SAMUEL IS COMING 2nd of April, 2004

Let somebody shout  ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Verily, verily I say unto you in the mighty name of Jesus, you shall be great! (Amen!) You shall be lifted. (Amen!) And it shall be well with you. (Amen!) It shall be well with your family. (Amen!) It shall be well with your children. (Amen!). It shall be well with you when you go out. (Amen!) It shall be well with you when you come in. (Amen!) It shall be well with you in the morning. (Amen!). It shall be well with you in the afternoon. (Amen!) It shall be well with you in the evening. (Amen!) It shall be well with you in the nighttime. (Amen!) If you believe that shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Father!

One day 2 young men were captured by their enemies. Beat them thoroughly; put them in prison with the intention that the following day they would kill them. They were in pain. For those who were thrown into prison the future looked bleak and they were in severe pain. The elder said to the younger – do you know that if only God can pay attention to us tonight our problems will be over. The younger one said, I know that. I know God can do all things but how do we get His attention. The elder said, Let us praise Him like nobody had ever done before! ….. Amen … and so they began. You know the story I’m sure. The 2 young men were Paul and Silas. God wants to pay special attention to someone here tonight. For the next 5 minutes I want you to forget everybody else and praise God like you’ve never done before! Praise Him until He will pay attention to you. Magnify His Holy Name until you attract His attention! Praise the King of Kings! Praise the Lord of Lords! Praise the I AM that I AM! Praise the Ancient of Days Praise Him like you have never done before!

Oh. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! …… Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You! Thank You! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty name we have praised! Amen!

Now you are going to thank Him again. Number 1, that you are alive today. That you are well that you are free, you are not in prison, you are not in an asylum, you can still open your mouth and speak. Go ahead thank Him for all that He has done for you. Say, Father, I just want to thank you that I’m alive, I am well, I’m free, I’m not in prison, I’m not in an asylum, my mouth can still talk, I can still move my hands, I can still move my feet – Father, I want to say Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Father, I want to say Thank You Lord! Almighty God! I want to say Thank You!! Almighty God! King of Glory Thank You for life, Thank You for everything. Thank You for provision! Thank You that I’m not begging. Thank You that I’m not walking around naked! Thank You that at least I can find a place to sleep. Father, I want to say Thank You!!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!  Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You! King of Kings! Thank You Lord of Lords! Thank You I AM that I AM! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord! Thank You Father!

The Bible shows us clearly that almost every one that Jesus healed was because Jesus had mercy on them. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, tonight have mercy on me. Lift your voice to the Almighty. Father, tonight have mercy on me! Have mercy on me! Have mercy on me Lord! Tonight Lord God Almighty have mercy! Have mercy! Have mercy on me Lord! Have mercy on me! Almighty God! Have mercy on me! King of Kings! Lord of Lords! The I AM that I AM! Ancient of Days Have mercy on me! Let me obtain mercy! Let me obtain mercy tonight! Let me obtain mercy! Let me obtain mercy! O Lord God Almighty You are a merciful Father. Your mercy endureth forever. Be merciful unto me! The Bible says You are rich in mercy. Be merciful unto me tonight! Be merciful unto me! Be merciful unto me tonight! Be merciful unto me tonight! Almighty God! Be merciful unto me tonight! Be merciful unto me tonight! Thank You Father! Thank You! Almighty God! In Jesusmighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you lift your voice to Him and say: Father, It’s you I have come to see tonight. Anything that will not allow me to see You, remove it .. Let’s talk to the Almighty. Father, It’s You I have come to see tonight. Anything that will not let me see You, oh, destroy it completely. Anything that will not allow me to see you – f destroy it, destroy, destroy… Whatever won’t allow me to see you, destroy it, destroy it. Anything that won’t allow me to see You tonight, Almighty God! Destroy it, destroy it, destroy it! It’s you I have come to see! You are the One I have come to see. Please let me see You tonight... Lord let me see You tonight. Let me see You, Let me see You. Anything that won’t let me see you Lord, remove it, remove it… In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The greatest hindrance to miracles in any man’s life are the strongholds of the enemy in their life. So you are going to cry to God, Father, every stronghold of the enemy in my life dismantle, dismantle, dismantle! Talk to the Almighty! Every stronghold of the enemy in my life, Almighty God! dismantle!  Dismantle every stronghold in my life tonight! You are the Lord of Hosts….  Thank You!  …  In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you want to pray for your children because today is a special day for them. Those of you who haven’t got children, you will get your own (Amen!), so pray for them in advance. Father, all the children you have given me, let them be for signs and wonders. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! All the children that You have given me let them be for signs and wonders, let them be for signs and wonders, for miracles, for power, for glory, for blessings. All the children you have given me let them be for signs and wonders….. Thank You Father! Lord God Almighty Thank You forever more In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The next prayer is a very serious one so listen to me first before you pray. You see some people rest before they get to their goal and those who rest before they get to their goal, they are either eaten up by lions or demons will over take them or demons will rise up against them from within, so lift your voice and say, Father, if I try to rest before I reach my goal, set my bottom on fire…. Pray to the Almighty God!! If I try to sit down before I get to my goal, if I try to rest before I get to where You are taking me, Almighty God! don’t let it happen! Set my bottom on fire! Get me going again, don’t let me stop before I reach my goal, don’t let me stop before I reach my goal! If I try to rest before I’ve reached my goal; if I try to sit down before I get to where You have prepared for me Almighty God! set my bottom on fire so that I will get up and begin to run again! I want to reach my goal. I want to reach the goal you have set for me Lord! Don’t let me rest before I’ve reached my goal. Don’t let me rest before I’ve reached my goal. If I try to rest before I’ve reached my goal set my bottom on fire, set my bottom on fire, set my bottom on fire, so that I can get up and begin to run again. Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The Bible says, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they will run, they will not be weary, they will walk they will not faint, they will mount with wings as eagles.. Cry to the Almighty God and say, Father, beginning from tonight let me begin to fly like the eagle! Because From tonight Lord let me begin to soar, fly like the eagle I am tired of crawling, I want to soar like the eagle, soar spiritually, soar in every facet of life, I want to soar like an eagle. Renew my strength O Lord enable me to begin to soar for You Lord. Give me grace to soar like the eagle O Lord God Almighty Give me the grace to soar for You! Almighty God! Give me the grace to soar for You! Grant me the grace to soar, soar Lord like an eagle! Give me the grace to soar like an eagle! Give me the grace to soar like an eagle! Give me the grace to soar for You! Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you are going to pray some two prayers which are not for yourself but they are for you. I want you to pray it with all your heart. Say Father, Anyone who will tamper with the peace of Nigeria, destroy! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty! Anyone who will tamper with the peace of Nigeria, destroy Lord, destroy! Anyone who will tamper with the peace and progress of Nigeria, Almighty God!, destroy!  Destroy Daddy! Anyone who will tamper with the peace and progress and joy and stability … In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you are going to pray for your Pastor. You know that if it ‘s well with your Pastor, it’s well with you. So you are going to pray – anyone that may try to cause my Pastor to stumble Almighty God, uproot such a fellow. Let’s talk to the Almighty God!! Anyone who may want to cause my Pastor to stumble, Almighty God, uproot completely! Uproot completely! Uproot completely! Uproot completely Lord! King of Glory! Anyone who may want to cause my Pastor to stumble, uproot him! Uproot her! Whoever the fellow may be. Anyone who may want to cause my Pastor to stumble, uproot Lord! I am praying for all Pastors, including the General Overseer. Anyone who will want to cause any of the Pastors to stumble – uproot Lord, uproot anyone who will want to cause any of these to stumble - uproot Lord! Uproot Lord! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And one more prayer for you now. This one I’m not going to beg you to pray it. Say, Father, this month put singing in my mouth and dancing on my feet. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Father, this month let my mouth be full of singing and my feet full of dancing – singing in my mouth and dancing in my feet! … This month Lord, this month of April put singing in my mouth, dancing in my feet, put joy unspeakable, glory in my heart! …… Fill me to overflowing with joy and gladness. Let this month be a month of singing, a month of dancing, a month of rejoicing in my life. From now on let me keep singing, let me keep dancing let me keep rejoicing! Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Nam e Lord! Thank You Jesus! Christ! Thank You Lord! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now let’s go before Him so that we can worship Him together … Holy, holy. Holy, holy, holy….. You are high and lifted up, there is no one like You….. Thank You Jesus! Glory be to Your Name Lord! In Jesus mighty Name we worship! (Amen!)

