OPEN DOORS TO FAVOUR 6th of May, 2005

I have no doubt in my mind that God is going to be gracious today. Now if you are the one let me hear you shout Hallelujah! (Hallelujah!). In Psalm 18:16-19 David said, God did certain things for him. Number one he said He rescued him from deep trouble. Number two he said, He delivered him from enemies that were too strong for him. Number three he said, He supported him against those who tried to block his ways and then number four he said God enlarged his coasts.

Tonight God is going to rescue somebody from deep troubles. This very day God is going to deliver someone from enemies that are too strong for them (Amen!). Beginning from this moment the Almighty God is going to support someone against those who want to block their ways (Amen!) And then number four, God is going to enlarge the coasts of someone today. (Amen!) Now David said that the reason God did all these for him is that God delighted in him. And we all know the reason why God was delighted in David. Like no one before him or someone after him, David knew how to bless God. He knew how to worship God; He knew how to praise Him.

That's why all the hymns you find in the Bible, the Psalms; they were called the hymns of David. There is someone here tonight in whom God is going to be delighted. (Amen!)

If you are the one, for the next few minutes, you will forget everybody else “you will dance to God, you will sing to Him, you will praise Him, you will magnify His holy Name! Just go ahead and praise Him till He will show delight in you! Go ahead praise the Almighty God! Praise the King of Kings!! Sing unto Him! Dance before Him! Lift Him high! He is worthy to be praised! He is worthy to be adored! He is the King of Kings!! He is the Lord of Lords! He is the I AM that I AM He is the Unchangeable Lord! Praise Him! Magnify His Holy Name!¦.. Thank You Lord! In Jesus’ mighty Name we worship! (Amen!) Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Almighty, You are worthy to be praised! Thank You Father! In Jesus' mighty Name we worship! (Amen!)

I want you to lift your voice to Him lift your voice to Him and say Father; I want to discuss my life with You tonight, please pay special attention to me. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty! I want to discuss my life with You tonight, Please pay special attention to me tonight. Pay special attention to me tonight! Thank You Lord! Thank You Almighty God In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 I don’t need to beg you to pray tonight. The prayer points tonight are for those who want to discuss their lives with God. We are going to start with our bodies. So you lift your voice to Him and say, Father, every agent of death in my body, known and unknown, uproot them! Go ahead! Let's talk to the Almighty! Everything, every sickness, every disease, known and unknown that may be hiding in my body “destroy, uproot them. Thank You Father! Glory be to God! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Then you lift your voice to Him and say Father, every agent of Satan in my life, curses, evil covenants, demons, wipe them out! Lets talk to the Almighty God’s Glory be to Your Holy Name! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

When we talk of barrenness it doesn't mean not having babies alone. There could be mental barrenness; there could be financial barrenness so you lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, every form of barrenness in my life destroy today! Let's talk to the Almighty God! Glory be to God! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 Now you lift your voice to Him and say Father, from the East, from the West, from the North, from the south, from heaven above, send help to me! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! …. Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Do something new in my life, something new in my life O Lord! Do something new in my life¦. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, this month, do something new in my life. Something wonderful, something glorious, something miraculous, do something new in my life! ¦.. Glory be to God! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 Then you lift your voice to Him and you say, Father, I don't want to be a liability. Make me a blessing, a blessing to my family, a blessing to Your church, a blessing to my nation! Let's talk to the Almighty God! I.. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' mighty Name we pray! (Amen!) I have a God who never fails, I have a God who never fails I have a God who answers prayers; I have a God who answers prayers¦

 If you believe that there is a God who can never fail, a God who answers prayers, go ahead, and discuss your private problems with Him. Tell Him, I know You cant fail, I know You answer prayers, that's why we are discussing with you tonight. These are my private problems, help me, help me¦ Blessed be Your Holy Name I know You answer prayers Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 Now the Bible says, you are to love your neighbor like yourself, so I want you to join hands now and pray for your neighbor and say, Father, in the life of this my neighbor do something new. Go ahead! Talk to the Lord! In the life of this my neighbor Lord, do something new, do something good! Something powerful, something mighty, something glorious, something miraculous, something You will never forget. Do something new O Lord! Do something new! Glory be to God! Thank You Father! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now let's go before the Almighty God who can perform miracles and just worship Him. Holy, holy, holy holy, holy, holy is the Lord¦ You are high and lifted up, there is no one like you¦. Alleluyah!¦ Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you came here weeping but He asked me to tell you, you will go home rejoicing. (Amen!)

 Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said, this month you will receive a visit of joy. (Amen!) Eyin lo pe ye Baba¦. Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, the sun that is going to rise tomorrow is going to mark a new beginning in your life... (Amen!)

Let's just go ahead and praise Him, let's worship Him, let's bless His Holy Name¦ Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! Oh we praise You! You are worthy! Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, , you said they are already preparing for your funeral. He said many of them will die before you. (Amen!)

 Father, we bless Your Name. We give You glory; we give You honour; we give You adoration! You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy to be praised! You are King of Kings!! You are Lord of Lords!! The I AM that I AM! The Unchangeable Lord! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Tonight Father, just glorify Your Name. Do it the way You want. Just make sure we are all blessed. Heal the sick tonight. Save sinners tonight. Set the captives free tonight. Do something new. Send help to us Lord! Father, send help to us! Send help to us! At the end of it all take all the glory and give us the blessings In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluyah!) Shake hands with one or two people. Tell them tonight surely is my own night. This night is surely my own night. Say it as if you mean it! Tonight is my own night! No doubt about that! Thank You Father! If you believe that let me hear you shout a big Halleluiah! (Halleluiah!)

 Tonight we want to talk on Open doors to favour. .. I think there is someone there who is lost in the spirit. I don’t blame you. Let somebody shout Hallelujah! (Hallelujah!) Psalm 30:1-7 Oh! Thank You Father! Hallelujah! Daddy says there is someone here tonight, the grave will have to wait a long time for you. (Amen!)

