There is someone here tonight who is going to live the rest of his or her life in victory. If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). My Redeemer is alive! He is watching over sparrows. He will watch over you (Amen!) This month of May, a month of grace, God will be gracious unto you. You will find favour with God. You will find favour with men. The favour of God will pursue you and abide with you and go ahead of you. This month will be a month among months for you. It will be a month you will never forget for the rest of your life. If you believe that let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

 Once upon a time, one young man looked around and everything was dark, terribly dark. He was surrounded on all sides by enemies, enemies that were too strong for him ….. and then he did something unusual. The situation was hopeless, darkness everywhere and then he began to praise God!

When he began to praise God, certain things began to happen. Number one, God arose for him. (Amen!) God will arise for you today. (Amen!) Number 2, God began to fight his battles for him. The One who has never lost a battle will begin to fight for you. (Amen!) Number 3, his enemies began to destroy themselves. Because you are here tonight all those who wanted to destroy you will destroy themselves. (Amen!) Number 4, All the wealth of the enemies was transferred to this young man. Beginning from today, the wealth of your enemies will be transferred to you. (Amen!) Number 5, this young man suffered for one day and he was rewarded by 3 days of supernatural abundance. By the time my God finishes with you, all your sorrows, all your pain, all your agony will be forever forgotten! (Amen!)

 All this happened because Jehoshaphat decided to praise God. Will you praise Him tonight? Go ahead praise the Almighty God! Go ahead bless His name! Magnify the King of Kings, praise the Lord of Lords, praise the Unchangeable Lord. Praise Him like you have never done before – Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him! Magnify His Holy Name! Praise Him! He is worthy to be praised! He is worthy to be magnified! It doesn't matter what is happening to you now, praise Him! Praise Him! He's worthy, worthy of our praise! Praise Him till He will rise for you! Until He will begin to fight your battles for you. Praise Him until your enemies begin to destroy one another! Till all the wealth of the enemies become transferred to you! Praise Him! Praise Him till all your sorrows be forgotten! He is worthy! He is worthy! He is worthy to be praised! He's worthy to be magnified! There's  no one like Him! King of Kings! Lord of Lords! The I AM that I AM, the Unchangeable Lord! Praise Him! He's a mighty man of battle! The One who had never lost a battle. He is the Lord of hosts! He is the Holy One of Israel! Praise Him! He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! He is the rock of Ages! Praise Him! Magnify His Holy Name! Praise Him! Praise Him! Magnify His Holy Name! He is mighty! Blessed be Your Name Lord! In Jesus' mighty Name we have worshipped! (Amen!) In Jesus' mighty Name we have worshipped! (Amen!)

 Now you lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, You the Lord of Hosts, fight for me! Pray to the Almighty God  Fight for me O Lord! Fight for my family! Fight for Your Church! Fight O Lord! Fight for Your nation! Please Lord, fight for me! Fight! Arise and fight for me! …..Thank You Almighty Father. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 Brethren it is written that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper so tonight you are going to say Father, every weapon of Satan arrayed against me, I neutralize in the name of Jesus! Go ahead, talk to the Almighty: Every weapon of Satan arrayed against me, I neutralize in the mighty name of Jesus! Because according to Your Word no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, so in the mighty name of Jesus and on the authority of Your word I neutralize every weapon of Satan arrayed against me…… In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 It is written that every tongue that is raised against us in judgement we shall rebuke. When sickness stays in your body its saying, Where is the healing power of your Christ? When poverty stays in your life, its saying where is the ability of God to provide? Anything in your life that is saying where is your God? rebuke tonight! – sickness I rebuke you! Poverty I rebuke you! Barrenness I rebuke you! Failure I rebuke you! Sorrow, I rebuke you! Death, I rebuke you! .. Go ahead…….. Exercise your authority! Sickness, I rebuke you! Poverty I rebuke you! Failure I rebuke you! Sorrow, I rebuke you! In the mighty Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! And so shall it be In Jesus' mighty Name!.