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said by the time I finish with you you’ll be a surprise to the world.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, even though now you are unknown, through one of your children, the world will hear about you.

Father, we bless Your Name. We give You all glory. We give You all honour. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! Tonight like never before, visit us Lord! We thank You for January. We thank You for February. We thank You for March. Thank You for the Special Holy Ghost Service. Thank You for the impartation service. Glory be to Your Name! We thank You in advance for tonight because tonight is Your night since we are all Your children we know tonight will be great. In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout  ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Shout it loud and clear! Shake hands with one or two people and say God is going to surprise you tonight and then we may be seated with the exception of those of you who were born in April. The children of April should stand. I want to pray for you now.

Father, in the mighty Name of Jesus, I want to pray for all Your children that are born in the month of April. Thank You for giving them another year. Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! It is in Your Name Lord that I decree that since these Your children are children of the 4th month I hereby decree that their blessings will come from the East. (Amen!) their blessings will come from the West. (Amen!) their blessings will come from the North. (Amen!) their blessings will come from the South. (Amen!) their blessings will come from the four corners of the world. (Amen!) In every area of their lives I decree that their blessings will come in fours and I pray that they too will serve You in fours In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let the April children shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Congratulations to all of you and I say, Happy Birthday to you all.

1 Samuel 16:1:

And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? Fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.

We have been looking at this particular verse since January and we are yet to get anywhere near the end. The last bit we discussed is the fact that ‘Samuel is coming’. That’s what we want to continue now: Samuel is coming. So tell your neighbour ‘Samuel is coming’. He’s coming to do what?  He’s coming to anoint somebody. Somebody is going to go home tonight with special anointing tonight. (Amen!) And we said because anointing is coming it means something special is about to happen to someone. It means that yokes are about to be destroyed. It means some legs and anklebones are about to receive strength so some people will go home, leaping and walking and praising God! (Amen!) So I am decreeing that from tonight there will be dancing for your feet. (Amen!) We said ‘Samuel is coming’ means prophetic announcements are coming that whatever Samuel said in the past came to pass because God said He would not allow any of his words to fall to the ground. That means as he speaks before his saliva can touch the ground, what he has said will come to pass. Now the good news is this. That the God of Samuel is my God also so I am confident that He has also given me the power to make pronouncements that will come to pass before I finish speaking so I am saying to somebody today, you will rise out of poverty, you will rise out of sickness, you will rise out of sorrow, you will rise out of failure, you will rise out of bondage, you will walk into health, you will walk into prosperity, you will walk into progress, you will walk into miracles, you will walk into joy, you will walk into freedom.

We said ‘Samuel is coming’ means promotion is coming you see because he was coming to somebody who was going to be promoted. And because of that I am bold to say I’m pronouncing to somebody that your promotion will be accelerated (Amen!) that you will overtake all those who had gone beyond you. (Amen!)

And we said that the fact that ‘Samuel is coming’ means that distinction is coming, that there is somebody in the family who is suddenly going to become distinct. So I am decreeing to somebody tonight that the anointing to excel be given to you in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) I decree that you’ll be distinct in wealth, distinct in health, distinct in joy, distinct in progress, distinct in peace! So shall it be in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Now that ‘Samuel is coming’ implies that power is coming because when anointing arrives, power automatically will also arrive. That is why I’m pronouncing – and I thank God that at least there are one or two people who could say ‘Amen!’ because they know its for them – that tonight you will receive power from on high! (Amen!) Power to succeed! (Amen!) Power to overrun your enemies! (Amen!) Power to over take! (Amen!) Power to shine! (Amen!) You receive that power tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

But now that ‘Samuel is coming’ means a new manner of speaking is coming. New vocabulary is coming you see because in Acts 2:1-4 the Bible says, that on the day of Pentecost when power came the people spoke with new tongues. Not only will you be speaking with new tongues tonight, new vocabulary means because of the anointing of God on your lives you will begin to decree and it will come to pass. (Amen!) ……..

There is somebody here today who knows, suddenly knows, that today my problems are over. If you are the one open your mouth and say it loud and clear! I know today, today, I mean today my problems will be over!

I told you before of a man. A bank manager who suddenly ran mental and they arrested him. They had given him matchet cuts on the head and then the policeman put handcuffs on his hands and chains on his feet because he was very wild because they were taking him to some place. Suddenly he said, Please take me to Redemption Camp. I know if my feet would touch that ground I will be well. That was all he could say. Now remember he’s a mad man now – he was wild but some how God gave him the opportunity to make that utterance and they brought him. Fortunately I was there in my old office and I came out and they told me about what had happened and so I told the policemen – release him. And they said, “No. He’s a wild man. We brought him so you can pray for him.” I said, “No. Didn’t you hear what you said he said? You said to me that he said if my feet can touch that ground, I know I can be well. Release him let him come down from the jeep.” And the Police Officer said, “Okay, if we release him then whatever happens it’s up to you.” So I said, “Fine.” And they released him. And as he stepped on the ground, suddenly, suddenly, I say suddenly, all was well!

I want you to stand on your feet and march on this ground and say, “Father, I am standing on holy ground! Right now my problems are over!” If you believe that shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Thank You Jesus! God bless you! You may be seated! ‘Samuel is coming’. Now ‘Samuel is coming’ means the gift of prophecy is coming. David not only became a king, the anointing on his head turned him to a prophet. He made many of the prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. In Psalm 22:1 it is written, My God, my God why hast Thou forsaken me? That was David prophesying what Jesus Christ was going to say on the cross. In Psalm 16:10 he prophesied the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ He said, You will not leave my soul in hell and you will not allow your holy one to suffer corruption. He prophesied the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! And then in Psalm 24:7-10 he prophesied the return of Jesus Christ when he said, Lift up your heads O ye gates and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors that the king of glory may come in. He was talking about the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Long, long before Paul wrote Philippians 4:19 That my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. David had already said, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. The gift of prophecy is coming on somebody tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Oh, you mean I can prophesy? Sure, at least you can say, I will not die I will live and declare the works of the Lord. Say it loud and clear…. Or you can say, I know my tomorrow will be all right… Are you sure? You didn’t say it as if you mean it. Tell your neighbour: Don’t write me off! My tomorrow will be all right!

