DEVINE INVOLVEMENT 1st of March, 2002

Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Thank You Lord! Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) When the money is small they call it chicken feed. When the blessing is small I think we can call it chicken feed. I know there is somebody here today who is not here for chicken feed. (Amen!) Somebody is here today who is going to say forget the chicken. If you are the one let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Normally in March we have Special Holy Ghost Service, I say in March we have the Special Holy Ghost Service but the one of this year is going to be an extra special Holy Ghost Service. (Amen!) It is the kind of Holy Ghost Service that you see probably once in ten years. That’s why I know that tonight somebody’s going to receive a blessing that he will still be talking about for the next ten years. (Amen!) If you are that one let me hear you shout another Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I will tell you the truth. Even I don’t know all that God wants to do this weekend although we’ve been talking about it for more than 30 days. One thing I know is this – this is one Holy Ghost Service the kind we have never seen before. (Amen!) Now great as the blessings will be, somebody is going to get the greatest. Now let that fellow now shout the biggest Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Father! Thank You!

Well we have to start somehow. Let’s go on our knees before God and just worship the One who can do all things. Holy, holy, holy…. You are high and lifted up, there is no one like You ….. Jehovah, You are the most high …..…. Let’s go ahead and worship the Almighty God. Let’s worship the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, let’s bless His holy Name! Let’s worship Him! He’s worthy to be praised! He’s worthy to be adored! He’s worthy to be magnified …… There’s no one like Him! Praise Him! He’s worthy! He’s worthy! He’s worthy! He’s worthy to be magnified! Blessed be the Name of the Lord for ever more ….. Thank You Jesus! O Alleluia! Thank You Jesus! Thank You! Alleluia! Glory be to God! Thank You! In Jesus mighty Name we worship. (Amen!) Thank You Father!

The Lord said there’s somebody here, , He simply said I should tell you - I will hunt the hunter that is hunting for your soul. (Amen!) Alleluia!

Daddy says there is someone here, He says, while you are here, I’m going to pay a visit to your family. (Amen!) And that before you get home the biggest mountain in that family would have been moved. (Amen!)Thank You Lord!

The Lord said there’s somebody here, very soon, when they ask you "why are you always happy?" you will answer them and say I used to weep sore but the Lord turned the tide. (Amen!) Thank You Jesus! Thank You!

The Lord said there’s somebody here who says the only thing I don’t like about this meeting is that they shout too much. The Lord says I should tell you that very soon, I will give you something to shout about. (Amen!)

My Father and my God! we want to bless Your Holy Name. We want to worship You. We want to adore You. There is no one like You. You are the King of Kings. You are the Lord of Lords. You are the I AM that I AM. You are the Ancient of Days. You are the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. You are the Alpha, You are the Omega. You are the Beginning, You are the Ending, You are the One who is, You are the One who is to come. You are the Almighty. Your Name is Wonderful. Your Name is Counsellor. Your Name is Mighty God. You are the Everlasting Father. You are the Prince of Peace. Glory be to Your Holy Name! (Amen!) Accept our worship in Jesus’ Name (Amen!). We are here again. It is unto You that we are gathering. You are the only one who can solve our problems. Whatever problems we may have, Your power is more than sufficient. (Amen!) For us individually, for us as family, for us as a nation and for us as a church, Your power is more than sufficient. Tonight, prove Your power (Amen!) Show Your Almightiness. (Amen!) Show Your love! (Amen!) Show Your goodness! (Amen!) Our Father and Our God, before tomorrow morning, let our joy already begin to overflow. Thank You Daddy! Glory be to Your Name! Thank You!

The Lord said there’s somebody here, He said you are confused, you are tired of everything. Daddy asked me to tell you – relax, all will be well. (Amen!) Thank You Father!

Daddy says there’s someone here you want to dance, you want to jump up and down and dance but your heart is weak. The doctors told you, you must do everything gently. Daddy asked me to tell you, He has replaced your heart. (Amen!)

Father, I want to bless Your Name. I know You are going to do marvellous things tonight. Thank You for starting with us. Thank You because I know You will continue with us. Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!) Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

I want you to shake hands with one or two people and tell them, "Welcome to miracles." Say it as if you mean it. I want to thank God for all the choir that had ministered tonight. You did very well. God will bless you all.

I notice that some of us didn’t get the full impact of that testimony that the brother shared. When robbers come to your house. They don’t come to take something and then give it back to you. When they left home, they too must have prayed to their gods that they should let them get plenty to carry home. For robbers to take your loads and then return the same to you is a miracle of God. And that they did that not because you said because I have guns waiting outside to kill you but because you said you are a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I thought it is something to shout about. I’ve heard several testimonies from very reliable people that show me that the Almighty God is truly on our side and I know He will continue to be on our side. (Amen!) So tell your neighbour "God is on my side."

I mean I heard of a family that the people there were kidnapped – they were going to church and they entered into a danfo not knowing that all the people in the danfo are armed robbers, taking everything they had and they were driving them away. Then the head of the family said, "But we are going to church!" They said, "Which church?" They said, "Redeemed Christian Church of God" "Which church?" "Redeemed Christian Church of God´. The leader said, "You are not the ones we want to kidnap!" Oh, one day we will bring the people to come and tell you themselves. I’ve heard of a testimony – they snatched a car and they were driving it away, holding the owner captive, and they were driving along this way. When they got to the Camp, they saw the owner of the driver looking in this direction. They said, "Why are you looking in that direction?" "Ah!" he said, "That’s our camp ground!" "Are you sure?" "Oh, yes." "Are you a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God" "Oh, yes!" They said, "Stop the car and give him his keys!" Tell your neighbour "God is on my side!"