Now you talk to your Father one more time and say, Father, tonight don't let me go empty-handed. Go ahead talk to the Almighty! Father, tonight don't let me go empty-handed! Father, tonight don't let me go empty-handed. Tonight in a very special way my Father and my God visit me, bless me,  don't let me go empty-handed. don't let me go empty-handed. Settle me O Lord!  Deal with my case, don't let me go empty-handed, don't let me go empty-handed! Glorify Your Name the way only You can - don't let me go empty-handed, don't let me go empty-handed! Thank You Father! Thank You Father! …… Thank You Father! don't let me go empty-handed, don't let me go empty-handed, don't let me go empty-handed, don't let me go empty-handed… In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Let's go  before Him now and worship Him one more time….. He is Lord, He is Lord….  That wonderful name – Jesus….. King of Kings, Lord of Lords The I AM that I AM, the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Lord, the Rock of Ages, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the I AM that I AM, I embrace Your Name, I magnify your holy Name there is no one like You, You are good, You are kind, You are mighty, You are wonderful! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Father Glory be to Your Holy Name! Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April and now Thank You for May. Glory be to Your Holy Name! Father Glory be to Your Holy Name! Tonight, visit Your children, do marvellous things. save souls tonight. Heal tonight. Deliver tonight. Let all be well tonight and let your Name be glorified In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!) I mean shout, I didn't say murmur! Let somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!)

Finally before you sit down, those of you who are children of May you remain standing while the others sit down. Those of you who were born in May remain standing. We want to pray for you.

 In the mighty Name of Jesus! (Amen!) Father, I want to thank You for these Your children that were born in the month of May. and so Father, I pray that in the morning they will find favour and in the afternoon they will find favour and in the evening they will find favour, in the night time they will find favour. every door they knock at will be opened unto them. Every where that they go the presence of God will go with them. Every one of you, as you are beginning a new year, there'll be new joy for you. (Amen!) New blessings for you. (Amen!) There'll be new successes for you. (Amen!) In all areas of your life God will be gracious to you. (Amen!) So shall it be. (Amen!) In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Well let somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!) You can be seated. Shake hands with one or two people and tell them this is my month of grace. I'm going to find favour with God. I'm going to find favour with man. In all areas of my life there'll be divine favour.

 Acts 13:21-22, as we continue with our series anointing for greatness, we find something very interesting here. Acts 13:21-22

     And afterward they desired a king: and God gave unto them Saul the son of Cis, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, by the space of forty years. And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.

He raised up David, God is going to raise up somebody here tonight. (Amen!) As I was studying the life of David and I came to this particular passage I found those words particularly challenging: He raised up David.  To raise up means to promote, that is why I know this is going to be your month of promotion. (Amen!) Because Psalm 75:6-7 establishes it for us that promotion comes from God. Promotion does not come from the East or from the West or from the South but God is the judge. He raises up one .. He will raise you up today. (Amen!)

In 1 Samuel 2:8, the Bible tells us that God can raise up a beggar from the dunghill and cause him to sit among princes. That means no matter how low you are now, that is not how you are going to end, God is going to raise you up. One day before you die you are still going to dine with Presidents. (Amen!) You don't believe me. If you believe me your Amen would have been loud. I'm not the one who will do it! He's the One who already did it that is going to raise you up. And when God decides to raise up somebody, who can stop Him? Who can stand in His way? Esther was a slave girl. when God decided to make her a queen. Joshua was an ordinary servant of Moses; he was Moses messenger when the Almighty God decided this is going to be my next President, who could stop Him? Whether you like it or not there is somebody here tonight you are going to reach the top. (Amen!) I say you will reach the very, very top! (Amen!)

To promote or raise up means to place where it can be seen. If you are trying to show me something and I can't see, I say, raise it up, raise it up! When I was sitting down here the people on the other side couldn't see me but when I came to this higher platform they can now see! Very soon, the whole world will see you! (Amen!) Why? Because according to Matthew 5:14-15 Jesus Christ said, You are the light of the world. You are the what? The light of the world. A city that is set n a hill cannot be moved. By divine decree you are the light of the world. One way or the other the Almighty God is going to say to someone here tonight Arise, shine for your light is come. Arise shine for your light is come. Let me hear your 'Amen!' (Amen!)

It took God only one night to bring Joseph from the prison to the front glare of Egypt. Why because He diced to raise Him up. He gave Pharaoh 2 things that he couldn't interpret. I don't know who God is going to give some dreams to tonight. Don't worry we will already be shining. Some years ago at the beginning of the month God spoke to us and said, I will advertise my church. We all said 'Amen', we didn't know how its going to happen. How will He do it? We didn't know. You see when God says He wants to do something for you, don't use your little brain trying to understand how. So it happened that a federal Minister was misquoted. The Press said that the Minister said he was going to fall down Redemption Camp. The Minister said, "Ahhhh I didn't say so but the following day he came here; the following Friday television crew of the whole nation so those who didn't know we were here suddenly knew we were here! Those who didn't know you are alive they will know very soon. (Amen!) I say God will advertise your greatness.