I’m sure you heard the testimony here of a woman who went to Britain when she was there with her children she suffered a stroke and the children were saying at least thank God you are where the medical facilities are good. She said, Send me to Nigeria. And they said what are you saying? If anybody has stroke in Nigeria if he has the money he will come to London. She said, Yes there are doctors in London but God lives in Nigeria. Send me to Nigeria I will go and meet him in Nigeria. I know his headquarters is in Redemption Camp. When she will not listen they bundled her into the plane. Her mouth was twisted but as she got down at Muritala Mohammed airport the mouth was straightened and the children said something seemed to be happening but you are not completely well yet. She said, I told you God lives in Nigeria and His headquarters is in Redemption Camp and by the time she got to Redemption Camp every trace of stroke disappeared completely. Nobody prayed for her but she prophesied – take me to Nigeria. Get me to Redemption Camp! If I get there I will be whole. There is somebody here tonight because you came your problems are over. (Amen!)

So ‘Samuel is coming’ means that increased prayer power is coming because when anointing comes on you, the Holy Spirit takes over your life and according toZechariah 12:10 the Bible says, God says I will pour on you the Spirit of grace and supplication on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The spirit of grace and supplication os like an oil that is poured and the Bible says in Rom.8: 26 that we don’t know how to pray as we ought but that the spirit helps our infirmities. Today, the power to pray, the anointing to call on the Almighty God will come upon someone in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

When I joined this church I didn’t know how to pray. Where I was coming from we don’t pray. If you want to pray you read one of the prayers. If you are in church and the Pastor is praying. If you are not asleep by the time he’s finished reading what he’s reading, you say the ‘Amen’ so silently people can hardly hear you. Then I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God and I wanted to know how to pray but I didn’t know.  When they say, Go and pray, by the time I’ve prayed for five minutes I’ve said everything I wanted to see but in those days when I look up I will see that everybody is still going on. So I go back on my knees. I don’t want to be the first one to get up and then I repeat what I have already said: God you know why I am here, God you have to solve this my problem. I do it very quickly then I read Our Father which art in heave, hallowed be thy name..

One day I decided, I am going to learn how to pray and there was a particular man in the church – oh he knows how to pray! So I decided I will go to church very early in the morning and sit next to him and hear what he’s saying. What is he talking about? So very early on Sunday I go to church, sat next to him and I was listening to his prayer and I was repeating what he was saying: O Lord You are the King of Kings! (O Lord You are the King of Kings!) O Lord You are the I AM that I AM! (O Lord You are the I AM that I AM!) O Lord You are the Ancient of Days (O Lord You are the Ancient of Days) And I kept on repeating everything he said. For one hour we were there together and I enjoyed myself after I’ve done that for some weeks I found that now I know what to say but I still wasn’t satisfied and I kept on praying: God teach me how to pray! Empower me to pray! And a time came after the Holy Spirit came on me that a friend of mine and I decided that we were going to wait upon the Lord; we were going to pray until we were fully satisfied. And we started in the morning we prayed throughout the day, we prayed throughout the following night, we prayed throughout the following day. If we broke at all it was to go to the toilet. So we prayed for 36 hours and I was happy: Now I am a prayer warrior! That very week, God allowed me to find a book and I read about a man who prayed without ceasing for 30 days and 30 nights! I cried back to God Father teach me how to pray! Is there any one who wants to lift his heart to God and say, Father, the power to pray, give to me tonight! So shall it be in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

 Thank You Father! Now I am sure you know that even as we are talking God was healing. All kinds of healings are going on right now. And He asked me to tell someone: that which the lion has swallowed, the lion shall vomit again. (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ and you know what that means to David? It means they are about to send for him. ‘Samuel is coming’ means divine summons is coming. It means the King of Kings is going to send for somebody here tonight. In 1 Samuel 16:11 Samuel said to Jesse, Send and fetch him! The Almighty God in His infinite mercy is going to command tonight: go and bring so-and-so! Go and bring Adeboye, I want to see him. You remember the story of Bartimeus when he was at the roadside crying: Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me. Jesus said, Go and bring him! Anyone that God sends for will return home with joy! So God is going to send for someone here tonight! (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Several years ago they brought a man to my office. He looked like a mad man. Just looking at him you will think this man must be crazy bit when they introduced him I discovered it is problem that made him look like that. He has PhD in Agric but since he graduated he never got a job. For several years - no food, no money. He has borrowed so much that his friends now run away from him. And they brought him. I asked him to give his life to Jesus. He surrendered. We prayed a simple prayer. He returned back to his town. By the time he got home they said, “Where have you been?” He said, “I travelled to Lagos. Why are you asking where I’ve been?”  They said, “The Governor has sent for you. They said they want to make you Commissioner!” I don’t know who I’m talking to but by the time you get home there’ll an invitation form the most high. I say there’ll be an invitation form the Most High God. (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ ‘Samuel is coming’ means obscurity is about to end. They have forgotten David in the bush when they were presenting sons, those from whom one is to be chosen as king. They did not send for David. The father had forgotten him in the bush. But God remembered him. God is going to remember somebody tonight. (Amen!) At least I know God is going to remember me tonight and He will remember someone also tonight. And all of a sudden from that day onwards being forgotten is a stranger to David – nobody can ever say again that we forgot David.

Several years ago one of my daughters came to me. I have no husband. Nobody is asking, nobody had ever said, “How now?” So I said, Let us pray. If God remembers you, those who should remember you too will remember. So we prayed and very soon she came to me and said, Daddy I have a problem. What’s the problem this time? Six boys? Six boys said, “Thus says the Lord! You are to be my wife!” Which one do I choose? I asked for one now 6 have shown up? All of you who thought you have been forgotten God will remember you this month! (Amen!) This shall be your month of remembrance. (Amen!) Let me hear your ‘Amen’ loud and clear! (Amen!)

Those of you who have been working hard and those who should promote you always forgot, this month Almighty God! shall remember you. (Amen!) The people that Joseph helped forgot him in prison but when his day came he was remembered. And when he was remembered he moved form prison to palace in one day. Within the next 24 hours as the Lord God liveth you will be remembered. (Amen!) You will be remembered.

‘Samuel is coming’ means the time of revelation is at hand.

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is somebody here you feel as if your body has been divided into parts. The Lord says He’s reassembling them now. (Amen!)

Isaiah 60:1 made it clear that for somebody here tonight it is time to arise and shine for your light has come. If you are the one arise, shine your light has come. From now on you will shine! In the mighty name of Jesus you will shine! (Amen!) say it loud and clear: It is my time to shine!

‘Samuel is coming’ means loneliness is ending. (Amen!) From the time they anointed David he was never lonely again. Before Samuel came he was always alone. The only companions he had are goats and sheep. No human being there. The brothers don’t go there just sit down at home enjoying but because Samuel came his loneliness ended, I remember very well, one of my daughters too came to me years ago; Daddy I have a problem. What is your problem? I feel so lonely. Somehow I have no friends and I feel so lonely. I said, Is that so? I said, A week ago one young man came and said God told him that you are to be his wife.. She said, Ah, who is he? I said, No Go and pray. I ‘m not the matchmaker. Go and ask God, who is to be my husband? Because somebody had come, So she went and prayed and came back and said, the fellow I saw can’t be that boy. I said, I don’t know who that boy is, you haven’t told me yet. It can’t be that boy? Tell me who is that boy. And then she told me and it happened to be the boy who had come a week before. I said, but you told me you are lonely. Before you were lonely, God had provided the solution to your loneliness.  6 months later they were married. Every one of you that is lonely here tonight before this year of foundations is over, your loneliness will be far, far, forgotten.

