REVERSING IRREVERSIBLE - 2 7th of July, 2002

Alleluia! Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ I am confident that somebody’s going to have a breakthrough tonight. (Amen!) If you are that one Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) I have no doubt at all that something is going to happen to somebody tonight that has never happened before. If you are the one Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

There is a song we used to sing when we were younger in the Lord. It’s a very simple song. It says:

We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!… How many of you know the song? We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!, Alleluia!…..

Good, now – I’m sure you know it. There’s a way we used to sing it then. We want to sing it like that tonight – all the people behind the altar they will form Group 1. Congratulations! Then all the people in front of me and to the right will form Group 2 and the rest of us will form group 3. Now every group is important. The way we do it is that Group 1 will begin the song and as soon as they get to a particular stage, Group 2 will begin their own and when they get to a particular stage, Group 3 will begin their own and they keep going non-stop till I ask you to stop!

Now it will go like this – Group 1 will say:

We are in God’s presence singing ….. As soon as they get to "singing" Group 2 will begin "We are in God’s presence singing….." As soon as they get to that Group 3 will begin their own. (We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!…) Now, Are you ready? Let’s try first – no instrument yet! Group 1 – 3, 4 : We are in God’s presence singing….. We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!Very good! – You tried! Now we don’t want somebody to use a loudspeaker and then overshadow all of us. Don’t bother. If you want to sing just move way from the microphone. So – all right. Now are we ready now? You know what to do now? All right – 3,4: We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!… We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!… We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!… Amen! Now one group was too slow. Amen! So they didn’t fit into the flow – don’t slow it down: We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!…. Alleluia!…Alleluia! We are in God’s presence singing Alleluia!…… Shake hands with one or two people and tell them: tonight is my night! Tonight is my night! And then you may be seated. God bless you!

I want us to put our hands together for all the various choirs that had ministered tonight. I’m sure we are already blessed by the singing and by the messages brought forth by our brothers and sisters from across the seas. We give God the glory for all these blessings.

Now we want to continue our series on

Our Father and our God, we want to bless Your Holy Name because You are worthy to be praised. There’s none like you – all power belongs to You. You are the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Lord! We Bless Your Holy Name! For all the blessings we have received tonight accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Accept our praise and worship in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Like never before Lord, visit Your children tonight and at the end of everything take all the glory. (Amen!) In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

because His Name is Omega – the end of all endings. That He can therefore go to your future and rearrange things over there, that the man who is supposed to die blind will suddenly begin to see; that the on e who is supposed to die without a child will suddenly become the mother of children. He can go to the past, change things there, go to the future and change something there.

But then we have something else to discuss about Him today. In

Revelation 1:8 he says, I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending sayeth the Lord, which is, which was, which is to come, the Almighty. In other words he’s saying, here I am, not only the One who was and the One who is to come, I’m also the One who is now! In the God that we are talking about – inside Him – you find the past, the present and the future coinciding.

Hebrews 13:8

said, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In Malachi 3:6 it said: I am the Lord, I change not. In Psalm 90:2 the Bible says, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. We have a God who begins from everlasting, continues till now and will continue to everlasting without changing at all. So He is the Alpha, the beginning; He is the Omega, the ending and more than that He is also the God of now.

That’s why when He was talking to Moses in

Exodus 3:15 He said, my Name is the I AM that I AM, the I AM that I AM. He said my Name is not X this or X that, my Name is not ‘He will be’. My Name is I AM and that’s what David meant when he said in Psalm 46:7, he said, He’s the ever-present help in trouble, the One who has the ability to change things - now. This our God can deal with yesterday. He can deal with tomorrow but He can also deal with today that is why I am confident that there is someone here today, your irreversible will be reversible today!

Now when you go through the Scriptures, because He’s this kind of God who was there in the past, who will be there in the future and who is here right now, this God who is continuous, who is unchangeable, who doesn’t become less, who cannot become greater because He’s already the greatest, who cannot be higher because He’s already the most High, who cannot become more powerful because He’s already the Almighty because that God is here right now, it is within His power to change ‘not yet’ to ‘now!’ Something that they say is 'not yet', He can change it to 'now'.


John 2:1-11 there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee. They ran out of wine and the mother of Jesus went to Him and said, Sir, they lack wine. Jesus answered and said, Woman don’t bother me – it is not yet time to begin to perform miracles. But before that day ended, "not yet’ became ‘now’. If anybody has told you that it is not yet time for your miracle, tell that fellow: My God can change 'not yet' to 'now'! He can reverse the irreversible because the Bible tells me that once God has spoken it is already settled. But He said here – it is not yet time and then before the end of the day He said, It is now! I believe that there is somebody here today just as He changed water to wine, in your own life today, your day of miracles will begin today. (Amen!) Today He will change your tears to joy. He will change your failure to success. He will change your shame to glory and He will change your reproach to testimony. If you believe that one shout Alleluia!!

Someone was sharing a testimony with me some time ago. A young man wanted to contest. He wanted to become Governor of his state but the Constitution says you must be 40 years old before you can contest and this young man was 38 years old. According to the Constitution, as far as he’s concerned – it is not yet’ But he has a wife who is a prayer warrior; a wife who will not want to believe that there’s anything called ‘not yet’. This lady went to the Lord and held on to Him and said, "You can reverse the irreversible, You can change ‘not yet’ to ‘now’. She cried to the Almighty God and all of a sudden those who made the Constitution changed the Constitution and the one who was not to be yet Governor became Governor.

There is somebody here today, the enemy may be telling you that the day of your miracle is yet to come. You are going to tell the devil: "today is my day!" Say it loud and clear! Because He stands across time, stretching from everlasting to everlasting with His left hand in everlasting and His right hand in everlasting, He can stretch His hand into everlasting and bring the future to the present. So if the miracle that was meant for you is actually to happen tomorrow, He can stretch His hand to tomorrow and bring tomorrow to today.