Hallelujah! I’m sure that is me. Tell your neighbor, I’m not dying soon. The grave will have to wait a long time for me.. I think somebody should really shout Hallelujah! For that! Hallelujah!

.Psalm 30:1-7 I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me. Your enemy will never rejoice over you. (Amen!)

 I am not talking to everybody I am talking to somebody here. There is somebody here that the enemy will never rejoice over. O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. No sickness will go with you to your home tonight. (Amen!)

O Lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. Those who are waiting for your funeral, they will be disappointed.

Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. There is somebody here tonight, you will never weep again. (Amen!)

And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved. Lord, by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong: thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled. From tonight onwards God will not hide His face from you.

We want to talk about open doors to favour. What is favour? The Yoruba’s got it correctly. They said it is good face. That means there are two kinds of faces .bad face, good face. And you know it yourself. When anybody is angry, even the most beautiful woman when she is angry will begin to look like a hungry lion. Everything will change. The nose will become bigger. The mouth will become narrower. Bad face. But even the most ugly of people when they begin to smile, somehow some beauty will come.

Today, God is going to smile on someone. (Amen!) In Numbers 6:22-26, the Almighty God said that whenever His priest wanted to bless the people, this is the way they are to say it. Let’s take it from verse 24. He said they are to say: The Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance unto thee and give thee peace. Here you could see everything about divine favour wrapped together. When God lifts up His eyes, He’s looking at a crowd, looking at hundreds of thousands of people; suddenly He sees Adeboye and smiles¦. That is what is called favour. When somebody sees you and his heart fills with joy, joy that cannot be hidden, joy that will break forth in a smile.

 Tonight the Almighty God is going to smile on someone. (Amen!) The opposite of favour, of course is anger. In Leviticus 17:10 God said, There are certain people in the congregation that I will set my face against then to destroy them I pray that God will never be angry with you. (Amen!) And what is favour like? What can we compare favour with? Proverbs 16:15 the Bible says favour is like a cloud of latter rain. Proverbs 19:12 says favour is like dew upon grass. Proverbs 22:1 it says divine favour is far better than silver and gold. Cloud of latter rain, dew upon grass, something far more precious than silver and gold is what favour had been compared to in the Word of God.

Now what does favour do? If all of a sudden you find favour with God, what can you expect? Somebody said, one single encounter with divine favour is worth more than a lifetime of labour. Luke 5:1-7 Peter fished all night and caught nothing. He was a total failure in spite of hard work but then he found favour with God. One single sentence from God and everything changed. There is somebody here today, who had been struggling and struggling and struggling and there is nothing to show for it.

You will find favour with God tonight. (Amen!) The elders have a saying, they say how hard you struggle does not determine how rich you will be. You can work like a slave it will mean nothing, you can struggle and struggle but just one favor from God and everything will change. I know for sure, the Almighty God has somebody in mind,

Somebody who has been struggling. Whoever that fellow is, you will find favour tonight in Jesus' Name! (Amen!). Rom 9:16 it said it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. You know what that one means? How high you get in life is only determined by the favour of God.

 Nobody can go higher than the favour of God allows. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:10, he said I am what I am by the grace of God. May the Almighty God be gracious unto you. (Amen!)

What does favour do? I will take some examples from the Scriptures. Psalm 30:5 it said In His favour is life. When you are in contact with His favour weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. His favour gives life and turns Favour to joy. I say it one more time. There is somebody here tonight who will never weep again. (Amen) The favour of God gives life to the lifeless.

I shared a testimony yesterday to those of you who came to the Holy Communion Service. I was invited to pray for a young man in the hospital. Anybody looking at him knew this fellow is dead, only the machine kept him alive. They surrounded him with all types of gadgets. Part of his body was already stinking so he was gone! And he deserved to die because he tried to commit suicide so he wanted to kill himself so he could as well go. But when I got there, the compassion of Gin me rose up. I cried to God, Father! Please just be merciful, be merciful, we are not asking you to heal this fellow for any reason just be merciful! I thank God He heard my prayer.

He will be merciful to somebody here tonight! In Exodus 3:21 the Almighty God said, I will give the children of Israel favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they will not leave Egypt empty-handed. Favour put an end to emptiness. It put an end to lack. It puts an end to dryness. It puts an end to poverty. That is why I am sure, that from tonight onwards, there is somebody here who would never beg again. (Amen!)

 I say you will never, never, beg again. (Amen!) When favour comes, you just discover that whatever you touch begins to prosper. Ah! Those who are poor are not poor because they are not hard-working. If hard work is equivalent to wealth, those people who off-load cement at the wharf should be the richest people. You try and carry a bag of cement and see how heavy it is! And there are people who carry two. And they begin from early in the morning until the evening! And they have to struggle to catch a bus to get back home. It is not hard work alone. It is favour and from tonight in the mighty Name of Jesus none of you here will ever beg again. (Amen)

Genesis 6:5-8 Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight“every setback in your life will be reversed. (Amen!) Genesis 6:5-8 God said, I will wipe out the earth! Every human being, I will kill them! Except Noah and his family. Why? Because the Bible said Noah found grace with God. Grace gives you exception from trouble. Grace gives you exception from divine anger because the Word of God says in Romans 9:13-15¦. It said I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful. Thank God I am one of those people that God will be merciful unto. (Amen!)

