COMMANDED TO BE GREAT 4th of June, 2004

Let somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!) I have no doubts at all that somebody from tonight will become a terror to the enemy. If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Somebody is leaving the categories of ordinary people tonight and is going to join the categories of the special. If you are the one let me hear you shout a special Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 

Before the Lord Jesus Christ performed His greatest miracle while here on earth, when He raised Lazarus from the dead…. I hope  you are hearing us clearly at that side? All right …. The raising of Lazarus from the dead. He first of all said, Father, I thank you. Glory be to God! Before, the wall of Jericho fell the children of Israel shouted a praise to the Lord (Alleluia……!) Amen!

Two of the major things that will happen in your life tonight is that number 1 the greatest miracle you have ever experienced is going to happen. And number 2 every wall between you and your Promised Land is coming down. So for this to happen. I’m going to give you quality time to praise God – just say: Father, I want to thank You in advance, I want to bless Your Name, like never before I want to say Thank You,  I bless Your Name. I magnify Your Holy Name, I am thanking You in advance! Father, I thank You for the marvelous things You are about to do tonight! I want to glorify Your Name. I want to praise You. I want to adore You! I want to lift You high! I want You to know that I appreciate You. I trust You that You will do marvelous things in my life tonight! I know You will never fail me and I know all the walls of Jericho before me are coming down! I just want to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! in advance. I want to say Glory be to Your Name! Father we praise You! King of Kings! Lord of Lords! the I AM that I AM! the Ancient of Days!, the Unchangeable Lord! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Glorious in holiness! Wonder-working God! I want to say Thank You! in advance! I want to bless Your Name in advance! I want to magnify Your Holy Name! Go ahead Praise Him! Like you’ve never done before! Open up Your mouth to Him and let Him know that You trust Him that He will do something marvelous in your life today! Thank You!… We worship you! We magnify Your Holy Name! Blessed be Your Name! forever …… Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!  In Jesus' mighty Name we have worshipped! (Amen!)

Now you lift your voice to the Almighty God! Loud and clear and say, Father, in the mighty name of Jesus , let every wall of Jericho in my way, fall down flat! Go ahead talk to the Almighty God!! Father, in the mighty name of Jesus let every wall of Jericho in my way, fall down flat right now! … In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Brethren, one of the greatest hindrances to greatness is a generational curse so you are going to cry to God! Father, every curse in my generation, cancel, fire and reverse! Let's cry to the Almighty God!. Every curse in my generation Lord, cancel it and reverse it… Talk to the Almighty!  … In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Nobody comes to the world accidentally. Every one who comes into the world, it is for a purpose but some people's purpose in  life are delayed so you are going to cry to God – Father, everything delaying my greatness, remove it today O Lord!… Cry to the Almighty God! - Father, everything that is delaying my greatness, remove it today O Lord…. Thank You! Thank You! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Many a times we hear people say, I've done everything and yet, no breakthrough! Doing everything is not the same as doing the right thing

Cry to God and say, Father, Teach me the right thing to do and help me to do it! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Teach me the right thing to do and help me to do it! Its different from doing all things, I want to do the right thing! Teach me to do it and help me to do it! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you lift up your voice to Him and say Father, Long before I leave this world let me become a blessing to nations! Let’s Talk to the Almighty God! Let me be a blessing to nations! Let me become a blessing to nations! A mighty blessing to nation! Lord, before I leave this world let me become a mighty blessing to nations! ….. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Brethren, only the blessed can be a blessing. I want you to pray the next prayer with all your heart and say Father, from tonight, every garment of suffering, of sickness, of disease, of failure, of sorrow, remove from my life! Talk to the Almighty God!  If I’m to be a blessing I have to be blessed Lord! Please Lord remove every garment of suffering from my life! …… Thank You Father! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The Word of God, both me and the children God has given me are for signs and wonders. Cry to the Almighty God! and say Father, both me and my children let us be for signs and wonders. Almighty God! Let us be for signs and wonders; let us be for healings, for deliverance, for miracles, for victory. Let us become instruments of signs and wonders throughout the whole world! Not just in Nigeria performing miracles both me and my children let us be for signs and wonders….  In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The Word of God says, if my people that are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and forsake their evil ways, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land. Brethren, whatever problems we have in Nigeria it is probably because we are not praying enough. Let us pray to God and say,Father ! Have mercy on Nigeria. Let's call on Him, let’s call on Him! Father, have mercy! Have mercy on Nigeria!… In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now talk to God concerning your own individual requests. Whatever you want from Him call on Him now – call on the Almighty ……. Thank You Lord! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now I want you to join your hands with your neighbour. The Bible says you are to love your neighbour as yourself, cry to God for the fellow you are holding. SayFather, don’t let this Your child go empty-handed! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Almighty God! don’t let this Your child go empty-handed….. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And now before I pray for you it is your turn to pray for me. So just wish me whatever you wish yourself ……… In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Let’s go before the Almighty God! on our knees. Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy is the Lord ….. Eternal Rock of Ages we want to bless Your Name. King of Kings! Lord of Lords! The I AM that I AM! the Ancient of Days!, the Unchangeable Lord! – You are wonderful, You are good, You are kind, You are glorious, You are mighty, You are holy! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Father, there is no one like You. You are greater than the greatest. You are stronger than the strongest. You are richer than the richest. You are older than the oldest. You are wiser than the wisest! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Accept our thanks in Jesus' Name Father, make this night special. (Amen!) In all our lives let it be special. Let there be salvation, let there be healings, let here be deliverance, let there be joy, let there be victory, let there be shouts of triumph. At the end  of it all take all the glory. Give us the blessings. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Amen. Somebody shout Alleluia!