John 11:21-25, when Lazarus had died and Jesus arrived, the sister of Lazarus said: If You had been here my brother could not have died. Oh, Jesus said: No problem – your brother shall rise again – the sister said I know he will rise on the resurrection morning – far, far ahead – one day he will rise up! Jesus Christ said, that day that you are looking at far away can come and stand before you right now. He said, I am the Resurrection and the Life, if anybody here has any doubt at all as to when his miracle or her miracle will happen I have good news for you. I believe that today is your day! I say, I believe that today is your day!

Psalm 30:5

says, weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. But that passage of the Bible has been very helpful to me in the past. In my early days as General Overseer – oh we had some problems in the Church. When I travelled, I will return home. My wife will begin to tell me of some of the problems – ohhh, one Muslim was troubling the Church in the North. Another little problem was cropping up in the Church somewhere else. One landlord is asking the church to pack out somewhere else. When she had told me everything, my answer had always been – and where is my food? And she will look at me and say – "ah-ah! Can’t you hear all I’ve been saying?" I’ve heard. Won’t I eat? So she would set the table thinking that maybe after I’ve eaten I will talk and then I will eat and then I will say ‘let us pray’ because I want to go and sleep. "What kind of man are you? Don’t you know all the problems we’re talking about?" And I would point the passage to her – weeping may endure for a night, joy is coming in the morning. (Amen!)

If joy is coming in the morning, why must I waste my time tonight? Joy is on the way and I can go and bring that joy of tomorrow morning to tonight. I am confident that there is somebody here tonight – you are going to sing for joy. (Amen!) I say you are going to sing for joy (Amen!) Because He stretches between eternity to eternity and because He’s the God of now! He can change a case that is considered closed to an open case. The world can say your file is already closed - My Father can say – I am just beginning with you! When the world thinks that you are finished, the one whose name is I AM will say – but we are just starting!

A prophet can come to you and say; "Thus says the Lord…no hope for you! Everything is finished! Your file is closed!" The doctor can cone to you and say, "There is no hope at all" But every prophecy that is contrary can be reversed and will be reversed tonight. (Amen!)


Isaiah 38:1-8 The Bible says God sent His prophet. He sent His prophet to go and tell King Hezikaih – put your house in order. You are going to die. No hope at all! It is the Word of the Lord. It is not the doctor’s report; this is God’s report! But then this man of God delivered the message and the King said, "Why should that be? God! You know that I will praise You if You allow me to live! And the dead cannot praise You. Those that have gone to the grave they cannot praise You. Those that have gone to the grave they cannot bless Your Name! Only those who are alive can continue to praise You."

The man of God has delivered this message and was already going but the one who can reverse the irreversible told the man of God and said, "Go back and tell him: you will live for another 15 years. I’m sure the prophet must have said – You are the one who said that he will die, how can you now say that he will live again? Didn’t You say that forever, O Lord Your word is settled? Then the Almighty God would have told that prophet – what’s your business? I can reverse the irreversible! Every prophecy that had come against you; that is contrary to the will of the Almighty God shall be changed tonight in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!).

Many of you know that it is a common belief here – at least in Nigeria, that if a woman or anybody is mad – if he hasn’t come into the public yet – it can still be cured. That is our belief here. But if a mad man or woman breaks loose, runs out and you are pursuing the fellow and you cannot catch the fellow till he gets to the market place then there is nothing more anybody can do about that. That is the belief and I’m sure it is based on lot of research and records. But then I remember one case – years ago.

A young man had a wife. The wife ran mental. The wife ran out naked into the market place before they caught her and then because the felt that this was beyond anything any doctor could dl, they took her to one herbalist. And then one brother who today is one of our Pastors, brought this man to us. We talked. He gave his life to Jesus and he gave us the address of where the wife was and we went there to see the woman and we prayed our little prayers of 2 minutes and then we left the place.

And the Uncle with whom the woman was staying said, "What kind of nonsense is this? They told me one man of God is coming to pray and I thought something great was going to happen. I thought he would light candles – white, red, black – do some chanting, burn some incense, but he came, prayed for 2 minutes and he left! So he said, I think the best thing now is let’s take this woman to the hospital. So they took the woman to the hospital. One way or another, the doctor looked at this woman and said, "This woman looks normal. I will watch her. I won’t give her any drugs. I won’t give her any treatment. I will just watch her. They watched her for 15 days and then they sent for the husband. What do you say is wrong with this woman? Because this woman is completely normal!" Today there is someone here, the world has written you off. You will begin again. (Amen!) You will have a brand new beginning. (Amen!) Because He’s the God of now! Because He goes from eternity to eternity! He can change a total failure to a total success in one day. Total failure to total success in one day!

The Bible is full of examples but you can take that of Peter for example. You know the story in

Luke 5:1-8. He was a man who had failed. He fished all night and caught nothing, But then the One who can reverse the irreversible come into his boat and in one day the unsuccessful fisherman became the most successful fisherman – He became the fisher of men - he became the leading Apostle. He became the Unforgettable Galileean. He became the man whose shadow began to heal the sick. All because the One who can reverse the irreversible stepped into his boat. That’s why I was thrilled when I was listening to Pastor Sunday Adelaja. I didn’t know that there’s a village that is smaller than my own but when he said there are only about 300 people in his own village I said my own village must be a city then! If God can pick somebody from a village of 300 people and turn him to a Pastor of 20,000 people in Europe and that God is here today I am sure my own miracle will happen today. I say my own miracle will happen today. He can reverse the irreversible. He can pick somebody who is completely empty and make him overflow!

