the glory of God, just to let you know the kind of hunger we had then;

When we heard that during Festac there will be holiday for schools and colleges;

Maybe I did not read it correctly; I thought it was going to be all over the country; I didn’t know it was suppose to be in Lagos alone.

I said haa, the people are gathering together singing, dancing; cultural festival;

Why can’t I gather students together since they are going to be holidays; why can’t I gather them together so that we can sing and praise Jesus Christ; and study the word of God.

That was how was started the first Congress in 1976.

I wanted to bring all students in the grammar schools and Bible colleges together.

I did not have the money: I said come, you will be fed free.

I got the address of all colleges, all grammar schools from WEAC;

I printed invitation cards to send to all of them

And then I discover I did not even have enough money to buy stamps and I sold my car and use the money to buy stamps and then posted the cards; and the response began to come.

 And suddenly I was face to face with problems: where am I going to get the money to feed these boys and girls?

But once God knows that you want to do His will He will make a way;

And He made a way.

He has been making way since then.

He will make a way for you.

But don’t think of a God you can use; think of how God will use you – how you will be a vessel unto honour in His hands.

Your prayers this evening will be few and I want you to pray it with all your heart;

First one: (you want to write it down)

David said I will live and not die.


Because I want to declare the glory of God.

You first prayer will be: Lord, lengthen my life because I will serve You – I don’t want to die young; If you wish because I want to serve You.

Second prayer will be: Almighty God, fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit that when I open my mouth to witness to anyone Your word in mouth will be fire and their hearts will be like stubbed. Fill me till overflowing with Your Holy Spirit so my word will be fire so that I can win several souls for you.

Third prayer of course: Father, set me on fire for You. And tell the Holy Spirit set me on fire for You so that I will become untouchable for the enemy; nobody plays with fire; set me on fire for You.

And then number four: Let Your wind blow in my favour; let Your wind blow in favour of my family; let Your wind blow in favour of Your church so that we can match forward for You and no one will be able to stop us.

The altar is open; if you want to come to the altar to pray you are welcome.

Please pray tonight.

I don’t want to hear these quiet prayers we are Pentecostal.

One of the signs of the Pentecostal is the we are noisy, we pray.

We pray in such a manner that the devil himself will hear us and run; we cry to God; we open our mouth; we don’t murmur

We are Pentecostal, cry to the Almighty God.

I will live, I will not die and I will declare the works of God. Fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit my Father and my God so that Your word in my mouth will be fire and the heart of the listeners will be stubbed. Baptize me with the Holy Spirit afresh Lord; set me on fire so that I will become untouchable, untouchable to the enemies. Let Your wind blow; let Your wind blow for me, let Your wind blow for my family; let Your wind blow for Your church as we match forward for You Lord God Almighty so that nobody, nobody can stop us.

Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God. Let Him hear you even if you are the only one that He is going to hear tonight. Cry unto the Almighty God. Pray as someone who is already in contact with the Holy Spirit. Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

In the Name that is above every other name you will not die; you will live long; you will be healthy; you will declare the works of God; God will fill to overflowing; He will baptize you with fire; you will become untouchable to the enemy; the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow for you. Every obstacle in your way, anything that will not allow you to fulfill your destiny the wind of God will blow away. From now on it will be easy for you to win souls. It shall be well with you. God will use you for His glory.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


God bless you.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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