To raise up means to assist to a height beyond personal ability. To raise up is different from to climb up. If you reach a height  by your own ability you will climb up. But if God decides to raise you up. It means He will take you to a height that it is not humanly possible to reach. And I’m saying to somebody here, the helper of the helpless is going to take you to a height you never thought possible. Psalm 3:2-3 David said, Many people have said there is no help for him but Lord you are the lifter up of my head. There are many of us who are here tonight. At one time or the other the enemy has said, There’s no help for him. There’s no help for her, He’s not going to succeed; he can’t reach the top!  They say that one, leaving somebody out of their equation, leaving God out of their calculation. Tonight because Jesus lives the helper of the helpless will help you, David said, Lord, Thy gentleness had made me great. Psalm 18:35 in other words I am not great because of my ability, I am great because of Your gentleness O Lord. I am great simply because You decided to make me great. Because the Lord lives you will be great (Amen!) I say you will be great. (Amen!)

Some of you know this story. When I was doing my PhD Programme my supervisor went on leave and gave me some assignment to do. He gave me so much assignment that he was sure I won’t even be one quarter of the way by the time he returns. By the time he came I’ve done everything so he called me and said, Listen, I know you are a Christian and I know you won’t lie. Who helped you? Because there’s no way you could have done all this thing within this time! Somebody helped you!” I said, “That is true sir.” He said, “Who helped you?” I know if I said Jesus he would laugh at me because he will say Jesus is not a mathematician. So when he said, Who helped me? I said, Professor Emmanuel. His name shall be called Emmanuel. Believe it or not he’s a professor of mathematics. So when I said, Professor Emmanuel, he said, Thank you! I know you will tell the truth. But then he said, Of which Department? Professor Emmanuel is going to help somebody here tonight.

O Thank You Father! The Lord said there is somebody here tonight, He said I should tell you, the time for you to enjoy rest, quietness and peace has come. Now if you are that person let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Now to raise up means to promote, it means to place where it could be seen. It means to assist to a height beyond personal ability and that implies that fellow that is raised up is favoured. There were several people but God raised up David. Even in the family of /David there were many big boys but David found favour with God that is why God raised him up. There is somebody here tonight who is going to find favour with God. Psalm 30:5 says, In his favour is life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. By the time the sun rises tomorrow somebody here will be singing for joy! (Amen!) The Bible tells us that when they sold Jesus into slavery, he found favour and instead of  being a slave he became Managing Director. Genesis 39:1-6 The Bible says he was a slave but his master handed over to him everything, so much so that it was Joseph who now decided what food the master would eat! The reason why many of us are still struggling today is because we are yet to find favour with God. Tonight as the Lord lives, you will find that favour with God. (Amen!)

Six years ago we decided to start a branch of this church in the Republic of Ireland. They told me don’t waste your time, it’s not going to work. They told me, the only Pentecostal church started in that Republic, by Americans, had to close down. So where are you coming from, you coming from the jungle of Nigeria? I said, My own is different. I have favour with God. My own is different. Tell your neighbour: My own is different! Say it with confidence: My own is different. Last month I went to conduct Holy Ghost Service in Ireland. We already have 32 parishes there. (Amen!) We rented one of the largest auditoriums in the whole nation. Everywhere was jammed and people were standing outside. If I remember by the grace of God, next month I will show you a little bit of the video. Because of divine favour. That’s why I say, from tonight onwards, everywhere you go the favour of God will follow you. Everything you do, the favour of God will attend to it. (Amen!)

Now the one who is raised up, not only has he found favour with God, such a fellow can claim he is blessed, because  promotion surely is not a curse. Deuteronomy 28:1-2 and verse 13 , Moses said if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God and to do all that I command you this day then these blessings shall pursue you and follow you. One of the blessings is the Lord shall make you the head and not the tail. You will be above only and never beneath. You wouldn’t even say ‘Amen’ to that one? (Amen!)

In Genesis 24: 24-25 that man said, I am Abraham’s servant and the Lord has blessed my master greatly and he has become great. Anyone that God blesses automatically becomes great. You also remember when Jacob came and stole the blessing of Esau and Esau came and said I have come now to receive the blessing. And his father said it’s late. Esau said bless me also! The father said, I have already made your brother your lord. I have already pronounced the blessing that he will be head, so it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t catch up with him.  So tonight I bless you in the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen!). No matter how hard the enemy tries they won’t catch up with you! (Amen!)