Oh, I’m sure you remember the story of the woman who had no seed, had no ovary at all – was married but barren and they had spent a lot of money until they came to a professor who said: Why are you wasting your time? This woman has no ovaries! And if there are no ovaries what are you going to fertilize Mr. man? Go home! Stop wasting your money – Your wife can never have a child!" And then of course the woman was devastated but the husband said – that is the doctor’s report……

She was on the ground for almost one hour. I thought because it was night time she was trying to get a little bit of sleep. I didn’t know God was performing an operation – every operation necessary in your body – my Father will do it tonight! (Amen!) You know the rest of the story. The following year the woman that had no ovaries came rejoicing with her own baby. I don’t know who God is talking to tonight but everyone who’s considered incurably empty tonight you shall be full in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

Because He can reverse the irreversible, He can pick somebody that everyone says this one is down and out, He can turn him to somebody who is up and over – that’s what happened to Joseph in

Genesis 41:38-44. He was not just a prisoner – he was a slave that became a prisoner. Everybody thought that this one is finished, even the man that he helped in prison. And he told him when it is well with you remember me. That man forgot him. There are some of you that had been forgotten. God will remember you tonight. In one night – the man who was forgotten, a slave, a prisoner, the one who was thrown into prison that was supposed to be there forever – in one day he became the Prime Minister of Egypt. But there’s one part of that story that I think many of us don’t even think about – when Pharaoh placed Joseph on the throne, he said: From now on I will be the only one above you. Every other fellow in Egypt must bow to you. Do you know what that one means? It means Potiphar must bow to Joseph. All those who threw you into bondage they will come to bow down to you. (Amen!) All those responsible for your sorrow, they will come and bow down to you. (Amen!)

I’m sure I’ve told you the story before of a lady who was disappointed on her wedding day. The wedding day was fixed. The boy told him no problem, we’re marrying. So the wife dressed, went to the registry waiting for the bridegroom to show up. All her friends were there and they were just waiting for a very wonderful wedding. They waited, they waited. The boy didn’t come. You can imagine the agony of the girl! But somehow she overcame the sorrow and somehow she got married to another boy. And the boy she got married to joined the Army and one day the boy she got married to became a military Governor and then they chose for her husband, a soldier who is to be the aide-de-camp and the aide–de-camp was the boy who disappointed the girl! The one who jilted the girl now has to open the door for her to enter!

I want you to listen clearly to me tonight because God is speaking to someone and He’s saying to you – you have been diagnosed in the open. I will glorify you in the open! (Amen!) The God who can reverse the irreversible He can change ‘not you’ to ‘you’ today. In other words, there are certain miracles that have certain names written on them, certain addresses written on them, certain addresses written on them. Maybe the angels in heaven had looked at all he miracles to be distributed tonight and they cannot find your name there but because you are here, because you are about to cry to God who can reverse the irreversible, the miracle that is not for you will suddenly become your own. (Amen!)

You know the story in

Matthew 15:21-28. There was a woman who came to Jesus – help me, Lord help me! My daughter is grievously vexed of a devil. Jesus did not answer her and she kept on praying, she kept on pleading. The disciples said Lord, send this woman away – her noise is disturbing us! Tonight when it is tome to pray and you begin to shout and somebody says your noise is disturbing – tell the fellow – I’m not praying to you. If you don’t like my noise, go somewhere else because God must answer me tonight! God didn’t answer the woman. The disciples said – send her away, the noise is disturbing us – Thank You Father! Alleluia!

The Lord said there is someone here tonight you were sterilized because you didn’t want more children but now you want more children. The Lord asked me to tell you – He has reversed the treatment. (Amen!)

So this woman, the Lord said, I’m not sent but to the household of Israel – woman, the miracle you are asking for is not for you! The woman came, fell down at the feet of Jesus – she fell at His feet and said, Lord, Have mercy on me! Jesus said, Woman I can’t give the bread of the children to dogs. The woman said – this dog is going to get a miracle tonight. I may be a dog. I don’t doubt that at all. I know you said the miracle is for the children but before I go home today what is not for me is going to be for me! Somebody’s going to get a miracle here today! (Amen!)

It reminds me of a funny story. Years ago I was staying with an uncle who was as poor as anybody. Because he had no money it is whenever he had food to eat that I can share. I have no money too. So there was this day both of us were very hungry – we didn’t know where food will come from and suddenly a young girl came in carrying pounded yam and a lot of meat and said to my Uncle: My sister said, I should take this food to you. And my Uncle said: Your sister? What’s the name? She mentioned the name. My Uncle said: I don’t know that name. Are you sure they said you should take the food to me? The girl said: Yes. Are you sure? She said Yes! Okay. Thank your sister. So the girl left. As soon as she left my uncle said to me: I don’t know where this food is coming from! I’m hungry – you are hungry. You better let us begin work! As soon as we finished the pounded yam the girl came back and said: Sorry this is not the house whew I was sent. Somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I couldn’t care less! The food has already entered my stomach! I thought the argument will now be between my uncle and this strange woman. I don’t know how God is going to do it tonight but the miracle that does not even belong to you will come your way in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

reversing the irreversible. Last month we began to study that we have a God who can reverse the irreversible. We told us that one of the reasons why He can reverse the irreversible is because His Name is Alpha – the beginning of beginnings. That’s why He can go back to your beginnings and change whatever is wrong there so that your present can suddenly change; that He can go to your christening day, the day they named you and change your name and by changing your name He can change your situation now. He can go to your mother’s womb and change things there and what He changed there will appear now. He can even go beyond that one to the days before He formed you and change things over there. So because He’s Alpha, because He was there before the mountains were brought forth, he can go there and uproot every mountain in your life and suddenly things will change in the present.

And we said another reason why He can reverse the irreversible is

Why? Why will God give you a miracle that does not belong to you?