Now all may be seated except the children of June. All the children of June can stand. Very special children, the children of June. Father, in the mighty Name of Jesus, we are praying for Your children who are born in the month of June. Father, let it be well with them. (Amen!) Let their joy be full. (Amen!) Let them receive special visitation today. Wherever their blessings may be bring them rapidly today. (Amen!) As they are beginning a new milestone in their lives give them new joy (Amen!) new anointing (Amen!) , new power (Amen!) , new vision (Amen!), new victory (Amen!), new progress (Amen!), abundant promotions and let them serve You for the  rest of their lives (Amen!) In Jesus mighty Name we pray! Children of June let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

God bless you! You may be seated!

For every one of you here tonight this month will be the beginning of months. (Amen!) This month shall be the beginning of months. Everything you have been chasing before, you will catch (Amen!) and if the enemy had been pursuing you you will leave the enemy far behind. (Amen!) I didn't hear your Amen to that. The only thing that will pursue you and overtake you is the blessing of the Almighty God!. (Amen!) So shall it be (Amen!)

1 Samuel 13:14 Samuel was speaking to Saul and he said to Saul:

But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the Lord hath commanded him to be captain over his people…..

God has commanded somebody to be captain. There is somebody here tonight that God is commanding to be great. (Amen!) The God that we serve had always been a commander. He had been a commander from the beginning and He said in Isaiah 43:13 He said when I say I want to do something who can reverse it? There is a song we normally sing. When Jesus has said 'Yes' who can say 'No'? God will say yes to your answers today (Amen!)

Now this Commander, this great Commander has said in Rev. 1:5-6: He said the Lord Himself has decided that you are going to be priests and kings which means you have no choice which means you are going to be great. (Amen!) I didn't hear your  'Amen' to that. (Amen!)

In 1 Pet.2:9 the Bible says you are chosen to be royalty. You are a royal priesthood. The One who can command and it will be done. The One who spake and it is done says I am commanding blessing on somebody tonight. I don't know who that fellow is but somebody is going to be great tonight. (Amen!)  When God commands, He says this is what must be, you may take a look at yourself or take a look at your situation and say this is ridiculous, how can I be great? You may even laugh at Him, like inGenesis 18:9-14, God said to Sarah, you are going to have a son in 9 months. Sarah laughed. How can this be? A 90 year old woman have a child. God said you could laugh as much as you like. I have commanded – so shall it be. There is somebody here tonight it doesn’t matter what you think, you are going to be great. You better say 'Amen!' You better say the 'Amen' loud and clear! (Amen!)

He said to Joshua, I know you are a messenger now but from this moment I make you President. Joshua said You must be talking to the wrong fellow. God said, I have already spoken and it's already done. For you tonight if only you will receive it, greatness is yours. (Amen!) I say greatness is yours. (Amen!)

 All God has to do is command. Psalm 33:11 The Bible says the counsel of the Lord shall stand. Once it is decided and He commanded that settles it. It is only if He hasn’t spoken yet and He has brought us together tonight to make this night a night we will remember for the rest of our lives. This is a night when He has commanded that we will be great. (Amen!)

Some years ago a gentleman walked into my office. He said, I have no money. I don't know people, I have only very few friends but some of these my friends are saying I should contest for governorship of my state. There is no hope of success. So Daddy what is your advice. I said, Let us pray and we prayed and the Spirit of God said to me, Shake hands with the new Governor. So I said, Sir, let me be the first one to shake hands with your excellency. He looked at me as if something is wrong with me but 3 months later what God said came to pass. There is somebody here tonight, it is coming forth to you, you will be great (Amen!) (Amen!) I say you are being commanded to be great. (Amen!)

God is the Great Commander. He had always been the Great Commander. He said in Genesis 1 :1-3 when He surveyed the whole world and it was dark and void, He said let there be light. was there any argument about it? The moment He commanded, let there be light, there was light! And may I start by commanding tonight: In your life there will be light! (Amen!) In your home there will be light! (Amen!) In your churches there will be light! (Amen!).

 Now the power of a command is determined by the power and the authority of the Commander. In other words, whether a command is going to be of any value will be determined by is the Commander empowered to give the command. For example if my driver stands up here and he says, 'Brothers and sisters I want all workers to wait. When everybody has gone home I want all workers to stay behind.' You will all ask yourself who is this one talking? Who gave him the authority to ask workers to wait? As soon as the programme is over you'll all be on your way home. But if I stand here and I say. All workers are to wait till 5 pm tomorrow evening, whatever programme you had before will have to be altered because the order has come from someone who has the authority to give the command. So by the authority vested in me I command darkness to go out of your life (Amen!). I command sickness to leave you alone. (Amen!) I command failure to become a stranger to you. (Amen!) If you believe it will be so let me hear your 'Amen' (Amen!)

Now a real commander does not need to really shout or repeat himself. If he's a true commander, once he's spoken it's already done. I don't have to say it 3 times to my driver, 'We are going to Lagos o. I hope you heard, we are going to Lagos o. Please o I hope you hear me - we are going to Lagos now?' Once I say we are going to Lagos all I need to do is say exactly where in Lagos and that settles the matter. I'm commanding today in the mighty name of Jesus, you will reach your goal. (Amen!) I say you will reach your goal. (Amen!)

Now the Great Commander in Psalm 62:11 the Bible says

     God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

 Every business that had been failing, I command, begin to bring forth…(Amen!) This Great Commander said to the sea this is how you will go and no further according to Job 38:8-11 and up till today you will find that the sea has not exceeded the limit. The wave may rise  high and look as if it is about to swallow up the land but suddenly is remembers the command of the Great Commander but it will fall back and roll back to where it was coming from. Every wave trying to swallow you up will obey the voice of the commander. He commanded the sun to rule by day and the sun had been ruling by day up till today and that is why I am commanding tonight, all of you who are here tonight, your sun is not going to set at midday. (Amen!)

