GREAT AND MIGHTY SEEDS 4th of April, 2014

Let’s lift our hands to the Almighty God and begin to bless His holy name, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration.

Bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords, bless the Ancient of days, bless the I am that I am, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, He is worthy to be magnified.

 Praise Him, give Him glory, praise Him for protecting you in January, February, March and bringing you to April.

Magnify His holy name, there is no one like Him; He is the almighty God.

Praise Him; praise the Ancient of days, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration, bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords, magnify His holy name.

Thank you Father, thank you Lord, thank you Father… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let us pray for those who have lost someone precious; particularly in the past. And say Father, because of the service of this evening; wipe away tears from all eyes….

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Pray with all your heart and say Father, for the rest of my life, don’t let me sorrow over my children again…

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I have a Father, Almighty Father,

 He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, I have a Father.


He is King of kings and Lord of lords

I have a Father, He is Jehovah shalom

I have a Father, Almighty Father,

He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, I have a Father.


I have a Father; Jehovah Rapha

I have a Father

I have a Father, almighty Father,                

 He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, I have a Father.


Almighty God the Father of all fathers, the King of kings the Lord of lords.

Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Elshaddai, Jehovah Nissi, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Holy One of Israel, the Unchangeable changer, the Lover of children, glory be to Your holy name.

Father Glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, accept our worship in Jesus name.

Father your children are here tonight; everyone of these your children, protect them, anoint them, make them great, make them mighty, defend them, keep the enemy far away from them.

Lord God Almighty, we pray that we will never sorrow over our children again.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen

Let someone shout hallelujah!

Shake hand with one or two people and prophecy to them that your seeds shall be great and mighty!

My Father, I want to bless Your holy name, for your children born in the month of April; April is the fourth month of the year and I am asking, Lord God Almighty from the four corners of the world send help to your children; from the east send help to them, from the west send help to them, from the north send help to them, from the south send help to the give them.

Give them a brand new beginning; give them a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of success, establish them oh Lord and make them great.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


By the special grace of God, if Jesus tarries, the special Holy Ghost Service in May which is actually for all of us as well as all our workers has a special theme.

And the theme is MADE GREAT BY GRACE.

David said your gentleness has made me great. It is going to be an extraordinary night indeed, so I expect to see all of you there.

Those of you who are listening on the Internet on the Radio, the Almighty God will reach out to you, but if it is all possible for you to be physically present that night, I will advise you to come.


Genesis 12 v 1- 3

Now the Lord had said unto Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee.

And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing.

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Some people are born great; from the moment they are born, they are great.

In Jeremiah 1 v 4-5 the Bible tells us God said to Jeremiah, He said even before I form thee, I know thee, before your father and your mother came together, I already knew thee, while you are yet in your mother’s womb, I have already certify you, I have already ordained you a prophet.

In Romans 9 v 10-13 the Bible tells us that while Jacob and Esau were still in the womb, they were not yet born, God had already decreed that the elder was going to serve the younger, God said that is my decision.

The children were not yet born and you can’t query God because Psalm 115 v 3 Our God is in the heaven, He does as He pleases, so some people from the moment they were born, they were born great.

If you are born in the palace of a king, you are automatically a prince and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

There is one Chinese man who was a comedian, he was recounting what happened when his baby was born in America.

He said the baby was born and he was looking at the baby and talking to the baby.

“He said, you baby must grow up quickly and tell me your secret. He said “because I have been in America for years struggling to become an American citizen, you came some second ago and you are already an American.

Grow up quickly and tell me your secret.  The boy was born an American, he can collect an American passport before going home. Some people were born great!

Now some people achieve greatness, they were not born great, but they achieve greatness, they became great by what they did.

For example, in 1King 17 v 1 the Bible talks about Elijah and said, Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitant of Gilead, he didn’t mention his father’s name and among the Jews, one thing that shows that you matter is that you come from a good family, you are born into a good home.

The Bible was talking about Bartimeaus a beggar, it still said Bartimeaus the son of times.

He came from a respectable home.

Elijah didn’t come from a home that was reputable at all so they didn’t bother to call his father’s name but that man called down fire from heaven at least on three occasions, that man rode the chariot of the Most High God all the way to heaven he didn’t even taste death, he wasn’t born great but he achieved greatness.