Let’s start by reading 2Kings 2:9-15:

Thank You Jesus! The Lord said there’s somebody here, in your dream your husband boarded a vehicle and waved bye bye and you woke up and you don’t know the meaning of the dream. The Lord asked me to tell you, the journey to death that your husband has undertaken has been reversed. (Amen!)

2 Kings 2:9-15:

9 And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

10 And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.

11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.

13 He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;

14 And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.

15 And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. And they came to meet him, and bowed themselves to the ground before him.

Now turn to Isaiah 61 from verse 1-7:

1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

4 And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.

5 And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the alien shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.

6 But ye shall be named the Priests of the LORD: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, (Amen!) and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves. (Amen!)

7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.

He didn’t say double portion of anointing, He didn’t say double portion of power, He didn’t say double portion of spirit, He just saiddouble portion and kept quiet. Which means you begin to ask yourself, "double portion of what?" Well we will find out before we finish.

The first thing you need to note is that we are serving a God who is more than enough. Genesis 17:1 calls His Name Jehovah El Shaddai, in other words He is a God who is more than sufficient. When you go to the Scriptures you will find that those who went to God for something and He responded to their request, He always gave them more than they asked for In 2 Kings 4:1-7 a widow went to God in prayer. All she was asking for was that her debt be paid. But when God responded, not only was her debt paid, for the rest of her life she never lacked. And I believe God is talking to somebody in that one.. When you read John 2:1-11

Thank You Father! The Lord said there’s somebody here, who is very anxious, that whatever it is that is causing you anxiety will soon lead you to shouts of joy! (Amen!) Thank You Father!

In John 2:1-11 when the mother of Jesus came to Jesus and said, they don’t have more wine all she was asking for was just enough wine to keep these people going till the following day. When God responded He gave them 600 litres of purest wine. In other words, maybe all you are asking God to do tonight is wipe away your tears. I’m telling you He will do much more than that.

When you read 1 Samuel 2: 5 you will see there that when the barren goes to the Lord in prayer, asking for a child and the Almighty God responded, instead of one child He gave her seven and I know there is somebody here today, trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Get ready for a double portion of babies.

When you read 1 Kings 17 ….

Thank You Father! There is so much healing going on it is difficult to know which one to tell you. Thank You Father! Alleluia! For example the Lord said there is somebody with a twisted mouth. He says He’s straightening it now. There is somebody with a goiter. The Lord says the goiter is melting right now. There is somebody whose collarbone was dislocated. The Lord says He’s putting it back into position. (Amen!) Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Don’t take these miracles for granted.

Before I continue, let me help you, you see because we are here for double portion and if you study the fellow who got the double portion, Elisha, we’ve got a lot to learn from Him. We might not be able to get into details……. It is the winning side that is the shouting side. So let the winners shout, let the winners shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let the winners shout! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Glory be to God! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Alleluia! Thank You! Thank You! You remember very well. Thank You! Let me tell you one thing. O Lord! …Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Father! Alleluia! O Alleluia! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Thank You! Yes, I was just going to say, you see when the children of Israel got to Jericho, if they had not shouted that day, that would have been the end of their journey., They would never had reached their promised land. I want you to just do me a favour, every one of us, big and small, like you have never done before, just lift up your voice unto God and shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! O Thank You Jesus! …. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Amen! Amen! Please remain standing for just a moment. Remain standing for just a moment. You know this is not usual with me. This is not a usual night. I’m going to obey God completely and He is going to do what He alone can do. Thank You! Now just hold on. If you know your Bible, the Bible says, there was a time when Israel was at battle with the Philistines and then they brought the Ark of the Covenant into the camp of the children of Israel and then the children of Israel shouted and the ground trembled and when it happened the Philistines said, "what’s the meaning of this?" and somebody said, "God has come to camp." Let me hear you shout one more time!

Now listen to me please. My Daddy says I should tell you. Now that you have prepared the ground for me to operate, I will surprise every one of you. Let’s put our hands together for the Almighty …… Thank You Jesus! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! God bless you! You may be seated. Thank You! Alleluia!

Now I will rush over specifics because you need to hear one or two things before I get out of the way completely. The widow in 1 Kings 17:8-16 had only one meal left. She would have been grateful to God if God said, "well you have given me one meal. I will give you a hundred meals." But God did more than that. Morning and evening God was feeding her because the God we’re talking about is a God who is more than enough. When God came to Peter’s boat to preach and He told Peter to throw his net to the right, Peter would have been very grateful if what he caught filled just one boat but no, that’s not the way God operates. He had to fill 2 boats and the 2 boats had to begin to sink because He is the God who is more than enough! Tell your neighbour: He is more than enough to do my own.

Now a single portion from Him – let us see what a single portion from God looks like before you begin to talk of a double portion. Abraham, David, Elijah, they got a single portion and when you look at a single portion of wealth given to Abraham in Genesis 24:34-35the single portion of wealth given to Abraham included silver, gold, menservants, maidservants, camels and whatever you can think about. If you want to see what a single portion of wealth is in the hand of David, if you read 1 Chronicles 22:14-16 you will see that the offering he gave towards the building of the church, towards the building of the temple, included 100,000 talents of gold! And 1 million talents of silver! Bible scholars tell me that the value of that money today is much more than all the money that the richest man in the world has today and that was single portion. When David got a single portion of anointing, it was enough to kill a lion. It was enough to kill a bear, it was enough to kill a bear. Elijah with his single portion of anointing was able to raise the dead, he was able to call fire down from heaven anytime he wanted – single portion only. And yet what God has for us this weekend is not single portion at all – it is double portion. If you are ready for double portion shout "Amen!"