 God will be merciful to you also in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) In Matthew 8:1-3 the Bible says, Jesus was coming down from the mountain and a great multitude followed him and behold there was a leper who came and worshipped Him. The leper should not have been there! The leper should have been stoned for coming into the congregation of the children of God but he found grace with God and even though his faith was shaky, still Jesus Christ healed him. Favour singles you out for special attention and for special miracles. Somebody will get special attention from God in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

Some years ago; almost thirty years ago, I was a lecturer in the University of Lagos then, there was going to be this conference in Canada of applied mathematicians from all over the world and each nation was to send representatives. Nigeria sent two and I was one of the two. I've never been to Canada before and on that trip I just enjoyed favour with God. I will tell you some of the stories about the trip as we go along. For example when we got to Britain. I've never been there before, Nigeria Airways was late in taking off so by the time we got to London, the connecting flight, British Airways, to take me to Canada had gone. As I got to the counter of the British Airways, the woman there said, No problem there's another flight tomorrow - meanwhile we check you into a hotel. Gave me tickets for the hotel, tickets for food and so on and told me, the bus will take you - just look for this number, it will take you to the hotel¦ As I turned to go, and since I was getting to London for the first time, so many things were dazzling me so I was looking at them the village boy has just come to London.

Then I heard the woman that had just given me ticket, phoning Nigeria Airways, saying that your passenger who was late because of you, I've checked him into a hotel so you must get ready to pay the bill. I didn't know what was going on but I could hear from the tone of the woman that the people in Nigeria Airways were saying, No we are not going to pay¦. I ran! Ran into the bus that took me to the hotel.

 Do you know when I came back the following day there were about ten other people who missed their flight and they slept at the airport! Tonight God is going to single you out for a miracle! (Amen!)

We got to Canada. It was very cold! Those of you who know Canada you know it can be cold. And the registration hall was jammed with people. I was shivering. I was hungry bit I was on the line the leader of those registering got up and walked straight to me and said, What is your name? I told her. Where do you come from? I told her. She said, I’m coming and she left. First she returned with a cup of tea and sandwiches. Everybody was looking at me  I was the only one eating. While I was enjoying myself, she came back. She had completed my registration for me and led me to where I would sleep fro the night! Everywhere you go from now on, you will find favour with God. (Amen!)

 Psalm 30:7 Favour makes you stand out strongly. You stand out. Everybody will see this fellow is a mountain. Ecclesiastes 9:11 it said the race is not to the swift, the battle is not to the strong, success is not to the people who have skill. It all has to do with favour. You cannot run. It is not everybody who runs in a race who will win! Ohh!, I will tell you a story. I think I will tell you stories tonight because God wants to favour somebody. (Amen!) I told you, some of you have heard me share this one before.

When I was at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, it is a long time ago, about 42 years ago now. There was a girl in our team then. She was the fastest girl in Nigeria. Anytime we go for any competition we are sure she will win gold no problem. This time came the first West African University Games, at the University of Ibadan. 1965. Final of 100 meters. On your marks, set go.. She was gone. She left everybody behind but when she got to about 10 meters from the final line, everybody far, far behind, she fell. She got up  and fell again. She got up  and fell again. And then she began to crawl.

Meanwhile the fellow who would have been second has become first; the third had become second¦. the one who would never have gotten a medal, number four became third! It is not how fast you can run, not how strong you are, it is favour, favour“ that is why, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, from tonight, when you run, you will not fall! (Amen!) When you walk, you will not fail! (Amen!)

When God's favour is on you, whatever you do will look beautiful to people.

The Bible says in 1 Samuel 2:9 it said by strength shall no man prevail! By strength shall no man prevail! I was talking to you about the conference in Canada. I was feeling proud that I had been chosen among only two people to represent Nigeria! Ah, I must be a great mathematician. By then I think I must have published about 11 papers. We got there. On the opening night, the first professor to speak had already published 150 papers.

 When He began to talk, he said he wanted to talk about the mathematics of the rain. I said God what am I doing here? So when the time came for me to present my own paper, my legs were knocking. I'm telling you I prayed like I have never prayed before. And then I presented my paper and everybody began to say, Oh that's wonderful. Oh that's good man! That's great¦ I was looking at myself¦ what did I say? They were talking; they were all discussing when we broke for tea: Did you hear what that young man from Africa said ... that was beautiful, that was brilliant! Favour,Favour the Almighty God will show you favour in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

 And while I was rejoicing in the favour of God and deep within me I was thanking God, one of the old professors came to me: it was not bad but don't you think that this and this? I said, O God this man now wants to destroy my joy! As he began another Professor came and said Professor I want to see you¦ I said Thank God! Anyone who wants to destroy your joy, favour will move him away. (Amen!)

 2 Samuel 15:25 Oh Thank You my Father. The Lord said there is someone here tonight, your promotion shall be unlimited. Oh Thank You Father! He said there is someone here tonight, where they have turned you down before they will celebrate you. O Thank You Father! The healing power of God is flowing like a river here tonight. If I were to stop to mention all the pieces that are being healed, I won't finish here tonight but it's just healing, healing, powerfully here tonight. Glory be to God!

2 Samuel 15:25 David had been chased out of his kingdom by the rebellion of his son and he was leaving the city and he saw the ark of the covenant being carried out after him and he said to the one carrying the ark of the covenant. He said No, no take it back to Jerusalem, He said, If I find favour with God, I will come back, I will see the Ark again. Favour ensures restoration, restoration of position, restoration of power, restoration of cleansing, restoration of joy, that's why I decree tonight, every good thing the enemy has stolen from you the favour of God will restore them to you. (Amen!)

I am sure you remember a story of a brother, when we were still in the old auditorium by the expressway. He had done nothing wrong, suddenly they sacked him. I mean they just sacked him. And he sat down at home, he was too old to apply for other jobs so he just sat down at home. Then he came to the Holy Ghost Service as you have come and God singled him out for favour. And the Word of God came and said, there is someone here they sacked you without an offense.

It is because of somebody in your family who worked against you. The Lord said, within a week that fellow will die and you will be recalled to your place of work. Five days or so later his father died. I think it was the second day after his father died that they called him back to his place of work and instead of the sack, they gave him a letter of promotion. If there is anybody blocking your way. If there is anybody responsible for your problems, if they don’t repent, every plant my Father did not plant shall be rooted up. (Amen!)