You see, because there is a law called the law of substitution. In Proverbs 11:8 it says, the righteous is delivered out of trouble and the wicked cometh instead. There is a law written in the Word of God that says God can make substitution. He can give to you a miracle that does not belong to you and take the punishment and give it to somebody else. He can give you the joy that does not belong to you and take the sorrow that belongs to you and give it to somebody else. Oh you don’t believe me? I can show you again and again and again in the Bible! I am sure somebody is not going home empty handed today in Jesus name, Amen

Daniel 6

. You know the story very well. They took Daniel and threw him into the den of lions. The lions saw Daniel coming and they said, Ah, this one is finished. Food has come. But the Almighty God said to the lions, oh this man has just been praying. You are not going to eat him! O Lord You are the One who said we should eat. We are to eat flesh. Oh God said Yes, yes I know. But I have told you that lions cannot eat lions. Lord this one is not a lion it is a human being. It looks like a human being but it is the son of the Lion of Judah. (Amen!) And so the lion said all right, all right. And God said, No, no lions, don’t be angry. Tomorrow you will eat and by the following day – after they brought Daniel out of the lion’s den – the Almighty God prepared a substitute. He told the King to send for all those who said I should throw Daniel into the lion’s den and tell them when they are coming they should with their wives, come with their children and they brought them and the King said, who is this man standing? They said, It is Daniel. What happened to him yesterday? We threw him into the den of lions. Have you ever seen anybody gone into the den of lions and come out alive before? They said no. So the King said something must have happened to my lions or they are dead or they have been stolen! I want you to do something. You and your wives, your children go into the den and find out for me what happened to my lions. The Bible said before they reached the den the lions finished them.

Every enemy that had decided to finish you they shall be finished tonight (Amen!) because of the law of substitution!

I can go on and on. I can give you the example of those that carried Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego. You will discover before they could even throw them in the fire had already slayed them. There are examples, even from real life .... But there are so many other things I want to talk about very quickly -

why is the fact that God, the God of now, is so important? Why is it that He says I AM that I AM is so important? The reason is there are certain miracles that cannot wait. Some miracles can wait till tomorrow but some miracles must happen tonight and I belong to the category of those whose miracles must happen tonight! Maybe I should ask you when exactly you want your miracle? (Now!) Tomorrow? Next week? During the Convention? If you want your miracle now let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Do you remember when David came face to face with Goliath in

1 Samuel 17? If you can read from verse 48 to 50…. 1 Samuel: 48-50. Suppose on that day as David was coming against Goliath and he put a sling in his catapult and slang. And suppose that stone missed? Suppose Goliath saw the stone coming and dodged? What do you think would have happened to David? That would have been the end. There are some miracles that cannot wait. And I know there are some people who are facing their Goliath right now and I want to prophesy to you in the mighty Name of Jesus that before the sun rises you’ll be holding the head of Goliath in your hand. (Amen!)

Some miracles cannot wait. God has to reverse the irreversible and do it now! I’m sure you’ve heard me share this testimony with you. Years ago my driver and I were traveling to Ilorin and between Ogbomosho and Ilorin there is one very narrow bridge that just … one vehicle has to stop for the other. And we were going and we were the first to get on the bridge and we were already on the bridge. All of a sudden – from the other side came a trailer. Either, he didn’t see us or his brake failed, he just kept on coming and the bridge was too narrow to take two cars talk less of a car and a trailer. That was not the time when you begin to pray Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name…. But thank God there was enough time to shout one word – let me hear somebody shout that name – (Jesus!)

We were already on the bridge the trailer was coming down on us – there’s a choice – either head-on collision with the trailer or jump into the deep river and drown but we shouted the Name of Jesus and somehow, in a way that is difficult to explain, we met at the middle of the bridge and we passed. He went his way – we went our way! O Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) When we got to the other side of the bridge the driver was so terribly shaken – he parked for about five minutes. He was just shaking. Thank God he didn’t look back because I was shaking. But finally before he could talk I had already gained my composure. So he said, Daddy what happened. I said, I think my God expanded the bridge!

There is a God that can reverse the irreversible. There is a God who can take a concrete bridge and turn it to something elastic and for the rest of the journey my driver kept on saying Wonderful, wonderful. And I told him, Yes, that’s one of His Names. His Name is Wonderful. He’s going to perform wonders in the lives of somebody here tonight. (Amen!) If you are the one Let me hear you shout ’Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Or when you consider the case of Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego

in Daniel 3. If you read from verse 19 to 27, when they threw Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace if the Son of God had not shown up immediately there would be nothing left of Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego. There are certain miracles that cannot wait till tomorrow. It is a good thing to be able to say O God, I know You can do all things. You can do it whenever You want. But there are certain miracles, no, no, no, no, God it is not a question of You do it on Saturday morning – it is that I want it to be done now. If it doesn’t move at that very moment, if the Son of God was not in the fiery furnace in that instance Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego would have perished.

By the way I just couldn’t be telling you all the healings that are going on but the Almighty God is doing a lot of healings right away as I’m talking. Now some of you probably have heard the testimony of this woman. She was pregnant in the United States of America. She was diabetic, she was hypertensive and she had one other complication> They said her blood is such that when she has a wound the blood will not clot. She was pregnant.

It was time to deliver and they found that the baby was too big for the passage. The only way they could get the baby out is by operation. To operate – if they touch the woman with a knife at all she would just keep bleeding till she dies. So what are they going to do? The baby can’t come out. They can’t operate on the woman so what are we going to do? And the woman phoned her mother here in Nigeria and the mother came and said, this is my problem. Please can you go to America and go and pray for my daughter? I’m sorry Ma, I have so much work to do But I have a God, a powerful God – get me 2 handkerchiefs. I didn’t know why I asked for two but I said bring two and I prayed over the two handkerchiefs. You take these handkerchiefs to your daughter. It will carry the anointing to her and a miracle will happen. I don’t know how but a miracle will happen.