Thank You Father! I had a testimony on Monday here that the Lord said I should tell now. Our preacher on Monday gave us that testimony, he said there was a sister – married and barren. After several years she went to see a medical doctor. The doctor said, "Sister, after examination. Let me tell you our situation. Your womb is like the balloon of a little baby, put near the fire and has melted, there is no way, no way, no way you can ever have a child and she came here and today she already has 2 babies. (Amen!) Now God, the Lord asked me to tell you that particular testimony now because He says there’s someone here, they’ve told you you will never have a child. Before the end of this year you are going to have a set of twins.

Now when it now comes to double portion from God, let’s look a little bit about the double portion that some people got from God. Somebody like Isaac, he got a double portion of the blessing of Abraham. If you read Genesis 22:15-18 God said, Abraham I will bless you, Isaac, I will multiply you. Somebody is going to be multiplied here tonight! (Amen!) When you see the result of that double portion on Isaac, by the time you get to Genesis 26, the Bible tells us that Isaac had stores of servants. You now people usually store food but Isaac stored servants. Some of us don’t even know the meaning of prosperity. God was talking to me about that some nights ago and He said there is a group of people here tonight that will begin now to know the full meaning of the word prosperity. (Amen!)Servants, so many, that the Bible said he stored … Solomon got a double portion of the wealth of David. The Bible said in his days, silver was treated as ordinary stones. Many of us don’t know the meaning of silver because some of us have never seen it. I will bring it home to us in a language you will understand. Can you imagine somebody who is so rich who will say to his servants, any time they want to bring his money to him, and he will say to them – N500 notes, you can bring those ones in. Anything less than that I don’t want to see it. How many of us want that kind of prosperity? Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Of course in the case of Elisha he got a double portion of the anointing of the spirit on Elijah. What do we discover about him? All he had to do was just speak. Once he said it, it is settled. As far as I am concerned that is one of the most beautiful aspects of the double portion. Just speak. "Oh you’ll be all right." And from that moment onwards, everything is all right. "Don’t worry you will have a baby. Don’t worry you’ll be promoted. (Amen!) "Don’t worry, the one who says you will not reach your goal will be there when you reach your goal. (Amen!)" I like that and I want everyone of us will get to that stage and we will just speak and it will happen. He spoke and curses became blessings. He spoke and the incurable became cured. He spoke and the arrestors became arrested. He spoke and poverty became prosperity. That is why I don’t think we should be satisfied with the single portion. One portion is good enough because it will take care of your needs. One single portion of the anointing will destroy all the yokes in your life and it could guarantee you that you will just call down fire on any enemy that wants to disturb you. One single portion can bring your enemies to their knees. But surely you need the double portion. Why? So that you will not only be blessed but you will become a blessing. I don’t want just to be rich – I want to lend to nations. How many of you will be in that category? Let me hear you say ‘Amen!’ then. (Amen!) I don’t want just to be the only one that is saved in my family. I want every one I preach to in my family to be saved. I don’t want to be just the only one that is free. I want to be able to set captives free. And I am sure you will also want that one too.

But there are some crucial points I must bring to your attention. It is not humility to be the tail. It is stupidity. If there is an opportunity to be the head, I prefer to be the head. How many of you will like to be number one? I didn’t hear you. You want to be number one – in everything you do. So shall it be in Jesus’ Name (Amen!)

When you read Genesis 48:11-20 there was a young boy called Ephraim and there was an older boy called Manasseh, their grandfather gave the blessing of the first born to the second born by laying the right hand on his head and putting the left hand on the head of the first born because the double portion is the blessing of the first born. And what happened? Within a short period of time the younger brother has become ten times greater. Ten times. You can read that one in Deuteronomy 33:17. The boy who got the double portion became ten times greater than the one who got the single portion! What does that one mean – the double portion anointing, the double portion of anything puts you far ahead so that even if you have your mates, your colleagues who had already gone before you and you get the double portion this weekend very soon you will catch up with them and very soon you’ll be very far ahead of them.

Second thing – you will find this one in 2 Chronicles 1:12 there God said something to Solomon who got a double portion of the anointing. God said there will be no King like you, before you or after you. The double portion is unique. It makes it impossible for anybody to catch up with you! The double portion will enable you to do something nobody has ever done before. It will enable you to reach a height that nobody has ever reached before and somebody is going to get that double portion this weekend. (Amen!)

How then do we get the double portion? How do we get the double portion? Thank You Father!

The Lord said somebody here had a dream recently and soldier ants drove you away from your place of work. The Lord asked me to tell you, don’t mind the enemy, all those who do not want you to prosper in your place of work, long after they have gone and are forgotten you will still be rising. (Amen!) If you are the one you better say ‘Amen!’ loud and clear! (Amen!)

How then do we get the double portion? There is one thing about God that I have also discovered, contrary to what some people may believe, the first thing is that God does not change – Malachi 3:6 He said, I am the Lord I change not. He doesn’t change so if you study Him very closely and you find the way He behaves sometime and you follow the exact pattern you will get the results that those people got. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Second thing about Him, because He doesn’t change and He’s a God of principles, His principles don’t change. Psalm 119:89 it says forever O Lord they word is settled. Now, that means human philosophies may change, human opinions may change, but the principles of God, if you just follow it, you can be sure it will work and the basic principle of God that we need to look at tonight is the principle that says nothing goes for nothing. Nothing goes for nothing.