‘Samuel is coming’ means divine partnership is coming. You see when they sent for David and they poured the oil on his head, the Bible said, and the spirit of God came upon David from that day onwards. David had a divine partner form that day onwards. And what else do you need other than God to be your partner? He said to Moses I will be with you, He said to Joshua, As I was with Moses, so will I be with you. He says to you in Hebrews 13:5, He says, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. From today you will never be alone in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Some years ago I had a challenge in my life, a challenge so sever that I couldn’t even say who’s my friend anymore

Thank You Father! The Lord said there’s somebody here, He said I should tell you, He said I will pour oil on your wounded heart. (Amen!)

I had this challenge in my life.  Almost all my friends forsook me. I didn’t even know who to call friend anymore and I was in a very sad situation. All of a sudden I heard God speak. God will speak to somebody here tonight. (Amen!) He said, My son, I am all you need! I am all you need! I don’t know who God is comforting tonight.  Maybe you have been disappointed by friends. The Almighty God is telling you He is all you need. (Amen!) God will be with you forever.

‘Samuel is coming’ means victory is coming. Why? Because the moment Samuel arrives, anointing arrives and once anointing arrives it is written in Psalm 105:14-15, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Beginning from tonight any hand that rises against you shall be cut off by the Almighty God! (Amen!) When God anoints, victory comes, complete victory, total victory. During the Holy Ghost Service in London last Friday, I shared the testimony of lady and I’m sure some of you have heard it before. On the day of here wedding, the husband did not show up. The boy lied to her thinking that I’m going to marry you on such and such a day, we will go to the registry.  The woman went there gaily dressed, ready to marry and waited and waited and waited. The boy did not show up. So you can imagine her sorrow, the shame! She nearly ran mental but somehow she survived and then she married. She married a soldier. The boy that jilted her also joined the army. Years passed. The man that this girl married became a military Governor and the boy that jilted her was made the ADC of that Governor so any time she wanted to travel the boy that jilted her would open the door for her to come in. Tonight your victory will be total. (Amen!) I say one more time, your victory will be total! (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means greatness is coming. I thought somebody will say ‘Amen’ to that. David is the greatest king of Israel. And he gave a testimony in Psalm 18:35 He said, Lord Your gentleness had made me great. He said, I know I don’t deserve to be great but Your gentleness made me great. Verily, verily, I say unto you, in the mighty name of Jesus! You shall be great! (Amen!) I say, you shall be great! (Amen!)

Thank You Father! The Lord says there’s somebody with hip problem that he has taken care of that. (Amen!)

And He says there’s someone with circulation problem. He said He has taken care of that. (Amen!)

And He said, somebody was saying some minutes ago, Oh how I wish God will give me double promotion! And God says, How about triple. What about triple promotion? If you receive that will you say ‘Amen’ loud and clear. (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means new dreams, new visions coming. In Joel 2:28 the Bible made it clear that when God pours His Spirit He said there’ll be dreams and visions – big dreams, big visions. I’ve told you the story. When I became the General Overseer. Before I became General Overseer, II was Head of Department of Mathematics at the University of Ilorin. I was living in a mansion. I had guest quarters, which was a 2-bedroom flat. I had boys’ quarters that had 4 bedrooms before you now talk about the main house. Then I became General Overseer and I had to live in Mushin.

My wife and children were in Ilorin. When they were about to come, I went to God in prayer. Father, You know I don’t mind living in one room. But my wife is coming, my children are coming, give me a house, even if its just a boy’s quarter – one room for me, one room for my wife, maybe one for the children – one small boys quarter. 

And the Lord answered and said, “Son, don’t ask me for a house, I have decided to build you a city. Why ask for a house? A city is what I’m going to give you!” I said, “City? Is he going to drive everybody out because of me? Or is it Ibadan that is going to say they should get away so that He can give it to his son?” But all of a sudden I began to dream, began to dream of a city where everybody will be a Christian. I began to dream of a city where you can walk day and night without molestation. I began to dream of a city where water will not fail. Where light will not go out. I began to dream of a city. I began to dream of a city where, when you turn to the right, you hear people saying,’ Praise the Lord!’ where when you turn to the left you hear people saying, ‘How great Thou art..’ If you look behind you, you will hear people who are singing, who are dancing, praising God! I began to dream of a city where the pregnant will deliver safely! I began to dream of a city where every captive will be set free. Today we may be calling it Redemption Camp but very soon it will be the Redemption City! (Amen!) Do I hear somebody say ‘Amen’ to that? (Amen!)

And tonight, this very night the dreams of greatness, visions of glory shall be given to somebody here. (Amen!) I say you will get visions of glory. The Bible says, if you can see it you can have it. If you can dream of it, you can have the vision of it. If you can see yourself free from debt, if you can see yourself completely whole, if you can see yourself not having too struggle to catch a bus but sitting comfortably at the back of your own car. If you see yourself phoning the bank manager and telling him, I have some money here that I want you to come and collect. If you can see yourself driving to Ikeja airport to go and board your own jet…. if you can see it you can have it. How many of you will see visions of greatness from now? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Do you know if you can see yourself lay hands on the sick and they get healed before you can take off your hands..... If you can see yourself, waving your hand and the captives are set free; if you can see yourself speaking a word and miracles begin to happen – if you can see it, you can have it. I believe with somebody here today, that long before you die, the whole world will now about you! (Amen!) I can see it with you and you will have it in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means change of location is coming. Because Samuel came it wasn’t long before David left the bush and began to live in the palace. Col.1: 12-13 says God has translated us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his marvellous light. In Mark 5:1-20 the Bible tells us of a man who was living among the dead. His abode was among the dead people. Then Jesus came and everything changed, he was no longer living among the dead. He became an evangelist. There are some of you who are living in darkness up till now. Tonight God will translate you into His light. (Amen!) There was someone who had been living in poverty. Tonight God will translate you into His prosperity (Amen!)

It’s a matter of if you can see it. If you can see yourself translated, God will do the translation. I’ve shared this testimony in divine encounter before. When I travelled to London, whenever Io travel to London there’s a young man who drives me around, he has a bus. So I sit in the bus and he drives me around and anytime we are driving past the shop where they are selling Rolls Royce I will look in that direction and I will say, My son, one day I will go inside and drive one out!” And he will say, “Amen!” One day as we were driving past we saw a shop where they sell SALES. The shop, they were selling clothes, they put SALES on it. So I said, “Stop me here. If they are doing it on sales I may be able to get something I can buy.” And I got there and I found they were selling a shirt for £25! I said, “What’s wrong with these people? You say you are on sale and one is £25!” So I told my boy, “Let’s go. Don’t mind these stupid people!” And then it was that day again that we were driving past the Rolls Royce shop and again I said, One day I will go in there and drive one out!” And the boy laughed. Look at this man; he can’t buy a shirt for £25 he wants to drive a Rolls Royce! He laughed. I said, “My son, why are you laughing?” He said, “Nothing Sir! Nothing Sir!” But I know why he was laughing. But then my day came. Your day will come tonight. (Amen!) I say your day will come tonight.

I was returning from America where I had gone to minister and I arrived at the airport and this my son had come with his bus to pick me up but then there was a Rolls Royce. Somebody was standing by it and as I came out, he said, “Daddy, somebody said this Rolls Royce is for you.” I looked at my son who has the bus and I laughed. And he laughed. The rest of the people didn’t know why we were laughing. Tonight God will do something in your life that for the rest of your life, you’ll be laughing. (Amen!) Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) loud and clear to that one.

O Thank You Father! The Lord said, somebody just said, if You will set me free I will teach people how to worship You O God. The Lord asked me to tell you Agreed! Agreed!