Because He is the Great Commander everything and everyone must obey Him that is why the Bible says in Philippians 2:10 it said at the name of Jesus every knee must bow – every knee. When He commands everything, everyone must obey Him which is why I am saying once again to those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb - your womb must obey Him. God said, Be fruitful, be fruitful, be fruitful. So if you are one of such people, touch your womb right now and say, Be fruitful, obey God, be fruitful! It is God who commanded and His command must be obeyed. It doesn't matter what the doctors have said, what the Great Commander is said is what will come to pass.

We were having a Convention of our church in America some years ago and the Word of God came to me saying, there is a lady full of sorrow because doctors have just told her that she can never, never have a child. And the Lord said, tell her by next year's Convention she will come with a set of twins. And I said it and the fellow there jumped and shouted. The following year, the Commander commanded, she came carrying 2 babies, one on the right, one on the left! I say one more time, every barren here tonight, 9 months from now your miracle will arrive. (Amen!)

Because everything and every one must obey him that is why your eyes must obey Him. In Mark 10:46-52 All He said to Bartimaeus was , 'See.' Suddenly the eyes began to do what they were supposed to do. I have good news for those of you that have bad eyesight, in the mighty name of Jesus receive your sight. (Amen!) But when we say your eyes must obey Him we are not talking about physical sight alone we are also talking about spiritual sight. Now some of us have not seen angels before. You will have testimonies before next month. And then there is something called vision – talking about seeing into the future, the one that the Bible says, where there is no vision the people perish. That vision that is going to take you to great heights you will begin to see from today.

I remember the story of a woman whose mother was blind and they were very poor and the landlord came and said, By 12 noon on such-and-such a date if you don't pay all you owe me, I'm throwing both mother and daughter into the street. So the daughter began to cry to God. She spent the whole night praying and the mother was hearing the cry of the daughter and her own cry is, even of they are going to throw us out O Lord, open my eyes so that at least I will see where I'm going. that was the only prayer she was praying that her sight be restored. And the daughter prayed into the early hours of the morning and then fell asleep. When she woke up she was smelling breakfast. Who is preparing breakfast. She got up, went to the kitchen and it was her mother. the Lord had opened the eyes of the old woman. I'm prophesying to somebody here today: By the time the sun rises your vision will be perfect. everything must obey him the Commander .

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight who wants to do mighty things for God. The Lord asked me to tell you, I will strengthen your hand. (Amen!)

In Matthew 8:1-3, a leper came to Jesus and said , I know You are able to make me clean – if you are willing. Jesus said, I am willing! The moment He said , Be clean! Leprosy disappeared because sickness and disease must obey Him. Everyone here today, considered incurable, in the mighty name of Jesus you shall be healed. (Amen!)I'm sure some of you remember the story of the boy who was given  2 weeks to live by the best doctor in London. He told the Father who happened to be an Ambassador, Sir if you  want your son to see your homeland again, take him home now. He has 2 weeks at most to live. That was 1983. And they brought the boy to the Camp here. 21 years later, he's still living, he's healthy… Every incurable disease in your body I command today – disappear! (Amen!) You see your body has to obey the Commander – your bones, your flesh, your blood, from the top of your head to the sole of your feet – it must obey Him. In John 5:2-9 the Bible talks of somebody who'd been  sick for 38 years. When the Commander-in-Chief got to him, He did not pray for him. He did not even lay hands on him. He simply said, 'Rise, take your bed and go home!' He just issued a command and he didn't repeat himself. There was no shouting there was no shaking, He just said, 'Arise take up your bed, go!' And the man got up as if it’s the most natural thing to do. He'd been sick for 38 years but when the command goes to the body, the body remembered who made him. Your body will remember its creator today. (Amen!)

One of the testimonies that had always given me joy when I remember is the story of the man when we were still in the wooden section up there, the altar you know is smaller than this and miracles were happening around the altar and everybody wanted to see what was going on. He was a short man so somebody taller has come inside.. so he said, Oh God, how I wish I were taller! Then the Lord spoke to me and said, somebody has just said,  I wish I were taller….  your body will obey the Almighty God!!

I'm still talking about the Commander because I said the power of the command is determined by the power of the Commander. We are talking about the God we serve. He's not just a Commander. He is the Commander-in-Chief According to Psalm 24:7-10 He is called the Lord of Hosts, the Commander of Commanders! He is the One who has the ultimate authority and that is why demons must let you go. You see in Mark 5:1-13, you know the story of the mad man of Gedara, about 2000 demons were in him. They decided his case and concluded it, They decided that this man will never, never again, leave the congregation of the dead! Until one day he met the Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-in-Chief said only one word – 'Go!' to the demons and they all disappeared and the man that the world thought can never become anything became an evangelist. You may think your situation is hopeless but because you are here tonight the Commander-in-Chief is going to command His grace into your life!

When He commands demons obey. When He commands even birds obey. You know the story in 1 Kings 17:2-6 that's when He sent birds to go and feed His servant. He can use birds to bring your miracle to you. They must obey Him.

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here, the tempo of your progress is slowing down. He asked me to tell you, I will accelerate it. (Amen!)