Oh but salvation is free – because somebody paid for it and He paid a very terrible price for it. Absolutely nothing goes for nothing. And you will find this principle in Proverbs 12:24-25 It says there is someone who scattereth and yet increaseth. It said there is another one who is always withholding and he decreases. He went on to say the liberal soul shall be made fat and he that waters what shall happen to him? He that waters shall be watered. He put it in Galatians 6:7-10 He said don’t be deceived God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. What does that tell you? You sow nothing, what will you reap? My father used to say when he was alive, he said, if you plant 200 yam and you say it is 1000 no problem when the time of harvest comes when you finish eating the 200 that you planted then you begin to eat the 800 you didn’t plant. Because nothing goes for nothing. Everyone who got a double portion paid a price for it.

How many of you still want the double portion. Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Solomon, before he got the double portion that he got 2 Chronicles 1:6-12 says he gave a thousand burnt offerings as a result he became so rich that there was never a man like him before him or after him. Isaac who got a double portion of the blessings of Abraham paid a heavy price for it. Abraham was a sacrificial giver but Isaac was the sacrifice itself. Elisha was not just a mere friend of the prophet, he was the son of the prophet. He wasn’t just one of them; he was the son, he followed Elijah everywhere, he poured water on his hands, he washed his clothes, he cleaned his sandals, he emptied his chamber pot…. O Lord! Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Many of you don’t know what’s going on up here. I will tell you. I will tell you. The man standing by my right is taking a little more than is normal….. no, no, no, I am not joking tonight. Let me tell you a story because I’m trying very hard to make sure that he remains on his legs so that he can … years ago when I didn’t know how to regulate the anointing I went to visit a family, a couple, in Ibadan. The anointing was high. I didn’t know how to regulate it. So I went to greet them. As I came into the house – it was the wife that heard the sound of my car first and rushed out to meet me in the sitting room: "Eh Daddy, welcome – the anointing hit her and she collapsed like …. The husband heard the noise of greeting, rushed out of the room – he didn’t look at what was on the ground – "Ah, you are here!" And the anointing hit him too and he fell on top of his wife. So I sat down there in the sitting room praying that no visitor would come because how will I explain to a non-believer that it was anointing that knocked them out. I have seen the man that I am talking about there tonight. He may not want to show his face.

You see tonight I don’t want to regulate the anointing but at the same time I want to wait till we finish, before we finish preaching then he can move out of the way and then we can let go. How many of you are expecting something special tonight? Let me hear you shout another Alleluia! (Alleluia!).

So what is the price? Let me quickly summarize. If you want the double portion wealth you have to do what Solomon did. You have to give an offering the kind that you had never given before. You want to become so rich that it will be said of you nobody had ever been this rich before, God is a God of principles: do what nobody had done before. He will respond by giving you something that nobody had ever got before. The man whose double portion of anointing I want. And then you will serve that man like Elisha served Elijah until He says, "all right, all right what do you want?" And then when that day comes you will know how to answer.

Now in all cases – I am trying to summarize now – whether it is double portion wealth you want, double portion anointing, double portion of miracle babies, double portion of promotion, you have to make up your mind that from now on you will serve God.Deuteronomy 28:1 & 2 says if you will hearken diligently to the voice of your God, to observe and to do all that I have commanded you this day then these blessings shall follow you and overtake you. The Bible made it clear that God is a rewarder of those who diligentlyseek Him. Our God is very generous – anything you want you can have. You can never ask for too much from God, it is not possible. Ask for anything you want no matter how big. After He has supplied everything you ask for, there will still be plenty left over. One funny fellow said, "Daddy you are talking about double portion of anointing. Does that mean you are about to go?’ I said, "No way! I still have a long, long way to go. I am not the one who will give you double portion – it is my God. We will see tonight!"

I just want to give you an advice; this one is a general advice. We will come to specific advice later on. If I were you, I will make up my mind, that I will give God what I will call a double portion offering. No, no, no that is not the kind of offering you have in your pocket now. They’ve already taken the offering for tonight. We are talking of the kind of offering that God himself will look down and say, "Ah-ah this one is special." Oh, in the past we have seen people giving land, giving houses, giving vehicles. They know what they are doing.

I‘ve told you before – years ago, I went to the Lord in prayer, the first time I began to understand this double portion principle. And I was talking with the Lord and I said, "Lord, you said, if I ask anything in Your Name, You will do it – anything! Then I want a double portion of the anointing of Elijah plus the double portion of the anointing of Peter plus the double portion of the anointing of Paul plus a double portion of the anointing of You, Jesus Christ, when You were here on earth added together and then doubled again." I remember that night very well. The Lord said, "Son! You are asking for trouble. " I said, "What kind of trouble." He said, "They won’t let you sleep with that kind of anointing, they won’t let you rest, they won’t let you rest!" I said, "Ahhhh…Your grace shall be sufficient!" Thank God His grace is sufficient. (Amen!) I thank God for what God is already doing but I’m sure you know I am not satisfied. I am looking for an auditorium the size of Ibadan city. When we get that one then I will tell you what next I want. How many of you want double portion here tonight. Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Very soon we will begin to move to another realm but the Spirit of God just said to me that some people came after the altar call was made and He brought them here tonight so He could save their souls. The double portion is for children of God, not for those who are not born again so if you want to the double portion and you are not yet born again and you were not here earlier this evening when the altar call was made or you were here and you didn’t give your life to Jesus, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus so that you can have a share in what is coming I want to invite you now to begin to come. I will wait few minutes for you to settle your case. Anyone who’s not yet born again and you want to surrender your life to Jesus, I will count up to ten. By the time I count up to ten. If I don’t see you then I will know that either you don’t want to come or that you have made up your mind the double portion is not for you. But if you want to surrender your life to Jesus, you want Him to be your Lord and Saviour from now on, now begin to come.