She went to her daughter and gave her one of the handkerchiefs and kept the other one. By the following morning the handkerchiefs she gave her daughter had disappeared. They searched for it all over the place. They didn’t find it. So the mother said we thank God there is a second one. This second one they tied it round the wrist of the woman that the one who was going to take this one away will have to cut off the wrist. And then the doctor came and examined the woman and said Ma, we are sorry about this – if we do not operate the baby is getting tired, the baby will die inside the womb and both the mother and the baby will perish. If we operate we could rescue the baby but the mother will surely die! So you have to make up your mind. There’s no way out of the two. And the old woman looked up and said, O God, there’s nobody else I can call upon now and there’s nothing else I can do now. So she said it is up to you doctors – you do whatever you can do. So the doctors left to go get ready to return within minutes so they can take the woman to the theatre. Before the doctors returned – the baby had arrived!

Today there is somebody I have no doubt about it – your miracle will arrive right now! (Amen!) If the Almighty God had not jumped n to stop the mouth of lions when they threw in Daniel there’ll be no Daniel to talk about. There are certain miracles that cannot wait and I believe my own and your own miracles will be in that category tonight. (Amen!)

Maybe I’ll just tell you two more stories and then we’ll go and pray. Just to let you know that there is a God who can perform a miracle and perform it now!

Several years ago when we first came to this camp, this main road was the headquarters of armed robbers as you know and every night they will attack vehicles. And when they attacked vehicles, the occupants will run from there and run to this Camp. One day they attacked a vehicle, the occupants ran to the camp and just as the thieves were about to begin to loot the car the police arrived with guns and so the thieves ran away. Meanwhile the occupants of the car had come to the camp to come and call our brothers to come and help them. So the carpenters and the bricklayers they took cudgel, took everything and they were following these people. The police had laid an ambush expecting the thieves to come back. When they saw our people coming towards the car they thought they were the thieves and the leader of the police contingent gave order Open Fire! All the policemen wanted to pull their triggers but the God who can reverse the irreversible told their fingers not to move. (Amen!) The officer gave the order 3 times: Fire! Fire! Fire! And they just couldn’t fire. That is a miracle that happened instantly and today all of you that had been condemned to death by the enemy, the Almighty God will reverse the irreversible in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

Oh I said I can give you example upon example. I can give you the example of the widow of the son of the prophet in

2 Kings 4:1-7 when the creditors came and said – if you don’t bring our money by tomorrow your children will go into bondage. That id the story of someone who must have a miracle today or tomorrow will be too late. I have heard somebody prophesy here tonight that one way or another your debts shall be paid. I want to say Amen with those of you who might be owing anybody but I want to add to that that the Almighty God will do it and do it immediately! (Amen!)

You remember the story, many of you do – you know that during our Convention people who come are fed free and then they had come for the convention this year, that particular year and they were all having a nice time. They didn’t know that I had no kobo left in my pocket and my wife came to me that morning and said Daddy, we need N5000 and in those days N5000 was like N5million. So I said, is that all? She said, 'Yes". I said, When do you need the money? Is it today or now? She said, What is the difference? I said, Ah, there’s a lot of difference. If she has said 'Now' I would have said 'There’s not a kobo.' She said Look don’t play with me, you know these people they will soon be going for food and we need to put food on the table. You told them you need the money today. Go! As soon as the money is available I will send for you! Not a kobo in my pocket. Then she left.

I said God. You heard her! We need N5,000 and we need it now! Shortly after that 2 young people came in and they began to talk. Well Daddy, we thank God for your life. We see the burden you are carrying and we thought we should help you carry part of the burden…. And I saw an envelope in their hands, My heart was saying, Please forget the story- Give me the envelope, Finally they gave me the envelope. I blessed then. They left. I opened the envelope and found N2,000 there. I said Thank You God! 2 down, 3 to go.

Suddenly one man came in his flowing robe – businessman – and he began to talk … I was just going past and I saw what is happening here. Oh! I am so thrilled! Next year I will be part of this programme! I said, Look at this man! I’m talking now- He’s talking next year! And then after he said that, he said, But then, let me give you the little I have. I said mm-mmh, now you are talking. So he put his hand in his pocket and gave me N1,000. I said, Lord, thank You 3 down. 2 to go. To cut a long story short...... Very soon I had N5,000 with me. So I sent to my wife – how much do you say you need? How much do you really say you need? Somebody’s going to shout for joy this morning. (Amen!)

If I want my miracle now, what do I do?

7 things quickly, I’ll just tell you briefly and then go on. Number 1: You must refuse to tolerate reproach for a day longer! If you are willing to continue with reproach in your life for another day, God is not going to hurry. Sickness is a reproach to God. Poverty is a reproach to God. Barrenness is a reproach to God. Failure is a reproach to God. You have to be able to say like David said: Who is this Philistine approaching the army of the living God? . He said. I will deal with him today! He said to God this day, this day the Lord will hand you over to me and I want somebody to say, this day my Goliath will fall.

The second thing that you must do is that you must not take no for an answer. When you go to God in prayer, please don’t take no for an answer.

When the mother of God came to Him and said, they have no wine and Jesus said, don’t bother me. She did not accept no for an answer! People have taught us I’m sure you’ve heard it before: when you pray God may say Yes, God may say No, God may say ‘wait’ It sounds very good but the next time you hear that one ask them to show you in the Bible where it is written. What my God said is that if you ask anything in my name I will say yes! I will say no! I will say wait! Is that what is written in your Bible? No! It said, if you ask anything in my Name – I will do it! He’s going to answer somebody here tonight in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!).