I was saying that even birds obey Him. I don't know if I've told you the story  before. When we first came to this camp ground. One year we were getting ready for the Convention and these tiny birds came. They came by the hundreds of thousands. They took over every tree, every palm tree at the Camp Ground. When they get hold of a tree, within 3 days they’ve destroyed every leaf on that tree. Among the  Bible students then there was one man who had a Dane gun. He came and fired right into their midst. Dozens died but it was as if that was an invitation to the rest wherever they are  … God what am I going to do, your children are coming for Convention.. so I cried to God for help and I traveled for 2 days. By the time I returned I saw eagles. I don't know where they came from. They came by the hundreds! And they get to work on these little birds. Within three days there was not a single little bird left! The eagles finished them all. Every little bird from demons from all forces of darkness, causing you one problem or the other, the eagle of the Almighty God! will deal with them tonight. (Amen!)

Winds obey Him. He opened the Red Sea which is why your ways will be opened today, whether the enemy likes it or not. All the Commander needs to do is command. Suddenly favour will begin to come your way. (Amen!) Early last year I met a man somewhere in this country and he asked, Pray for me, my business is not going well. I need a major breakthrough. So we prayed a simple prayer and I happened to see the man this year. Within a year he has built an estate. He insisted that I must come and see the estate. When we got to the estate and he saw my surprise. I asked him finally, how many houses are here? Only 1,000! I command today – a major breakthrough for all of you in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

I believe very well, I believe very firmly that by this time next year it is your own testimony that will be shared. Because He is the Commander-in-Chief. That is why there is somebody here tonight who will never be hungry tonight. Why? Because according to 1 Kings 17:8-16 even flour, ordinary flour for making bread obeys Him.Oil obeys Him so if you will just receive it tonight is the end of hunger in your life. (Amen!)

Fish obey Him. If you don't believe me ask Jonah. He spent 3 days in the belly of a fish because the Commander-in-Chief commanded the fish – swallow him but don't digest him! And when the time came for him to be delivered, the Commander-in-Chief told the fish, the man inside you cannot swim so don't vomit him in the sea take hi to the beach first. You will reach your goal in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, everything is at a standstill. He said to tell you. I will give you a push forward (Amen!)

Because He's the Commander-in-Chief …. all kinds of  healings are going on…. somebody had severe pain at the elbow. The pain is gone. Someone's leg – been suffering weakness at the knees recently, check your knees now they're very strong now. All kinds of healings going on now.

Angels obey Him……. that's why the lions of this world cannot harm you. Because they threw Daniel into the lions den in Daniel 6 but God sent an angel tog o and shut the mouth of lions so all those lions that have been planning to swallow you up they will have to look for other meat because the angels of the Lord will shut their mouth in Jesus' Name! (Amen!). Because according to Hebrews 1:13-14 the angels of the Lord are already commanded to serve you. They are to go wherever you go and they are to carry you in their hands according to Psalm 91:10-12 He has given a command to his angels  concerning you to carry you in their hands so you will never dash your foot against a stone. It may sound childish to you but I have always told my people, if I'm walking along the road and accidentally I strike my foot against a stone …..Glory be to God! I think they are rejoicing with someone there too, there's a woman spinning round there. I now tonight is a special night. Do I hear someone  shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)…….. If I accidentally strike my foot against a stone. I stand still I say Lord what is going on? where are the angels? They are supposed to carry me  in their hands so I don't strike my foot against a stone…. some of you say, Ah no, no, no you are taking it literally! That's how I take it! Every where I go, angels are to go with me. I command today, everywhere you go the angels of the Lord will follow you in Jesus' Name! (Amen!)

I attended a programme somewhere in Ibadan last month and it was time for me to go and the fellow who invited me escorted me to the car and as I entered the car he asked, Where are your escorts? where are your bodyguards. I laughed! I said, They are here. He said, Where are they? I said, God will have to open your eyes to see them! They are not human they are angels. From today wherever you go the angels of the Lord will go with you. (Amen!)

So angels obey Him. Now there are commanders and commanders. There are commanders and there is the Commander so when the earthly commanders issue their commands you listen first to what the Commander-in-Chief has to say. In Daniel 3:19-23 for example……

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here who has been bleeding for weeks. The Lord asks you to check the bleeding has stopped.

In Daniel 3 Nebuchadnezzar said, Heat the furnace 3 times hotter and then throw these people inside because he was a commander. And the Commander-in-Chief spoke and said, Fire, part for my children and the Bible said in Psalm 29:7, It said the voice of the Lord creates a path in the midst of fire. Every one of you passing through fire now – whatever the nature of the fire, the fire will not burn you. (Amen!)

I was in the North last week and I heard a testimony of the crisis that happened in Kano. These people were going from family to family and they know you are Christian, they ask you to surrender one of your children or you all die. They collect the child and you never see the child again. So they came to this family and they collected a child. And you could imagine what that could be for a father to hand over one of his children knowing that that child is going to be killed. The wife was saying to the husband, Darling, darling you are giving out… The husband said , What can I do? They will either kill all of us or they kill one… Then after they left the husband said, If the God who we serve in the Redeemed is truly alive, they will bring back my child. An hour later the child returned. Everything that the enemy has stolen from you, I command today, it will be fully restored. (Amen!) You better say that 'Amen!' loud and clear! (Amen!)

In Acts 12:4-6 a Commander said, put these people into prison. Tie him up properly, Lock the door of the prison very well. That's what they said concerning Peter. The Bible said they did not just tie him they tied him to two soldiers and then verses 7-11, the Commander-in-Chief said to one of the angels, Go now. Tell the chains to drop off. Tell the doors to open. Tell the guards to sleep. And the angel came and delivered the message, just as I'm delivering to you today. I'm commanding in the name of Jesus, every chain binding you will drop off tonight (Amen!) every door that had been shut against you will open tonight in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) And all the guards that are standing in your way, they will fall asleep. (Amen!)