David was not born great, the day that the man of God came to his father’s house to anoint a king, the father didn’t even consider him worthy of presentation.

1 Samuel 16 v 1-13, but that boy became great through achievement.

He killed Goliath, he became so great that people still refer to David as the giant killer, he achieved greatness.

I had an uncle, he is dead now, by the time I talked a little bit about him, some of you should know him.

He came from my family, if you know my family at all you’ll know he wasn’t born great, as a matter of fact, he left grammar school in form 4 because there was no money to complete the course.

But before he died, he became so rich he had to employ a professor to look after his money.

He didn’t finish school, but he employed professor of accountancy to be his treasurer.  He achieved greatness!

I prophesy to someone here today; you may not be born great, nobody may know your parents, but you will achieve greatness in Jesus name.

Then some people have greatness thrust upon them.

Some people became great by force, they didn’t want to be great, they were not born great, they had no idea, they had no intention of becoming great, but somehow in the plan of the most High they were compelled to be great.

For example, Joshua wasn’t born great and he wasn’t planning to be great, he was satisfied being the messenger of a great man, he was the messenger of Moses that was his joy.

When Moses is going somewhere he will carry his bag and follow him. As far as he is concerned that is all that matter is the level of his own greatness; a messenger for a great man. 

But in Joshua 1 v 1-8 the Almighty God spoke to him and said Joshua, Moses my servant is dead. Now it is your turn.

I wasn’t there that day, but I could see the leg of Joshua began to shake, can you imagine, looking at a messenger and saying hey!, you are the next president of a nation, he will look at  you and say “I didn’t know you are already drinking  some alcohol.

God spoke to him three times; be strong be of good courage, the third time God said so; there was a hint of anger in God’s voice” have I not commanded you,  I say be strong and of a good courage because where Moses failed, you will succeed, God compels Joshua to become great.

When my father in the Lord returned from Jerusalem in 1975 and called me to his office and said:

“God has told me to ordain you as a pastor”,

I said what kind of problem is this?  I didn’t come to church to become a pastor; I came to church to have my problem solved.

In the process my soul was saved beautiful!

For fourteen days and fourteen nights, my wife and I prayed that I will never become a pastor.

That is one of the prayers, God didn’t answer.

Then I became a pastor and years passed, suddenly my father in the Lord called me and said

 “You are going to succeed me”.

Being a pastor is bad enough, am surprised I am seeing some people now who are eager to become pastor and General overseer.

No way!

I couldn’t say no to him in his presence so I make sure I got to Ilorin where I was lecturing, I wrote him a beautiful letter; please sir, get somebody else, I will support that fellow to the best of my ability.

Papa couldn’t read, thank God the man who read the letter to him is sitting down up here he could testify.

The name of the person who read the letter to Papa is Pastor KUO, he read the letter to him, I didn’t not want to be a General overseer but God compelled me.

There is somebody here today, God will compel you to be great.

So some are born great, some people achieved greatness, some people have greatness thrust upon them.

And then as we go through the scriptures, we find some people who have a combination of these various categories.

For example, we find someone who is born great and then achieve greatness; came from a great home, but became even greater.

For example, Isaac, his father Abraham was great, but for Isaac according to Genesis 26 v 12-14 he went ahead on his own to apply the law of the harvest, when you sow; you reap, till he became very great.

His father was great, but he became very great.

Or take Solomon.  His father was King David, he was born a prince, but he went ahead and achieve greatness.

If you read 2Chronicle 1 v 6-15 you will find the story there, he also applied the law of the harvest and became the richest man of his age, far, far richer than his father.

Some people are born great and then achieve greatness so they become greater than their parents.

I am praying for every one of you listening to me tonight; you will be greater than your parents.

And then there are some people who had greatness thrust upon them, they were compelled to be great and then they accepted the challenge and achieve greatness.

The Lord said that the one concerned will understand, He said the one they say will die is already improving .

Like I said earlier on, David was not born great, but had greatness thrust on him.

He was a shepherd boy, but then he was compelled to become a king, but in his lifetime, he did so much that if you read Mark 10 v 46-52 he became so great that when Bartimeaus was crying to Jesus, he called Him the son of David.

He had greatness thrust on him, achieve so much greatness that he became the father of the King of kings.