The one who is raised up is blessed. I’ve told you before that I am what I am today by the grace of God and by the blessing of my mother because any time I made her happy. She will say, You will call one person, 200 hundred will answer. At that time, I didn’t know what she meant now I know when I see the effect of that blessing. That’s why I’m pronouncing on you too today that you  will call one fellow, 10, 000 will answer! (Amen!) And the 10,000 will answer! The elders have a saying – they say it is not struggling that makes people rich. If it is struggling, if it is working hard and struggling that makes people rich, those people who carry 2 bags of cement on their shoulders to work, they should be the richest people in the nation. The Bible says the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrows. Proverbs 10:22 That blessing that  makes great receive today in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here tonight  today, the Lord said I should tell you, you will no longer lose ground to the enemy. (Amen!) You will no more lose ground to the enemy. (Amen!)

Now to raise up is a process. It involves so many things. If I am to raise up this tambourine. There are certain things I must do before I could raise it up. I will tell you some of them very soon but I have to go down, come in contact with it, hold it, carry it, carry it upward and it’s a process. If God is going to raise you up and I know He will raise you up – there is a process. The first thing is He has to locate you. I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands are here. I can’t see many of you. Some of you are far away and God may decide He wants to raise up just one fellow – I know I will be one of them. I know my wife will be one of them. Maybe one or two others will join us. So He has to locate the person.

In Acts 13:22 that we read earlier on. He said, I have found David, I have located David. The beauty of God locating you is this; He knows your address, He knows your current address. It doesn’t matter how many times you have moved. He knows where you are because He’s an all-knowing God. You can’t hide from Him which is good news because He’s looking for someone that He wants to raise up and He’s going to locate somebody here tonight. (Amen!) Locating you, knowing your address is full of meanings one of which is that your prayers will not go unnoticed. You know I used to wonder – all these thousands are crying to God at the same time. How does He know what I’m asking for and what you are asking for?

When I was a younger Christian, when we  come to early morning prayers, at Ebute-Metta, and they say Let’s pray for Nigeria, everybody will be shouting and praying loudly. Let’s pray for the church! Oh it will be louder still. The moment they say, Everybody now pray for yourself suddenly the noise goes down. All those who have been praying in English before will now begin to pray in their mother tongue. So the rest of  you will not hear what you are saying. But God hears all, He will hear you tonight. He will hear you tonight. (Amen!)

In Acts 9:10-11 He was talking about Saul of Tarsus in a street called Strait, in the house of a certain man. It said behold he prayeth. This is the address and he’s praying there. |He knows your address and He knows you are here to pray tonight. The prayers you have already prayed, He has already heard. The prayers you will yet pray tonight He will hear also in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

So Thank You Father! The Lord said there is somebody here, you have….. the best way to describe it – you have a troublesome stomach. The Lord asked me to tell you He had taken care of that. (Amen!) That troublesome stomach will no longer trouble you.

Now locating someone means that fellow has attracted attention. In this crowd for God to locate somebody that fellow may need to attract God's attention. This could be as a result of violent prayer. I mean you know the story of Bartimaeus in Matthew 10:46-82. It said a great multitude was following Jesus but Bartimaeus made up his mind God must locate me! So he began to pray loudly. They even asked him to shut up but the Bible said he prayed a lot more, louder until God located one beggar in a great multitude. That is why when we say let us pray and some of you are murmuring. I told you before it is true God hears all prayers, whether you pray quietly or loudly He hears, no doubt about that but who is He going to attend to first? That's the question. Now, I've given this illustration before: 3 highly-educated people were involved in an accident. We're talking about real gentlemen and they rushed them to the emergency ward of the hospital where there is only one doctor and the 3 of them  saw the 1 doctor coming and one of them said, " He should know that I'm here because I need help. So he kept his mouth shut. The second one said, "Today I think I better talk so that this man will come to me. But since I'm a gentleman I must speak like a gentleman so he said, "Doctor, I need help man!" And the third one said, "This is the day of troubles, not the day of grammar!" He said, "Doctor! Help!" Which of the 3 is going to receive the first attention? Do I hear somebody say, "Jesus help!"? He will help you in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

When Peter was walking on water then suddenly he began to sink. Supposing he decided to be a gentle fisherman and say, "Ahh, after all Jesus can see me sinking and then in any case He has taught us how to pray – our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come…." How many gallons of water would he have taken? When he found himself sinking, he cried out, "Lord! Help!" And the Lord grabbed him by the hand. Jesus will grab your hand today in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

The one you hated must have attracted attention either by persistent, loud prayer, or it could be by loud praise. In Mark 16:25-26 the Bible said at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them. It was not a quiet prayer meeting. They were not praising God internally. They woke up other prisoners with their praise. No wonder God located them. From many of us here tonight God wants to locate somebody, probably the one whose 'Alleluia' is the loudest (Alleluia!) Thank You It was not a feeble 'Alleluia' that pulled down the wall of Jericho. It wasn't a plastic shout that pulled down the wall of Jericho. No it was a boisterous, violent, loud praise that brought down the wall of Jericho. It was a shout that brought it down, it was the praise that brought about an earthquake! (Alleluia!) Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! Amen! God bless you! You may be seated!