Samuel is coming’ means change of identity is coming. Shepherd boy is about to become royal majesty. Before Samuel came David was a shepherd boy but the moment Samuel arrived it was King David! I am confident there is someone here tonight because you came at all a change of identity for the better is coming your way. (Amen!) I remember – these stories come to my mind when I talk about this – I remember a friend of mine we were friends, You know – ‘hello, hi, hi.’ And then he became an ambassador and I went to visit him and because of his position whenever he comes in everybody must stand, including myself! I looked at him – it’s not your fault it is your identity that changed. Your identity will change for the better tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Your promotion shall be rapid in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

O ‘Samuel is coming’ means faith is coming. I said faith is coming. You see faith is in various categories. The Bible talks about people with low faith Mark 4:40. Jesus said how is it that you have no faith. And then the Bible talks about little faith. Mark 6:30: O ye of little faith. And then the Bible talks of faith as the grain of mustard seed. Matthew 17:20 And then the Bible talks about great faith. Matthew 15:21-28 And then the Bible talks about exceedingly great faith. Matthew 8:5-15 but there is faith that is a gift from the Holy Spirit, faith that the Holy Spirit just hands over to you. You don’t struggle for it; you don’t pray for it, it’s a gift from the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:9 ‘Samuel is coming’ means anointing is coming. With anointing comes the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit comes His gifts. There are many of us we have been struggling to have faith big enough to move mountains. Somehow we haven’t got it. But tonight that faith is going to come as a gift from the Holy Spirit (Amen!) I say the faith that can move mountains will be deposited in you tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means miracles are coming. That follows immediately from the fact that faith is coming because once you get that faith from the Holy Spirit all things become possible. Mark 9:23 says if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Miracles come in categories. There are miracles of defeating lions, miracles of defeating bears, miracles of knocking down Goliath with a stone, miracles of special deliverance, miracles of recovering everything that the enemy had stolen; miracles of enlargement of somebody who had nothing suddenly becoming the King of a nation – every miracle you need shall be deposited in you tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) And the Almighty God will enlarge your coast in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Amen.

I remember one day – I think I’ve told you this story before. When they say pray, I pray – pray for the sick and leave the rest to God I didn’t have faith to expect miracles to happen immediately and a woman brought her child. I can’t remember how old that child was now but it must be about ten years old or so – the child had never spoken, the mother said not a single word. So bring her in let us pray. And I said, In the name of Jesus.. And the child said, Amen! I nearly jumped out of the window – I was afraid. I’ve not even prayed and I was not expecting a miracle. The kind of miracle that will want to make you run shall happen to you very soon in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means joy is coming. Joy is coming! I tried to put myself in the position of David – I was in the bush looking after sheep, singing songs to God because there is nobody else to talk to. Suddenly somebody came and said, They want you at home! What have I done? The sheep that would have been killed by a lion didn’t succeed…. We don’t want to hear your story, come they are calling you at home! So I came home, not knowing what to expect and as soon as I arrived, without explanation, without discussion, they just said, Kneel down! Ahh! what have I done? And my brothers stood by looking at me. Those who thought I will never become anything are standing looking at me. And the man of God came and poured oil on my head: Hail, King of Israel! Ahhh! If you were David how will you feel? How will you feel? That kind of joy that will bring tears to your eyes will come your way today in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) I say joy unspeakable will come to you today in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Psalm 30:5 says, Weeping may endure for a night, joy cometh in the morning. I prophesy to someone today by the time the sun rises your joy will be full. (Amen!) I say, your joy will be full! (Amen!)

Ahhh! I remember, I remember – there are several days I could remember but there is one in particular. I’ve told you before that before we me t the Lord Jesus Christ my wife and I we had 3 children but they were all by Caesarean operation and after 3 we decided that’s enough because the doctor said she cannot deliver naturally. And then we became born-again, I mean 6 years later. Suddenly we began to learn about this God with tremendous power and one day as I was studying the Bible I came across Luke 1:37 for with God nothing shall be impossible and that stuck with me. Somehow I knew that what the doctor said is impossible my God will make it possible.

To cut a long story short because some of you already know it, my wife became pregnant, we refused to see any doctor. Those who were my friends among the doctors said that I was going to kill my wife that the baby cannot be delivered, that if the baby is very small it might manage to escape but because my wife had been sutured 3 places inside, during labour at least on of them will rupture and she will bleed to death and I kept saying no that’s not written in the Bible. And then the time to deliver came. First day she laboured and laboured and laboured, the baby didn’t come. Second day, she laboured and laboured and laboured, the baby didn’t come. Third day, labour and labour and labour… I ran from the University of Lagos where I was working the maternity centre at Ebute Metta so I went to Surulere to bring her food. As I was going and I got to Iddo Terminals, the devil said clearly unto me: Stupid ma! And you say you have PhD! Fool! Your wife is going to die tonight and you will see what the relatives will do to you! And suddenly a holy anger rose up within me and I said, Listen devil, if my wife dies tonight and it was Friday night, I will get permission from the General Overseer to preach on Sunday and the first thing that I will say is that there is nothing that my God cannot do! As soon as I said that the devil left and the light of God flooded my car. When I got home my other children ran out to meet me: Daddy, Daddy has the baby come? I said, “No, But by the time I come back tomorrow morning I will bring you good news.” I got the food, drove back to Ebute-Metta.

When I arrived, I sat in the car still praying and suddenly, I heard the sound of a baby! … You will hear the sound of joy today. (Amen!) I say you will hear the sound of joy tonight! My wife was the only one in the maternity Centre so that baby can only be mine. So I sat down in the car. Well the baby has come. We don’t know anything about the mother yet. But after some time my father in the Lord came out because he stayed, he didn’t go, and said, “Baba Aburo, Go and greet your wife…..”  The kind of joy that brings tears to your eyes will be your portion from tonight onward in Jesus’ name! I didn’t hear your ‘Amen’ to that one. (Amen!) I say I didn’t hear your  ‘Amen’ to that one! (Amen!)

Yes ‘Samuel is coming’  - joy is coming, that means gratitude is coming. How can God give you the kind of joy that He gave to David without you being grateful? People said David was always a grateful fellow. Who will be in the position of David without being grateful? Psalm 103:1-5 it said bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord O my soul forget not all His benefits. Has God done anything for anybody here tonight? That you are alive is that not something to thank God for? I was preaching in London recently and I just heard it coming out of my mouth and I was saying to some young girls there, I said, when we say let’s praise God and you say I can’t praise Him because I’ve been looking for a husband I haven’t got one.. I say do mad people marry? Mad people do they marry? Can’t you thank God that you are not mad? Do they celebrate marriage in prison? Have you seen a man who said I love this girl so much I want to marry her even now that she is in the mortuary? O Lord! How ungrateful we can be! How ungrateful! I’m well. I’m alive! I’m not in prison, I am not mad. I am not in detention. I am not in the mortuary! And yet when we say praise the Lord you can’t even shout? Let somebody shout  ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Ahh! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God!

‘Samuel is coming’ means joy is coming, gratitude is coming, it means the grace to give is coming. It is ungrateful people who don’t know how to give. David said, what is it that I have that you did not give me. He said, who do I have in heaven and earth but you? He said, I will never offer a sacrifice that costs me nothing. The grace to give, which by the way is the only way out of poverty, the Lord will give unto you tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ means testimonies are coming. It wasn’t long after Samuel arrived when David began to give testimonies: A lion came, I killed the lion. A bear came, I killed the bear! There are some people here who don’t even know the power of testimony. Let me tell you one secret – those who give testimonies never lose a battle. You can write that one down because there are many of you when we say it is testimony time: Ohh! let others go and do that. I’m too big to testify. Those who give testimonies never lose a battle – why? Because when you talk about what God has done in the past God will be compelled to do more! David said, my God killed a lion, He killed a bear, He will kill this Goliath. God said, Yes my boy, I will do so. I am believing God for one day when the whole Holy Ghost Night will be nothing other than testimonies.