I am praying for someone here today; the grace to achieve greatness, receive it right now in Jesus name.

And then on a rare occasion in the scripture you will find someone who is a combination of the three; born great, had greatness thrust at him and then achieve greatness.

And a classical example would be Elisha.

Elisha was born great according to 1King19 v 19.  He was born into a very wealthy family, his father was a very rich farmer and then in 1King 19 v 15-16, while he was minding his business as a farmer the Almighty God decided to make him a prophet.

He didn’t plan for it, he didn’t pray for it, but one day he was just minding his business and the man of God came by and threw his mantle upon him and then he achieved greatness.

He became far, far greater even than the one who called him into the ministry.

By the time we read 2King 13 v 14-21 you will see that this boy who started up as the son of a wealthy farmer who became the son of a prophet had become so great that kings were calling him daddy.

He was able to predict the future of a nation, also his dead bone was already raising the dead.

I stand on this altar tonight; to decree upon the life of someone here, before you leave this world, the world will hear about you.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said the only ones in your village who prosper are those who left the village when they were still very young, the Lord asked me to tell you the reason is because of a popular river in that village. The Lord asked me to tell you tonight He will heal that river.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you have been knocking at a door for a long time and the door refused to open, He asked me to tell you, tonight give it a push in prayer.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said because of your commitment to my kingdom; I will give your children wings to fly.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you have already settled down to a life of an average, He asked me to tell tonight, go for excellence and I will help you.

Thank you Almighty.

Now I have been talking about various categories of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them, some of a combination of the two of the three and then occasionally you find someone who is a combination of the three; born great, achieve greatness, had greatness thrust upon them.

And we have the perfect example in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

He was born great, in Matthew 3 v 16-17 the Almighty God spoke from heaven and said this is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

In Luke 1 v 30-33 the Angel told Mary, the One you are about to give birth to is going to be Great.

He was born great.

He had greatness thrust upon him.

Act 10 v 38 says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with The Holy Ghost and power.

Holy Ghost and power came upon the Jesus of Nazareth, He had greatness thrust upon him.

Then of course He achieved greatness

Philippians 2 v 5-11 The Bible tells us that because He humbled Himself, God has highly exalted Him and gave Him a Name that is above every other name, that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow.

He was born great, He achieved greatness and He had greatness thrust upon him.

Now, what about you?

From the day you became born again, you are born great.

John 1 v 11-12 says He came into His own and His own receives Him not. But as many as receive Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God.

If I am the child of the most high, I am born great.

How many people are here who are born again? Let me hear you shout hallelujah!

If you are a child of God, if you are the child of the King of kings, if you are the child of the Almighty God, if you are a child of the One who owns the heaven and the earth, if you are the child of the One who says silver is mine, gold is mine; if you are a child of the One Who says with Me nothing shall be impossible, without any doubt you are born great.

If you are born great, let him hear your halleluiah!

Roman 18 16-17 says the spirit himself bears witness that we are the sons of God and if sons, then heirs of God; joint heirs with Christ.

Everything that God has, belongs to His children and I am one of them. I am born great!

The Lord says, among the children that will be anointed tonight is a future Olympic star.

The Lord says I should tell someone, He said the child that is going to turn the tide for your family is already in the family.

The Lord said there is a child here, right here, tonight who will one day be president of this nation.

So you are born great if you are born again and you can achieve greatness.


The Bible says in Mark 16 v 17-18  these signs shall follow them that belief, in My name they will cast out demons, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover, just because you are a child of God you become superior to the devil.

I thank God for the first speaker, I thank God that she led you in that prayer; draws a boundary line tell Satan you can’t cross these lines.

I refuse to let you come near my home; I don’t know how many of you prayed that prayer?

Because that is the privilege of the child of God.

You can tell the devil; you cannot come near my home again.

Do you really believe that one?

Let me hear you shout a very big halleluiah; Let me hear;  shout a big halleluiah to the most high God.

Jesus Christ said in John 14 v 12

He said if you believe in Me, the works I do, you shall do also and greater works shall you do.

You can achieve greatness, you have the power to become very great, all you need to do is to be a child of God and believe Him and you can achieve greatness.