The third thing that you must do is that you must insist for a yes

– reverently, worshipfully – God tonight it has to be yes. It is not a question of no, it is not a question of may be, it is not even a question of wait till tomorrow like somebody led us in prayer this evening. Like Jacob we hold onto God, we will not let you go until you bless me. You will just say to the Almighty God like that woman – I know that miracles might be for children and you may say that miracles are not for dogs……

– reverently, worshipfully – God tonight it has to be yes. It is not a question of no, it is not a question of may be, it is not even a question of wait till tomorrow like somebody led us in prayer this evening. Like Jacob we hold onto God, we will not let you go until you bless me. You will just say to the Almighty God like that woman – I know that miracles might be for children and you may say that miracles are not for dogs……

The fourth thing you must do is that you, yourself must be ready to obey Him completely.

When the mother of Jesus said they lacked wine, and he said don’t bother me, the mother of Jesus said to those who were there, whatever He ask you to do, do it. Tonight, if God asks you to pray, pray, if He asks you to give, give, if He asks you to dance, dance - if He ask you to shout, shout, whatever He asks you to do, do it and he will surprise you tonight.


Many of you will remember the story of a woman, who was carried to our crusade. The doctors have told her you are going to die. There is no hope, somebody told her there is a crusade happening somewhere here. We hear miracles are happening there, go there. So they carried her into a taxi and brought her to the crusade and told her if they just dance, they will receive their miracle. So when they brought this lady, she met the then A.G.O; Papa now the D.G.O and he said "no, instruction has come, no praying for anybody, all we are to do, we are to dance". The woman said I can’t even stand, talk less of dance, papa said I am sorry about that, God has spoken, you need a miracle? Dance."


Finally they dragged out the woman. One man was holding her on the right, another one supporting her on the left and they said "Just begin to move a little, dance is dance", And as she began to move the power of God hit her and she pushed the fellow on the left away and then began serious dancing! That was the end of the sickness. Tonight the power of God will hit somebody mightily in Jesus name, (Amen!) … As you begin to obey Him completely.


The fifth thing that you must do, if your miracle is to happen today, is that you must become, fully committed to Him from now on.

if the Almighty God sees that you are still one leg in the world and one leg in the church, He is going to delay your miracle until you make up your mind. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said, the God who we serve is able to deliver us. If He does not deliver us, we are not doubting." Daniel said, "you said I shouldn’t pray? ", he said, "you haven’t seen any thing yet". These people were fully committed to God, that is why they got their miracle instantly.


The sixth thing that you must do is that, when it is time to pray, which is going to be very soon, you are to cry to Him not whisper.

Oh we know that God is not deaf and we can just whisper He will hear. Then if we go through the scriptures you will find again and again that these people who got their miracles instantly, they cried unto the Lord, the widow of the son of the prophet cried unto the man of God. Blind Bartemaeus cried unto the Lord and the Word of God say’s in Psalm 50:15, He said call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer you. It didn’t say whisper to me in the day of trouble, it said cry unto me on the day of trouble and I have given you example upon examples before.


I have told you there were three men, highly educated, Ph.D. Oxford holders and the three of them were involved in a motor accident, seriously wounded taken to emergency ward of a hospital, and there is one doctor, and the three of them were bleeding seriously and one of them said: "the doctor should know that I need help that’s why I am here so I don’t need to talk." And the second one said: "I think I better talk because this situation is critical, but I must remember I have Ph.D. Oxford, so I must talk like a civilized man", so he said "doctor there is someone here who is in need of help." And the third one said "today is not the day of grammar, this is the day of trouble, I need help and I need it now!" and he lifted up his voice and said "d-o-c-t-o-r help". Now which of the three is going to receive the first attention? Now who is going to be the first that God will attend to tonight, then let me hear you shout h-e-l-p.


And that brings us to the

seventh thing you must do. Hebrews 11:6, it says without faith it is impossible to please God. If you are going to talk to Him today for an instant miracle, you have to do that with faith. When that woman that Jesus said I am not going to give a miracle to you fell at His feet and said give me just a crumb, Jesus said" woman great is thy faith." and in all the places you find people, the woman with the issue of blood and so on and so forth receiving instantaneous miracle, Jesus turned to them and said "thy faith had made thee whole". So tonight if you refuse to tolerate reproach for one day longer, if you are one of those people who will not take no for an answer today, very soon now, we are going to begin to call on the Almighty God, he is going to make every thing new, go to the past, change the past, go to the future change the future, come to now and give instantaneous miracle!


But he can only begin to do that for you if you are in Christ.

If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, and all things become new. That is why before we pray, I am going to give a few minutes to those of you who want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, those who want to say, "alright enough is enough, I am not going to delay my salvation any longer, I am no longer going to play with my salvation. I won’t put one leg in the world and one leg in Jesus Christ any more. I am going to surrender completely to Him. I want him to take over from now on. I want my own miracle or salvation and I want it now!"


I want such people now to begin to come. I am going to count from one to ten, today is not the day we can say, you can come when you like. Many of us here are getting ready for our miracles and we want it now. So we are not going to wait for you for too long. If you want to give your life to Jesus I will count up to ten. Before I get to ten you must be in front. The Bible said today is the day of salvation, He didn’t say tomorrow. You don’t know anything about tomorrow. Only God is the controller of tomorrow, so if you don’t surrender your life to Him today, tomorrow might be too late. The gates of mercy are still open. The Lord is waiting for you, to give you mercy. Those that are still coming out you better hurry. Thank you Father, save souls tonight Lord!


Father we bless Your name, we thank You for Your word, because it has pleased You to draw these ones to You. You said no one comes to you unless you draw the person. Thank You they have responded to your drawing. Father, You promised that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out. They have come to You now, Father, receive them in Jesus’ name. (Amen!). Your blood that cleanses from all sins, let it wipe away their sins in Jesus name, (Amen!); write their names in the book of life in Jesus name! (Amen!). Everything in their lives contrary to your will, remove today in Jesus name! (Amen!) Beginning from today Lord let every thing become new for them in Jesus name! (Amen!). Father in your kingdom don’t let them be found wanting in Jesus name! (Amen!). Thank you my father, glory be to your name, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed, in Jesus name! (Amen!).