Testimony is a weapon of warfare. If you don’t believe me read 2 Chronicles 20, read the whole chapter. It is the story of a King who knew how to give testimony. He was surrounded by enemies and he began to testify – my God are You not the One who did this? Are You not the One who did that? Are You not the One who did this? Are You not the One who did that? And God said, listen my son you don’t need to fight, just keep on singing and I will transfer the wealth of the wicked to you. I prophesy to somebody tonight your next testimony will shake the world. (Amen!) I say, your next testimony will shake the world. (Amen!) A word of prophecy came during the Holy Ghost Service in London last Friday. It was so big I begged God to let me claim it for you. I receive it for myself I know He said its for someone there in London but I said, Please Lord let me claim it for those of us in Nigeria. You know what He said, he said, soon a miracle will happen to you from which you will never recover! A miracle that for the rest of your life, I mean you will just say, that is the miracle! That is the miracle! That is the miracle! That is going to happen to somebody here tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Now up to now I’ve been preaching as a father. I want to put on the garment of the coach now because ‘Samuel is coming’ means the coach is coming so tell your neighbour, things are about to get serious now. Samuel is a no-nonsense man. He said to Jesse, Go and bring that boy. We will not sit down until you bring him. I told you, a coach is somebody who wants to bring the best out of you. In every one of us there is greatness, the Almighty God! has arranged it for every one of us to be great but many-a-time the greatness is hidden in the bush. It takes a coach to say we will not sit down until you bring out that greatness. Every greatness that is hidden in you shall come forth this year in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

Ephesians 3: 20 it said God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us. The power is already in you now God wants to bring it out. (Amen!) And it's going to come out. (Amen!) If you don't allow it to come out gently, by God's grace I will bring it out by force. (Amen!)

‘Samuel is coming’ but he is not coming for everybody. He's coming for one fellow out of eight. There were 7 big boys and there's this small boy. Yes Samuel came but he came for 1 fellow. The Bible said in 1 Corinthians 9:24 it said many run a race but one wins the prize. Who is going to be the greatest here tonight? Let your Amen be the loudest. (Amen!) So who is Samuel coming for? That's what I want to tell you now – that's my duty as a coach. Samuel is not coming for another Saul. He is not coming for a man of incomplete obedience.  He is not coming for somebody who will pay half of his tithe. He's not coming for someone who will not give cheerfully and bountifully. He is not coming for somebody who will not witness, who will not win souls. He is not coming for somebody who will not pray at night. He's not coming for a wife who will not respect her husband. He is not coming for a husband who will not love his wife. He is not coming for a child who will not honour his parents. He is not coming for adulterers. He is not coming for fornicators. He is coming for only one …. in the whole family. He is not coming for a man of incomplete surrender. He is not coming for a man who will fear man more than God. He is not coming for a man who will not have respect for the man of God.

Thank You Father! Daddy says there is someone here, he says as Goliath mocked David and yet ended up under the feet of David. So will those who are mocking you now end up under your feet. (Amen!)

You know God is greater than I. We are discussing something serious and He's still bringing this good one inside. He's a good God. Samuel is not coming for somebody who is big in his own eyes. He is not coming for a lazy man. He is not coming for those who will sit down at home at a time they should be busy in the field. He's coming for a man who though he may be alone, he's alone with God; a man who will not follow multitudes to do evil. A man who will not say, others are doing it therefore I will do it. A man who will separate himself or herself unto God. A man who will live a life of holiness a life of purity. He's coming to a man who is hungry and thirsty for God. David said in Psalm 42:1, he said as the hart panteth after the river brooks so my heart pants after you O God. Samuel is not coming for those who attend the Holy Ghost Service 3 times a year. He is coming for those who come every month whether there is petrol shortage or not they will come. He is not coming for Sunday, Sunday Christians. He’s coming for those every time the door of the church opens they are there!  They don't come to the service late they are there for Sunday school. They are there for Digging Deep. They are there for night vigil because they are hungry for God! David said in Psalm 27:8, he said, O God when you said seek thee my face, my heart said, they face O Lord will I seek – you don't need to say it 2 times Lord, I have agreed for You!

When I became born-again and I saw how close I was to hell before God saved my soul and I saw that with my PhD in Mathematics I didn't know the Bible, when I come to Sunday School and they ask a question I see market women answering the questions, talking of .. As it is written in Galatians; as it is written in 1 Thessalonians, I didn't even know where that is in the Bible! With my PhD I became hungry – I want to know the Bible. I was at every meeting! And many-a-times I’ll be running, I'll be running for Bible study coming from my office. And I will see those who have been Christians for years sitting down with their legs crossed and I wonder, what's wrong with them, don't they know we are already almost late for the Bible study? Some of them said to me, Ah leave him alone, the power front that has just got up as though he's going to reach heaven. Those who have gone before nko? Leave him alone, he will soon cool down. And I said, I don't know about others but in my own case as God lives I’m going to get hotter day by day. I thank my God that He is a covenant-keeping God.

Samuel is coming; he is not coming for those who are careless. He is not coming for those who don't want to take Christianity seriously. He is not coming for those who are ashamed to proclaim him publicly. He's coming for a man or a woman who can say like David said in Psalm 108:1 my heart is fixed O Lord. My heart is fixed, I will praise you. That is the one that God is coming for.

Let me conclude this first half of the programme by telling you something - that there is someone greater than Samuel that is coming. His name is Jesus Christ. The King of Kings is coming, the Lord of Lords is coming, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is coming, the Bright and Morning Star is coming and when He arrives He will wipe away all tears from my eyes. Jesus is coming soon but for whom is He coming? Not for everybody. It is for those who are ready. My own Samuel is coming again soon. When He comes will you be ready? Some of you are here tonight who are not yet born again. As we begin to sing a song now, if you have not yet given your life to Jesus, you will run forward. You hold your two ears and run because Jesus can come tonight and if He comes and finds that you are yet in your sin He will leave you behind. And those of you who say you are already born again and you are still living in sin – you know you are a backslider, you better run forward also….. Will you be ready when the Lord shall come? Oh yes, I will be ready, I will be ready……

Those of you who are already in front, cry to God, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to forgive your sins, ask Him to cleanse you in His blood, to wash away all your sins. Those of you who are still coming, hurry up quickly, the rest of us let's cry to God: Father, let me be ready. When the Lord shall come let me be ready! Let me be ready! Let me be ready! Let me be ready! Let me be ready O Lord let me be ready let me be ready Lord when You shall come let me be ready! Let me be ready! He said, Behold! I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according to his work .. Lord let me be ready when the Lord shall come let me be ready! Let me be ready! Lord let me be ready! Let me be ready! Cry to Him my brethren! Lord let me be ready! Let me be ready when the Lord shall come! Those of you who are still coming, hurry up now, I'm about to pray, I'm about to pray for the salvation of the souls of those who are in front. If you are coming for the salvation of your soul then hurry up. O Lord Let me be ready! Lord let me be ready when You shall come! When all sorrows shall cease! When there'll be no more tears. Let me be ready! Let me be ready! Let me be ready! Lord Let me be ready! Please Let me be ready! Let me be ready when the Lord shall come! Almighty God! Let me be ready! Father Let me be ready! Let me be ready! Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name!  Those of you who are still coming make sure you get here before I finish praying. Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

O my Father and my God, we want to thank You for Your word which has gone forth with so much power, so much anointing. Thank You for these people who have come forward. Accept our thanks in Jesus’ name! (Amen!). Father You promised that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out. They've come to you now receive them in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Forgive them, in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Cleanse them in Your blood in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) Father, every time they cry unto You, answer them in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) And if You return tonight please don't leave them behind (Amen!) In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Amen Praise the Lord! Alleluia.