I went to visit an African nation, I got there, the vice president was there to receive me and I said, sir, thank you for coming, but I would love to see the president, he said he has travelled or he is not available something like that.

So I didn’t bother any further, I finished my assignment and I left.

After I had left, the president heard that I had come and had gone.

So he asked our Pastor there, what happened?

How could you allow Daddy to our nation and you didn’t allow Daddy to see me.

 That one said “the vice President said you are not available, he said this he said that”

And thank God for Africa, he just said the vice president is sacked.

The vice President said I don’t care if you sack me, he has laid his hand on my head, I know I am going to be the next president.

There is somebody here tonight, there will be power in your hands, you will achieve greatness.

If you are born again, you are born great, if you believe in Jesus you can achieve greatness, and then if you are a child of God, you can have greatness thrust on you.

You can be compelled to be great for God.


Because the moment the Holy Spirit comes upon you shall receive power Act 1 v 8

It says you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit is come upon you.  

The moment you have the Holy Spirit; there is only one Holy spirit.

The Holy Spirit that works in Jesus can work through you. The same Spirit that works through Paul that works through Peter; that used them to perform miracles; signs and wonders can come upon you.

And I am praying for those of you who are yet to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will receive it tonight in Jesus name.

Thank you father!

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said the time has come to move you from survival to revival.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said very soon, your years of struggles will be replaced with years of jubilation.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said no one in your family will ever wear garments of shame again.

Now let me begin to round up, because like I said the children, we want them to still be awake by the time we’ll anoint them.

Not all the seeds of great people end up great.

People can be born great and not end up great.

In 1samuel 2 v 30 God said to Eli, I am the One who said, I said indeed that you and your father’s house will stand before me forever, I said you will be my high priest, your children will serve after you forever.

He said, but now I say I am not saying so anymore. Be it, far from it, He said because those who honor Me I will honor and those who despise Me, I will lightly esteem.

Whether or not your seed become great and mighty, has a lot to do with you.

I will explain that briefly and then we will go and pray.

It is true in Psalm 27 v 25 it is written; I was young, now I am old, I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.

RIGHTEOUS, if the father is righteous; the Almighty God said, because of the righteousness of the father, he will see to it that the seed will not beg bread.

If you look at Joshua 24 v 15 the Bible says as for me and my father’s house we will serve the Lord.

If you and your house will serve the Lord, the Almighty God will see to it that your seeds will be great and mighty.

If you train up your child in the way he should grow, Proverb 22 v 6 when he grows up, he will follow in your footsteps then blessings will flow.

Like I told those of you who came to Holy Communion last night, what you eat, what you drink can affect the seeds in your womb, and can affect the seeds that are already born.

I will encourage you buy the message of yesterday, the sermon will change your life completely.

In Joshua 7 v 1, there was a man call Achan, what he coveted what belong to God, he stole it, as a result, both himself and his entire family died in a single day; they were wiped out.

In Malachi 3 v 8-10 when you are stealing what belongs to God, you bring down a curse upon yourself, and when there is a curse on the father, it runs down, a curse flows like a river.

I thank God because that thefirst preacher has led you in prayer, that whatever evil is flowing down your generation, God will stop it tonight.

But if you keep on stealing what belongs to God, you are not only bringing a curse on yourself, you are bringing a curse on your seeds.

It depends on the parents!

Science is beginning to discover what has been in the Bible years before, that there are some sickness and disease that a child may suffer from because of the parent.

When Gehazi in 2Kings 5 v 20-27 decided to go and collect money by fraudulent means from Naaman, he got the money and got leprosy.

And leprosy was not for him alone, the Bible says “on you and your seeds forever”

Ask the elders; if you have an elder nearby ask him later, if not when you get home ask the elders, they will tell you in the olden days, when somebody comes and he says I want to marry your daughter,

We will say thank you very much, what is your name?

Who is your father?

Who is your mother?

They say go, we will send for you later.

And then they begin a research into the family history;

Has there been a mad man in the family before?, has there been a leper in the family before?

If they can trace the history to grandfather, great grandfather and they say, oh years ago, the great  grandfather ran mental or had leprosy they will beg their daughter please that is not the fellow to marry because that thing can run down.

Ask the elders, they will tell you.

Nowadays some of you marry on Facebook; you don’t know the problem you are getting yourself into.