I remember a story when I was a lecturer at the University of Lagos and some of these boys decided to burn down the bookshop and some of the boys that were Christians, that we used to do Bible study together said, Hey, what shall we do? Our Pastor has gone home. What shall we do? And then one of the others said, He said if there is any problem we are to call on Jesus, he didn't say we are to call on him. These boys are planning to burn the bookshop. Let's call on Jesus. So they gathered and they called a prayer meeting. In the meantime these people who wanted to burn the bookshop said we will wait till midnight and then they were drinking, they were smoking and they were waiting till midnight. Already they had kegs of petrol that they were going to use. When they woke up it was daylight and then they began to quarrel – the followers were saying to their leaders, What kind of leaders are you you fell asleep on duty! And he was saying what kind of followers are you that you cannot shake me and wake me up? With their own hands they poured away the petrol they bought. All those who are plotting against you they will fall asleep, Amen (Amen!)

……But probably one of the greatest stories, one of the greatest testimonies that I can share with you to tell you about the power of the Commander the One who is going to command you to be great…..

all those who are planning your destruction they will fall asleep. (Amen!) By the time they wake up you will already be great. (Amen!) If you believe that let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

O Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone who has been feeling dizzy for the past few days  but the Lord said I should tell you don't worry that's over now.

Whatever the Commander commands you to be that is what you will become. (Amen!) You know He said to Joseph, you will be a ruler. That's what He said to Joseph. His brothers didn't like it, they decided to kill him. They changed their minds, Let us sell him into slavery. He became a slave but because God said You will be a ruler, even in slavery he became Managing Director. They lied against him. They threw him in prison. when he got to prison he became Managing Director! And then of course he landed in Egypt and became the Managing Director of Egypt. Let me tell you one thing. Whether the devil likes it or not you are going to rule in the midst of your enemies! (Amen!)

So when God said, I have commanded David to be captain, it is interesting to not therefore in 1 Samuel 22:1-2 that in the Cave of Adullam, all vagabonds, all people who were debtors, everybody who had problems, they gathered together unto David. And the Bible said he became a captain over them. God said he will be y captain and wherever he found himself he was captain. I am looking at some captains of God here tonight. From now on wherever you go you will be captains. (Amen!)

O Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, they've told you to your face that We will finish you. The Lord asked me to tell you – they won't. In fact He asked me to tell you, I will raise you above them all (Amen!)

So they Commander-in-Chief had commanded that you will be great. The question now is how great are you going to be? You have no choice you are going to be great! But the question now is, how great? I didn’t hear your answer to that… exceedingly great? You better make it loud and clear! You see the Bible says in Psalm 118:22-23, it said the stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner, it said this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. People may say you are a reject and there is no way you can become anything… they are in for a surprise! By the time God has finished with you they will all admit this is the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes!

One of my sons, a top military officer had a serious motor accident, very serious motor accident – head smashed, mouth jarred, leg… very serious. Doctors took a look at him – Ah this one, he can never walk again, he can never talk again, ah! No hope! They even said it. I happened to be in the town and they told me so I went to see him in the hospital and I prayed a simple prayer. I commanded life into his body just as I am commanding life into your body and then I left. Few minutes after I left he called the wife. He called the wife and said, Bring me my shaving stick! You are thinking of shaving when… I'm already feeling better, bring me my shaving stick! Don't let me tell you his testimony, he will come and share it  during the Convention. So let me just say this one. But one of the people who said, Ah this one is finished, when they saw him back in his office on his seat, he said surely you have a Father. There is somebody here today who surely has a Father. (Amen!) The Almighty Father, King of Kings! Lord of Lords!, the Great Commander-in-Chief He has commanded you will be great.

God decides how great you will be because promotion comes from Him. But you have a role to play.

Thank You Father! The Lord said somebody had a dream recently and in the dream they stole your child, the Lord asked me to tell you, Don't worry anymore, everything that the enemy has stolen will be fully restored. (Amen!)

You have a role to play because to lead is to serve. Luke 22:24-26 Jesus Christ said the One who is going to be the chiefest among you must be the servant of all. So you want to be great? That is a settled matter but how great? The greatest must be the servant of all because the strong is to help the weak. Romans 15:1-3 He who is strong must bear the infirmities of those w ho are weak! The reason the engine of the trailer is big is because it has a lot of load to pull. The greater you want to be the bigger the load you must be willing to carry for Jesus. God empowers people to serve, not for status. Acts 1:8 you will receive power when the Holy Ghost come upon you and then you will be witnesses unto me. He empowers for service, not for status. He wants to make you great to serve not just to go about bearing titles. You want to be great you must be ready to serve.

I've told you before I was talking to God and I said Daddy I want double the portion of the anointing of Elijah, double the portion of the anointing of Elisha, double the portion of the anointing of Peter, double the portion of the anointing of Paul plus double the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ when He was here on earth. Add everything together and double it again!  So that's what I want. he said, So you are asking for trouble. They won't let you sleep. I said, I don't mind. That's a good problem!

How many of you want to be vessels unto honour? You want to be able to lay hands on the sick and get them healed, you want to be able to cast out demons? You are not answering me now! That's going to happen tonight. (Amen!) And then the people in your street  will soon know, the people in your village, they will soon know and they won't let you sleep anymore. When their child is sick they will come and knock at your door! They will call you Baba Adura! Baba Adura! They will come and knock at your door. Is that all right by you? I can't hear you! (Amen!)

So you want to be great. You want to be the richest? I didn't hear you now! (Amen!) If you become the richest man in the world, you can’t eat more than you are eating already. You can't wear 2 clothes at the same time so for who will the money be? To serve. When the money begins to come you must be willing to buy buses to bring people to  the Holy Ghost Service. You must be willing to build churches for people to worship, You must be willing to serve. Are you ready to serve? Are you ready to serve? To lead is to serve.