One now, two, three, four, five … six … seven … if you are already on the way just keep coming, I know some of you are coming from a very long distance. So the counting refers to those who are still sitting down; who yet are not sure of their salvation who should be coming forward too. It’s for those people that I am counting down. By the time I get to ten then we will know that you have made up your mind, that you don’t want to surrender to Jesus, Jesus can keep His double portion of anything. Thank You Jesus! Nine. Now those of you who are already in front begin to talk to Jesus Christ, Say, Lord, I have come to surrender to You. Just forgive all my sins, save my soul, have mercy on me – I will do Your will from now on. Begin to talk to the Almighty God. Begin to talk to the Almighty God. Say Father, "I have come tonight. Come to surrender my life to you completely, absolutely. I have come Lord Gao Almighty, to hand over the rest of my life to you. You will be my Lord from now on. Anything you say, that is what I will do. Have mercy on me Lord. Save my soul. Save my soul." The rest of us let’s stretch our hand to these people and pray for them. And pray that the Almighty God will save their souls; that He’ll be merciful to them. Pray for them brethren – that the One who saved us will save them too. That the One who was merciful unto us will be merciful unto them. Let’s pray for them brethren. And of there is anyone still on the way just keep coming, make sure you get here before we finish praying. Oh Thank You Father! Almighty God have mercy on those Your children. Save the soul of every one of them. Save their souls also. Take all the glory Father! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Father, I thank You for these Your children. Thank You for bringing them forward this night because Your word says no man can come unto You except the Father draws him. Thank You for drawing them. Thank You that they have not refused Your drawing. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name (Amen!) Everyone of them Father, forgive them in Jesus’ Name (Amen!) Your Blood that cleanses from all sins let the blood cleanse them in Jesus’ Name (Amen!) And Lord God Almighty, today as You save their souls, write their names in the Book of Life. (Amen!) And from today, every miracle that You give to Your children, give them also in Jesus’ Name (Amen!) And in Your Kingdom don’t let them be found wanting In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!) Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Now I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward. We want to make sure that by the time we pray everything is set for the answers to come. There are some people who have testimonies they can go to the back of the altar. There’s a Pastor there who will attend to them. Then there are some people who were carried here we want to pray for them now so that the anointing can begin to work on them even as the programme continues so if you carried somebody forward or to this place you can bring them forward now and the men of God will be ready to minister to them

Tonight is going to be a special night for somebody in Jesus' Name! In the meantime the rest of us who feel that this must be my night I think you should begin to thank God quietly because something, something is about to break, the wall of Jericho is about to fall. While they are bringing these people forward why don’t you begin to thank God that at long last your day has come? So go ahead! Begin to thank God now!

Yes I can see more and more – yes, keep coming! Bring some of those who are already moving to the front here so they can get stronger and stronger as they move. Mama.. and let that fellow keep coming too! Let’s give the Lord a big hand! What’s wrong with you! Give the Lord a big hand! That’s right! Keep going, keep going brother! Is that all you can do? Is that all you can do for what God is doing here? Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Keep moving, keep moving – that’s better. In the mighty Name of Jesus you’ll get stronger and stronger! Glory be to God! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!. All right keep bringing them to where they have freedom of movement. And those of you who are still sitting down let somebody help them! All they need is somebody to let them know that they can do what the others are already doing. Come on help them! Give them a little push and you will see their faith coming into life. Oh yes, I can see them now – the number is increasing by the minute. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! One man here is receiving his sight. Let’s give the Lord a big hand for that one too! Thank You Jesus! Christ! Glory be to God! Glory be to God! Glory be to God! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Wave your hand to the Almighty God. Just give Him the glory, give Him glory for what He’s already doing. Thank You Father! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You Jesus! That’s fine! That’s all right! You will get up again! No problem! In the mighty Name of Jesus! We need a sister here! Thank You Jesus! Thank You! Glory be to God! We need a sister here among the ushers – where are they? Where are the sister ushers? Thank You! Pay attention to that lady. Now I want the Pastors to pray one more time for those of them who are still on their seats. Give them a second touch of the anointing. Pray for them one more time! Pray for them one more time! Pray for them one more time! Let’s give the Lord a big hand for all those who are already on their feet! When we praise Him He will do more! Get excited for what He is doing! Don’t say because you see it everyday therefore it is a common occurrence – it doesn’t happen like this all the time! It is the miracle-working power of God! Give God the glory! That’s right keep coming! Keep coming! Keep moving! As you move you get stronger! And I need some Pastors to pray for this boy that is just being brought in. Over there – please, to my right. I need some Pastors to pray for that boy that is being just brought in. Pastors please! There’s one boy that is being brought in here. Where are they? That’s right, please attend to that boy please! Quickly! Glory be to God! Thank You Father!

Now those of them who can walk now, let them begin to move back to their place now! Yes, from now on you’ll be on your feet In the mighty Name of Jesus Keep going! Keep going! Keep going! If he wants to rest a little, let him rest a little and then let him go on and continue from there to your seat. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! We can have some music more as they begin to go to their place. Ah they carried you forward and now you can walk back to your place. Let’s give the Lord a big hand as they go! Keep moving! Keep moving! Gently! Gently! Gently! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Father! Just keep moving, keep moving. You are all right now in the mighty name of Jesus Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Okay Glory be to God! That’s how He does it – it’s as simple as that! He’s a miracle-working God and what He has started He will conclude! Oh yes, let’s praise Him! Let’s praise Him! Let’s give Him the glory! He’s worthy to be praised! He’s worthy to be praised! Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You!