Psalm 41:11 David said it is because of the favour of God, that is why my enemies have not been able to triumph over me. Divine favour renders your enemies helpless. So that they will not be able to triumph over us. I don't know whether you realize that you have enemies.

The only people who may have no enemies at all are the people who are nothing. But even then the Bible still says the poor is hated by his own neighbor. So if you are poor they hate you because you are poor and you are in the neighbor hood, period. But you are rich, you are successful and you say you have no enemies, you must be joking! I remember years ago, one first-class chief invited me to his palace. He said, I don't know why I have so many enemies. Can you help me? I said. Your majesty! Everybody wants to be number one.

Few people pray for the one who is in number one position! Like I tell you during Sunday School competition during our Convention you come first one year and you are rejoicing! Everybody will be praying against you! No they wont say God remove ¦ No they will be saying, God, next year, let me be number one! What does that one mean? God the one who is number one this year¦ God! So you think you have no enemies? If God will show you how many enemies you have you will have heart problem! Thank God, while the enemies are plotting at night, there is a God who never sleeps, there is a God who is watching over you.

 Do I hear somebody say Thank You Jesus!? (Thank You Jesus!) David said in Psalm 23:5 He said, thou preparerest a table before me where? Not behind them! The enemies are there! They are alive“ but God through divine favour paralyzed them. They couldn't come near David! Why? Because Psalm 5:12 it said the favour of God is a shield When God favours you there is a shield round about you. So the enemy will be watching, there is nothing they can do! I have good news for you from tonight onwards, whether the enemy like s it or not  you are going to prosper. (Amen!)

 In fact those who say you it is not going to be well with you, in their presence you will reach the top! (Amen!) I'm only talking to somebody, those who say you will not reach the top they will even come down and bow before you! In Job10:12 ¦ O Thank You Father! I receive this one even before I tell you. The Almighty God said because I have decided to favour you, miracles will begin to seek you out! (Amen!) receive that one! I receive that one.

 In Job 10:12, the Bible says life, preservation, divine visitation and favour go hand-in-hand. Life, preservation, divine visitation and favour they go hand-in-hand that is why I am sure God is going to visit someone here tonight. (Amen!)

When Lazarus was sick, they sent to Jesus Christ: He whom Thou lovest is sick. He said, That’s no problem. Sickness is not unto death. It’s only so the name of the Lord might be glorified. When God loves you even death will be changed to life; disappointment will become a triumph. When Jesus arrived, the sisters of Lazarus said, if only you had come on time.. you disappointed us. He said, Don’t worry.

You know my relationship with Lazarus. You know your family is a favoured one. Don’t worry! At the end of the day, disappointment became triumph; their weeping became joy. What they thought was a tragedy became a major testimony. I have good news for somebody here tonight; because there is divine favour for your family, from now on , every problem shall become a testimony. (Amen!)

 Thank You Father! Those of you who were born in May stand on your feet. I’ve almost forgotten about you but the Lord says that there is one of you born in May the next one year is going to be full of testimonies. (Amen!)

Father, I commit all those born in May into your hands. 5 is the number of grace. Be gracious unto them O Lord! (Amen!) In the morning be gracious unto them. (Amen!) In the afternoon be gracious unto them. (Amen!) In the evening be gracious unto them. (Amen!) In the night time be gracious unto them. (Amen!)

Not one Father, but every one of them, let the coming year be full of testimonies for them. In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) May children let me hear you shout Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!)

1 Kings 11:19 shows us that favour will enable you find the right partner. Proverbs 18:22 the Bible says he who finds a good wife has favour with the Lord. That tells you something. Not everybody who is married is a wife. Not at all! Some people are married but they (Amen!)are not a wife. Ask some men. They will tell you that they married an enemy not a wife. They married danger not a wife. They married someone who will drag them down not a wife. It takes divine favour to find a wife.

When you find a wife you find a good thing and you obtain favour from the Lord. When you are married to your wife your wife will be helping you forward. You find someone that the Bible calls a helpmate. All of you who are trusting God for a future partner, you will not marry a devil in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) You will find favour with God in Jesus’ Name!

 I know a case of somebody who said I just must marry at all costs. Anybody! I just must marry. At all costs! Just somebody! Then they got married and from the first week of marriage, when the husband is in the bedroom, the wife will sleep in the sitting-room. I pray for you, all of you who are trusting God for a partner, you will find favour with God. (Amen!)

 For example in Esther 2:15-17 there were thousands of virgins to choose from favour turned a slave girl to a queen. I pray for all of you my children when the Almighty God chooses your partner for you it will be a great one (Amen!) I think I’ve told you the story of one of my daughters, she got married to a man and after some time the man was appointed an ambassador so they traveled abroad. I went to visit them. At home we know how we greet ourselves. But we were sitting down when the Ambassador walked in and everybody stood up so I had to stand up too! I said, my daughter it is not your fault oh! You are now your Excellency! Every one of you my daughters you will find favour with God. (Amen!) Nehemiah 2:5-8 Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!) Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!) Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!) I receive this one.

 The Almighty God said, I will put a seal of favour on your forehead! (Amen!) So you won’t have to be seeking for it, it will be right there, right there! Alleluia! Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause for that one. That’s a major one! Thank You Father! Alleluia! Lord!

 In Nehemiah 2:5-8 Nehemiah was a slave but favour turned him to a cupbearer to the burnt down, all the walls king and one day he heard news about his country¦ how the city had been burnt down; all the walls pulled down and he was very sad. And as he was about to present a cup of wine to the King, the King looked at him and said, What’s wrong with you Nehemiah? You are sad! He said, It’s because of my city that was burnt down, everything bad. Please, your Majesty, if I find favour with you, let me go back and build my city.