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here today, I will solve your problem my own way. (Amen!) Not the way you expect but I will solve your problems my own way. (Amen!) Thank You Father! I receive that one. You just have to do it Your own way Lord. Just get all the problems solved. Just do it Your way. Thank You Father!

Now that's number one – if you want to be great you  must be ready to serve.

Number 2. To lead is to defend. A captain must be ready to defend his team. Which means to lead is to be ready to fight. 1 Samuel 17:32-37 David said, Let no man fail because of this Goliath I will go and fight him. That is the Captain speaking. The rest of you don't worry, I will fight! Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to fight forces of darkness that are trying to destroy your people? Don't worry, the Almighty God! will supply the armour. (Amen!)

To lead is to represent. You must be willing to represent your people. Goliath said, Listen tome Israel, I am the champions of the Philistines send me your own representative. The one that God said will be my Captain said, I will go, I will represent my people. So if you want to be great, you must be ready to represent your people before God. To be a captain mans you are going to be an intercessor. You want to be great?  Not only the people around will not let you sleep. You yourself will not even want to sleep because you need to pray!

Years ago when my Father in the Lord was alive he came to spend some time with me. when we were going to bed after the night pray I saw him going down on his knees. When I got up in the middle of the might to go and ease myself because my house was on the outskirts of the town and the toilet was outside, I still saw him on his knees. When we woke up in the morning for morning devotion, he was still on his knees. So I said, What's wrong with this man? What's the problem? What does he want from God that he has been asking since last night and he hasn't got it yet? If you ask me the same question now, I know the answer. You say, Pastor Adeboye, why don't you sleep at night? I know the answer. Is it clothes you  are asking for, is it food? House? Cars? No! Then why are you not sleeping? I'm sure some of you know the answer. Because today we are great but we haven't started – we are going to be much, much greater.

As I was telling the Pastors in their minister's conference recently, the baby pig asked the mother pig, Why are you always saying hon,hon, hon…? The mother pig said when you are as old as I am you will know. How many of you want to be greater than I am? So it will you be in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) And you will need to serve and you will to defend and you will need to represent.

The one who will command must be commandable. The one who will command must be under the authority of the Commander-in-Chief.

Thank You Father! The Lord says I should just announce it, that the people concerned will understand. He said, I will choke the chokers. (Amen!)

And the one who would be great, the one who will command must be under the Commander-in-Chief. In Luke 7:1-10 a centurion came to Jesus Christ and said, I am also a man under authority and when I say to one soldier come, he comes and when I say to another go, he goes because I myself am under Caesar. If Caesar asks me to come, I will come; if he asks me to go I will go! Brethren you are going to be great. (Amen!) Let me warn you. The greater you are the more complete must be your obedience to the Commander-in-Chief. The greater you are, the more closely you must listen to the command of your Commander-in-Chief. The Almighty God! said to Moses in Exodus 17:1-6, He said, strike the rock and it will bring forth water. He struck the rock and it brought forth water. In Numbers 20:7-12 God said to Moses, speak to the rock – not strike this time but speak. Instead of speaking he struck and as a result he didn't get to the Promised Land. The greater you are the more closely you must listen to the commands of the Commander-in-Chief.

Let me share with you a story or two because I know you are going to be great. There is nothing anybody can do about that! So you better know in advance. I was sitting down in my office. A brother came. As we were talking, he said, I'm going to travel, going to America to attend a Christian conference. Ah good! God will go with you etc, etc Suddenly he said to me – or will you like to go? Ah! Of course! I mean, if it is a Christian conference I would love to go! But I don't have the money so I'm not going. He said, That's no problem. I will like to buy you first class ticket. I will pay for your accommodation. I will even give you pocket money to spend. Ah! I was happy! What a great day! Thank you sir! Thank you sir! And then he left. After he left my Commander-in-Chief said, You are not going anywhere! Yes Lord. But why? I didn't beg him for it. He's the one who offered and it is something that is going to be beneficial to the Church? But the Commander-in-Chief had spoken. So I picked my phone and I phoned the man as he was getting to the office: Thank you for the offer but my Commander-in-Chief says I'm not going anywhere. So I didn't go. He went. Came back. Few days after he came back he was arrested. That he had been defrauding and they were now tracing how he spent the money and they would have seen there how he bought a ticket for the GO. The gift that will get you into trouble God will never allow you to receive it! (Amen!)

You want to be great you must learn obedience. Let me tell you another one or two stories because I know this night is going to change your life permanently. (Amen!) Your life is already changing anyway. (Amen!) We were in the old auditorium. Suddenly the Lord spoke to me and said – there are some people in the crowd with severe back pain, that they couldn't even bend to touch their toes. He said, Call them out. I want to heal them. So I called them out. And I thought that God will now say, go and lay hands on them and pray for them. But no, He said, Dance round them. Dance? round sick people? Why will I say I am dancing? I'm dancing because your back is aching? But you have to list en to Him and do what He says. So I went. Danced round them. The band was playing and I was dancing and I looked like a silly man dancing, I was the only one dancing. After I've danced for some time, He said, That's all right. Tell all of them to touch their toes and they were healed every one. Now it is  not my dancing that healed them. God just wanted to find out… will you obey me?