Now go! You can all begin to go back to your seat. Glory be to God! Now let the rest of us stand on our feet. Those of you who can walk now begin to go back to your seats. And even of you are not on your feet yet but you have been prayed for twice, the anointing of God is already deposited in you and it’s working already so you can go back to your seat also. Now let’s lift our hands to the Almighty God and then begin to praise Him and begin to bless Him because our night has come at last! Now the rest of us here you can go back to your seats please. The anointing of God that is already on you is already working and it will continue to work. You can now go back to your seat please so we will be able to continue. The rest of us let’s open our mouth and praise the Almighty God.

Praise Him! Glorify His Holy Name! Because at long last your day has come! Your day has come! Your day has come! Now begin to go back to your seat all those of you who are in front. Go back to your seats now. Those of you who are already walking, walk back to your seats. And those of you who are still down there you can go back to your seat because the anointing is already in you and it will keep on working. God bless you! Begin to go now. And the Pastors also can begin to return to their seats. Let’s keep on praising the Almighty God. Let’s praise Him! Praise Him! Magnify Him! Praise Him! He’s worthy to be praised! He’s worthy! He’s worthy! He’s worthy! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! ….

If it were in America and they carried 1 fellow forward and that fellow walked back or they bring a hundred forward and 1 walked back the way, they would rejoice more than you have rejoiced! And yet tonight those who walked back are more than 12 and yet ... oh! You are not excited because you see it everyday! No, no, no ... we just have to do it one more time! One more time! I want you to really shout! I want you to shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) One more time! Alleluia! Thank You! God bless you! You may be seated.

Now we’ve come to an awesome moment and I want you to be very, very attentive. If you fall asleep at this time it would be very, very unfortunate. Daddy asked me to tell you two stories. I’m just obeying Him. You probably, some of you who are very close to me have heard the first one. It happened in 1975. I was a worker in the church. My Father in the Lord said any worker who came late that day would be severely punished so when we got home from morning service none of us could go to bed so that we will not sleep and forget time. My wife and the children were in the living room downstairs and I went to my prayer room upstairs and when I got there I sat on the bed praying and after some time I felt I should stretch my back so you know what followed. I fell asleep. When it was time to wake up I felt a hand touching my leg and presses the leg so hard that I woke up. When I woke up I saw nobody. I thought it must be my wife who had come to wake me to say, "Oh it is time to go!" So I rushed downstairs and lo and behold! My wife and children were fast asleep in their chairs!

The Lord reminded me of this incident some days ago. He said I should tell you this story because of something that is about to happen tonight.

In the year 2000, in the year 1999 rather, I was in Germany and I fell asleep again at a time when I shouldn’t fall asleep and the same hand that woke me up in 1975 came and woke me up again. The Lord asked me to tell you these two stories and to tell you this that when He touches a body His anointing stays permanently on that body and when e touches a body twice the anointing that is deposited there is double portion. There are certain other things that had happened in between and since then but which he says I don’t need to tell you.

So He now asked me to do something tonight. He told me to prepare 3 shirts and wear these 3 shirts for a certain number of days and nights. Now I won’t tell you how many days, how many nights, that’s none of your business but He says on this first night I’m to wear all 3 shirts after wearing the 3 shirts because of the anointing that is going to transfer to the 3 shirts I should ask you if any of you will want one of the shirts. How many of you want one of the shirts? Now since it is not possible for me to give a shirt to every one of you, He said what I should do is that on this first night I should remove one of the shirts, fold it in a particular way which I don’t need to explain to you – put it in a basin and fill the basin with oil. And He says that oil will carry the anointing in the shirt to every one of you. (Amen!)

This is not a joking matter. When Elisha got a double portion of the anointing of Elijah what he actually held was his dress, his mantle. Almighty God is simply re-enacting what happened then tonight. Now I will want to beg you please that you must follow instructions to the letter. One of the things you must note is that when they bring the oil to you and you touch the oil, before you apply it at all, make sure you are seated. You are what? Seated. What do I say? (Seated..) Whether you are an usher or cameraman, if you are standing when the anointing touches your head, whatever happens to you will not be any of my business. Pastors you will do your own last and it is when you are seated you will apply it to yourself. When you touch the oil, you will touch your head, you will touch your mouth and then you will rub the remainder on the palm of your hand. The one on your head is going to take care of every yoke in your body. (Amen!) The one in your mouth is going to ensure that the prayers you pray tonight will all be answered. (Amen!) And the on in your hand is going to ensure the beginning of your prosperity. I will remind you at the appropriate time but now let us begin. I need a basin.

When you are applying the oil. Some of you who are old enough will remember. There is a time when the Lord asked us to wear 7agbadas. How many of you remember that year? Then He said we should spread it on the altar. Then He said we people should come and just touch one of them not hold but touch but one brother felt that touching is not going to be enough so he grabbed it. I am sure you will remember that his entire body shook from 8am till 5pm – 8-5 pm - and he was almost dead before they came to call us to pray for him. Please, let’s be obedient this is not a joking matter. The Almighty God is here. How many of you believe that one? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Good. So you be in your seat., Very important – be on your seat. When they bring the oil to you, dip your hand in it, touch your head, touch your mouth, rub the remainder on your palm and then you can begin to pray where you are seated. Because of time we will start now. Please Pastors.