The King said, Permission granted. Thank you sir, but on my way there could be enemies, could you please give me letters to your governors along the way that they will allow me to pass safely. The King said, It is done! Please, I have no money to do the building, but some of your governors have the timber, the material I need. Will you please write to them to supply me with what I need to build my City. The king said, Request granted! Everything you ask from g tonight you are going to get! (Amen!)

 Divine favour. Not only helps you to get all your requests granted, according to Esther 5:1-3 those who can help you will be those who will be asking you don’t you need help? (Amen!) Esther went before the king. She was not expected to come. The King was such a powerful man that if you enter his presence without his permission they will cut off your head. Esther went without invitation. Instead of the King saying that they should kill her, the King said, My Queen, what do you want? Ask! Up to half of my kingdom¦..! Favour caused the King to say to Esther: You should die but instead, anything you want - just don’t make sure you don’t ask for more than half of my kingdom!

You know I asked us to pray earlier on that God should send help to us. I think the prayer should be for those who can help me God give me favour with them! I’ve shared this story with you before. In Dallas, Texas, there’s an organization you know, YMCA, they had a property on a very big portion of land, I can’t remember now whether 5 or 6 acres, in downtown Dallas. I mean, it’s like somebody having 5 or 6 acres in VI. On it they had classrooms, auditorium, swimming pool, lawn tennis court  of all kinds and then they decided they wanted to move to another place so they wanted to sell. Now the land alone is worth millions of dollars not to talk of all the buildings of gymnasium with all kinds of equipments. So they said they wanted to sell, and one of our little churches there heard about it¦ sell? We want to buy? At least let us apply. The worst thing they can say is no. So they said we want to buy. So they said, How much? The church said, We will pay you 300 and something thousand..

 The fellow who got the letter said, what kind of jokers are these? When God favours you¦ So he presented their application with other applications. When the board met, of all applications, they chose our own. They said, this is the one, this is the one, sell it to them! And the man who was selling the land said, they didn’t say 3 million they said 300,000.... oh yes, yes! So they came to our people and they said, Well, we don’t know how it happened but they said we should sell it to you! Go and bring money. And the people said, we have no money, we just applied for fun! Where will we get the money! We don’t have 3,000 dollars not to talk of. We thought you would just throw it away! We just did it for fun.

 So this man went back to the Board. He said, Look at it! I told you these people are jokers The Chairman said, Sell it to them. I will pay, they can pay me whenever they have the money! (Amen!) Do you know there is somebody waiting, somebody waiting, somebody that has all the help that you need, somebody is waiting. this month because you are going to obtain favour with God, those who can help you, they will not be able to rest until they help you! (Amen!)

 Favour! You know I was talking to you about the conference in Canada. I can’t tell you all that happened but I will tell you maybe one more. So after we read papers and so on, they took us out for entertainment. They took us to a government farm and there they cooked all kinds of food and there was a lot of green grass out there. You know, you pick your food and then find somewhere to sit and eat. Because I came from the village, I loved the outside. I wanted to sit on the grass outside but when I touched the ground it was very cold so I jumped up and one of the professors walked to me and said, You want to sit down? I said, Yes Sir, but the ground is cold. He removed his jacket, spread it on the ground and said: Sit down! I said Ah!!

And I heard God say, Sit my son, You are the son of the King of Kings!! Somebody’s going to find favour with God today! (Amen!) People will be begging to help you, they’ll be begging! (Amen!) They’ll be begging to help you! If you believe that, let me hear you say Amen loud and clear! (Amen!) Genesis 6:13-22 Oh Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said there’ll be no more misfortunes in your pursuits. (Amen!)

 Genesis 6:13-22 It is the story of Noah that you know very well. God was going to destroy the world but Noah found favour with God. So God began to talk to Noah and told him what He was going to do and what Noah must do to escape.

Divine favour, number one, enables you to hear from God. That enables you to hear what God is saying. Revelations 2:7 It says, he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the church. That means it’s not everybody who can hear what God is saying. From tonight now you will be hearing from God

Number 2, Divine favour turns you to an agent of preservation for your family in particular. If there is one fellow in a family that finds favour, the whole family will be blessed because when you find favour with God, God will not want sorrow to happen to you. So those people that can get into trouble and cause you sorrow, God will keep trouble from then. That is why I am sure, I’ve said it once, I am saying it again. I am sure there is someone here who will never weep again. (Amen!)

And then in Genesis 12:1-3 Abraham found favour with God and God selected him for greatness. God said I will make you great. And number 2, God said, not only will I make you great but you will become a blessing.

 Number 3, God said, Those who bless you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed. Divine favour selects you for greatness, causes you to be blessed, causes you to become a blessing and causes trouble for your enemies! The Almighty God said to me, and I hear it clearly with my own ears. He said, Through you and your children I will give the world a new definition of greatness. (Amen!)

 In other words what they have been calling great before I will change it because of you and your children. How many children do I have here tonight? You are going to be greater than anything anybody can imagine! Years ago when we took the Holy Ghost Service to London, they told me when about 2000 people gathered for the first Holy Ghost Service in London, Ah! this is great! 2000 people for a prayer meeting! All night prayer meeting in London! This is great! I laughed. I said, you haven’t seen anything yet. The last one we held, last March. I don’t know how many people came but I know we hired about 30,000 chairs and there were about 5,000 people who were standing. And they haven’t seen anything yet! Everyone of you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, when the world hears about your greatness they will say, How great is your God! (Amen!) Oh! Thank You Father! The Lord said there is a backslider here tonight but because you are here tonight you will end up becoming a mountain climber. (Amen!) The Lord said there is somebody here whose business is disintegrating; the Lord said I should tell you I will revive the business. (Amen!)

Esther 4:10-14 If you read that passage you will see that divine favour selects you for a special assignment. It causes you to become a major vessel unto honour. When you attend an interview, I am sure you know that almost all those who apply qualify. If they do not qualify they won’t invite them for an interview. And yet out of all these people who qualify, usually they choose one.