You want another one? It happened at the altar over there. Some of you will remember God said, I should wear 7 agbadas together. How many of you remember that one? Some of you did. And you can imagine how uncomfortable it could be. He said  I should wear them, I wore them. He said, I should dance for a while, I danced and then He said I should spread the garments on the altar and then all those who needed a miracle should just come, touch the garments  and say, 'I receive.' Tell them they are to touch not to hold! And one man said, if touching is going to give me a miracle, holding will give me much more and he came and grabbed the thing. Because of the surface the agbada looked like ordinary agbada but they were no longer ordinary because they had been worn in obedience. he grabbed the garments and the power of God hit him. He began to shake violently. Unfortunately for him I had already gone to my office. He grabbed the thing at 8 am. He was still shaking by 5 pm. Somebody came and said,  'Sir, somebody is about to die you better come.' He had been shaking so violently from morning to evening he was almost dead. I had to come and ask God for mercy for him before he became normal again.

You want to be great you must learn obedience. Total obedience. When your Commander-in-Chief says wins souls. Your answer must be, 'Yes Lord.' When your Commander-in-Chief says Follow up the converts, the answer must be what? 'Yes Lord!' When your Commander-in-Chief says give your answer must be what? I can't hear you. When your Commander-in-Chief says pay your tithes, what must be your answer? You will soon discover, after tonight that you will find yourself, maybe in the bus or in the taxi or in your place of work and you will hear a voice quietly within you saying, Lay hands on him and pray for him. What must be your answer? (Yes, Lord!)

There is only one person called the Most High – you must never forget that. Only one person called the Almighty. When your greatness comes remember that He said, take my yoke upon you. You must know who is the Commander-in-Chief. You must know who is the One calling the shots. He is the Almighty. He is the Most High.

So if there is any one here tonight who is yet to surrender his or her life to Jesus before we go to the crucial part of tonight's programme., I want to give you an opportunity to surrender your life to Him. You must come to Him. You must surrender your life to Him.

Come quickly 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7 now. I know some of you are coming from a long distance but you have to hurry now. This is your day of salvation. Everything is going to change. You are going to become a brand new creation today. Hurry up quickly! Hurry up quickly! The gates of mercy are open now. Com eon! Come on quickly! 8 now – 8! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! He is the only one who can draw people to Him. Rejoice because the Lord is saving souls, rejoice! rejoice! Come from all over the place. Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Thank You Jesus! Yes, I can see some of you still coming! Hurry up! Hurry up! 9 now. 9! This is a final count! A final count now. Hurry up!

Those of you already in front begin to talk to Jesus now – ask Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to save your souls, ask Him to cleanse you in His blood – those of you still coming, Keep coming! Keep coming! Keep coming! Before we finish praying. Continue to pray those of you who are in front. Tell God: Have mercy! I will serve You from now on. Forgive all my sins. Save my soul! And those of you who are still on the way - Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! And  the rest of us let's stretch our hands towards these people and pray for them that the Lord who saved our souls will save their own souls too. Let's pray for them brethren. Hurry up! The rest of you who are still on the way, I can still see many of you… Hurry up! Hurry up! Get here before we finish praying.

Those of you who are in front, open your mouths, talk to God! Say, Save my soul! Save my soul O Lord! Save my soul! Forgive all my sins. I will serve you! I will serve you! Those of you who are still coming keep coming, don't wait – this is your day of salvation. He will save you. Just cry to Him and say, Be merciful to me O Lord! Be merciful to me O Lord! Forgive all my sins and I will serve you. Be my Lord, be my Saviour and I will serve you all the days of my life. Now if you are coming this is your last opportunity because I am about to pray so you really have to move now. Hurry up! I can see some of you still running. I know you are coming from a long distance but get here quickly before we pray. O Lord Save my soul! Almighty God! Have mercy on me Lord, have mercy on me! Cleanse me in Your blood and I will serve You all the days of my life! Have mercy on me O Lord. Have mercy! Have mercy! Have mercy! Those of you who are still in the way make sure you get here before I finish praying because I must pray now. Thank You Father! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Father Almighty, I just want to bless Your name. I want to thank You very, very much for these people You have brought to Yourself this day. remember Your promise O Lord that whosoever will come unto You You will in no wise cast out. these people have come unto You now receive them in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) Save their souls in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) Cleanse them in Your blood in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) From today Lord any time they call upon You answer them in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) And let them serve you for the rest of their lives in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) Thank You! my Father In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Praise the Lord! (Alleluia!)

Those of you in front let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). I want to rejoice with you because the heavens are rejoicing now. According to the Word of God Jesus is dancing because of you now and the rest of us are rejoicing with you too. Congratulations! Congratulations! And I want to make you a promise, by the special grace of God, from now on I will be praying for you. That's why I need your names and your address and your prayer requests. Now the address must be correct because when I ask God to send your miracle it will be sent to the address that you put down. So if you follow this brother, some Pastors are waiting towards the back of the auditorium to collect this information from you and then they will bring you back to come and join us so you can begin to go now…… Let's put our hands together for them….

Let somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!) Those of us who have major testimonies you can please report at the back  of the altar where some Pastors are waiting to listen to your testimonies and then we will select some of them for sharing later on tonight.

We prayed a prayer earlier on which I am not sure many of us fully understood. It is one thing to do everything that you know how to do. It is a different thing to do the right thing. When a student writes an exam, he could write all he knows but unless he writes the right thing he will not pass. What makes a difference between those who succeed in life and those who fail is knowing the right thing. So we are going to pray that prayer one more time. You will stand on your feet and say, Father, teach me the right thing to do and help me to do it. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God!: Teach me the right thing to do and help e to do it. I don't want to be struggling for nothing. Teach me the right thing to do and help me to do it,,…

Let me hear you shout 'Alleluia' (Alleluia!)

How many of you know something is about to happen to you? In the next few minutes something will happen to you that will surprise even you. If you believe that say 'Amen!' loud and clear. I will tell you a story and we share for few minutes and then I will do what God wants us to do tonight.