It runs!

And so science is beginning to talk about genes, and they talk about genetic problems, thank God, when you give your life to Jesus Christ, you take up the genes of the Almighty God.

You see, when God was talking about honoring Him with your first fruit, when you honor God, God will not only honor you, He will honor your generation after you, but if you despise Him; that is what He said to Eli, those who honor me, I will honor and those who despise Me, I will lightly esteem.

Check your Bible, all the children that were supposed to succeed Eli died before Eli died.

I pray for all of you here tonight, you will never bury your children again.

When we ask you to live holy, when we ask you to live pure, when we ask you to obey God in details, we are not talking to you alone, we are talking about your children because what you do will affect them.

Train them in the ways of God; some of you are going to church, you leave your children behind; let him sow his wild oat, oh! I thank God that the first preacher said we should pray that our mistakes will not be repeated by our children.

Some of you your children had become so important, you can’t even control them, you don’t want to annoy them, let them do whatever they want, you are destroying them.

And then whether a child will become great or not depends on the child himself.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29 v 1 it said he who is often rebuked, hardened his neck shall perish suddenly and that without repentance.

If your parents have been saying do this, don’t do that, and you say, leave me alone, I want to live my life.

If your parents ever get to that stage where they say to you alright, we surrender go on whichever way you like.

For you that might be the end of the story.

If they say we won’t bother you anymore, we will leave you alone; leave your life your own way.

You need to cry to God and say, God don’t let this happen have mercy.

When I was in primary school, I won’t mention the year, I won’t mention the class, we had a particular teacher who was tough, I mean the man love to use the cane, he was tough!

And he usually brings out the cane any day it rains, because when it is raining the sound on the roof will not let us hear him clearly so he will choose that moment to say let us do spelling of mental arithmetic;

What is 11*12, what is 11 *13 things that will be difficult to remember so that he can bring out the cane.

What is the spelling of GRANDILOQUENT?

So one day he beat one of the children of the rich people in my village, in those days; several years ago now, in those days there were five storey building, so if you own one of those five you are rich, even thou the storey building were not plaster they were storey building, so he beat one of the children of the rich people.

The father came and beat up the teacher and in those days they have what we called Local government police man AKODA, there was one Akoda, before the teacher can get to one Akoda to report, the rich man had gone to settle the Akoda so there was nothing the teacher could do, so he came to our class and divided us into two; if your father is rich you sit on one side, if your father is poor you sit on one side.

Am sure you know what side I sat on.  And he said to the children of the rich

“ I will never touch you again, never!”

And the canning he should be giving to those people, he added to our own.

Because when it is spelling he won’t ask them, he will ask us, mental sum he will ask us.

I am telling you today, that is why I don’t mention the class or the year, not a single one of those students he left alone became anything in life.

Not one.

I pray for your children; whatever you will do that is will cause God, to say alright, we leave you alone, I pray you will never do it again in Jesus name.

Ezekiel 18 v 4  the Almighty God the soul of the father is mine, the soul of the son is mine, the soul that sinned it shall die.

Nobody is ever too small to obey God, nobody is ever young to receive Jesus Christ, no one is ever too young to do the will of God.

The Bible makes it clear, you can know the way of a child by the way they act, the moment a child gets to the level where they know what is good and what is bad they become accountable.

So I am appealing to all parents, please if only for the sake of your children, do the will of God, train them in the way they should go, show them by example, some of you parents are so busy you don’t have time for your children.

It is wrong, it is dangerous.

The elders have a saying; they say train your child, you said ‘no I want to use my money to build a house’, they say, the child you do not train will sell the house you are building.

You are busy with your career therefore you don’t have time with your children, those children will destroy the career.

I pray that the children will not destroy your legacy, the Almighty God will convert them tonight and they will become true children in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You said but am busy, I don’t have time, that is not true, everybody has time for whatever is precious to him.

I don’t have time. That is not true, everybody has time for whatever is precious to him.

I don’t have time, I am busy. That is not true; you have time to go to the toilet.

I remembered one day’s years ago, we were going to workers meeting and you didn’t come late to a workers meeting in those days.

If you do Papa will deal with you.

I have been telling my people, it is time to go, everybody quickly gets into the car, if you don’t get into the car I will leave you behind.