I want you to meditate on what you have just heard before we go into prayers. Classify all those miracles you want, those ones that can wait, those ones you want tomorrow morning and those ones you want tonight. Think about them, and as you are thinking about them, just remember that we are dealing with God who can reverse the irreversible; because when we go into the section of prayers, we have to go with that concrete belief that before we leave here tonight we will have testimonies. So for just about two to three minutes let us just mediate on what we have heard and then we will continue from there as the Counsellors attend to the new converts.


Now as we pray, you have to remember, you might be the only one needing your miracle now. The others might not be too hungry for a miracle. There was a multitude that followed Jesus, it was Bartimaeus that needed an instant miracle, so he was the one who kept on crying, so lift up your voice and say Father.


"Father, increase my faith tonight. I want to be able to move all the mountains out of my way. I want my faith to reach the mountain level top. Mountain moving faith is what I am asking for tonight"…..


"Every reproach in my life, must go now - sickness, disease, poverty, barrenness, must go now"……


"Tonight every irreversible thing in my life, reverse them now! Every negative prophesy reverse now".


God made a promise, He said some people will get a garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. So you are going to call to the Almighty God and say Father, every garment of sorrow, of failure, of barrenness, of poverty take it away from me and give me a garment of praise"…..


We are moving to warfare mood now, David said to Goliath this day God will hand you over to me and I will cut off your head.


"In the Mighty name of Jesus, every Goliath in my life, you will fall now…..


Now you, yourself, you can feel that the Almighty God is here and I am sure you have your own private request, go before God now and tell Him.


"My miracles can’t wait till tomorrow, I have waited long enough Lord, today is the day, I need your help in the following areas. I need my miracles in these areas and I need them now.


Go to Him now tell Him your private request. Lets bring our prayers to a close. Thank you father, in Jesus Mighty name, we pray. (Amen!).


Now I want us to join hands together, the Bible says we are to love our neighbours as ourselves, you have prayed for yourself. It is time now to pray for your neighbour.


"Say Father, this my neighbour every irreversible thing in his/her life, reverse now; and take all the glory for it Father….. Thank You Father, thank You Lord, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed".


Soon I am going to pray for you but before I do that I want you to pray for me.


Call on the Almighty God that he should do, what He alone can do in my life………. in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed



Now I want you to join me on your knees. This is the night, whether the devil likes it or not, the night has come, in the Mighty name of Jesus. (Amen!)

"Father because You can do the impossible, because You can reverse the irreversible, tonight prove Yourself, Father prove Yourself, heal me tonight, cure the incurable, every opportunity that has been lost, return tonight in Jesus name. (Amen.!)


All those who are considered barren, made them fruitful tonight in Jesus name. (Amen!). Open blind eyes, open deaf ears, make the lame to walk, do the impossible Oh Lord. My father and my God, anything that can not be repaired in the bodies of these your children, replace tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!)


Everybody here tonight Father, give us the garment of praise, put a new song in our mouth, give us a testimony tonight, before the sun will rise let us have testimonies. Thank you my father, glory be to your name, we pray in Jesus Mighty name. If you believe that shout Alleluia!


Let me tell you the reason why you are going to pray: A woman became pregnant and after she became pregnant she discovered that she was having some very strange pains in the stomach, by the time she was five months pregnant, somebody introduced her to the RCCG. I will cut the story, because it is a long story. But on the 28th of last month she went to the maternity center in Port-Harcourt, and there after a very serious struggle in prayer and intercession, she delivered. But then, the strange thing is that two things came with the baby (one is a tortoise and the other a scorpion) and by the time the baby was born everything in the placenta has been dried up. When the scorpion and the tortoise came out, they were still full of life moving about on the delivery bed. Brethren came and prayed and it died. Now some of you may think that, that’s not life play, I have a picture of the mother and the baby here with me. I also have the picture of the tortoise and the scorpion with me. And I am arranging that she will come here during the convention to give you the testimony herself. That’s why we want to pray one more prayer.


"Every plant that my Father did not plant, that is hiding anywhere in my body or in my home or in my office, in the church of God, Father uproot today."| Let’s call on the Almighty God, every demonic tortoise, every demonic scorpion, snake, that is in my body oh Lord uproot today….. Thank you my father, in Jesus Mighty name we pray. (Amen!).


I said you should pray one more prayer- just command in the name of Jesus, that Satan will take his dirty hands completely off everything. Say in the Mighty name of Jesus, Satan take your dirty hands off my family, my people, my business, my children, my church take your dirty hands off. In the Mighty name of Jesus..... (Amen!), I command you in the name of Jesus today right now, ask I command you, take your dirty hands off me, in Jesus Mighty name, we have prayed, and so shall it be in Jesus name.


Before you leave this camp ground, any plant that God did not plant in your system shall be rooted off in the name of Jesus. And from today the enemy will not look in your direction and when the enemy sees you coming they will run in Jesus name, Amen!


You can sit down. The devil is a liar! The enemy is out there but the Lord is greater! Can you imagine what would have happened, tortoise, scorpion growing together in the same womb with the baby and somebody has already told that woman that she will never deliver but then the Almighty God said I am greater than the enemy. My God can reverse the irreversible. If you believe that let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia! (‘Alleluia!’)’. Oh! Glory be to God.


Maybe I will make one announcement quickly. Some people after the Holy Ghost Service have formed the habit of going to the office of the G.O, that is not right because the power of God that is here, when we are all gathered is so big, you can not get it any where else. ……


That’s the first thing. Secondly, by the time the General Overseer leaves here, he is already tired, whether you believe it or not he is a human being, so even if you force him to pray, he is not going to pray from the bottom of his heart, he is going to pray to get ride of somebody who doesn’t know what is right for him or her.