The Lord says because you have praised Him tonight He will give you something to shout about. So shall it be in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

So people could be located because they prayed or because they praised or because of persistent giving. Cornelius was located because he persistently gave. Or because of uncommon sacrifice. That’s how Solomon was located. Or because of dedication to the service of the Lord. That's how Zechariah was located. Or because of purity of life. That's how Mary the mother of Jesus was located. The angel was sent to a virgin not a harlot. Or God can locate someone just because he is God. He said I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful. I will show compassion on whom I will show compassion. Romans 9:15. That's how He located me. When He located me I didn't know how to pray. I didn't know how to shout. Surely I wasn't anything called holy bit he found me all the same because He decided to be merciful. Who is He going to find tonight? Wave your hand to Him and say, I am the one. Go on, wave your hand to Him and say, I am the one!

So the process of raising up involves location as a result of having attracted attention which will now lead to a decision to help. After God has located the one He wants to raise up He has to take a decision. Do I want to help him or do I first leave him where he is? After He located Daniel with all his shouts for help, the Bible said He stood still, taking  a decision, finally He decided, Let me help him and then He said, Go and bring him. Today, the Almighty God will send a vessel to somebody and say, Go and bring him, go and bring him, I want to help him! God will help somebody here tonight (Amen!)

And then after that…. Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here, your palms and the soles of your feet are always wet but now they are dry. He has taken care of the situation for you.

After God has located the person that He wants to raise, the person who has attracted His attention, He has decided now I want to help, the next thing is that the hand of God will come in contact with the person. There must be personal contact. Even if that is all I am able to share with you tonight if you get that one that should settle it. Because whenever God touched a man a miracle must happen. If God touched you tonight your problems are over.

I will quickly go through some examples. When God touches the blind, the blind will begin to see. John 9:1-7 There was a man who was born blind, and Jesus located him and decided to help him and what did he do. He spit on the ground, made mud of the clay and touched his eyes. And asked him to go and wash and he came back seeing. Is it the mud which made him see? Is it the water with which he washed. If it is mud that  will make you see there will be no blind man left in the whole world. All they need to do is also spit on the ground, make some mud and put on their own eyes. No its not the mud, it’s the hand behind the mud because the one who touched the mud is the one who said, as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world. When light touches darkness, darkness must disappear. All of you who are blind, blind mentally, blind spiritually, God will touch you today in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

I am saying it because of those people who have never heard the story because its going to help somebody. I was preaching in Sapele to a small group of people. Suddenly I was in the spirit and I saw a vision. I saw one boy who was blind and suddenly I saw his eyes open. Quickly I announced it – there's a boy here, there's a boy here, whose blind. God wants to open his eyes. If you are the parent of the boy bring him forward. Nobody moved. Ah. I know what I saw. Oh if the boy is at home, bring him, I will wait! Nobody moved. I waited for one hour nobody came. I was sad. I saw that we were losing a miracle and we had to continue on our journey because the programme was going on in Akure also. We arrived in Akure somebody was preaching. I was sitting at the back and as he was preaching, suddenly one man got up and he was holding a boy in the hand and the boy was the boy I saw in my vision and the man was taking the boy towards the altar and I knew that the ushers will drive them away, they won't let them get to the altar particularly as the preacher was still preaching. But you see the time for that boy had come – he can't wait till the preacher finished preaching just as tonight now your miracle will come before I finish preaching. So I got up and I began to run so I can get to this man and this child before the ushers pushed them to the ground. As I was hurrying towards this father and son, the little boy asked who was behind him and turned to see and as he turned his eyes opened. (Amen!) I didn't touch him, nobody prayed for him but God touched him. God is going to touch somebody here tonight. (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear your Amen loud and clear.