What do you think is responsible for the one who is chosen? Favour. I heard the testimony of a brother. He attended an interview. Several of them applied. All of them mightily qualified. The Chairman was not on the panel of interview but he just walked past when those people who were to be interviewed were sitting. This my son, I am sure he will forgive me, his mouth is fairly big. So when he saw the Chairman passing by he didn’t even know it was the Chairman he just smiled. Because his mouth is big, the smile was also big. You know, the Chairman said, I want that boy. He said, Why sir? He said because he has a big smile!

Favour! I want this one because he has a big smile. Wherever you go now, in the mighty Name of Jesus , the favour of God will go with you in Jesus mighty name. (Amen!) I can go on and on but time is running. I can tell you. Favour enables you to take over your enemies possession. It helps you to bring promotion to your relatives. It enables you to decree things on behalf of the King of Kings. It enables you to empower your friends for victory. It enables the King of Kings to request for you to come and dwell with him.

Let me take one. This one I will go into detail. Isaiah 60:10-11. When you find favour with God, strangers begin to help you. Powerful strangers, they begin to help you. People you didn’t know before because of divine favour they begin to help you and the doors that are opened will remain perpetually open. I will tell you a story on that, and then we continue very quickly, I want to round up. Some of you will remember when we were going to take the church to Kenya. There was a law in Kenya at that time: no registration of foreign churches. So if you go there and say you want to register a church, you want to do anything they say go and join one of our Pastors, no foreign churches.

Then I went to Kenya to register the Redeemed Christian Church of God. First favour was that I got to stay with the Attorney General. I’ve never met him before but he allowed me to stay in his house because he wasn’t in so he made the house available. But he came before I left and when he came I started joking with him. Ah! I said, Now who is the landlord now, you or I because you meet me at home and the one you meet at home is the landlord. And we laughed and we began to talk and I told him I would like to meet the President. You want to meet the President? Whoa re you? To cut a long story short, he introduced me to a bishop, an old bishop and the bishop said, I will take you to see the President; the President was my student when I was still a teacher. So we met the President. And we talked and I told him why I’ve come. While we were drinking tea I told him, I didn’t really come to drink tea, I come to register the church. And at that time my landlord was passing by and I waved at him.

The President said, You know my Attorney General? Oh! I’m staying in his house. He said, What are you discussing? The one who will make the recommendation is the one you are staying with. The matter is settled. Six months later the Redeemed Christian Church of God was registered! People you have never met before, powerful people, rich people, influential people, beginning from today they will begin to help you. (Amen!)

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, the enemy said, we have clipped his wings. God asked me to tell you. I will give you new wings. Now that brings us to the question. Who needs favour? I’m sure you know the answer to that. It is me now. It can only be me. In Luke 2:52, the Bible says concerning Jesus Christ, the child grew and had favour with God and with man. If Jesus needed favour surely I need favour too. Now who gives favour? The ultimate source of favour is God. Daniel Oh! Thank You Father! Amen! Amen! Amen!

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said, very soon you will be recognized as first among equals. Who gives favour? Go through the Bible. Again and again and again you will find the Bible said, God gave so-and-so favour. Daniel 1:9 It says, and God had given Daniel favour with the leader of the prisoners. Joseph found favour with Potiphar. God gave Jesus favour with Potiphar.

God gave Joseph favour with the jailer. God is the source of favour. So I need favour, I know who gives it but how do I get it? That’s very important. That’s where you have to pay serious attention now. Psalm 115:3 The Bible says, our God is in the heavens and he does as He pleases. Romans 9:15-16 God said I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful. So how do I get this God who does as He pleases to show me favour? Acts 10:34-35 says God us no respecter of persons but in every nation, those who fear him are accepted of him. How do I obtain favour?

You need information. You need knowledge. You need wisdom. You need to be able to hear the Word of God. Not just hear it, get somebody who would explain it to you. That is why I keep crying to those who could hear. Come and hear the Word of God. Many of you believe you already know it all. Nobody knows it all. No those of us who want to really find favour with God we need knowledge. 2 Peter 1:2 said grace can be multiplied through knowledge.

 You sit down at home you are watching television when you should be at the Holy Ghost Service! When you look at 2 people they look alike. It is when grace begins to work in the life of one that you know, we may look alike but we are different! So let me give you a couple of information. You want favour?

Number 1 Luke 6:31 It said, Do unto others as you want done unto you. You want favour? Show favour. Do unto others as you want done unto you. Matthew 5:7, the Bible says Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. God said, I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful. But He says if you show mercy, you will obtain mercy. If you show favour, you will obtain favour.

The Law of Harvest says, that whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap. And I’ve told you again and again that the harvest is always greater than the seed. Let me tell you a story quickly. I was a lecturer in the University of Lagos. I was living first at Surulere and I know the rule then. When you become a lecturer at the University in those days, they don’t pay you the day you begin to work.

If you are very fortunate they may pay you after one month. So they gave you a house. You are supposed to get gas cooker, get gas, everything you will need to eat. They don’t give you advance money to do that but I struggled and I survived. After three years I wanted to move to a bigger house¦..someone wanted my cooker  I’ll pay when I get my salary¦ because I know what I suffered when I first joined, I told him don’t worry I won’t take them away. I said forget it! Take it! Use it! The first thing he said was, Where is your church? Where do you worship? So I told him. The following Sunday he was back, he was in my church. My action spoke more than my words and today he is a strong man in the Lord. But then what is important is this.,

We wanted to start the Redeemed Christian Church of God in London. We were few but we were very ambitious and we were looking for a place where we can be fellowshipping. We went and contacted a church, a big church and popular street in London. It is the church where the princes and so come and practice when they want to play organ, somehow by divine favour, we got the place, when other Nigerians who had been looking for accommodation for their churches heard, they said, We know that of Redeemed, we know it will be different, we know that you are the only one who can get that kind of thing! And when I was thanking God, for this unbelievable favour, God reminded me of the time when I left my cooker for somebody.