Now I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward. Let me first of all hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). Good. Now the Bible says, Joy before the angels for every one sinner that repents. That is every time one fellow comes to Jesus, Jesus gets up and dances before the angels. He's dancing because of you now. Jesus is dancing because of you tonight. I rejoice with you that's why the rest of us are rejoicing with you. I thought the rest of us are rejoicing with them! Alleluia

Now another reason why I am rejoicing for you is that from tonight I will be praying for you. And God answers my prayers that is why I am gong to need your names, address and your prayer requests so that I can present it to God That's why you must write your correct address so when I ask God to send your miracle it will be sent to the address that you put down. So you will follow that brother who is waving the piece of wood there. Some pastors are waiting to help me collect your names and addresses and then they will bring it to me. We will wait for you till you come before we do any major thing again. So you can begin to go now. And I am going to ask some deacons and deaconess to join the counsellors because we have a crowd here tonight. Are you excited? Why don't you give the Lord a big round of applause? Is that all you can do for the Lord? You can no longer clap for Him? It is a great thing to serve the Lord…. O what a wonderful, wonderful thing….

‘Samuel is coming’ means joy is coming, gratitude is coming, testimony is coming. Anybody here tonight that has something to thank God for, I want you to stand on your feet and just bless the Name of the Lord. Say, I can't thank you enough O Lord please just receive the little thanks I bring tonight! Lift your hands to Him and begin to bless His holy name, bless His Holy Name!

If it is well with you let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) One of the ways I know that it is well with my soul is that the Almighty God has always given us a sign when He wants to do something special In the Redeemed Christian Church of God that is a regular sign. He will give us a baby boy but tonight He didn't give us one He gave us 2 at 11:45pm It is well with my soul. If it is well with your soul let me hear you shout another Alleluia! (Alleluia!).

Very soon we'll be bringing forth our children for special prayers. We started doing this a couple of years back in the month of April.  We started doing this when all of a sudden we discovered that the devil was killing children in large numbers and we don't want that to happen to our children. We want to thank God that since we started the Almighty God! had been looking after our children. He will continue to look after our children. Not only that there are children that though they don't die but they are possessed by devils and we don't want that to happen to our children that's why we set aside the month of April for our children – so that we can lay hands on them and keep the enemy far away from them. And tonight in the mighty name of Jesus, every child that we shall lay hands on shall be consecrated to the Almighty God! and Satan will stay away from them. I didn't hear your 'Amen'. (Amen!)

But I want to share al little more before we bring forth these children. And that is one statement that God said, it’s this same 1 Samuel 16:1. When He said I will send you to Jesse. He did not say I will send you to David. He said I will send you to Jesse. Every man has a root. In every family there is always someone that God will pick out for the root for that family and the name of that person will begin to spread downward through out that generation, for example when you hear Pastor Adeboye. The name 'Adeboye' is the name of my father. My own names are Enoch Adejare but now my children don't bear Adejare they bear what? Adeboye. We now have Adeolu Adeboye, Damilare Adeboye, Gbemileke Adeboye. You don't hear them say my name is Adeolu Adejare.. And then I began to have grandchildren and one of them didn't get up and say my name is Shemilogo Adeolu even though Adeolu is his father. And he didn't say I'm Semilogo Adejare even though Adejare is the father of Adeolu. He says I'm Semilogo Adeboye going right back to the one that it has pleased God to make the root in the Adeboye family.

Jesse is the root of David. And the root is very important to the tree. When the root is bitter the fruit will be bitter. The Lord said in Exodus 20:5 He said, He shows His anger to children to the 3rd and 4th generation of those who hate Him. So of the root is bitter, the 3rd and the 4th generations will be bitter. There are many of us because our roots were bitter, that's why we are having bitterness in our lives today but I am here to decree in the mighty name of Jesus: Every bitterness in your roots shall be removed today in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) This is important because we want to pray for children and before we begin to talk with the fruit we need to deal with the root.

When you read 1 Samuel 2:31-32 God said to Eli He said there shall no longer be old men in his house. That means the people in his family, in his generation will be dying young. If there is a curse in your family that causes people to die prematurely, in the mighty name of Jesus! I break that curse today! I say I break that curse today. (Amen!)

In the same 1 Samuel 2:36 God said to Eli, those who remain in his family they will be begging for bread. Maybe you have noticed it that there are certain families no matter how hard they try they always end up poor. You see one that seem to be rising and all of a sudden something will happen and he will crash again because there is something wrong with the root. If there is something wrong with your root that is causing poverty, I decree today that that thing be destroyed in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

I don’t know if you have ever asked yourself the question, why is it that some people when they do a little job, they prosper mightily and you are there working like an elephant and you don’t get any result. Some people before 2 years they are already promoted 3 times. Some people were your classmates. They were not brighter than you, in fact you were beating them in the exams but now they are on top and you are still ready to apply. Whatever is in your roots that is hindering your progress I come against it tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!)

I remember some years ago when I was in the University of Lagos. A professor went to attend an interview because he was dissatisfied with the situation in the university. So he saw an advert that they needed somebody and he knew he qualified for that post and the salary is much, much bigger than a professor. He went for the interview. When he opened the door of where they will interview him the fellow who was the chairman of the interview panel was one of his students who graduated four years before. Ahh! he said, I’m sorry I must be in the wrong place. They said, Ah no,no, no, are you for such-and-such a post? He said, Yes. Ah, this is the right place. He said, that is my boy! I taught him! He graduated 4 years ago. He’s now the chairman? To interview me? He said, I’m going back home!

Whatever is in your roots that will make you the servant of your children I come against it this morning in Jesus’ name! (Amen!) I say I come against it tonight in Jesus’ name! (Amen!). When the root is bitter the fruit will be bitter but when the root is sweet then the fruit will be sweet. God said in Exodus 20:6 I show mercy to thousands of those who love me and those who keep my commandments. There was a time when God was angry with Solomon. He said, I’m going to tear the kingdom away from you because you have been following idols. He said but for David’s sake – because of your father David – I will leave 1 tribe with your son… for your father’s sake – because the root was good. God said even though you deserve to perish, I will show mercy Because tonight your evil root will be changed to good one, you will begin to obtain mercy from the Lord, your children will begin to obtain mercy from the Lord, your grandchildren will begin to obtain mercy from the Lord (Amen!)

So it matters who is your root. It is very, very important. ……..

It matters who you call your spiritual father because his influence over you will be tremendous. Like father, like son. If it is well with your father it is going to be well with you because God will look down even when you don’t deserve mercy or favour he will consider your father’s case. I say it one more time, from tonight the mercy of God will be available to you. (Amen!) Now when the father decrees concerning his children it is almost as if God is making the decree. You know the story very well – in Genesis 27 - Jacob came and stole the blessing that belonged to Esau. As soon as he left Esau came and said I’ve brought the food you asked for. The father said, What I’ve eaten, I’m full, I enjoyed and I have blessed the person who brought the food. In verse 33 he said, And he shall be blessed. He said, there is nothing you can do about it. I’ve issued the decree. The decree has already gone out. I’m decreeing tonight: All of you who call me Daddy – you shall be blessed! I say, you shall be blessed! (Amen!)