We thank God for our instrumentalists. God will keep on blessing you but the plan of God is that the instruments should be background to the voices. When the trumpet and the guitar begin to compete with the voices it becomes wrong. They should be at the background. IF you go through the Scriptures – the number of times God call for the instruments compares to the number of times He called for voices – the ratio is extremely wide apart so let us go a bit lower with the instruments and higher with the voices. The Lord will bless you mightily. (Amen!) If you hear that Pastor Adeboye asked you to send money so that he can send you anointed oil hand the fellow over to the police – he is 419! Thirdly I am sure you want to know what will happen to the other two shirts. You will hear that one Saturday evening. Everything at it’s own time. Now if you have received your oil more than 5 minutes ago you are free to stand now because we want to pray. The prayers we want to pray. I don’t need to beg you to pray. If you like pray them. If you like don’t pray them. If you like pray them like ladies and gentlemen. If you like pray them like someone who is desperate. But the first thing we want to do is to show God we appreciate what He has done. Let me tell you this, the power of God came down so mightily that at a stage, in my prayer room, I had to fill my bath with cold water and put my legs in because my legs were burning! What God has transferred to you tonight is not a joke, it’s not a joke at all. And so the first thing I want you to do in appreciation to God is to shout a Big Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Amen!

Our first prayer - you will lift your voice to God and shout to Him and say Father, and say, "Father!" I didn’t say murmur, I said shout… "Father, Open thou my lips and my mouth shall show forth thy praise. Everything that is not allowing me to speak about You freely, every reproach in my life, remove right now!" Open your mouth and pray! "Open thou my lips ... Lord God Almighty remove it tonight, right now, as I am praying! Remove it right, right now! Open my lips! Open my lips O Lord and my mouth will show forth Your praise! Every reproach in my life, small or big, everything that does not allow me to open my mouth wide and preach You the way I ought to, talk about You the way I ought to, whatever it may be – remove tonight O Lord! Remove it tonight! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Open thou my lips O Lord! and my lips shall show forth Thy praise. Yes Lord! Everything blocking my mouth, every reproach in my life; everything that will not allow me to speak with all the boldness necessary, My Father and my God! remove it tonight, remove it right now! Open Thou my lips O Lord and my mouth shall show forth Thy praise! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

The second prayer. Father, from now on………the moment I pray, as soon as I pray let the answer come, let the answer come, let the answer come. Right now as I am praying Lord, let the answer begin to come, let the answer begin to come. He moment I pray let the answer come……. Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Now it is time now to really begin to pray since you have already told Him Your anointing has touched my lips… the moment I pray the moment I pray now let the answer come.

The next prayer is, Father every plant that You did not plant, from the top of my head to the soul of my feet, and in my family, in Your church, in Nigeria – uproot now! Uproot violently – let’s go the Almighty God! Every plant that You did not plant from the top of my head to the soles of my feet – in my body, my soul, my spirit, in my home, in the Redeemed Christian Church of God; in my village, my town, my state, every plant You did not plant, - uproot now and uproot violently! Uproot now! Uproot now! Uproot now! Uproot now! Right now Lord, uproot them! Yes Lord! Every plant You did not plant uproot them Lord to the glory of Your Name. Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Next prayer: Father, every garment of suffering remove from me today! Let’s talk to the Almighty God. Every garment of suffering, Every garment of pain, Every garment of sorrow, Every garment of poverty, Every garment of failure – remove from me today Lord! Far away from me! O Lord God Almighty. Every garment of suffering, every garment of shame, of pain, of agony, of sickness of disease, of failure, remove far away from me O Lord! Remove far away from me! …. Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Next prayer: Father, for the rest of my life let there be a permanent gap between me and tragedy – let’s talk to the Almighty God For the rest of my life O l! Let there be a permanent gap, mighty gap, between me and tragedy! For the rest of my life. For the rest of my life. For the rest of my life. Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Thank You Father! O May Your Name forever be glorified!. Permanent gap between me and tragedy. Never let any tragedy come near me at all for the rest of my life, for the rest of my life! No more tragedies! Keep tragedies far away from me!! To the glory of Your Holy Name Lord! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Now you now what is pressing in your mind. It’s time now for your own private prayer. Talk to God now - Your own private prayer. That which is very, very pressing in your heart. Let’s begin to bring our prayers to a close. In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Father, my own prayer is one. At the very beginning of the Holy Ghost Service You asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told You Daddy that I wanted every member of my congregation to have a miracle. Today Lord is the anniversary of that day. So Father, my request one more time is that all these children will have testimonies. Whatever they’ve asked for give them double (Amen!) Double health! (Amen!) Double joy! (Amen!) Double prosperity ! (Amen!) Double promotion! (Amen!) Twin children (Amen!) Double Anointing (Amen!) Double power! Double progress! (Amen!) Father give them double in Jesus’ Name (Amen!) Thank You my Lord! Glory be to Your Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Now let somebody now shout a big, big Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Jesus! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! You may be seated. By the way before we move to the next item, you will remember last year I called on God to give us a special month for children and He gave us April for children. And you remember we brought our children from all over. We prayed for them and you know it is very refreshing, God granted these children supernatural protection from then to now. An example is that all our children that fell into the canal during the Lagos problem came out alive. (Amen!) You probably heard the testimony of a family that ran into the canal with 3 children and they were there for 3 days and they still came out alive. (Amen!) So I have asked God again. Please Daddy give us another time and He has agreed that next month will be a special month for children. So please bring all children, let’s lay hands on them one more time and get divine protection for them – from death, from demons from all kinds of problems.