You showed favour for the helpless, now I show you favour. The harvest is not comparable at all to the seed! You want favour? Show favour! You want favour? Be wise! The Bible says in Proverbs 14:35, it said the Kings favour is towards the wise. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. What is wisdom? Wisdom means when you learn something, you begin to practice it. When God says, this is what I want you to do, you begin to do it! It is not enough to come and learn! What you learn you must begin to do! You must be diligently good! Proverbs 11:27 says the diligent seek good and obtain favour from God. Proverbs 12:2 A good man obtains favour from the Lord. Who is a good man? As far as God is concerned, a good man is the one who seeks the Kingdom of God. The one who seeks first the kingdom of God. Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added.

 When Jesus was teaching the disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9-13 the Bible says, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. That comes first before: Give us this day our daily bread. You want favour with God? You must be addicted to the work of the Kingdom! You must be ready to do anything that will bring the Kingdom on solid foundation in this world! Don’t forget favour means God looks at you and smiles. How will he look at you and smile if you are not busy doing His work? What He wants you to do you are doing it that is why He will smile. You are working harder than anybody concerning His Kingdom that is why He will seek you out, single you out for a smile. Let me conclude. Proverbs 14:9 says fools make a mock at sin but among the righteous is favour.

You cannot be living in sin and expect the favour of sin. It is not possible. The Bible says we cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound. It said, but among the righteous, among those who live holy, among those who do the will of God, among those who obey God completely, favour is available. Proverbs 28:13 it says , he that covereth his sins shall not prosper but the that confesseth and fosaketh them shall obtain mercy. You cannot live in sin and expect favour from God. That’s why I want to give an opportunity to those of you who are not yet born again tonight. If you want the favour of God you have to confess your sins, you have to come to Him and let Him save your soul. Favour and sin don't go together but if you come to Him and confess to Him and surrender to Him, He will forgive you, He will wash away your sin, He will save your soul and from tonight you too will begin to enjoy divine favour! So if you are in this congregation and you are not yet saved. You are not sure of your salvation, your sins are not yet washed away in the Blood of Jesus, but you want to surrender to Him, you want Him to become your Lord, you want to begin to enjoy divine favour, come forward now, I will count up to ten, ten because of those of you who are far away. If you are near you get here before I even say 2! The Lord is calling you now!

Come and surrender to Him! Let Him forgive your sins and you can begin to enjoy divine favour!  1.... 2....... Don't forget  hard work is not the only thing you need for success, it is divine favour, divine favour that makes all the difference. 3...... when you find favour with God, He will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. He will not allow the enemies to prevail over you! Favour! Divine Favour! 4......,  5....... The choice is yours. If you want to continue in your sin and continue to suffer, its up to you. But if you want Him to forgive you and save your soul.

 If you want to be doing His will from now on, so that He can begin to show you favour, you better come now. 6........ 7....... God is no respecter of persons but on all nations, in all generations those who fear Him , those who do His will they are accepted of Him. If you come to Him He will accept you. He said of you come to Me, I will in wise coast out. There is power mighty in His Blood, power that can cleanse you from all your sins. It doesn't matter what you have done before if you come to Him He will save your soul! 8....... is getting very close now, so if you want to come now hurry up, the door of mercy is still open but it may not remain open forever. Come, the Lord is the One calling you. 8....... that's what we are calling now. 9......... I know some of you are coming from a long distance but that is why I told you to begin coming as soon as I started 1. Keep coming! Once you are on the way keep coming!

Those of you who are already in front begin to talk to Jesus Christ ask Him to save your souls; ask Him to forgive you, tell Him you will serve Him; That you will forsake a life of sin. Go ahead begin to talk to Him now, begin to talk to Him! Those of you who are still coming, keep coming, make sure you get here before we finish praying. The rest of us let's stretch our hands towards these people; let's pray for them that the Almighty God who saved our souls will save their own souls also, that that God will be merciful unto them. Those of you, who are still coming, hurry up! Come on quickly! Come, the Lord is calling you now! Come, quickly! Come, quickly! Brethren! Let us intercede for these people! Let's pray that the Almighty God will save their souls today! Cleanse them in His Blood. In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed.

 Father Almighty we want to thank You. Your Word said no man can come unto me except my Father draws Him. Thank You for drawing these people. I thank You that they have not refused your drawing. Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

 Father remember Your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out. They have come to you now. Receive them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Forgive them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Whatever they have done wrong let your Blood wash away in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Save their souls. (Amen!)

Write their names in the Book of Life. (Amen!) And from today onwards, when they call on You, please answer them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!! (Amen) Amen! Praise the Lord! Alleluyah! Is anybody ready for divine favour here tonight? Let me hear you shout Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!)

We want to pray now but even as we begin to pray those of you who have testimonies of what God has done for you in the past Holy Ghost services or even here tonight because I know God has healed several thousand tonight, you can come to the back of the altar and meet the pastors there, they will listen to your testimonies.  Then we will select some of them they will hear tonight, some of them they will publish.

Let’s stand on our feet. You are going to pray one prayer now. The rest we will pray later. You will lift your voice to the Almighty and say, Father Let me find favour with You tonight. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! The favour of God will locate somebody here tonight. (Amen!)

Let's take one or two announcements before we take ministration.

The Almighty, the great physician will heal your body, your soul, your business, your family, your spirit, your all in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Amen! Next month by the special grace of God we shall be discussing Open Doors to irreversible blessings.

In 1 Samuel 2:30 God said to Eli, I said that you and your father's house should stand before me forever but now I say, Be it far from me. It means that the blessing was reversed. But when God was speaking to Abraham he said by myself have I sworn “ in blessing, I will bless you. Now when God swears you know something happens. Doors to irreversible blessings!" that's what we are going to learn about next month if Jesus tarries. If I were you I won't miss it at all because the worst thing that can ever happen to any man is for people to say, He used to be blessed.