Esau said, My father, Have you only one blessing – don’t you reserve something for me? The father said, something remains but I have already made him your Lord. He said, there’s nothing you can do about it any more. Oh, I can say that you too you will have money, you will have this, you. But I have already made him your Lord! I stand on the authority of the Word of God and I say to those of you who are here tonight and those who you represent: You will be the Lord of your enemy. I say, you will be the Lord of all your enemies.

And when a father curses his child that child is in trouble, serious trouble. If you read Genesis 49:1-4 Jacob was about to die so he said, Gather my children unto me. Let me tell you what will happen to you. Then he started with Reuben. He said, Reuben you are my first-born but you will not excel. If you follow the history of Reuben, when the children of Israel got to the border of the Promised Land – this Jordan River – that’s the Promised Land on the other side. Reuben said to Moses: I don’t want to go over this where I want to stay, I wasn’t surprised. His father had already said, he won’t excel. If there is any curse pronounced by your father or your brother, tonight on the authority given me by the most high God I cancel it now in Jesus name! (Amen!)

I mean Reuben saw the land, all he has to do is cross over. He said, no, I’m not going Moses was angry. How can you do this? This is what your fathers did and so on and so forth! Reuben said, I will follow you to the other side – fight for the land. Take the land from the original owners, hand it over to the others and then come back here. Ah-ahh You want to load a vehicle for transportation and then come down? Any spirit in your life that has made you a tout that causes you to work and don’t eat there I come against it tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!)

Again, Elisha said to Gehazi in 2 Kings 5:20-27 He said, Gehazi because of what you have done the leprosy of Namaan will cleave on you. If he had stopped there it would have been good but he added, and unto thy seed forever! So everybody born in the line of Gehazi they end up with leprosy one way or the other! Many of you young ones you don’t know the custom of our forefathers. In the olden days, not too long ago, when somebody comes and he says he wants to marry your daughter, You say thank you go we will send to you.. Then they will go and find out the family of that boy. Any leper there before? Any mad fellow there before?  Anybody with an incurable disease there before? Because they know if there is somebody like that there before and y our daughter goes there to marry and she begins to produce children, what happened to grand father comes on the father  - its going to come out on the grandchild. Tonight on the authority given me by the most high God. I’m going right to your source. Every link with incurable diseases I decree them broken tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!) I say I decree them broken in Jesus name! (Amen!).

When a father decrees a blessing the boy can’t escape it! No the blessing will be pursuing him wherever he goes. Just keep pursuing him. Jacob said, Judah – you shall your brothers praise and he said, the sceptre shall never depart from Judah. Today what do we call Jesus? We call him the lion of the Tribe of Judah because the father said, Judah, your brother shall praise you. How many thousands are praising Jesus Christ today? Judah there will always be a king in your house and the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! is coming from the tribe of Judah. That’s why I’m saying to all of you my children. Right down your generation you shall always be head! (Amen!) I say, Right down your generation, greatness will be associated with you. Prosperity will be associated with you! I didn’t here your ‘Amen’ (Amen!)

One funny fellow said something. She came to the special Holy Ghost Service, attended the impartation service, waited for the Sunday service and heard all my prayers and all my pronouncements and came and said, Daddy I’m afraid, said, Afraid of what? She said, These prayers are becoming too many! I said, Can prayers be too many? She said, I hope you are not going yet? I laughed! Let me tell you the truth, if Jesus tarries I’m not leaving till I’m over a hundred. (Amen!) The promise of God is that a child will die a hundred years old. If anybody tells you that I’m dead, tell him he’s lying! There’s no death in my eyes at all! This year is a year of foundation: I know what God told me!: Whatever He settled this year is going to affect you for the rest of your life.  So if you are hearing the prayers and you are hearing the pronouncements, it’s because I want your life to be settled this year! So I’m saying it one more time – right down your generation – there will be greatness! (Amen!) There will be prosperity! There’ll be victory – there will be joy! Let me hear you shout ‘Amen’ (Amen!) Go ahead give the Lord a big round of applause.

Now. Let me say but why do you love us so much? Why do you want us to be great? Well there is a selfish reason – a great son makes a great father. When the son is great then the son can say I am the father of so-and-so. The only claim to greatness that Jesse had is that he’s the father of David. The only thing that made Mary great is because she’s the mother of Jesus. There are several other girls around; she was not the only virgin alive at that time. She would have died another woman but because she was the mother of the greatest, that is why she became great. Who is Hannah?? That’s a woman, one of the wives in Israel but because she gave birth to Samuel nobody can forget Samuel. I say you are going to be great! (Amen!)  I say it one more time – you will be great! You will be very great! You will be very, very great so that I can proudly say, that’s one of my children – he’s the governor, he’s the President, he’s the owner of that bank, he’s the one who’s in charge of all those aeroplanes. You shall be great! (Amen!) I say you shall be great! (Amen!)

O Thank You Father! Glory be to God! So even though I will be praying for you again, we will allow you now to bring the children forward. …

…. Teach your child right now, how to give to God because that is going to influence how quickly he or she will prosper. When I was a little child, when we were going to church my mother will say: take your half penny, make sure you drop it in the church. They taught me when I was very small, now nobody needs to teach me. It has become part and parcel of me. The ushers will place baskets along the line. Put something in the hand of your child. As you are bringing the child forward, as they lay hands in the child, let he child with his own hands, drop something in the basket for God. The Lord will receive your children and He will receive your offerings. So I hear  ‘Amen’ from somebody? I didn’t hear your ‘Amen!’ loud and clear! Brethren let’s take position, the band will be playing and then you bring the children forward in a very orderly fashion – let’s move fast! . Let’s move fast….

In the name of Jesus, every head that has been touched today, will be a blessed head (Amen!) That head will refuse sorrow. That head will refuse defeat. That head will refuse poverty. That head will refuse failure. Everything in your root that is contrary for the will f God in your life, I cancel it now in Jesus name! (Amen!) I go the source of every river in your towns and villages. Whatever may be in those streams and rivers that may be responsible for backwardness in your towns and villages, I decree that it be changed now in Jesus name! (Amen!) Whatever is in the milk that you took from your mother’s breast that may be responsible for any form of ailment I decree that the consuming fire of God consume it now in Jesus name! (Amen!) From now on, when sickness sees any of your children sickness will run, death will run, demons will run. Beginning from now both you and your children will begin t prosper. You will be great but your children will be greater than you. Your name shall never vanish from the earth. From today onwards you’ll be going upward. You will never go down again. So shall it be! So shall it be! In Jesus mighty name we have decreed. If you believe that let me hear your ‘Amen!’ loud and clear! Say it one more time! And yet another time and put your hands together for the Almighty God! Glory be to God! Now you may be seated.

We want to thank the Almighty God for what He has done tonight.  So we have our thanksgiving service. We will remain seated. The ushers will attend to us. We will show the Almighty God that we are a grateful lot. What the God is doing here is not happening anywhere else in the whole world. Nowhere else in the whole world so we are a very blessed people and as we thank God He will continue to do more. My advice to all of us and to all those who are precious to you is that they don’t miss any Holy Ghost Service this year. Everyone will be special. The elders have a saying: Little, little sacrifice is what keeps the living alive. And they said, little blessings, little curses, I prefer the blessings. And when you add together little, little blessings and they begin to come to 1,000 then you know you have got it made for life. By the time this year is over, as God lives you will look back and say this is the best year of my life so far so we thank the Almighty God and those who have testimony can come forward quickly……


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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