Now what I’m about to do next I am doing in obedience to the One who called me. I am where I am today because by His grace I hear from Him and I do what He says. And that’s one of the reasons why I want to make another appeal to all my Pastors in particular, for God’s sake don’t ever say, "God said…" When He hasn’t said anything. If you know someone who is always prophesying when God has not spoken to him, pray for the fellow because he’s walking on very dangerous grounds.

Now Daddy told me that He wanted four groups of people. Don’t decide which one you are going to be until you have heard me through. Let me tell you before hand. Even if you volunteer to be in any of the groups, I’m still going to take your name to Him in prayer. If He says He doesn’t want you there, you will be out! So that when it is time to write your name and the group you want to belong to, please write your address clearly. You are only in that group if and only if you receive a letter from me within the next four weeks.

Group 1: God says He wants 1000 people who will be willing to fast 60 days a year for the next ten years. That’s Group 1. I’m not even finished. Out of the 60 days half of it must be continuous! That will tell you that that is not a very easy group. He wants only 1000 people there only.

Group 2 is easier: 1000 people that will volunteer to work free of charge for 60 days in a year for the next 10 years. That’s Group 2. And free of charge means whatever work is available at the Camp you’ll be told. Whether it is concrete mixing or head pan carrying – 60 days in a year for the next ten years. That’s Group 2. 1000 people only.

Group 3: 1000 people who are willing and able. Willing and what? Able. Not by force. To give God 1 million naira a year for the next 10 years.

Group 4: 100 people only who are willing and able to give God at least - what did I say? – willing and able, at least, 10 million naira a year for the next ten years.

Now when Daddy told me these four groups. I said I know that by your unchangeable principles nothing goes for nothing. What are you going to give these groups in return? "Oh" He said, "Number 1 no matter how hard the enemy tries they won’t die in the next ten years."

Number 2 Group 1 – those who are going to fast for 60 days for the next 10 years. Daddy says, any gift of the Holy Spirit they want, whether it is that of healing or the working of miracles or prophecy any gift of the Holy Spirit that they want He will give it to them.

Group 2 those who will be doing manual labour for Him 60 days in a year, the Lord said He will enable them to enjoy what is called divine health for the next 10 years.

Group 3, those who are willing and able to give Him 1 million naira for the next ten years, those who are willing to give Him and are able, He said He will begin to show them the true meaning of prosperity.

Group 4, the 100 who will be willing and able to give at least 10 million naira to God per annum for the next 10 years, the Lord said He will quietly transfer the wealth of nations to them. Now you don’t have to believe me. You could say, "Eh, this man has come!" No problem! He’s not looking for everybody. He’s looking for 1000 here, 1000 here, 100 there and of this crowd definitely there will be those who will say it’s a joke and there will be those that God will say you are the one I am talking to.

I said to God the moment I heard this thing, "Suppose somebody wants to belong to more than one group?" Because I am a greedy person, I want to belong to more than one group. For example Group 2, I don’t see how, with the work I am doing that I will be able to do this manual labour for sixty days a year and I want to do it. He said that’s no problem, if you employ 2 people to work for you, then the 2 will get half of the blessing and you will get half, half combined, you’ll get one. So I am already looking for one bricklayer and 1 carpenter that will stand in for me.

Now, while I was talking, if God ministered to you and said "that’s your group", you will take a paper and write on top either Group 1 or Group 2 or Group 3 or Group 4 or if you like 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 3 and 4 or maybe you want to write 1,2,3 and 4! And then you write your name and address. During the thanksgiving that is going to follow you will drop that thing in the offering basket. We will sort everything out. Take each name to God in prayer. If God says you are one of the people He wants you will get a letter within 4 weeks If because of our postal system or whatever, you don’t get a letter within four weeks, and you are still convinced beyond all doubt that you must be one of them then you can check from the office and say – Do I have a letter that was posted to me? They will have copies of letters sent out. And if you need a piece of paper, wave your hand, the usher near you will give you one.

So I now said to the Lord what about the remaining hundreds of thousands of people? Oh He said they could give Him anything they like towards the work here, just make sure they write at the back of their envelopes – Special Project. But the harvest will be proportional to the seed. So if you need a piece of paper wave your hand, the ushers are nearby, they will give you a piece of paper. Write your name, write your address and specify which group you want to belong to.

Now while you are doing that I believe that the next thing we should do tonight is just thank God for the marvellous things that He has done tonight. Is there anybody here tonight who has been blessed? Are you sure? So we will give our thanksgiving offering to the Lord; I will pray another special prayers for you and then the MC will come and give you details of the programme for Saturday because Saturday from 12 noon the programme continues and I am believing the Almighty God that as usual He will leave the best till the end… .. So we’ll give you just one more minute to write if you are writing while the band will get ready and then the ushers will get ready to attend to us for our thanksgiving offering.

Let me repeat one more time because we have received reports that some people are writing and phoning to our people abroad saying that the GO wants them to send some dollars and pounds so that they can send them anointed oil…. I am not a business man. I don’t sell oil, I don’t sell candle, I don’t sell water, I don’t sell handkerchiefs – what God gave me, He gave me freely and freely I’m given, freely I give. So if you ever find anybody like that for God’s sake just hand them over to the police.

So let’s get our thanksgiving offering out and we remain seated as the ushers come out to collect. When they finished collecting I will come to pray. So if you have finished writing your ... whatever you are writing – which group, your name and address – just drop it in the offering basket as the ushers are coming round. God bless you! Over to you brethren!

God bless you!

God bless you!


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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