We want to learn how the blessings of God in our lives can be permanent. I'll be looking forward to seeing you! By then you'll  already be enjoying divine favour for one month. (Amen!)..I know now that the favour of God is already written on my forehead  is there anybody who can share that one with me? I know that very soon the world will recognize me as first among equals and some others so let’s thank the Almighty God. We can remain on our seats but we can dance even while seated. Let's give the Almighty God our offerings cheerfully. After that we take the testimonies.

 Who will shout the biggest Jesus! Amen! (Amen!)


 I'm Pastor Akinpelu Bayo. While our Father was leading us in prayer yester night, the Lord healed me of hernia that could have cost me thousands of naira. Somebody shout H allelyah! (Halleluyah!)Praise the living Jesus! The testimony of our sister is this, when she was writing her examination for School of Disciples, Year 6 she heard a sound near her eyes and from that time onwards she could not see with these eyes. But through the word of prophecy the Lord intervened and now she can see with the eye.

 Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! My name is Adediran Funmilayo. My testimony goes as I have chest pains since 18 years ago. I came April as I’m going home I buy the video CD. Immediately I reach home and I slide the CD in, immediately our Daddy bring the singlets out before he handed over to our Mummy and immediately I go straight to the telly and I touch it. I'm the first person to receive and that is how the chest pain go away! Children of God shout Alleluyah! (Alleluyah!)!The testimony of our sister goes thus, that when she was coming for last month Holy Ghost Service she left a sick child at home and by the time she returned home the situation of the child grew worse than she expected and she now laid her hands on the child and God intervened and He healed the child completely.

 Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! my name is Mrs. Olarere Atinuke. I got married 1994 and it was difficult for me to become a mother of children but in 2003 the Lord told us we should join the Redeemed Christian Church of God which we took as step of faith and April 2004. I saw Daddy GO in a dream phoning me that the Lord asked him to tell me on that time onward He would put a new song into my mouth, which I would sing forever! And in May last year, I took in and this is the baby in my hand Ipenuoluwa!

Praise the Lord! From here I took a bus to Ojota, from Ojota I took another bus going to Idumota not knowing that it was the gang of armed robbers vehicle that I entered. Praise the Lord! I thank God, after collecting my handset, my handbag, I started shouting “ the Blood of Jesus! The Blood of Jesus! After which I now told the one on my left-hand side, in the name o f Jesus, please take everything “ because I had a lot of money in that bag“ I know told him I had 2 cheques in favour of two man of God. He opened my bag and confirmed an d later they now returned my handset and returned all my property back to me for which I’m now giving God all the glory!

Praise the Lord!The value of eyes, of eye's. Take your handkerchief, bind it across your eyes and try to walk through this auditorium. If you do that, when you hear that somebody could not see received her sight, you will not sit down when you are shouting Alleluia!! When you have been barren for eleven years, you suddenly hear the cry of a baby, you will not sit down when you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)Those who came on Thursday I told them that when you have favour with your enemies, your blessing that they have been sitting on they will release it for you. So we are going to pray one more prayer.

 Father (loud and clear), let me have favour with my enemies. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty! All my things that they have been sitting on they will release it. Lord God Almighty let me have favour, even with my enemies. All my blessings that they are sitting on, Lord I want them, I want them¦ all my blessings that these enemies have been sitting on. This month let them release it. Let them release it, that Your Name might be glorified. Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Usually whenever we have a gathering like this no matter how mightily God had move there is always some people who will still say I need extra prayer. If there are such people, lift your hand to God and tell Him that extra thing you still need. I will pray for you again. Tell Him for one minute that extra thing that you still need from God. Tell Him now for one minute.

Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Father, we thank You for a glorious night. Thank You for Divine Favour, Thank You for visiting us tonight. Thank You for divine testimony. Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

You can see all these people who have lifted their hand Lord, they say they wanted something extra. Whatever it is, release it to them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Give it to them now in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) My Lord and my Saviour, everybody who had come tonight, let this month be special for them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Let there be special testimonies in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) All those w ho have been under pressure, release the pressure now in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

 My and my Saviour, this is the offering of your children. They are saying thank You for what You have done. Give them more things to thank You for in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Bless the offering Lord, sanctify it, use it for Your glory. All those who have given tonight don’t let them ever borrow again in Jesus’ Name!(Amen!)

If they are owing, help them to pay it in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Beginning from today, let the doors of favour open unto them in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) As you go, God will go with you. (Amen!) You will find favour with God. (Amen!) You will find favour with man. (Amen!) You will find favour with even your enemies. (Amen!) Your promotion shall not be hindered. God will send help to you. It will be well with you. It will be well with you in the morning. It will be well with you in the afternoon. It will be well with you in the evening. It will be well with you in the nighttime. Every day of your life from today onwards, you will enjoy divine favour. Miracles will be seeking you out. Each time I hear concerning any of you it will be good news in Jesus Name! (Amen!) The barren shall be fruitful. (Amen!)

 The sick will enjoy divine health. (Amen!) The poor of you will prosper. (Amen!) Before the end of this year, those of you who are tenants, because of divine favour, you will become landlords. Because of divine favour those of you who don't even have vehicles of your own, you’ll become so prosperous you'll be able to buy one for me. I decree that among those of you here tonight, because of divine favour, you will soon buy me a jet! It shall be well with you. (Amen!)

You will never know sorrow again. All those who are standing in your way will become stepping-stone to glory for you. (Amen!) Those who say you will not succeed; in their presence you will reach the top. It will be well with you. (Amen!) It will be well with you. (Amen!) It will be well with you. (Amen!) It will be well with you. (Amen!) It will be well with you. (Amen!) I say, It will be well with you. (Amen!) And you will serve the Lord! (Amen!) In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

If you receive that let me hear you say Amen loud and clear! (Amen!) Amen!



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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