 When God touches the incurable the incurable will be cured. In the olden days the worst disease was leprosy. Before cancer and aids and all of them began to come. Somebody had leprosy then that  was sentence of death. But in Matthew 8:1-3 the Bible says and

 As he was coming down from the mountain, a great multitude followed him. And, behold, a leper came to him and fell down at his feet and worshipped him, and said, if thou wilt, thou can make me clean. And Jesus touched him  and said I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

 When the doctor says your case is beyond help, what they are saying is, humanly speaking, there is nothing more we can do. Not 'Jesusly' speaking …. I hope you will forgive my English. You understand what I mean: humanly speaking, there is nothing we can do – that is the report of man, that's not the report of God. Because with God nothing shall be impossible. Tell your neighbour: My own will not be impossible with God!……

  ……..………. And those of you that are still coming – hurry up now, this is the final call. I know that many of you are coming from a long distance but hurry up now this is the final call. Come and cry to God and say, God save my soul! Be merciful unto me! Be merciful unto me Lord! Be merciful unto me Lord! Save my soul! Almighty God save my soul! Cleanse me in Your blood! Forgive all my sins.! Write my name in the Book of Life! I will serve You! I will serve You for the rest of my life! Hurry up quickly those of you who are still coming! Hurry up! Hurry up! I'm about to pray now for the salvation of your souls. This is your day. It is the day of salvation! Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord! Thank You Almighty God And if there is anyone still on the way just make sure you get here before I stop praying. Thank You Father! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Father, I want to thank You for Your Word that has gone forth tonight. I want to thank You for these people who have come forward. Your word says no man can come unto me unless my father draws him. Thank You for drawing these people and thank you that they have not refused your drawing. Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! (Amen!) We have come to you Lord, please remember Your promise. You said that anyone who will come to You, You will in no wise cast out. They are here now. Receive them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Forgive them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Cleans them in Your Blood in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Save their souls and write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus Name! (Amen!) From today when they call on You, answer them in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Don't let them ever go back to the world and every miracle that You are going to do here tonight, do their own also in Jesus Name! (Amen!) And for the rest of their lives let them serve You. (Amen!) In Your Kingdom, don't let them be found wanting. (Amen!) In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Amen! 

Now those of you who are in front let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Congratulations. I am rejoicing with you and everybody here is also rejoicing with you. I want you to know that there is joy in heaven because of you tonight. And I want to make you one promise, by the special grace of God, from tonight I will be praying for you. So I need your names. your address and your prayer requests so I can continue to pray for you. Now you  must give the correct address because when I ask God to send your miracle, it will be sent to the address that you put down; There are some Pastors who are waiting; they will help me to collect this information  and then you come back and join us. So if you follow this brother who is waving a piece of wood, he will take you to where the Pastors are waiting. They will collect this information and then you come back quickly. Lets begin to pray now…….

Now we are about to pray but before we begin to pray there are those of us that have some big testimonies – every testimony is big but some are bigger than others. So if you have these big testimonies and you want to share, you can go to the back of the altar now so that the pastors can listen to your testimonies and then we listen at a later time. If you have big testimonies to share, go to the back of the altar and meet the Pastors.

Are you ready to pray? I didn't hear your answer. Do you know that God is here tonight. Are you sure He's going to answer your prayers? Then stand on your feet. Let me hear you shout one big Alleluia! (Alleluia!) If you like pray gently, but if you want to be the one that God will locate first then pray it with all your strength. Father, - I mean, loud and clear – Touch me today! Touch my body, touch my soul, touch my spirit, touch my business, touch my family, touch my church – Touch me today! Talk to the Almighty God!….. Touch me Almighty God  Touch my body, touch my soul, touch my spirit, touch my finances, touch my family, touch Your church O Lord! Give me an all-round church today! Thank You Father! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now begin to cry and say, Father! Hold me tight! Don't let me fall again! Talk to the Almighty God! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Your Holy Name! In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And then you will say, Father, You are the burden-bearer, carry me and my burdens! Go ahead! Talk to Almighty God! You are the burden-bearer, carry me and my burdens. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And now you say, Father! Raise me up! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty! Raise me up Father! Raise me up! Raise me up! Raise me up! Raise me up! Raise me up O Lord! Raise me up! Lift me up!……

Now I want you to pray for yourselves. You know the areas where you need divine intervention. Go ahead! Talk to Almighty God!……

You want to dance some more? I know the joy of the Lord is here tonight. And that joy will never end but we want to continue because we want to end a bit early tonight because Saturday is a very busy day for us. And those concerned know what that one means. They know that Saturday is a very busy day for us. So we will take some testimonies, we will then hear a word or two of prophecy from the Lord then it will be time to round up. While we are getting ready to listen to these testimonies, let me ask you is there any one here tonight who is sure, I mean absolutely sure that God has touched you? All Right, then, as is our custom we would want to thank the Lord….. Thank You Lord! Amen, we will keep on praising Him forever….