Several years ago we were having a workers meeting at the Headquarters. We had a Bible question. Now at the workers meeting the Pastors sit in one section, the workers sit in another section. And the only fellow who could answer my question correctly happened to be a worker. It was a deep question and he gave the answer correctly. So I looked at him. I said, Well done Pastor so-so-so. A few seconds, everybody looked surprised because he's a worker but then after some time they began to clap and this man didn't waste time. He picked up his Bible and crossed over to the side of Pastors because the General Overseer had called him Pastor. Some of you will get it soon. Tonight you are going to leave the company of ordinary people and cross over to the company of the special. I've always told you that when there is a special occasion – some big man is having an event and it is time for entertainment, he will say the Governors, ministers, will eat at such-and-such a place, the Commissioners, judges will eat in such-and-such a place and they keep going like that, finally they will say And all others will eat on the football field. The 'all others' are those we don't care whether they eat or not, no problem. In the next few minutes you are going to leave the category of 'all others' (Amen!) You better say 'Amen!' loud and clear.

Now because your greatness is assured you need to know how to live as a great person. Great people when they pray, they don't beg. They command. They decree. They say 'come', 'go!'. They say, Sickness –go! Demons – go! Blessings – come! They look at any gate blocking their way and they say Gate – lift up your head! Now in Matthew 18:18 the Almighty God!, the Commander-in-Chief said, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven because the Cc had commanded your greatness you must from tonight change your way of prayer. Stop begging. great people are no beggars. Mark 11:23says If you shall believe and doubt not you will say to this mountain. It didn't  say you will beg the mountain. You will say to this mountain, Mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and it shall obey you. Beginning from tonight I want to begin to hear a new kind of prayer. I want you to be able to stand up and say, Mountain, I command you in the name of Jesus, move! Some of you will say, but I've said that before … at that time you didn't  know that God had commanded you to be great! Things are different now! Do I hear 'Amen!' to that. I told you that the power of the command is determined by the power and authority of the commander. From the moment I said to that worker Pastor, he became a Pastor and even his friends who were just equal with him  a minute before now had to obey him if he said, 'Move.' Before you get home today, all those forces that had been threatening you will become afraid of you. (Amen!) Because the Word of God says you will decree a thing and it will be established unto you. When Elisha was going to reverse the curse on Jericho he did not pray, he commanded, he said, "Waters you are healed." and the Bible said the waters were healed up till today according to the saying of Elisha. When you go home today and you get to your village, command that the waters of your village be healed. They will be healed. When you get home today command that every curse on every member of your family be reversed and they will be reversed.

When some children rose up to mock Elisha, the Bible did not tell us whether they had mocked him before, maybe they've so when he was just the friend of the prophet but within a period of about an hour or two things had changed. Now when they were mocking him they didn't know that the spirit of Elijah now rests on Elisha. So when they mocked him he now turned to them and simply said, "I curse you in the Name of the Lord." and immediately 2 she-bears came from no where and tore the mockers to pieces. You are going to pray like you've never prayed before, you are going to name all those things that are mocking your God and you are going to curse them in the Name of the Lord. It does not take long to change an ordinary man to a special man. All it needs is a command from the one who has authority to show command.

There was a time that I too was just an ordinary Pastor among other ordinary pastors. But then a command came from the one who was then the General Overseer of the church : this man is my successor, he is now the General Overseer. Immediately when I now turn to any of my colleagues and I say sir, you move from Benin to Part Harcourt. You, you move from Ilorin. You go to Benin. You, you move from Ibadan you go to Maiduguri – I don't have to repeat myself. The moment I say so the next thing is they begin to look for the transport that will take them to their new station. Because of what I'm about to do in the next one minute, when you tell demons to move, you won't have to repeat yourself. (Amen!) The moment you say it, demons will be looking for ways to get out. I didn't hear your 'Amen'. Anyway stand on your feet.

For one minute I want you to thank God that you are here tonight because something is about to happen. You better believe it because something is about to happen.Just thank God that you are here tonight…… Bless His Name that you are here tonight. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The hour has come. I am about to make some pronouncements. If I were you I would receive my own by faith. Father … you just receive. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus (Amen!) I  just want to thank You for the very special love You have for Your people here. This is an uncommon love, that of all the people on the face of the earth today you have chosen these people for this very special blessing. On behalf of every one of us accept our thanks in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) By the authority invested in me by the One, who is called the Most High, I hereby decree that the grace to excel be given to you in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) I hereby decree that beginning from this very moment, everything you need to be great be given unto you (Amen!) I hereby decree that every child of God here present today – you will be great! (Amen!) I command, in the Name of the One who sent me, beginning from now on you must be great! (Amen!) No matter how low you are now, I command in the mighty name of Jesus you will reach the top – (Amen!). The seal of greatness I command be placed on you now in Jesus' Name! (Amen!) And so shall it be. (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!) I say so shall it be! (Amen!) Baba….. alagbara……..

Now if you believe that, things have changed immediately. I want you to pray  2 quick prayers. Number 1 command everything that is evil – every mountain, every reproach in your life, command them to go! Speak with authority from the Great One - Now in the mighty Name of Jesus, every reproach, every mountain, move now in the mighty name of Jesus Every mountain – move! Every reproach! Move! O Yes Lord! Thank You! Move in the mighty name of Jesus! Every pain, every problem, every mountain – Move! ….  Thank You! Thank You! … Blessed be Your Name! ….. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Still along the same lines there are drum beats of the enemy saying I am not going to succeed. Decree that every drumbeat of the enemy be silenced now! Now! Now! Every doubt, every unbelief be silenced in the mighty name of Jesus Now! Every drumbeat of the enemy I command – shut up! Shut up! Every report of the devil be silenced! Silence! Silence! Thank You Lord! Thank You!

 Thank You Lord!


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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