And I was already there siting,  I was the driver then, when all of a sudden I felt like going to the toilet, workers meeting or no workers meeting, I ran out of the car, I ran into the toilet , did what I had to do before I came back, you will find time for what is precious to you.

Ask my children, we have started leaving on this Campground since 1985, and very early in the morning, the driver will pick them up and take them to the school.

They were schooling at the University of Lagos Primary School, and then the driver will come back and take me to Ebutte-Metta. And we will do faith clinic and digging deep whichever we have to do.

We won’t finish until anything around 9pm, I know my children will be asleep before we get back to the Camp and I want to spend time with the children.

So we devise a means; we took dinner in the car, as we are coming back from Ebute Metta, we are eating.

And when I have eaten my own meat to a certain level, I give a little bit to one, a little bit to another, even though they have their own meat they still prefer the little I give to them.

I made sure when I go A-fishing, I don’t go alone.

I took my children with me.

Ask them.

When they were very young; when I go-a-Fishing I will get to a place and the people will say “we were not expecting your children, we prepare only one bed”

I will say ‘no problems they are boys and we sleep together on the same bed, many a times they kick me out of the bed’.

Today I thank God it is paying off for me.

Because they are serving the Lord now.

If you are too busy for your children you are too busy for your own goodness; you are too busy for your own goodness.

Do I hear amen to that!

So tonight because of the children, come and give your life to Jesus Christ, if you are still living in sin, your children are in trouble, serious trouble, but if you give your life to Jesus Christ and He washes away your sin, His grace will cover your children also.

Those of you children, who are old enough to know what is good, you know the meaning of stealing, you know the meaning of lying, you know the meaning of disobedient, you better run to Jesus if you have not given your life to Him.

Because you are already old enough to decide for yourself, whether you want to surrender your life to Jesus or not .

So  everyone of you who will want to surrender your life to Jesus, who will want your sins wash away, who will want the forgiveness of the Almighty God to come upon you and upon your family.

Anyone who wants to give his or her life to Jesus Christ you must be standing before me here now.

So if you want to give your life to Jesus, come now… ask Him to wash your sins with His blood, ask Him to give you a new beginning, tell Him you too want to be a child of God.

Talk to Him and say Father have mercy on me, save my soul, I will serve you from now on.

Lord, will have mercy.

And the rest of us, let’s stretch our hands to these people and pray for them; pray that God will have mercy on everyone of them, that He would save their souls, He would forgive all their sins and cleanse them; make them pure and make them holy through His blood.

That He will write their names in the book of life, that He will give them a brand new beginning.

….. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior, I want to bless Your holy name, I want to bless Your holy name for these Your children who have decided to come forward to surrender their lives to You.

Please accept them in Jesus name, receive them in Jesus name. Forgive all their sins in Jesus name, save their souls tonight in Jesus name.

Let your blood wash them clean in Jesus name, give them a new beginning in Jesus name.

Please write their names in the book of life in Jesus name, don’t let them go back to a world of sin in Jesus name.  

Let them serve You till the very end In Jesus name. Thank You my Father and my God.

 In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Prayer points

1.    Praise God, for the seeds He has given unto us.

2.    Father, please let my seeds be much greater than I (pray this prayer with all your might because that is where your future lies).

3.    Father, please keep death, sickness, disease, demons, evil friends far from my seeds.

4.    Father, please let my seeds know you more, and serve you better than I.

5.    Father, please let my seeds do mighty works in your name.

6.    Father, please let your purpose on the life of my seeds be fulfilled.

7.    Father, let my seeds excel in all they do in life.

8.    Father, please all those who are trusting you for the fruits of the womb, answers them speedily.

You can pray whichever way you want; sitting, standing, lying down, but pray these prayers with all your heart, they are very crucial for your seeds.

…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed, the Almighty God will answer your prayers, your children shall be greater than you, they will love God more than you, and they will serve God better than you.

Death will stay away from your home, sickness and disease will stay away from your home.

Demons will stay away from your home, evil friends will stay away from your children, the purpose of God for the life of your children shall be fulfilled. In all that they do, your children shall excel, it will be well with them, they will not know failure, they will never beg.

God will prosper them, they will reach the top and all who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, God will answer you speedily, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout hallelujah!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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