Thirdly, any prayer he prays over there will cancel the ones that has been prayed here, because that means you are telling God, I don’t believe that all the prayers that we have been praying since evening will work for me. So pray something new. And so you have to put all these together and as soon as you finish here go home believing God, rejoicing in Him and you will have a testimony.


Finally, we have a programme at Ebute-Metta the second Monday of every month, that we call "Mount Zion Hour", any time Daddy G.O. is in Nigeria, it doesn’t matter how many people that come to that one, he will lay hands on everybody. So if you say, until his hand touches my head I won’t get my miracle, then come  to "Mount Zion Hour". It’s Monday morning, 9am. The G.O. is not yet tired, he hasn’t prayed any prayer before that period, if you come to that one you will receive your miracle, and don’t say "oh! No! If we are too many he won’t lay hands on me." There was a time when there were about 28,000 (twenty-eight thousand) people there, we lay hands on every one of them, even though at the end of that we have to almost crow to climb to our office but I’m advising you don’t bother yourself going to the office after the Holy Ghost Service, it is not wisdom to do so. Do I hear 'Amen' to that?


Good the following people will come and share their testimony with us: -

Sister Olusola Kayode, Mrs. Folashade Okon, brother Isaac Obiato, Glades Sawe, Sister Toyin Akindele, brother Leke Adenuga, Sister Edith Ofili, these people will come to share their testimony quickly.


Is there anybody who has been blessed tonight? I mean seriously blessed? Well, it is time to say thank you to Jesus and the Ushers will come, we will give our thanksgiving offering, we will dance sitting down as they attend to us, but after they have attended to you, you can stand and dance. I believe that tonight is my night. I know without any doubt that I will have serious testimony. So I want you to join me in really giving God a very big thank you offering. `


Thank you Lord. Is there any one that the ushers didn’t reach? If they didn’t reach you shout ‘alleluia’. Good, Father bless the offering of Your children (Amen!). from today let them have something to thank You about. (Amen!) Everything they touch from now, let it prosper. (Amen!) Every obstacle towards their prosperity Father destroy them today. (Amen!) Every one of these your children Father, this month in particular, give a special financial breakthrough (Amen!) in Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!). Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!).


Now let’s listen to your testimonies please, two minutes each.


Praise the Lord! My name is Olusola Kayode, I came for the June Holy Ghost Service and I have been tormented by the spirit of Asthma for the past 13 years but last month I came here, God has reversed the irreversible, since then I have not had the attack, I have been eaten what I don’t use to eat and I have been okay, praise the Lord.


Praise the Lord, I’m Edith Ofili, I want to thank God for the special thing, he did in my life last month. In fact God is no respecter of person, I came here because I wanted God to reverse a particular thing that has been a stumbling block in my life, and I thank God, God did. Last year I got engaged and during the courtship, I learnt that the person I was suppose to marry is an AS, I quickly went to check my blood group and when I got there they took my blood, I was disappointed when I was given the result. I also was an AS. This is the result. We were not biologically compatible, but we were always praying, we have faith in God because our faith in God remain undoubted. So before the last Holy Ghost Service, when we came for the Children’s Special Holy Ghost Service, I prayed to God that God I don’t want to bury any of my children with my own hands. I really prayed that prayer as if I already had kids but I was praying because I wanted to pray into their lives, I want to give God the glory because when I came here last month, I told God specifically, Father change my AS to AA and I want to thank God because on the 27th of this month I exercised the greatest faith I ever exercised in this world and this is the result, I am now AA to God be the glory, this is the report of the Lord, praise the Lord.


*Praise the Lord, my name is Isaac Usioba Ifo, I bless the name of the Lord for delivering me from one of the shameful thing I have ever experienced which was bed wetting, God delivered me in the Holy Ghost Service of March.


*Praise the Lord, my name is Mrs. Toyin Akindele, I want to thank God specially for delivering me from the problem of heavy menstrual flow, the problem started about 24 years ago and it has been on, every month, whenever my period is coming, the fear will be there. I dare not sit down for long; if I sit down and I want to get up I will realize that I will be draining all over. I had prayed, medically there was no solution, sometime last year I came for the Holy Ghost Service and our father in the Lord spoke the word of knowledge "that you are here, you are experiencing heavy menstrual flow as if a tap is been turned on that God has healed you. You should check, it has stopped", and by the grace of God, since then, I have not experienced the heavy flow, it has been normal.


*My name is Leke Adenuga. God of wonder, exactly 4 months ago at the April Holy Ghost Night, we were asked to bring our children, so I prepared my family for the programme, myself, my wife, the children and the house girl. In the car, on our way to the camp, immediately after the Ogere tollgate, we met a roadblock on the road, I never knew it was the thieves that have set the bracket. We ran into it. To cut the long story short, we met ourselves on the other side of the road, the car went into the bush and with the help of an embankment we were hooked up and we stopped, miraculously we thought the unexpected most have happened, I looked around, all my family were intact, we came out of the car and while the car swerved on the road. I was also trying to maintain balance, so this hand got removed, it was like it got dislocated.And while we were just coming out of the car, some hefty men about three of them, not knowing that they were the one that set the trap; so when they came thinking that they want to help us, I now discovered that they were the thieves, I don’t know, Holy Ghost came upon me, I raised the other hand up and say, look we are Pastors, and we are going to the Redemption Camp! Immediately they heard it They stood and left their gun and they were looking at us and when I discovered that they were still, every one of them were still as a stone. We were looking at ourselves, eye ball to eye ball, then it dawn on me that we have to do something, immediately, I ordered my family to move out of the premises and we moved out of their presence and they were looking at us until we left.Miraculously too this hand was healed, I didn’t use any medicine and by the grace of God, since 1996, I have been trusting God for a divine healing, no tablets was used. I was on P.O.P for 4 weeks and afterwards it was removed. I got the restoration of my hand and my family was intact, we escaped by the divine hands of the Lord, we bless God for that.



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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