My name is Emakazi Chikeze. My story goes like this. It was the year 2000. I got married and after I got married… I'm always going on evangelism and after that when I got married they came to attack me, with horrors,  at about 1.30 midnight and my private part missed and I prayed for some weeks and my private part came back. And again my wife conceived and when my wife conceived, it came to the delivery, they said she could not deliver. I went to the church …. after some prayers again my wife delivered. Now I have 2 children with me. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! My name is Femi Thomas. I just want to give glory to God for what the Lord did for me today. Daddy mentioned, he said there is someone here that his legs are wet and his arms are wet, that they will get dry now! And it got dry. I thank God that God brought me out of everything … Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! 'Alleluia' My name is Akin Jackson. I want to appreciate Almighty God for what He has done in my life. I give God the glory. About 5 years ago I had migraine, chronic migraine that I could not stand on my feet but today I give God the glory I can stand on my feet.  I went for  one of Pastor Adeboye's programme at Ebute-Metta, Mount Zion Hour. When he laid hands on me I was healed I received my total healing. Secondly, I give God the glory. Sometimes last year I was sick, I was terribly ill. I went to a hospital and they diagnosed me of kidney stones. The doctor said if they are going to operate me they have to take me to America. But I give God the glory, I listened to one of Daddy's ministrations on the TV and our Daddy said that every terminator in our life would be terminated, all sorts of diseases that are terminators, that they'll be terminated and I received my total healing. Praise the Lord!

Praise God. My name is Felix Marcus Omebodu. My own case is a case of diabetes which I had for 7 years and I came for this  Holy Ghost Service last year for the first time and during the ministration by our Daddy GO I got healed. Two days ago I went for the SBS test , which means passive blood sugar test to test the level of sugar in my body and to the  Glory of God, everything disappeared. Praise God!

Praise the Lord! I was having fibroid and I did operation in 1988 and I did not know that later the fibroid grew again. So, when I was giving birth in 2000 it was discovered by the doctor. I told  God that the time of ignorance had passed, that I will not do operation again. So since  I've been coming to Holy Ghost Service I've been thanking God, thinking that it had been operated on by God in 2001, not knowing that it was there, so  earlier this year I went for a scan and it was proved positive that the fibroid was still there. So when I took it to the doctor she told me that I would be operated upon. Now I rejected it that that one is the doctor's report, that my Father will do it. So I went to my spiritual father and we prayed and told that request in the spirit. I now asked the doctor, will that fibroid have any effect in my womb. So she told me it depends on where it is.  I now told her I want to know where it is. Then she told me that I should go for another test which is HFP. Before then I was in my dream, I saw Mummy GO. Pastor Folu Adeboye, so when, in that dream we were together just like friends. So I had it in mind that she would pray for me concerning that fibroid. So all of a sudden 3 girls visited her. I just had that ministration that if I don't tell her now, she will not have chance because she will attend to those girls. So I now told her: Mummy, I want you to pray concerning this. So she now told me, what is that in your hand. I said, Like what? I collected it like this, the thing entered my mouth, I began to bleed, within 5 to 10 minutes I was still bleeding and later I pulled out everything. And when  I went back to check the result, when the thing came out it was proved negative, that the fibroid had gone! Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! My name is Mrs. Bukky Eze, Twice I've been pregnant and the 2 times I've lost the boys. When we come for the August Convention I came and met Daddy here and I was about explaining what happened to me, he just said, he doesn't want to hear and then he prayed he said he come against every hindrance in my life. So we came for the Convention I was sitting over there and I was asking the Lord, I was asking for triplets and our Daddy said, there is someone here the Lord said, that you need only a baby to pray to and that all else will a follow. And I give God the praise that I came here February Holy Ghost Service with my baby. Here is my baby. Praise the Lord!

Praise God. My name is Ronke Ogunleye I want to testify of God's goodness and mercy in my life. In August 2003 I was diagnosed, having abnormal cells in my cervix. and I went abroad to have laser treatment. A biopsy was done and they found out that they were cancerous cells and they said I should do a radical hysterectomy to stop the spread of cancer cells to the other areas the surgeon said there were no more cancerous cells in my body.  Praise the Lord! I also want to thank God for the healing of my daughter Oluwafunmilayo and my son Ayotomila. Thank You Jesus!

Praise the Lord! I'm Bolaji Odufuye from Higher Ground Model Parish, Akowonjo in Ikotun. I was in Ijebu-Mushin on Tuesday and the brethren from Prosperity Model Courts Parish invited me to pray with one of their members who had been pregnant for the past 3 years. She has not delivered that baby for the past 3 years. But when we prayed, immediately after the prayers I told them that they should bring the woman to the Camp Ground today. So before I left Ijebu that day we finalised the arrangement to bring the woman to the Camp Ground. By the grace of God when I called them this morning that I am already on my way to the Camp that I'm going to wait for them at the Information Bureau, that the anointing at the Camp is greater than our own. So God will do it faster at the Camp. When I called they told me that woman has delivered that baby! 3 years pregnancy! Go to Ijebu-Mushin today. you will see that baby. I had to leave Lagos and go to Ijebu this morning. I saw the baby with my eyes and I saw the mother. They are well and they are doing fine. The whole of Osule is in festive mood because God of heaven delivered a 3-year pregnancy this morning without getting to the Camp! Praise God!

Praise the Lord! My name is Eniola Adekunle. for 12 years I've been having this stomach trouble and this evening our father-in-the-Lord said that there is someone here that you are having stomach trouble and I looked for it but I didn't see it. I came in this evening with the stomach trouble. I praise God. Praise the Lord!

Praise God! Praise the living Jesus! My name is Ogunleye, Ronke. My testimony is this. I want to thank God for what God has done in my life tonight. Last week I started having stomach pain. as I was just here I was lifting my hand to say that God You should please o touch my life tonight that I should not feel that thing again. And now I thank God that I cannot feel them again Praise God!

There are miracles that cannot wait. My own is one of them. (Amen!) How many of you will get your miracles now? Let me hear you shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!) While I was preparing for this night's  service the Lord told me that someone would be here today, He said I should tell you, that from today you, you will eave the company of the frustrated. (Amen!) He told me that there'd be  someone here today who had been crying to God for wisdom, He said I should tell you that He will baptise you in the river of wisdom. (Amen!) And then He said someone would be here today, He said, you would understand when I tell you, but very soon you will begin to rule in the midst of your enemies. (Amen!) Let's stand on our feet. Let's lift our hands to the Almighty God and bless His Holy Name for the wonderful things He has already done and for the greater things that He will yet do. Father, we just want to thank You! We want to give You all glory. We want to give You all honour. You have been so good, so good, so good! What a wonderful God you are! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Name! Glory be to Your Name! In Jesus mighty Name we have thanked.

Now before I bless the offering and then we go, there are still some people who still feel  unless the GO prays for me I don't think I will be completely well… now this place is not large enough to contain you so I will just ask you to raise your hand wherever you are and God will touch you there and for 2 minutes tell God what  you would have told me if we were to sit one by one. What you would have told me, tell it to God now, then I can pray for you and everything will be okay. For 2 minutes tell God. Tell Him this is what I'm talking about, this is my problem, this is the breakthrough I need, this is the victory I must have. Blessed be Your Holy Name! … Thank You Father!  Now let's begin to bring our prayers to a close. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

My Father and my God, we want to bless Your Holy Name for the marvellous things you have done in our midst tonight. Thank You for the wonderful testimonies. Thank You for healing cancer. Thank You for taking care of all kinds of physical problems. Thank You for deliverance.  Thank You for every blessing Lord. Thank You for the souls that were saved. Thank You for the joy of the Lord. Thank You for our brothers from the US. Glory be to Your Holy Name! Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Our Father, Your word says it will be to us according to our faith. All these people who said they want the prayers of the General Overseer. everything they have spoken to You about, before Sunday morning do it for them. (Amen!) Father, when it is testimony time, all those who lifted up their hands to speak to You now, let them be able to say, on Saturday morning – I had something from God, He has already done it for me! So let it be in Jesus Name! (Amen!) Before they get home tonight, Father, surprise them, surprise every one of them.

Now this is the thanksgiving offering of your children. Father, bless it, sanctify it, use it for your glory. Even now I pray Father that they will never owe again in Jesus Name!, All they need to succeed in life, to prosper, to live above debts, give them to them in Jesus Name!. Now as you go, God will go with you. (Amen!) He will bless you. (Amen!) He will protect you. He will promote you. He  will meet all your  need. You will rule in the midst of your enemies. (Amen!) You will never again be in the department of the frustrated. So shall it be! So shall it be! In the Kingdom of God you  will not be found wanting. Your light will shine! The devil will not put out your little light! If it had been put out it will be relit in Jesus Name! (Amen!) And in the Kingdom of God you  will not be found wanting. In Jesus' mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let me hear your 'Amen' loud and clear. Make it louder still!  One more time! Then let me hear you shout a big Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

 God Bless You!



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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